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HCG Injections vs. Homeopathic Drops

HCG Injections vs. Homeopathic Drops

Weight loss is big business in the United States. Obesity rates are at an all-time high. It is no surprise that we have to take a look at HCG injections vs. homeopathic drops because anytime something works others are quick to try a shortcut to jump on the bandwagon. The only problem here is that so many people are being tricked into spending their hard earned money on products that are not what they pretend to be, and ultimately do not work.

A comparison of HCG injections vs. sublingual drops brings up many key differences:

  • Homeopathic HCG does not contain any real HCG – this is a prescription medication available as an injectable
  • HCG releasers and peptides are merely other names for homeopathic HCG
  • Embarking on a very low-calorie diet without real HCG will cause the body to lose lean muscle mass rather than stored fat
  • Prescription HCG injections have government oversight and control – homeopathic HCG drops have no direct regulation, but are often pulled from store shelves when discovered to be dangerous or promote false advertising
  • Preparations of oral HCG are not standardized – each company creates whatever they desire

It is natural to want to find a shortcut when it comes to getting rid of excess fat. That is why so many people search HCG drops vs. injections for weight loss on the internet. They want a quick solution to a problem that has likely been present for quite a while. There is a reason why all diets recommend speaking with a doctor before getting started – this is for your safety.

Other dangers exist when looking at HCG diet homeopathic drops vs. injections. There is a risk of fatigue, headaches, and increased slowdown of metabolic functions when real HCG is not present to send signals to the brain to prevent these occurrences. A very low-calorie diet such as HCG must have doctor supervision for safety.

What Makes HCG Injections more Effective than HCG Drops?

When we look at HCG drops vs. injections, effectiveness is high up on the list of reasons why people begin this weight loss program in the first place. The purpose of using HCG injections is to rid the body of excess fat. When a person is overweight the risk of other health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and other issues increases immensely. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are other concerns. This is why weight loss is important.

Are HCG injections or drops better to help reduce total pounds on the body? The research is in, and the effectiveness of each option is clear. People on very low-calorie diets that cause the body to go into starvation mode lose muscle long before they lose any fat. HCG injections help spare muscle from loss. A big concern when dieting is that muscle loss can actually hurt and slow down the body’s natural metabolic function. A slower metabolism results in the poor conversion of food into energy, instead turning it into more fat.

Another issue regarding HCG shots vs. homeopathic drops and their effectiveness is how people respond to these treatments. HCG shots stop the feelings of hunger. They help to prevent fatigue and headaches. HCG drops do not accomplish these things. A person is more likely to quit midway when using HCG drops rather than injections.

Results of HCG Injections Compared to HCG Drops

Taking a look at results can also help you decide between HCG injections or drops. Which one is better can be easily answered. Based on his own research that covered many years, Dr. Oz found that people who used HCG drops did not have the absorption of HCG into their bloodstream that accompanied HCG injections. They wound up with the same results as those individuals who used dieting alone – they gained their lost weight back. Those adults who used HCG injections demonstrated the protection against the regaining of weight.

Why the gaining back of lost weight? A lot of it has to do with metabolism. When comparing HCG injections vs. HCG oral drops, it is important to remember that the drops do not contain real HCG. It is the actual hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin that sends crucial signals to the brain that turn off the feelings of hunger. When the body feels hungry, it looks for usable energy. While it makes sense that the best place to find that energy is in the stored fat cells, hunger sensations signal concern for starvation. Rather than use that stored fat, the body holds on to it even tighter for fear that it will be needed later. It targets crucial fat composition in muscles instead.

The HCG drops vs. injections reviews are in – HCG injections work to rid the body of excess fat and keep it off long-term by resetting the metabolism. To find out how you can lose the weight you want with doctor prescribed HCG injections, contact Weight Loss Medical Center for your free consultation.