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HCG Shots vs. Drops – What is Best?

HCG Shots vs. Drops

Comparing HCG shots vs. drops is akin to putting fruit in the same category as candy made with corn syrup and refined sugar – there are no similarities. HCG shots are a pharmaceutical, prescription only medication used by doctors for a number of reasons, including, in some cases, weight loss.

“HCG” drops do not contain pharmaceutical HCG – they are merely a homeopathic product concocted by a number of different companies to capitalize on the hopes of individuals looking for a cheaper way of losing weight.

Do not be fooled by advertisements stating the benefits of HCG drops vs. shots. Numerous studies have shown that homeopathic versions of HCG, whether drops, pills, or pellets, do not work as well or in the same manner as HCG injections. In fact, most people who have used these products report that they gain any weight loss right back after the program is done.

How to Lose Weight with HCG

When weight loss is your goal, making the right decision between HCG shots vs. drops is going to make all the difference. You don’t want just to lose the weight – you want to be able to keep it off, as well. That is why turning to HCG injections prescribed and supervised by a doctor is what you want.

On the HCG diet, you will be administering daily injections of HCG and vitamin B 12. This combination will help to provide increased energy, improve immune functions, and stop the brain from thinking the body has entered starvation mode.

On the 700 calories a day diet, the body is forced to look inward for additional fuel sources. When the brain senses starvation, it signals the body to hold on to its stored fat as a last resort, instead forcing it to remove fuel from lean muscle tissue. The difference between HCG drops vs. shots is that the shots are real HCG, which then triggers the brain to signal the burning of stored fat.

Where to Get HCG Shots

Real HCG can only be legally purchased with a doctor’s prescription. It is important to realize that this diet protocol requires the authorization and supervision of a physician with experience. It is not recommended to ask one’s personal health care provider to prescribe HCG shots for weight loss, as he or she most likely does not have the experience needed in this area.

Remember, when weighing out the differences between HCG shots vs. drops, the end result is what matters most. Do you really want to spend money (even if it is less) on something that will not produce the desired results in the end, or go straight for the real thing that will help you lose that stubborn weight that has been affecting your health and your life?

Weight Loss Medical Center has long been a national leader in the war on fat. We have helped countless women and men throughout the US dissolve away stored fat and trim down their bodies for a leaner, well-toned physique. If this is what you want in your life, contact our clinical advisors at Weight Loss Medical Center to find out how we can guide you to the body you desire.