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The HCG Diet Plan for Professional Women and Men

Every person who aspires to lose weight has the desire to look and feel better. At the same time, different kinds of dieters have different needs. The HCG Diet Plan is fantastic for people from all walks of life. Our program has been embraced by college students, busy stay-at-home moms, even professional athletes. It is especially great for professional women and men, including doctors, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs and those in marketing and sales. Why is our diet so great for professionals? As a professional, you are working hard in your chosen field. Hopefully, you are also working hard at enjoying your life, whether this means travel, sports, spending time with family, or a combination of all these pursuits. You need diet program that suits your professional lifestyle, which requires that you strike a balance between work, play, and taking care of your body. A complicated and time-consuming diet program is the last thing you need to get in the way. Fortunately, you have discovered our HCG Diet Plan! Our clients tell us this is simplest, most straightforward, and the most easy-to-follow diet they have ever experienced. Not to mention the unprecedented results. With just a small, once daily dose of HCG and vitamin B-12, you will be able to lose resistant fat at a pace that is so fast it is impossible not to stay highly motivated. Why is our diet so easy to do and follow? With our program, there is no complicated system of counting calories, no shopping for special ingredients, no preparing difficult meals, and no diet classes or diet groups to attend. Perhaps best of all, you won’t need to spend hours doing the Stairmaster or treadmill at the gym. All you need to do is take the HCG and B-12 shots as prescribed to you by one of our doctors, and adhere to our easy to follow eating plan. Then sit back, relax, and be amazed by how much fat you are burning and by how marvelous you are looking and feeling. Our past and current clients consistently rave to us about how our HCG Diet Plan is a professional person’s dream come true. There are many brilliant reasons to lose weight. You know what your reasons are better than anyone else in the world. You also know when the time is right. When your time comes, it is nice to know our program fits so nicely with the professional person’s way of life.

How the HCG Diet Plan Phases Can Help You Get Ahead

If you want to know how the HCG Diet Plan Phases can help you in the workplace, please read further. Whether we like it or not, being overweight impacts how other people see us. In a recent study, participants were shown photographs of people reclining on a sofa watching TV. They were more likely to say the overweight TV watchers were lazy while their thin counterparts were seen as just resting. These kinds of stereotypes spill over into the workplace. Many studies have explored the relationship between obesity and workplace functioning. The findings are startling to say the least. It has been shown that people who are overweight are viewed as being less desirable bosses, coworkers and assistants. In number of surveys, obese individuals are rated as being more careless, more disagreeable, more emotionally unstable, and even less outgoing than people of normal weight. It goes without saying that these stereotypes are completely false. Nevertheless, these prejudices are real and a fact of life in the business world. They not only impact perception, they also impact earning power. A recent study in the Journal of Applied Psychology showed women who are heavy earn $9,000 less than women who are average weight. Women who are considered very heavy earn a whopping $19,00o less than their non-obese counterparts. Should we work to combat these stereotypes? Absolutely! At the same time, professionals who realize their weight is impacting their earning potential have been turning to our HCG diet plan with injections as a way to not only feel and look better for themselves but also as a way to get ahead in their chosen fields and earn more money. Can going through the HCG Diet Plan Phases give you that extra edge? Nobody can answer this question except you. You know the kind of work you do and whether the perceptions of those you encounter in your work life matter to your success. One thing is certain, however. When we know we look good, we exude confidence. This benefits our personal lives as well as our business lives. If you are a professional person and are ready to lose weight with the HCG Diet Plan Phases, you have come to the right place. Our weight loss doctors and their clinical associates understand the dieting needs of professionals, which is why men and women from all walks of life have been turning to us to achieve rapid weight loss without hunger.

Official HCG Diet Plan Information for Business Travelers

Let’s talk a little about business travel and the obstacles this can present when it comes to adhering to any diet program. The Official HCG Diet Plan is no exception. Fortunately, our doctors and clinical associates have extensive experience dealing with dieters in high-level professions who must travel in the course of their business dealings. We understand the potential the pitfalls of business travel and dieting, and how to best avoid them. If you are a professional person who wants to take part in the Official HCG Diet Plan, you can feel confident that we understand your lifestyle. Since we understand the potential barriers that your lifestyle presents to being successful on our program, we can help you navigate them so you can maximize your success on our program. Here is some advice specifically for business travelers on the HCG diet plan. Whether you are jumping on a quick flight to a nearby city, or heading to a remote location half way around the world, business travel means you are removed from your daily routine. You will not be able to control delays at the airport, waits for taxicabs, or long lines going through airport security and customs. However, you should have no problem sticking to the HCG diet plan protocol if you follow this simple advice. On travel days, before you leave your home or your hotel room in the morning, pack a small, insulated lunch pack with all of the food you are going eat for the day. Use small plastic containers or plastic Ziploc bags to portion out your food. This way, no matter whether you are sitting in an airport lounge, flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet, or unwinding in your hotel room, you will have everything you need to stick to your program. You can keep your HCG plus vitamin B-12 and the necessary injection supplies right in your cooler in a separate Ziploc bag. One savvy flight attendant shared her tip about using a plastic toothbrush holder to carry a syringe or two which she filled ahead of time and kept in her cooler with her food. Here is another piece of HCG Diet Plan Information that’s worth knowing about. If you are going to be flying, stay away from caffeine when you are on our program. Here’s the reason why. Staying hydrated is really important during the injections phase and flying conditions can lead to dehydration. Although the HCG diet plan recipes list permits you to drink as much coffee as you like, if you are going to be at cruising altitude, it’s best to stick to water.

HCG Diet Plan Phase 1, 2, 3

Let’s talk a little about the HCG Diet Plan Phase 1, 2, 3. How does it work? Why does it work? Please keep reading to find out about this superior program for losing weight fast and forever—and what makes it so special. Our program is markedly different than other diets you have heard about or attempted. Other diets are all variations on the same tired theme of eating and exercise. They tell you that you must eat differently, or that you must ramp up your exercise program, but there is nothing more to them beyond this worn-out advice. This is because other diets do not fundamentally change the way your body metabolizes fat. Our system is revolutionary. It combines an explicit eating program with a fixed course of HCG and vitamin B-12 injections. According to the endocrinologist doctor who developed this program, once you stop taking the shots you will not only have lost weight, you also will have profoundly transformed the way your body uses energy from food. Once you complete HCG Diet Plan Phase 1, 2, 3, you resume normal eating. Yes, you read this right. No more shots and no more very low calorie diet to adhere to. However, just because you have completed the phases doesn’t mean the benefits end. With other diets, when you go off the program your weight quickly bounces back. Once our clients have completed our injections program, they often report to us that they have no further weight gain. What’s more, they say they see a permanent change in fat distribution, despite having returned to a normal diet. This is why thousands of people swear by the program we offer. Once you complete the HCG diet plan phases, you have treated your obesity problem and can then monitor your weight and take action only if becomes necessary. It rarely does. If you find this interesting and want to know more, stay tuned. We will walk you step by step through HCG Diet Plan Phase 1, 2, 3 so you can see what it is all about. In phase one you are taking once per day injections and loading up on high-fat foods. This gets fat flowing in your bloodstream so you can comfortably proceed to the next stage. In HCG Diet Plan Phase 2, you are taking injections and following a very low calorie diet. This is the fat burning phase where you can expect to lose a pound or more per day. During HCG Diet Plan Phase 3, you stop taking injections, monitor your weight and allow it to stabilize. We like to say there is actually a fourth phase to the program—the forever phase. This is where you have reached your goal weight and are maintaining your weight loss achievement. You are also telling as many people as you can about the program. Forever phase dieters are the ones that have made this program so popular throughout the US and overseas.

HCG Diet Plan Menu: An Overview and Sample

So you are getting excited about embarking on the HCG diet plan with injections. We don’t blame you! We are excited about it being able to offer this great program to people across the US. We’re also ready to help you out any way we can and this means offering our thoughts and advice about your HCG Diet Plan Menu. We get a lot of questions about how to eat on the all-important injections portion of the program. It’s really simple. Breakfast consists of however much coffee or tea you like without sweetener or with Stevia. You can use up to one tablespoon of milk per day if you like to lighten your tea or coffee. The HCG Diet Plan Menu choices for lunch and dinner are the same: 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces) of lean protein, broiled or boiled. You can choose what you prefer. Beef, fresh white fish, steak, veal, chicken, lobster and crab are all options. You can also choose how to season these options. During both lunch and dinner, you will also choose one approved vegetable. The choices are green salad, tomatoes, celery, onions, radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, spinach and cabbage. A breadstick or piece of melba toast and a fruit choice are also allowed. If you are thinking this isn’t much food for a day, you are right. The HCG Diet Plan Menu for phase 2 eating is a minimal amount of calories but please don’t be discouraged and think you will have difficulty sticking to the program. The reason is that previously stored fat will be now be flowing in your bloodstream giving your body the energy it needs to perform all functions. At the same time, the HCG with vitamin B-12 will be controlling your appetite. As to specific recipes, there are hundreds if not thousands available from enthusiastic dieters who have gotten quite creative about preparing their meals for the intensive fat-burning phase of the program. The HCG diet plan what to eat has gotten a few updates in recent years. After all, the original eating program outlined above was written more than 50 years ago. Here is a sample phase 2 menu with a few allowable substitutions:

Before Breakfast – Cup of warm water with 1 Tsp organic apple cider vinegar


  • Saute about 2 Tsp. onions in water
  • Add 2 egg whites
  • Dash of season salt (no sugar – check label)

Mid-morning Snack:

  • Small apple


  • Huge chunk of iceberg lettuce
  • 3 oz chicken
  • Lemon or season salt (lightly)

Mid afternoon Snack:

  • Tea – Sweeten with Stevia if you must
  • 1 melba toast

Dinner (Choose one of these):

  • 3 oz Steak – 1 large tomato
  • 3 oz Tilapia – Asparagus or broccoli
  • 3 oz chicken – Green beans

Evening Snack:

  • Blueberry or peach flavored tea
  • 1 melba toast

Lots of water all day

So you can see that you will be having a little food all day long which satisfies the “habit” of eating and helps to keep energy levels stable. The HCG injections will mobilize your stored fat which essentially eliminates actual hunger. The key is to make a plan and stick to it. Many of our successful dieters have used online programs to track their calories and to be sure they stay under 500 calories per day. Talk to your medical adviser if need help finding one. Be encouraged – you can do this!

HCG Diet Plan Testimonials from Professionals

Maria in Palm Beach FL says:

I am the hotel manager of a well-known resort in Palm Beach FL, and my job is very demanding. I manage a large staff, coordinate events at the hotel, and am directly responsible for maintaining the profitability of our establishment. I get to work early and stay late. When I decided to make a change in my life—and I am talking about a major change in my eating and exercise habits—finding the right program for my lifestyle was of paramount importance. I looked at different diets and different weight loss providers and settled on the official HCG diet plan from your local doctors. With so much responsibility on my plate, the last thing I needed to worry about was the food on my plate, so to speak. I liked that you provided me with very specific, easy to follow instructions about how to do the HCG diet plan with injections. I had tried other diets in the past and always had trouble following them because I spent so much time counting and calculating calories, or working out at the gym, or making difficult to prepare recipes. Your program is a breeze to follow and stick to. I was amazed that even during the very low calorie part of the program known as HCG diet plan phase 2, I was never that hungry. I highly endorse your diet for busy men and women like myself who are looking for a program to lose excess fat without a lot of hassle.

Andrew in Bloomfield Hills MI says:

I am happy to share my HCG diet plan results with the readers of your web site and hope this helps them decide whether to embark on your excellent program. I am a medical device sales rep and my territory is the entire Northeastern United States, so I do a lot of air travel and spend the night in a lot of hotels. When I started out with my company fifteen years ag,o I was at a desk job and my routine was pretty much, well, routine. What I mean is, I woke up at the same time in my condo in Bloomfield Hills MI every morning, ate at roughly the same times during the day, did my one hour on the treadmill in the evenings, etc. At this point, I had never heard of the HCG diet plan. Nor did I need to! During this time, I was fairly good when it came to watching my weight and I know that my routine had a lot to do with it. However, about five years ago, I started to travel on a regular basis my eating and exercise went completely off kilter. I was grabbing food on the go in airports, ordering room service late at night, and in the middle of it all I was also wining and dining clients. Not to mention, at this point I was also in my mid-40s. My weight ballooned and my energy level plummeted. I was seriously considering asking my boss if he could send one of the younger guys in my place, which would have meant a major cut in my commissions and could have even ended my career with the company. Who knows? Thank goodness I got on your HCG diet plan with injections. I lost weight very quickly and experienced an unprecedented burst of energy. Before your program, I never realized how my chaotic travel schedule had led to my weight gain or just how easy it could be for me to get back on track. I actually questioned whether I would ever look and feel like I once did. It’s been about seven months since I completed your program and I have experienced not one pound of weight gain. This program really worked for me and I hope others will discover its benefits as well.

Shannon in Belle Meade TN says:

The official HCG diet plan helped me lose 48 pounds of fat. By the way, slimming down considerably has been great for my career, which I will be happy to share. I am an attorney here in Belle Meade TN and spend most of my time during the day at a desk. When I was in my twenties and even into my thirties, I was in great shape. However, putting in long hours at work and using food as a way to relax and de-stress from my job took its toll on me. I found myself with about 50 pounds to lose and was scratching my head trying to find a program that would actually work for me. Although I am very dedicated to my clients, I have never spent a lot of time on myself in terms of doing the right things to stay healthy. I absolutely hate stepping foot in a gym. I went to a local weight loss doctor in Belle Meade TN who said I would have to exercise if I wanted to lose weight. So I decided to try it. After a few weeks I was completely exhausted and gave up. I just couldn’t do it. I have a long morning commute so I didn’t have time to work out in the mornings before work, and I usually work late, so when I leave the office I am ready to head home—not the gym. Anyhow, I really enjoyed eating from the HCG diet plan food list and the vitamin B-12 shots and HCG injections kept me from feeling hungry. Best of all for me, I didn’t have to exercise and experienced more weight loss than anyone else I know. I had been waiting and waiting to make partner at my firm, but every year I was passed over. The senior partner said I just was not bringing in enough new business. Yet whenever there was a potential client, I was never called on for the initial meeting. I am quite sure this was a consequence of being so overweight. Now that I am trim and looking my best I have been given more client contact and am becoming one the firm’s rainmakers. A few weeks ago, I finally made partner and I am flying high. I am an HCG diet plan example of success and I’m happy to share this information with anyone who asks. Thank you!

Christy in Woodside CA says:

When I initially learned some people were doing a newfangled diet that required daily injections, I was dubious. I have witnessed a lot of diets come and go over the years and have even attempted several of them myself. The crazy thing is that I kept hearing about this healthy HCG diet plan as I would go about my day in various contexts. I am a CPA with a busy tax consulting business here in Woodside CA. I have known many of my clients for years, I do a lot of house calls, and they share a lot about their lives other than their tax issues. This one client of mine lost what must have been 50 or even 75 pounds. She was a big lady. I asked her how she lost so much weight so quickly and she said it all started with a program she had learned about from a friend. This client of mine couldn’t say enough wonderful things about the program and wrote down the link to your web site. Shortly thereafter I started looking up the HCG diet plan step by step and learning what it was about. I decided to try it myself because I had a good 40 pounds to lose. Everyone I had the pleasure of dealing with at your local HCG clinic in California was fantastic. Now I no longer think an injections diet is weird or even a little strange. It is without question the best way to lose weight, especially for somebody like myself who likes to get things done. With your doctors and clinical associates, there was no waiting. For me getting doctor approval to start happened the day after I had filled out the online forms, and I think it was just two or three days before my HCG diet plan kit arrived in the mail and I was on the program. In a month, I was halfway to my goal and it all followed from there. When anyone asks me about my weight loss I am always pleased to recommend your HCG diet plan weight loss center.

Sophia in Indian River Shores FL says:

When you asked for HCG diet plan reviews I was more than happy to oblige. This is my story. I am the key holder at an upscale women’s boutique in Indian River Shores FL. The owner of the store is my best friend and hired me because she knows how responsible I am, but when I started working at the boutique a few years ago I was about 50 pounds heavier than I should have been. There were actually very few items I could wear from the store on account of being so heavy. Just speaking from a practical perspective, it is very hard to sell clothing to normal sized women when you are so overweight. They do not trust your opinion. Once I was hired, sales at the store started to drop off and my friend took me out to lunch and told it to me like it was. The girl she had working at the shop prior to me was a complete flake. She did not show up on time, her cash register was always off at the end of the day because she had trouble adding it all up, and when she was out partying on the weekends she would call in sick on Monday mornings. But—and this is a big but—she was slim and beautiful and sold a lot of clothes. My friend said she was seriously considering rehiring her for this reason and that she couldn’t afford to keep both of us. She didn’t know what to do, and I was really disappointed, but I totally understood her position. At that point I resolved to lose the weight. It wasn’t just about my job, or my best friend’s store. It was something I had been meaning to do for a long time. I already knew about the HCG diet plan how it works and all of that because another friend of mine was on the program and we had talked about it. So I went for it. I was fearful that it would be impossible to adhere to a 500-calorie diet but it was just like you said and it was not hard at all. Thanks to your program, I am wearing the clothes I sell and my numbers as far as sales go have only steadily increased. My friend is now looking to hire someone else—not to replace me but for her second store! The best HCG diet plan is yours and I have no reservations give it my complete endorsement.

HCG Diet Plan Questions and Answers

Stephen in Cherry Hills Village CO asks: What can you eat on the HCG diet plan if you are gluten free?

According to the original HCG diet plan menu, you are allowed one bread stick or one piece of melba toast during both lunch and dinner. These are the only items that contain gluten on the list of approved foods. Like you, a number of our HCG dieters are gluten intolerant, have celiac disease, or have decided to go gluten free as a lifestyle choice. The best option is to simply skip the bread stick or melba toast altogether. It is not difficult for most people to do this and you will lose more weight. As an alternative, you can substitute these items with gluten free bread sticks or melba toasts. You can also substitute for other choices of equal calories from the HCG diet plan menu. So, just how many calories are in a bread stick? A bread stick has come to mean something quite different than it did more than 50 years ago when Dr. Simeons was writing his menu of approved HCG foods. Today, for example, the Olive Garden near your hometown of Cherry Hills Village CO serves breadsticks that are a whopping 150 calories apiece! These hot restaurant style breadsticks are very different from the breadsticks that Dr. Simeons had in mind. For something more along the lines of what the creator of the original HCG diet plan had in mind, we suggest our non gluten free dieters use Stella D’Oro Original Breadsticks, which are 40 calories, or a similar product. These are dry, packaged breadsticks that can be easily found in the market. If you choose to substitute breadsticks or melba toasts for other choices from the approved foods list, try to hit that 40 calorie mark. Hope this answers your question!

Lea in San Jose CA asks: My doctor recently told me that I have prediabetes. Here is what I want to know about the HCG diet plan is it safe for pre-diabetics?

When a person has blood glucose levels that are higher than average, but are not high enough to warrant a diagnosis of diabetes, doctors call this condition prediabetes. According to some recent studies, prediabetes can cause damage to the body, particularly to the circulatory system and heart. It is also the precursor to full-blown type 2 diabetes. Lea, you are fortunate that your doctor in San Jose CA alerted you to your pre-diabetic state. Now it is important for you to do all you can at this point to avoid type 2 diabetes and hopefully even normalize your blood glucose levels. Because of your situation, getting your weight under control should be a top priority and our HCG weight loss diet plan is an excellent way to do this. Provided you do not have any other serious health conditions, our HCG diet plan doctors will most likely clear you for our program and encourage you to get started right way. Losing weight and seriously restricting your carbohydrate intake should get your blood sugar levels back on track.

Joanne in Newport Coast CA asks: On the HCG diet plan what can you eat if you enjoy carbs?

Joanne, many people enjoy carbs. However, if you want to enjoy weight loss and good health, this is a habit you are going to have to break sooner or later. Whether you live in Newport Coast CA or elsewhere one thing is true about carbs: the worst carbs ones for us are those that have been refined and processed. These would include foods made with white flour and/or white sugar. What is great about the HCG diet plan is that it breaks the habit of overeating carbohydrates in favor of fresh vegetables and lean proteins. During HCG diet plan phase 2, your carbohydrate intake will be significantly curtailed. Most people find that as they progress to the later stages of the HCG diet program they do not miss their old, heavily carb-laden ways of eating and instead actually crave those foods from HCG diet plan phase 2.

Sarah in Hillsborough CA asks: Can you list HCG diet plan approved and allowed foods?

The complete HCG diet food list is readily available through our site and is also provided to our dieters. Here is a short answer to your question, however. What you will be eating depends on what phase you are in on the program. HCG diet plan phase 1 is known as the loading phase. During this time you will be eating high fat foods of your choice. During HCG diet plan phase 2, you will be eating 500 calories a day consisting primarily of vegetables, lean proteins and a small amount of carbohydrates. You can season your food just about any way you wish and can drink as much coffee as you like. All HCG diet approved and allowed foods are readily available from local markets in Hillsborough CA.

Janet in Dallas TX asks: What are HCG diet plan side effects?

Due to the low dosage of HCG that you will be taking to facilitate your weight loss, combined with the fact that you will be taking it for a relatively short duration, most people on our program experience few if any negative side effects as a consequence. The most significant side effect of taking HCG when combined with the eating regimen is that you will lose stored fat without feeling hungry—this is exactly the kind of side effect that you are looking for, isn’t it? Of course every person reacts to medications differently. If you notice that you do not feel right on the program, you are always encouraged to give us a call. You can also call your local pharmacist in Dallas TX if you think you are having a side effect from this or any other prescribed medication. This also applies to all medications: if you think you are experiencing a serious side effect from a drug consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Yvette in Cleveland OH asks: I have done a lot of diets over the years without success and I am considering the HCG diet plan does it work?

If the HCG diet plan did not work then we would not be doing what we do. This program absolutely works and it works exceptionally well if you are committed to following our established protocol for injections and eating. Please do not take our word for it however. Ask around in your hometown of Cleveland OH. You might be surprised to find out that a lot of the people you see every day know about this program. If you are comfortable, chat it up with your fellow workmates, friends and family members. There are also hundreds of online groups for people who are doing this diet. When and if you do decide to embark on this program, we hope that you will trust our doctors and our experience.

Adam in Mission Hills KS asks: What if I have questions about HCG diet plan instructions?

When you become our client, you are not only getting HCG diet plan injections you are also getting unprecedented support from our staff of professional diet consultants. Almost everybody has some question about the program, and chances are you will as well. Who do you want to turn to for advice? Will it be some nameless person in a chat room spouting off answers of questionable value or experienced doctors and clinicians who have been through this hundreds of times before with other dieters? If you have questions about our HCG diet plan instructions, it takes just a phone call from your home in Mission Hills KS to our centers to get an answer. We are committed to your dieting success 110%!

Colleen in Los Altos Hills CA asks: Wondering how to do the HCG diet plan when I have to attend a lot of business dinners?

This is a great question from Los Altos Hills CA Colleen. The business dinner has been a traditional way that business gets done in our society for many years. However, sitting down and ordering off of a regular menu during HCG diet plan phase two is going to derail your program. We suggest that during these weeks you meet clients in your office if you can, or in another setting, such as a coffee shop. You can also meet at bar and quietly order a seltzer water, which looks like an alcoholic drink. One reason the HCG diet is so great for professionals like yourself is that once HCG diet phase 3 ends, you can go back to eating a normal diet and entertaining clients as you once did, so long as you carefully monitor and maintain your weight loss.

Anne in Pittsburg PA asks: What can I eat on the HCG diet plan when I’m travelling?

If you need to travel outside of Pittsburg PA during the injections phase of the diet we suggest that you prepare your daily allotment of food in the morning and keep it with you during the day. This is the time when you need to be adhering to the HCG diet plan protocol and deviating from it will reduce the amount of fat you will be burning. You may wish to consider timing the start of your diet so that you are not travelling during this period if at all possible. We tell our clients to only embark on the program when they feel they can be fully committed to doing it as instructed otherwise it is a waste of time and money. We want you to be successful on this program and we know you can be, but you have to be ready and willing to adhere to the regimen carefully.

Alysia in South Beach FL asks: What is the HCG diet plan best for when it comes to weight loss?

As you well know living in South Beach FL (home of the South Beach Diet) different diets are known for different things but no matter what diet you embark on the goal is always the same: to lose unwanted calories so you can feel great inside and out. The HCG diet plan is really good at jumpstarting a lifelong change in your eating habits away from starches. It is also really great for getting rid of fat deposits that have been with you for years despite trying different diets and ramping up your exercise regimen. Most of all however, the HCG diet is best for losing weight very quickly without being so ravenous that you cannot follow the program. In a nutshell, that’s an HCG diet plan overview of benefits.

Paul in Brooklyn NY asks: Is the HCG diet plan good or bad for people who are considering lap band surgery?

This is an issue that our doctors take very seriously. Stomach surgeries and procedures to lose weight can have serious, unintended consequences. If you are considering any kind of bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery), you need to be confident that you cannot lose weight with less drastic measures. Sometimes lap band surgery is the right choice, and it might be for you. However, if you have not attempted a round of HCG injections plus B-12, you owe it to yourself to do this. We have lots of clients who have tried other diets and failed only to find success with our program. Thanks for your question from Brooklyn NY, and we wish you the best of luck and dieting success.

Jane in Scarsdale NY asks: I do a lot of overseas travel. Looking for HCG diet plan foods you can eat in other countries. Any advice?

HCG diet plan meals are notoriously simple, and you should be able to find foods from the approved list just about any place you travel outside of Scarsdale NY—even overseas. However, if at all possible you should time the injections phase of your diet for a time when you are in the US. This will make communicating with your doctor easy should you need to do so. It will also be easier to embark on something new in more familiar settings. If you absolutely must be out of the country while you are doing the injections phase of the diet, give us a call so we can strategize about how to do this in a safe and effective manner.

Michelle in Detroit MI asks: Is there one HCG diet plan that works better than another?

There are many self-styled HCG programs out there in Detroit MI and elsewhere across the US. These are programs that call themselves HCG diet plans but use little or no HCG and what HCG is used is not able to be used by the body because it is taken by mouth and destroyed in the gastrointestinal tract. Despite the FDA warnings and the lack of effectiveness, web sites, health food stores and even major chain stores are selling HCG diet plan drops programs. We use only medical grade HCG and vitamin B-12 injections that are given with a doctor’s prescription. Do we think our program works better than others? We know it does, because many of our clients have tried these other non-injections programs before finding success with us.

Nina in Bronxville NY asks: Is there an HCG diet plan test, so I can see whether I like this diet?

Unfortunately, our diet program cannot be tried before fully committing to it because it requires injectable HCG obtainable with a doctor’s prescription. At the same time if you read about the diet—what it involves and the way it works—you should get a good sense of whether it is for you. Many of our clients fall in love with the concept when they first hear about it. It just makes sense to them from what they know about how the body functions. Other clients come to the diet more slowly after extensive research. It sounds like you are at the point where you need to learn more about the program. Why not give us a phone call at the toll-free number at the top of this page, or simply complete the Contact Form, and we can answer your questions about what we are offering?

Maria in Tampa FL asks: Is the HCG diet plan safe?

Only a doctor can help determine whether the benefits of the HCG diet plan outweigh the potential risks in your particular case. We can say that our doctors have prescribed a great many HCG diet plans with no adverse consequences and they feel confident that this program is beneficial and not harmful to those who undertake it. We appreciate your question from Tampa FL and encourage you to fill out the online forms so you can get started on the path of finding out whether our program is right for you give your specific weight loss goals and objectives.

James in Houston TX asks: Can you give me a quick HCG diet plan summary?

The HCG diet plan we offer involves once per day injections of HCG and vitamin B-12 that keep you energized and feeling good while you are doing a very low calorie diet. Despite eating only 500 calories a day, our dieters are able to stick with the program because of the incredible power of HCG to control appetite. What is more, those stubborn fat deposits that you haven’t been able to get rid of despite your best efforts are finally mobilized. We hope this provides you with a very quick rundown of how the HCG diet plan works, but do explore our web site or give us a call to learn more. Our local HCG Doctors in Houston TX will be happy to discuss your situation.

Joshua in Glencoe IL asks: How much does the HCG diet plan cost?

Greetings from Glenco IL, Joshua. As you may have noticed, we do not publish the prices of our diet program online but please phone one of representatives and he or she will be happy to give you a firm price. Prescription grade HCG is not without cost, but most people who contact us are very pleased with our pricing, especially when they consider that this is a top level, doctor prescribed program. Unlike some diet programs, there are no recurring bills to your credit card and nothing more to buy down the road once your initial purchase has been made.

Vivian in Albany NY asks: Can I buy the HCG diet plan online from you without a prescription?

We only sell injectable HCG with a prescription from one of our doctors. However the process for getting started on our program is very simple and easy. Most people who contact us are great candidates for the diet and your complete HCG diet plan kit will be shipped to you at your convenience. Should you have any questions about the HCG diet plan how it works, etc. we are available during normal business hours to answer questions. Along the way, our clinical associates are committed to seeing you through the program and making sure that you are successful and happy. You can even just give us a friendly call to let us know how your HCG diet program working out. We appreciate your question from Albany NY and hope to be hearing from you soon!

Jennifer in El Paso TX asks: Does it hurt to give yourself HCG diet plan injections?

You are not alone in wondering about this, Jennifer, and let us put your mind at ease. Most people experience little or no discomfort from the small under the skin injections of vitamin B-12 and HCG. The tiny needle goes into the layer of fat just under the skin, which has very few nerve endings. If you are very concerned about giving yourself the once a day HCG diet plan injections, you might want to talk to our clinical assistant, at least for the first shot. They will be happy to talk you through the process step-by-step, as well as direct you to a live video made here in our clinic which will show a real person (not an animation) taking an injection. After that, our clients are almost always just fine giving themselves the required shots. Thank you for writing to us from El Paso TX.