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HCG Diet Doctors Prescribed the HCG Diet Plan

What is the HCG Diet PlanLosing weight does not have to be a painful and complicated struggle! Weight Loss Medical Center’s HCG Diet Doctors know how frustrating this process can be, and so they prescribe the highly effective, but very simple to use, HCG Weight Loss Injection Protocol with B-12 makes it simple to lose weight fast. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, together with Vitamin B-12 Injections and our vitamin complex, is effective and safe for lasting and fast weight loss. Are you ready—really ready—to imagine a new you? Just imagine yourself:  Thanking your lucky stars for having found a medically supervised program that works! Standing before the mirror feeling self-confident, attractive, poised and radiant? Out and about among your coworkers and friends, proud of how you look and feel? At home, with family, who not only notice the change outside but also see how your mood has lifted since you began to feel really good about yourself?  To achieve anything in life, you must first envision it. Go ahead, don’t be afraid. It is definitely possible. If you have been struggling with your weight for years, months or even decades and traditional dieting has failed, Weight Loss Medical Center’s unique HCG Diet Plan can help you achieve your dream of a slimmer, healthier and more confident you. This medically supervised system is a remarkable, proven method for significant, rapid weight loss that taps into the latest medical science. The highly trained doctors and staff at our HCG Diet Clinics know what you are going through. Many of them are successful dieters themselves. See for yourself, first hand that the HCG Diet Results are truly incredible, which is why our program has become the most popular quick weight loss program being used today by Hollywood celebrities and people in-the-know. You’ve likely seen this much talked about program being offered by pricy, high-end medical spas or have heard about it from your friends or colleagues who have been amazed by their own success. Maybe you’ve read a few of the many HCG Weight Loss success stories online. The reason you’ve been hearing so much about it is because it works. No other doctor supervised weight loss program allows you to safely lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days. The fact is, whether a person stores fat or burns it up quickly is controlled by the body’s metabolism, which is in turn driven by hormones. You don’t have to be the victim of a slow metabolism. No, you can effectively teach your body to burn fat for fuel and to use the calories it takes in effectively each and eve3ry day. Today, easy weight loss is possible harnessing the amazing power of natural weight loss hormones that have the capability of actually resetting the human metabolism.  With the guidance of our professional and caring staff, you won’t be dreaming about looking into the mirror and seeing a slim, trim and healthy new you … it will be a reality!

HCG Diet Clinics Offer the Best HCG Diet Program with B-12 Injections

If you’re looking to buy an HCG Diet Program online to jumpstart a life-long change in the way you eat, you’ve come to right place. Like most of us, you are probably fed up with the ups and downs of scale, fed up with eating less and exercising more without experiencing the dramatic weight loss you’d like, and fed up with the disappointment you feel when you look in the mirror each morning or try on new clothes at the department store. Here at our convenient local clinics, we know exactly what you are talking about, and most of us are successful dieters ourselves who have felt the frustration of dealing with all the programs that just don’t work. Perhaps you’ve just about given up hope of ever looking your best. There is no reason to keep kicking yourself for not having the willpower to slim down. There is no reason to keep wondering why you eat so little but still gain weight. The HCG Diet Program by Dr. Simeons is a revolutionary way to reprogram your metabolism. Our professional team can make the reality of medical weight loss come true for you today. This is a very serious turning point for you. Before this time, you dealt with poor self image and low self esteem associated with being out of shape or perhaps severely overweight. After this particular point in time, you will see what a difference it makes to feel good about yourself and to smile when you catch your reflection in a store window walking down the street. With doctor prescribed HCG injections, whether you want to try the HCG Diet Program in Los Angeles, New York City, or any other city or town in between you will be truly impressed with how simple our process is to be approved by our HCG Diet Clinics doctors, and by the compassionate support you will receive from our clinical advisors. Our proven and complete program is shipped direct you, wherever you live in the United States, so you can get started right away in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

How to Get HCG Weight Loss Program Prescribed with B-12 Shots

HCG Diet Weight LossWe understand that you are really tired of messing around with the plans that just don’t work, and you would like to know how to get off the never ending cycle which just keeps repeating itself, so you can finally get serious about having weight loss success. You deserve to look in the mirror and think you are looking at a winner – a true winner in life. You can buy real HCG to experience the incredible weight loss results for yourself knowing our experienced staff will be there to walk your through every step of our program. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Complete the short contact form online and one of our physicians or clinical advisors will contact you. They will explain everything you need to know about our affordable and effective program and answer any questions you might have. 
  2. Fill out a medical history form online. We have HCG diet clinics and diet doctors throughout the U.S. Whether you’re looking to do this remarkable system in Miami or Memphis, getting you started on the program is simple. The best part is that you don’t need to come into a clinic!
  3. Once you’ve been cleared to begin the HCG medical weight loss program, your prescription will be send directly to our pharmacy, which will then send the medication to right to you. We will also make sure you have all the instructions you need to administer the injections and follow the special eating program. 

It really is that easy to find out How to Get HCG Weight Loss Program Prescribed with B-12 Shots and move on with the much more important business of really living your life.

Tell Me More: What is the HCG Diet Program?  

HCG Weight LossYou have probably already heard something about the benefits of using this proven weight loss plan and are wondering, “Just what is the HCG Diet Program and is it right for me?” There are a lot of different gimmicks out there that claim to harness the power of this hormone for quick weight loss. However, they aren’t all equally effective or safe. Recently, the government made it illegal to sell over-the-counter homeopathic HCG weight loss products. They have advised consumers to stay away from these products, available online and in some stores, which are sold as HCG drops, HCG pellets and HCG sprays. The medically supervised fat loss program offered by Weight Loss Medical Center is the real deal, and has not been affected by these restrictions. It is a highly effective program that combines doctor prescribed injectable HCG and Vitamin B-12 with a specific very low calorie diet. The diet system we offer has four distinct phases:

HCG Phase 1. This is the loading phase when fats are intentionally consumed.

HCG Phase 2. This is the very low calorie diet phase when the injections mentioned above are administered by you, and accumulated abnormal body fat is rapidly burned.

HCG Phase 3. This is the stabilization phase where more food is added back into your diet while your weight is maintained.

HCG Phase 4. This is the “forever” phase, where healthy eating habits are put into action, hopefully for the rest of your life.

So you can see here that we will give you the tools and the means to reset your metabolism and correct the damage done by years of ineffective and dangerous yoyo dieting. This pattern of losing weight and gaining it back again, with a constant looping of this cycle, only teaches your metabolism to move slowly and conserve energy (that is, fat) at all costs. Getting started with our Diet Doctors is incredibly easy – just complete the short contact form on this page or call the toll-free number. What are you waiting for?  

Injectable HCG: Key to Controlling Hunger

You are about to transform your life. You’ve got a lot to learn: about your body and the way it manages fat storage and hunger. One of the first things people want to know about is the very same thing that makes our diet protocol so special. This is the 700 calorie diet phase of the diet (known as the HCG Diet Phase 2). You know that under normal circumstances eating 700 calories a day would cause you to feel tremendous hunger and cause your body to go into starvation mode. This isn’t the case with the Injectable HCG Diet Program because of the incredible power of this naturally occurring hormone which you will be administering each day. The shots won’t make you lose weight, it is the diet that does that … and the shots tell your metabolism to burn excess abnormal fat within your body stored in the hips, abdomen and thighs. All the while, it is controlling your appetite by telling your brain that it is still taking in the normal amount of calories. The doctors and clinicians at our local clinics know that it is important to understand this fat-burning phase of the diet, in which you are significantly restricting your calories and taking your injections, lasts for only six weeks. What makes our diet program work so well is that during the fat-burning phase, your hunger will be effectively controlled even though you are consuming just 700 calories each day. Injectable HCG tells your body to burn stored body fat while making you feel like you are still eating a normal 1500-2000 calorie diet. This program is the recipe for lasting weight loss.  Unlike other diet plans, you won’t experience rebound weight gain after the quick weight loss period ends. You will reset your metabolism to burn fat at a much higher rate, break the habit of unhealthy eating, and now consume the proper amount of calories each day to maintain your weight loss achievement. This makes it clear how Injectable HCG: Key to Controlling Hunger actually works so well and helps you achieve success.

Our B-12 Bonus: Why HCG and Vitamin B-12 Maximize Results

Our HCG complete diet includes Vitamin B-12 shots as an essential part of the diet program. You may have seen other companies selling only injectable HCG to lose weight without B-12. However, in our experience this addition to the program isn’t just an added benefit, but it is an essential component of our program. We would like to explain our B-12 Bonus: Why HCG and Vitamin B-12 Maximize Results. Vitamin B-12 is one of the eight B vitamins and plays a critical role in forming blood and in the functioning of the nervous system and the brain. In recent years, our HCG Diet Doctors and scientists have become increasingly aware of the importance of this essential vitamin for overall health. For example, high levels of it have recently been demonstrated to protect against brain atrophy in older adults, which is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Many individuals, especially seniors, are deficient in B-12, as are most vegans and some dieters. Vitamin B-12 is found naturally in foods that come from animals, including eggs, whole milk, shellfish, fish, and beef. The addition of Vitamin B-12 injections when you are doing the Very Low Calorie Diet and taking HCG injections is very important. Here is why this component of our diet program is so important:

  • Since you will be limiting your calorie intake to just 700 calories during the six-week injection phase of the diet, taking Vitamin B-12 during this time will prevent your body from becoming deficient in this important compound. Being deficient in B-12 can lead to a number of troubling symptoms including headaches, nausea and feeling tired, but with HCG Weight Loss this is never an issue.
  • HCG and B-12 injections both have metabolism boosting properties. Vitamin B-12 has been shown to have a positive effect on the body’s metabolism and actually increases it which is so beneficial for dieters. This is why the cumulative effect provides a “one-two punch” against accumulated fat stores within the body.
  • Our doctors and clinical advisors know that many people who are overweight also experience symptoms of depression. As it turns out, researchers are now finding that low levels of B vitamins, including B-12 specifically, may be linked to depression. The reason is that these compounds play an important role in producing those chemicals within the brain that can affect mood.
  • B-12 medical weight loss injections are safe, and doctors have been prescribing it as part of various weight loss programs for decades. It is a time-tested approach that has remained popular for the simple reason that it works and has many benefits.
  • Often when two components of a weight loss program, each effective and beneficial in their own right, are combined together, the positive results are exponential. Our research and experience have shown that this is the case with this program.
  • This is truly cutting-edge medical weight loss research put into action. You can see now Why HCG and Vitamin B-12 Maximize Results.  If you have decided to embark on an injection program for medical weight loss, this is the simply the best way to go!

HCG Weight Loss Diet: A New Way To Lose Weight Fast

Those of us who want to lose weight fast and forever have heard it said a thousand times before: there is no miracle for quick weight loss. What counts is a so-called “healthy lifestyle.” Just eat less and exercise more.  Don’t even bother searching for a quick and easy weight loss diet because they just don’t exist. This is the tired mantra of some old fashioned doctors, many of whom are overweight themselves! Ask the bariatric surgeons or weight-loss surgery doctors, Does the HCG weight loss diet work? They will do anything and everything in their power to convince you it does not. Why? Because they would lose their lucrative stomach surgery business if everyone knew about the real benefits of HCG injections to control your appetite and bring about your rapid weight loss. Our doctors won’t send you on your way with a pat on the back and the same old advice you’ve been hearing for decades about eating right and exercising. They understand that being overweight is a hormone related issue. They believe in the power of this injectable hormone as a weight loss tool and have developed a protocol like no other, one that truly maximizes results. Many of our doctors have followed this protocol themselves, and they have encouraged their family, friends and colleagues to try it also. So if you are willing to step outside the status quo and into the open sunlight of a slimmer and healthier tomorrow, you’ve come to the right place. Of course, there is no such thing as a weight loss miracle, but if you are committed to following our proven method for quick weight loss, the HCG weight loss diet is probably as close to it that you are going to find.

Finding HCG Diet Clinics: We Make it Simple

If you are looking to purchase HCG injections, then you’ve come to the right place. Weight Loss Medical Center is a fully licensed medical weight loss clinic that allows you experience the incredible power of this remarkable diet without having to find HCG diet clinics near you, spend time waiting in doctor’s offices, picking up prescriptions, and running around to pharmacies. Our Easy as 1-2-3 Plan can get you started on the program right away, from the ease and comfort of your own home. All you need to do is fill out the medical questionnaire, and we do the rest. One of our experienced doctors will review your information and, barring any severe health problems you may have, he or she will then prescribe this highly effective program for you. We’ll send them directly from our pharmacy right to your doorstep. We don’t just sell HCG Injections online. Our mission is your 100% satisfaction. This means your relationship with us doesn’t end when your complete diet kit is shipped off to you. Our conscientious doctors and clinical associates will be available for you every step of the way, to answer any and all questions you might have, from your first phone call to us today to any point in the future. We take pride in every one of our success stories and can’t wait to add yours to our growing roster. So whether you live on the West Coast in San Diego CA, on the East Coast in Charleston SC, or anywhere else in between like Houston TX, our HCG diet doctors are waiting for your call.

Natural HCG Hormone Holds Key to Lose Fat Stores

Now that you know about our remarkable weight loss program and what it can do for you, you might be asking yourself, How does the HCG diet work? More than half a century ago, while working with overweight individuals in India, renowned British endocrinologist Albert T.W. Simeons, M.D. made the remarkable discovery that the natural HCG hormone can eliminate abnormal fat in the body and control hunger when combined with an ultra-low calorie diet. Some people think this is a hormone which occurs only in the bodies of women when they are pregnant, but this is not true. Both men and women produce low levels of the natural hormone throughout their lives. However, it is true that the production of this hormone dramatically spikes when women are pregnant allowing a their stored fat to be mobilized and used by the growing baby. This incredible fat-mobilizing hormone is why overweight women actually tend to lose body fat during pregnancy. It’s also why women who have recently given birth, and are no longer producing significant levels of natural HCG hormone, so often pack on the pounds quickly. The knowledge that this substance can be used to facilitate your ability to lose fat stores has existed for more than 50 years, but only now is the weight loss community beginning to notice. With this product, we have rediscovered an incredible way to dramatically jump start your weight loss, and doctors in the US are taking note. Why? Because these weight loss injections are very effective at resetting the metabolism and generating significant and rapid weight loss, while curbing appetite, when used as part of a larger comprehensive diet protocol. Many people are heralding these shots as some kind of diet miracle, but the fact is that Dr. Simeons’ diet is scientifically based on the functions of the natural HCG hormone. What’s more, the experienced HCG Diet Doctors at Weight Loss Medical Center have fine-tuned and improved this system for shedding excess pounds to lose fat stores and maximize results and take advantage of the latest in weight loss knowledge.

Doctor Prescribed HCG Weight Loss Injections

You might be wondering, Is there an official HCG diet? or Are they all the same? The answer is a resounding, “No!” Our Doctor Prescribed HCG Weight Loss Injections are part of the authentic original program, but read on for more information. Contrary to popular belief, there is no officially sanctioned diet. Rather this is an umbrella term that is being used to describe to any number of weight loss programs, some effective and some that are not so effective, which include some form of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin supplementation combined with an eating plan. It’s important to understand that not all of these plans are alike—or even similar! The best ones include injectable Vitamin B-12, an easy to follow and specific eating program, and a knowledgeable support team who is there to walk you through the process, every step of the way. There are lots of products out there that claim to be effective for weight loss, including some homeopathic HCG drops taken by mouth. It was once common to see these online although they are now banned by various government agencies. In our extensive experience, only injectable HCG combined with Weight Loss Medical Center’s unique plan of vitamin supplementation and really committing to a low calorie eating plan will enable you to lose as many as 30 lbs. in a single month without becoming side-tracked by uncontrollable hunger. We will ship you everything you need to get started right away, explain just how easy it is to self-administer the HCG shots and vitamin B-12 shots, and tell you exactly what you need to eat and when. The best part is that you can do this diet all from the privacy and comfort of your own home in consultation with our highly trained doctors and caring support staff, many of whom who have already done—or are currently doing—this very same weight loss program themselves. So get ready to take charge of your life and your health today with the incredible Doctor Prescribed HCG Weight Loss Injections diet that everyone is raving about!  

Benefits of Quick Weight Loss With the Real HCG Diet

It seems like almost every year there is a new fad diet or weight loss gimmick that becomes popular for a short period of time, then it loses its luster and fades away. Not so with the real HCG diet. Losing pounds and inches with this method has been popular for several years now, and this method is only becoming more well known and utilized with each passing month. Why? Because people in Jacksonville FL and across the globe are increasingly recognizing the powerful potential of this incredible hormone. Is it a diet miracle? Some are calling it that because those who undertake it can lose a pound a day for several weeks without feeling very hungry. The truth is it makes perfect sense. You might ask, Does the HCG diet last? or Will I gain the weight back when I stop taking the injections? These are excellent questions, and you might be surprised by the answer. This is an excellent place to begin a major, life-long change in your eating habits. It essentially resets your metabolism and teaches your body how to burn fat the right way. If you undertake the program as directed, and follow the instructions we give you during the critical stabilization period and beyond, you won’t experience the rebound weight gain that is the hallmark of stopping other diets. The real HCG diet program offered by Weight Loss Medical Center lays the groundwork for lifelong, healthy eating. Not only will you reprogram your body’s unhealthy metabolism, but you will also break the cycle of eating sweets and junk food in favor of healthy options like lean proteins, vegetables and fruits. Of course, we can’t forget the other important benefits of quick weight loss and why you’re here now, doing this important research with our professional team of physicians and clinical advisors. Being overweight and not looking your best can take a devastating toll on your self-confidence, which is reflected in every single aspect of your life. It’s well documented that being overweight is linked to depression. If you don’t feel good about yourself inside and out, then it makes sense you are despondent. At our HCG Diet Clinics, we have seen how being overweight can also negatively impact those around you. You might choose to isolate yourself from friends and family because you are worried they will judge you negatively for being overweight. If you have children, you might disappoint them when you skip their school activities because you’re so worried about what the other parents, or their friends, might think. If you are someone whose livelihood depends upon positively interacting with others, being overweight can lead your co-workers and business contacts to form negative judgments about you, which can directly impact your bottom dollar. There are so many good reasons to finally lose the weight once and for all: physical, personal and professional. If you read the HCG weight loss reviews you will see why so many people are enthusiastic about this unique program for lasting weight loss.

Best Diet Doctors Prescribe HCG — Are You Ready?

If you are taking the time to learn aboutthis program and what it can do to improve your life in Detroit MI, or where ever you might live in this great land, then your extra pounds—whether they are 10 or 200—have left you seriously dissatisfied with the way you look and feel. It is time to realize our Best Diet Doctors Prescribe HCG to help you make these much needed changes in your life. Being dissatisfied and reading these pages isn’t enough. You have to make up your mind that today is going to be the day you’re going to do something about it. Looking your best has so many advantages. You will feel strong, empowered and confident. Once you see those pounds slipping away, there is no stopping your progress! The rapid weight loss you will experience with our significant fat loss plan will be evident each day as you look in the mirror and also to everyone around you. Their compliments, along with your own excitement over seeing your body transform into a more attractive and slender version of yourself will boost your resolve. Are you ready to do it? We are here to help you stick to your plan and reach your goals. Picking up the phone and calling the friendly and supportive team at Weight Loss Medical Center is the first step. Don’t bother to make the call if you aren’t really ready to do what it takes to follow this effective quick weight loss plan. It is time to get serious about your overall health … your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Being overweight takes its toll on all aspects of your life and existence. The program administered by the doctors and clinical advisors at our HCG Diet Clinics is not smoke, mirrors or empty promises. It’s a legitimate, tested and proven program to kick-start your weight loss, and it’s quite different and probably more effective than any other quick weight loss plan you’ve tried before. It isn’t a miracle. You are going to administer small injections every morning (it really isn’t that difficult), and you are going to follow the specific menu plan. If you’re convinced that you can do it, we will be there to answer any and all questions you have, today, tomorrow or six months from now. The Best Diet Doctors Prescribe HCG because they know it can help make your dreams come true. Are you ready?

Why Fast Weight Loss is the Best Way to Lose Weight

When it comes to some things in life, slower is better. You would never want to rush a long walk on the beach, reading the Sunday newspaper, or a long awaited conversation with an old friend. However, when it comes to losing weight, accomplishing it faster has a lot of advantages and our HCG weight loss program makes fast possible. Here the Top 5 reasons why fast weight loss can be so advantageous.

  1. Losing weight fast keeps you motivated. When you lose weight fast you are motivated by your success, which in turn boosts your willpower and determination. There is nothing more defeating than stepping on the scale after a day of dieting to discover you either didn’t lose weight today or, worse yet, gained a pound. The quick weight loss you will experience if you follow our HCG diet program will never leave you feeling defeated and depressed when you step on the scale. Instead, you will be inspired to push onward to achieve your weight loss goals.
  2. Other people notice quick weight loss. A great reason to lose weight fast is that those around you are going to take note of your changing look, much more so than if you are just trying to lose a pound a week. Our HCG Diet Doctors know that this positive feedback from family, friends and associates who live near you in Chicago IL, or anywhere else in the US where you may live, can have a huge motivating impact for you.  Some people will instantly recognize that you are losing weight fast and will compliment you on your success. Others will note that something has changed about your appearance and wonder aloud about what that something is. They will ask whether you have a new hairstyle or dress, or they might simply exclaim, “You look terrific!” These compliments can boost your resolve to stick with the HCG Injections plus B-12 diet program and really help you enjoy your fast weight loss
  3. When you lose weight fast, you don’t have to wait for results. If you’ve been overweight for a long a time and have finally made up your mind to shed those pounds, the last thing you want to have to do is wait weeks or even months to see real results from a diet program. The same holds true if you are a “now” kind of person—the kind of person who has to open a present immediately or who can’t wait to share good news. Why wait for a good thing when you can see fast weight loss and see, and enjoy, the results immediately with HCG?
  4. Rapid weight loss allows you to look your best for an upcoming event. With the assistance of the professionals at our HCG Diet Clinics, you can look forward to losing weight rapidly which is important if you are trying to look your best for a special event in the near future such as your wedding, a class reunion, or special vacation where you know you will be wearing your swimsuit. Having a special event in mind with a date set in the near future is a great reason to lose weight rapidly and with the HCG diet program it’s more than possible. 
  5. When you lose pounds and inches quickly with our doctor prescribed HCG weight loss and B-12 quick weight loss program, you are also detoxifying your body. Detox diets have been around for decades and many who experience them swear by the results, which can include a dramatic boost in energy, clearer skin, improved digestion and increased mental clarity.

Information About HCG Adverse Effects and Side Effects

When people talk about HCG side effects, what they really mean are HCG adverse effects, or negative consequences of taking this particular medication. There are potentially adverse effects that can result from taking any medication on the market today. Whether you will experience an adverse effect of HCG, or what specifically that adverse effect will be, depends on your medical history and how your body responds to the medication. This is why it’s important to fill out the medical history form completely and accurately, so that our doctors will have all the information they need to make the right decision. No two people’s bodies are alike whether you are in Philadelphia PA or way out west in Los Angeles CA. We do know that this highly effective medication is a natural hormone produced by the human body of both men and women throughout their entire lives. Production increases in women during pregnancy and is beneficial to both mother and baby. This is not a foreign chemical being concocted in a laboratory, like so many other prescription and over-the-counter medications out there. Knowing this makes some people more comfortable with taking it. Of course, only our doctor will determine if this program is safe for you at this particular point in your life. In the unlikely event that you do experience a troubling adverse effect from HCG injections, it is best to stop taking it if your issue is severe. If you are having only a mildly troubling symptom, then we advise that you contact your clinical advisor for direction and suggestions to remedy the problem. If you experience any uncomfortable effects, your clinical adviser is always just a phone call away to help resolve the issue.

Just Eat Less:  Metabolism and The Myth of Fat Issues in Modern Times

Despite all of the wonderful medical advances that we are seeing come to fruition in the modern age, we still have an incorrect, antiquated and simplistic view of being overweight. Everybody knows why people are overweight: they eat too much! Right? Well, this is the simple answer, but it isn’t the correct one. Our HCG Diet Doctors have been spreading the word that the tendency to accumulate abnormal fat is the result of a metabolic disorder. Metabolism is the process our bodies use to get or make energy from the foods we eat. When this process doesn’t work the way it should, being overweight can result. If being overweight resulted from simply overeating, then why do so many overweight people reduce their caloric intake and increase the amount they exercise with such poor results? Along with you good folks there in Phoenix AZ, or anywhere else in the US, the professionals at our HCG Diet Clinics have wondered why do many naturally thin people say they can eat whatever they want and never gain a pound? Why is it often so much easier to stay trim when we are young, and so difficult to shed unwanted pounds as we mature? Why do different people gain weight in different areas of their body? There is still a lot that modern medicine doesn’t fully understand about how the human metabolism functions. We do know that hormones regulate the metabolic functions, so it’s no surprise that hormones—like the weight loss hormone HCG—are a key to solving the problem of being overweight. It is time to stop letting people heap on the guilt and accuse you of being weak-willed for not being able to lose your excess stored fat. According to Dr. Simeons’ studies, the chronically overweight person even stores their fat in different places on the body. HCG diet injections are so effective and have become so sought after because they tap into the very real understanding that being overweight is about more than just what we eat. It is about our metabolism and how we use the food we consume, too. In the Big Apple, yes right in New York NY, we can help you get started right away and truly set forth on the journey of a lifetime where you will find your slim, trim and healthy in a very short number of days.

FAQ’s About Our HCG Diet Program

Nicolas in Austin TX asks: I guess like most people, my biggest stumbling block when it comes to weight loss is appetite. Does HCG control hunger? If yes, how?

One reason why this hormone is such a powerful weight loss tool is because it controls food cravings. During the phase when you are doing the HCG and B-12 injections, you will be on a 700 calorie diet per day, which is an ultra low calorie diet. Without human chorionic gonadotropin, on such a diet you would be experiencing extreme hunger. Some researchers have concluded the reason why it controls hunger so well is by influencing the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that is responsible for the feeling of hunger. It is important to understand that you will only be taking the injections for six weeks. This is the time period known as HCG diet phase two. After this phase, you will be adding foods back gradually, and it will be up to you to follow the directions of Phase 3 and Phase 4, the transition and maintenance period, in order to keep the weight off for good. Many people in Austin TX and around the US feel they can do this very effectively following the initial fat-burning phase; however, your success will ultimately be determined by your own desire to eat right and maintain your weight loss. Talk to our people at the local HCG Diet Clinics today.

Taylor in Columbus OH asks: What is the difference between weight loss HCG shots and HCG drops … are both equally safe and effective to use?

Homeopathic HCG drops, designed to be taken orally or by mouth were, and still are, being touted heavily as a weight loss miracle. This could not be further from the truth, however. Our clinics do not sell or endorse these products. The governing agencies have warned against them saying they are fraudulent and unsafe. We have never sold or endorsed such products. Our program for medical weight loss uses only the highest medical grade, doctor prescribed injectable HCG and B-12 in Columbus OH and throughout the rest of the country. Please be careful of cheap imposters that are still being marketed to the general public and can still be found online despite the warnings to consumers. 

HCG Weight Loss CAAshley in Charlotte NC asks: I know it’s silly for a grown woman to be afraid of needles, but the fact is I hate going to the doctor because I’m so squeamish about getting a shot. I’ve looked into a lot of weight loss diets and have become convinced the HCG protocol is going to work well for me. The thing is, as much as I want to lose my stomach, I don’t know if I can “stomach” giving myself the shot. Can you tell me more about these shots? I just don’t know if I can do it.

Ashley, you’re not alone in feeling squeamish when it comes to needles, whether you’re in Charlotte NC or way out on the west coast in San Francisco CA. A lot of people feel the way you do and wonder if they can do HCG weight loss shots. Even those who aren’t afraid of needles, when given by a nurse at the doctor’s office, have probably never self-administered an injection. The experience is totally new, and feeling a little intimidated is natural. Rest assured, the process is really simple and most people who have done it say the experience is practically painless. The needles we’ll send you are short and thin, the same exact needle a diabetic uses to inject insulin every day all over the world. We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do and even direct you to online videos that show how simple it is to give yourself the necessary B-12 shots and HCG shots. Your own personal clinical advisor will even be on the phone with you during your first injection to take you step by step through the procedure.

Raquel in Memphis TN asks: Looking to buy HCG injections in Memphis but wondering can’t I just eat 700 calories a day and still lose weight? Can you explain why this is necessary for me?

Technically speaking, you would lose weight on a 700 calorie a day diet, but you would be essentially starving yourself and reducing your metabolism to a stand-still. It wouldn’t be healthy and probably wouldn’t even be possible. The reason is that your brain would tell your body to eat, and unless your fridge had a padlock, you’d be in trouble. HCG has a remarkable effect on the brain and the body. This remarkable hormone releases or mobilizes your stored body fat while controlling hunger. To answer your question, Raquel in Memphis TN, you would still lose weight on an ultra low calorie diet but the chances of your being able to stick to it are, as they say, slim to none. You could also do more harm than good by burning muscle mass instead of fat stores.  

Miguel in El Paso TX asks: I’ve been looking up HCG diet information and it looks like you have a great program. Anything special I need to know about the HCG diet for men?

Okay ladies, cover your ears! Men typically lose weight faster than women do, regardless of the diet plan, and this one is no exception. Other than this, the program works exactly the same way for men as it does for women, in El Paso TX and from coast to coast. As a man, you might also be interested to know that our doctors and researchers have found a number of positive side effects for men who take this hormone. For example, taking injectable HCG can increase natural testosterone production in men, which can be beneficial for your energy levels, your metabolism and much more.

Mike L. in Las Vegas NV asks: Is the HCG diet dangerous?

Doctors have been prescribing HCG for medical weight loss with excellent results and a consistent track record of safety for many years. Unless you have a specific health condition that would preclude you from embarking on the program, then safety should not be a concern. This program has a long list of success stories going back to the 1950’s. This substance is an all-natural human hormone produced to be bioidentical to the one produced in your body, and the period during which you are doing the injections is limited to six weeks. As with any diet program, the potential risks have to be weighed against the potential benefits. It’s also important to remember, Mike, that being overweight is also extremely dangerous in Las Vegas NV, or anywhere else for that matter, so if you lose weight with the HCG diet there may be tremendous health benefits for you.

Kate F. in Los Angeles CA asks: I’m 35 years old and have been overweight my whole life. I don’t think I eat that much compared to other people I know who don’t have serious problems with their weight—but I do eat. As much as I would like to lose weight and find out more about your weight loss program, I can’t seem to control my hunger and I’d pretty much given up on dieting. Then I heard some people talking about your program at my office. I started to read HCG diet reviews online and it seems like a lot of people are very satisfied. Does the diet work for everyone?

Kate, if you are in good health and have a lot of weight to lose, it sounds like you are probably an excellent candidate. Many people who have been disappointed by conventional diets find they can lose weight quickly and permanently with this program. However, it’s not a miracle diet! You will have to make a real change in your current eating habits to achieve any results. We’ll do our part to make sure you have all the HCG diet info you need to be successful. Unlike programs that want you to keep coming back to buy their processed and pre-packaged foods, we truly want you to succeed. We depend on you completing this program and living out your life with a slim, trim and healthy body … then tell all your friends about us. You have to be ready to make a real change and have the mindset that you’re going to do it. If not, it’s best to wait to start the program until you have the resolve to follow through.

Jake W. in New York NY asks: I’m a pretty active guy and do my best to hit the gym a few times a week but I still have considerable abdominal fat. It would be great to embark on a program that specifically targets stubborn belly fat. I’m wondering, though, is it legal to buy HCG online?

Jake, if you want to lose belly fat, you will likely be very pleased with your HCG diet results. Injectable Human Chorionic Gonadotropin helps burn excess fat in the body while curbing your appetite. You’ll also be pleased to know that the doctor-prescribed program offered by Weight Loss Medical Center is 100 percent legal. Recently, government agencies made it illegal to sell homeopathic HCG in New York City and in the rest of the country. This ruling affected the forms of medication taken by mouth as HCG drops or HCG sprays. They have also warned consumers against taking these products. So, Jake, please don’t buy any of these medications online without a doctor’s prescription. It could be unsafe and ineffective.

Heather P. in Miami FL asks: Is there a specific HCG diet menu? I really hate all the processed foods that taste like paste and cardboard. Why can’t I find a program that lets me eat good food and still lose weight? I know I have a lot to learn, so how do I contact your HCG Diet Clinics?

Heather, when you embark on our weight loss program, because we know you want to be looking great when you hit the beach this summer in Miami FL, we will let you know just what foods you should eat, and when, during the diet. However, there is not just one specific menu. Instead, you’ll be able to pick and choose what you like within certain important guidelines. This includes during HCG diet phase 1, also called the loading phase, when you are deliberately eating fatty foods, like fried foods, ice cream, full fat dairy products, and fatty meats for two days only. When you move on to HCG diet phase 2, you’ll be on the very low calorie diet phase of the program, which is also when you are taking the injections.  During this phase, you’ll be eating servings of lean protein, such as chicken, fish, shrimp and steak. You also be eating servings of vegetables, fruit, breads and beverages. Heather, once you progress to HCG diet phase 3 or the transition phase, you begin adding foods back in, and then in HCG diet phase 4, the so-called forever phase or maintenance phase, you will be maintaining your weight loss. Again, you won’t need to follow any specific HCG diet recipes or a single limited menu, but you will be instructed to eat within certain guidelines that our clinical associates and doctors will make sure you understand.

HCG Weight Loss CAMonica in Memphis TN asks: I am basically a slim person (thin arms, legs, face, etc.) but I have lot of excess belly fat, which makes me feel very uncomfortable and self-conscious. It’s also difficult to find clothing that fits me because I am out of proportion. I’m looking to find HCG in Memphis and but am wondering if it will help my problem.

Monica, it sounds like are probably a terrific candidate for HCG. When taken daily in small doses, HCG targets abnormal fat deposits within the abdomen, hips and thighs of the body. Several studies, a great deal of anecdotal evidence from dieters, and the clinical experience of weight loss doctors all suggest that this remarkable hormone preserves lean muscle while encouraging the body to burn fat. So check with us today for the next steps to get started. You’ll be losing weight and feeling great in no time.

Zachary in San Francisco CA asks: Why do you need to do the very low calorie diet with HCG?

Thanks for your question, Zachary. It’s a very good one and deserves clarification for you and your friends there in San Francisco CA. HCG and a low calorie diet work synergistically to produce rapid weight loss results. Under normal circumstances, if you were to go on an extremely low calorie diet, your body wouldn’t be able to release enough fat to meet your need for energy and fuel. Our doctors know that you would end up burning muscle instead and totally messing up your metabolism. Taking HCG injections during the ultra low calorie phase of the diet program tells your body/brain to burn fat stores not muscle. This is why they work so well together.

Kayla in Boston MA asks: I’ve heard crash diets are bad for you. Is the HCG diet a crash diet?

Under normal circumstances, embarking on a 700-calorie per day eating program for rapid weight loss would be considered a crash diet. Crash diets are characterized by rapid weight loss followed by rebound weight gain. However, our complete HCG diet program is not a crash diet. Let me explain why. On a crash diet, your body would not be able to burn stored fat quickly enough and would pull needed energy from your muscle reserves or where ever it could get it. This is one of the reasons why crash dieting isn’t good for you, whether you’re in Boston MA or in Seattle WA. However, the injections you will be taking on our program tell your body to burn fat not muscle. The ultra low calorie phase of our diet lasts for six weeks. It is just one phase of an overall program. This portion of the program seems to reset the metabolism for many, and once normal eating is established, many people following the HCG Weight Loss program report they don’t experience the rebound weight gain so common with other quick weight loss methods.

Matthew in Seattle WA asks: Won’t I be hungry eating only 700 calories a day?

Under normal circumstances you would be starving on a 700 calorie per day diet with an active lifestyle in Seattle WA. However, the HCG plus B-12 injections that you will be taking as part of our complete program tell your body not to starve, but to pull needed energy from stored fat within your body. This will enable you to stick the diet, despite the limited number of calories that you will be eating. Initially people on our program report some mild hunger for the first few days, but in most cases this passes quickly. Since stored fat is being burned and released into your system, your body thinks it is eating 1500-2000 calories a day and doesn’t feel hungry. Some people who come to our HCG Diet Clinics actually have to force themselves to eat the 700 allowed calories during the injection phase of the diet. It really is easier than you think to get into your ideal size and weight. Call us today to get started right away.

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