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Where to Get HCG Injections in California

I spent over 100 dollars at my local health food and supplement store buying drops that were recommended by the salesman there and that were supposed to help me lose weight fast by decreasing my appetite and helping me to eat less. They did not work at all, but instead were a complete disappointment. I went back to the store and I insisted upon getting my money back from the company. I had to speak with a manager at the store and complain, but it was worth it because the salesman told me that the drops would help me to lose weight fast and I did my part, but the drops that I took orally did not do their part. Before I bought those drops, I was actually told about this website by a good friend of mine! He shared with me that right here was the best place to find Where to Get HCG Injections in California to lose weight. I unfortunately did not listen to him initially because the mere thought of self administering injections to myself was not appealing at all and I chose to skip that idea and use the drops instead. I believed that the drops would be cheaper and less painful, but boy, did I make a big mistake! If I would have just gone with my friend’s advice in the first place and had purchased the HCG Injections like he initially highly recommended I do to lose weight quickly and safely, I would have been in a much better position at that time. I would have realized that the injections were there way to go – they were effective and that they were relatively pain free too!

The bad news was that I had to go through a bad experience with the unsuccessful attempt at losing weight with the drops. However, the good news came after when I did successfully lose 30 pounds in 30 days on the HCG Diet Program using real and authentic weight loss products sold by this company. Weight Loss Medical Center is full of integrity and genuine care for their clients’ health and their successful weight loss. That became very apparent to me when I became a client myself!

When I got my money back from the health food and supplement store that sold me the fake diet products, I immediately got online to read about this diet plan. I wanted to understand why there was such a huge buzz around this weight loss program and why everyone was talking about how great HCG Shots were. I wanted to know how the injections differed from the drops and even the sprays that were sold by many health food stores, vitamin stores, weight loss clinics and personal trainers. I also wanted to know all about the diet plan protocol and everything that I would have to do on the diet program.

This might seem like a lot of complaining that I am about to do, but it is all to prove a point, so please bear with me. I was not a fan of having to go to doctor’s offices for check ups or full medical exams. I did not like going to pharmacies and waiting in long lines and I also did not want to spend a lot of money that I could not afford! I certainly was not a fan of having to go to any HCG Weight Loss Clinics either. In addition to all of that, I was also very busy with work and did not have a lot of time to have to cook elaborate diet meals or to count my calories out of a book like a lot of these other weight loss plans make you do. It was already very difficult and inconvenient for me to find the time to go the initial health food and vitamin supplement store where I went and purchased the drops the first time, but I did it – and when it all turned out to be a waste of my precious time and money, I was very unhappy and very angry. In general, I was upset about the time, energy and the money that I wasted on that experience, but mostly being lied to and promised that what I was being sold would work! Not only that, but I must also mention the major discouragement I felt about all of the time wasted and major frustration I faced when trying to lose weight when the drops did not stop my appetite from taking over at all. In addition to that, it did not feel good to my psyche to fail at losing weight; something that I wanted so badly to do. Please continue reading to see how this company changed everything for me.

Things all changed when I got onto this HCG Weight Loss program and I am writing this blog entry very happily to help others to avoid the pitfalls that I fell into. Very often, overweight people who are desperate to lose weight, tend to be very vulnerable targets for people and companies that are trying to sell their weight loss products and diet programs. Do not trust the drops or sprays that anyone tries to sell you. They do not work for very good reasons and I learned those reasons after researching and reading all about this amazing diet program here. There are so many HCG Benefits that come along with this diet plan program and I cannot even think of a single risk of investing your time, your energy and even the very affordable fee for this specific diet plan protocol!

To start, the drops and sprays that are considered to be real and authentic weight loss products are not real and authentic! They are fake! These drops and sprays are taken orally and never even reach the bloodstream in the body where they need to go to work to help a person to lose weight. Because they are taken by mouth, they are immediately sent to the stomach where they are quickly metabolized by the strong stomach acids that break down the very small amount of HCG that are actually in the drops or sprays. Please be aware that these are fraudulent diet products to begin with and the places or people that sell them have no right to be lying to their customers and promising that the drops will work! These faux weight loss products do not even contain enough of the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin to do what they are supposed to do if they were to actually reach the bloodstream (which they do not). Any HCG Diet Doctor will confirm that the real injections, such as the ones that are sold by this company here, work to decrease a person’s appetite and at the same time, they work to metabolize the excess stored fat within the person’s body in order for them to lose weight very quickly. The person taking the medical mixture of the HCG, along with Vitamin B 12 and a vitamin complex will not feel hungry or have the cravings for their favorite foods (or any foods for that matter) like they used to before taking the injections. They medical mixture is very powerful and when I took it myself while on the diet plan, I actually felt better than I had in a long time. I was energetic and my life did not revolve around food.

This HCG Diet Protocol worked perfectly into my busy lifestyle. I was not inconvenienced at all during the entire 6 weeks that I was on the diet plan! I first filled out the Contact Form on this page here on the website and within a very short amount of time I was contacted via phone by one of the company’s expert clinical advisors. She was extremely polite, kind and very professional. She understood my wanting to lose weight for my own personal reasons and I felt comfortable sharing those reasons with her. She was there for me every step of the way while I was trying to reach my weight loss goals too! I never had to go an HCG Weight Loss Clinic for answers to my questions, but all I had to do was to call her on the phone and she was there! Also, I never had to go to any pharmacies to get my weight loss products because my clinical advisor shipped them to me via Federal Express and they arrived right to my front door!

I would never trust any other weight loss plan or any other health food or supplement store again. I learned my lesson the hard way and hope that others can learn from my mistake. I am super happy now though and let all those bad memories go behind me. I found that I could completely trust my clinical advisor and the HCG Weight Loss Doctor who reviewed the medical history form that conveniently filled out and sent to the company online. The fully licensed diet doctor analyzed my medical history and cleared me as being a great candidate to lose weight on this diet program! I am thrilled with my weight loss results and recommend this diet program to anyone trying to lose weight safely and quickly. Even the busiest of people can do it! I did! So, please take my warning seriously and do not allow yourself to be scammed by any other weight loss program out there! You want results? Call the number here and when you lose all the weight you want to lose, write a blog entry just like I did and share your success story!

Robert S.
Santa Monica CA

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]