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HCG Clinics in Tampa FL

They say that race car drivers have one of the most dangerous jobs out there and I guess that I am one of the statistics that make that true. It is actually a wonder that I am still alive after … Continue reading

HCG Clinics in San Diego CA

Years of schooling to become a physician in pediatrics had taken their toll on me. While in school and doing my residency, I really did not have much time for anything else besides studying and spending most of my time … Continue reading

HCG Clinics in Fresno CA

My life changed dramatically and for the better about 3 months ago, and it all started simply when my girlfriend came to see my office at work. When she saw my computer station and how it was surrounded by candy … Continue reading

HCG Clinics in Orange County CA

Watching all the beautiful and thin women walking past me in the mall, laughing and having a great time together with all their friends as I walked alone feeling very insecure and self doubting, made me so terribly miserable. I … Continue reading

HCG Clinics Paterson NJ

It had been a very long summer and although I was a teacher and had the summer off from teaching, I still had to take on a second job and work all summer long. I am a single mom of … Continue reading

HCG Clinics New Jersey

You all may have heard this story a million times about wanting to impress your old high school friends at your 20 year class reunion, but I thought that I would share my story in this blog entry because it … Continue reading

HCG Diet Clinics in Greensboro NC

I do a ton of traveling for work and I never thought that I would be able to lose weight on a diet plan program because of the amount of time I spent flying from city to city all over … Continue reading

HCG Clinics Raleigh NC

I grew up most of my life in school as the class clown. I usually got into a lot of trouble in class and sent to the principal’s office and got detentions all the time, but I still controlled my … Continue reading

HCG Clinics North Carolina

Living in the shadows my entire life with a beautiful, tall and thin sister was a very difficult thing for me. We were only 18 months apart in age and only one school year difference fell between us. We had … Continue reading

HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Georgia

I live in a smaller part of Georgia called Warner Robins with a population of approximately 62,500 people! That might seem like a lot, but in the particular part of the city where I live there was not much privacy … Continue reading