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Buy HCG Injections for Improved Health

Theodore Roosevelt once said: In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The next best thing you can do is the wrong thing. The worst you can do is nothing. You are looking to Buy HCG for weight loss because you have come to realize the time is right for you to do something about your weight. We don’t know you—yet. We don’t know whether you were thin all of your life until you had kids, a desk job, or turned fifty. We don’t know whether you have struggled with obesity since childhood. We don’t know if you have 20 pounds to drop so you can feel better about yourself, or 200 pounds to drop so that you can recover from the damaging effects of being morbidly obese. What we do know is that we can help you. We can help you embark on a program that many people have found to be a safe, effective treatment for excess fat. Compared to other weight loss programs, ours is surprisingly affordable and easy to do. If you are thinking to Buy HCG as part of a complete diet program, then you have come to best place. The products we offer are available only through a prescription from one of our doctors, so you know you are getting a medically supervised program of the highest caliber. The products are shipped from licensed pharmacies and created in laboratories with the FDA stamp of approval. We make starting our program really easy as well. If you don’t want to step into a doctor’s office, you never have to. Simply tell us about your medical history by filling out an easy questionnaire online. Once one of our doctors approves you to begin, then we can send everything you need to participate directly to your house or office address. In your search for where to buy HCG, you have come across one of the most used, most highly reviewed group of human chorionic gonadotropin weight loss clinics in the US. Now it is time to get started. Is this program right for you? Only you, and our doctors, can make that decision. One thing is certain, however, doing nothing about being overweight is the worst thing you can do. Obesity does not just impact how we look to others and how we feel about ourselves. Having excess fat has been shown to increase the risk of serious illnesses, like high blood pressure, which can lead to heart attack and stroke. The risk for type-2 diabetes is also elevated. Being overweight can also take a toll on your hips and knees, leading to pain and a decreased quality of life. Studies have even linked being overweight to other serious and debilitating conditions, including cancer, gout, sleep apnea and gallbladder disease. Do nothing or do something. The choice is yours alone. When you are ready to Buy HCG, do it from a clinic you feel confident about—ours.

Buy HCG Injections from Clinics You Can Feel Sure About

You have made the important decision to try the diet that so many individuals across the globe are discovering. Like a wave in the ocean steadily building momentum as it heads toward to the shore, the original Dr. Simeons diet is sweeping the US, Europe and even distant countries. You are making an excellent choice! By now you have probably also figured out that going to a fancy medical spa to get started on this program is far too expensive for the average dieter. If you can afford to drop thousands of dollars to Buy HCG Injections and want to be greeted by a 90-pound blonde receptionist, her high heels clacking against the marble tiled floor, don’t let us stop you from entering that fancy med-spa or walk-in clinic in the premier mall in your area! However, if you want to get the same great program at a fraction of the price, then turn to us, the clinics you can depend on. There are plenty of reasons why you should feel confident that we are, hands down, the best place to buy HCG. First of all, we staff the country’s best HCG weight loss doctors. They have extensive experience prescribing this program and believe in its potential to transform the life of individuals for the better. Their knowledge and experience with regard to proper dosing and instructions means that you will be getting the safest and best program available today. Our doctors are also able to determine if, based on your health and history, you are not an ideal candidate for this program. You want to buy injectable HCG not just because you are interested in looking good. You want to do this program because you want to improve your overall health and reduce the risk of destructive diseases. Why risk your health by purchasing a program from some unknown and untested online seller? All the medication and injectable vitamin B12 that we provide in conjunction with this diet are of the highest-grade prescription products. This means their safety and effectiveness is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not available OTC, or over the counter. Instead, a doctor’s prescription is required before they can be obtained. Each batch of medication bears an expiration date that specifically states the month and year by which the maker promises the drug’s full effectiveness. This means you can be fully assured that when you Buy HCG Injections from us they are of the highest potency. You never have to worry whether the products we ship to you are manufactured in basement laboratories, are watered down, or are anything other than pure, safe and unadulterated. All of our medications come from licensed pharmacies and are manufactured in laboratories that are overseen by the FDA. If these kinds of safeguards do not matter to you, they should. It is true that you might save a few pennies on the dollar if you are willing to buy HCG diet injections online from a shady seller. However, your safety, health, wellbeing and peace of mind are important to us, and they should be just as important to you.

Where to Buy HCG Injections Begins With Safety and Ends with Success

We have talked a lot about safety, and with good reason. We want you to realize how important it is that you get a safe product, with a doctor’s prescription. However, safety is only the beginning—the prerequisite. There are many other reasons why the question of Where to Buy HCG Injections is best answered at our doorstep. For starters, let’s talk about price. We do a very high volume of business. As is the case with almost all businesses, the more clients we have, the lower our overhead in terms of the goods and services we buy. In other words, because so many people choose us, we are able to negotiate great prices on our end, and then pass these savings along to you. If you do a little research, you will find that the pricing for our complete program is fantastic. Do we offer the cheapest product around? The answer to this question depends on where you are shopping and what you are actually getting. This makes such comparisons difficult. Comparing our program to that of a buy HCG direct online seller is like comparing apples to oranges. Where is the product that you are purchasing being made and manufactured? Is it safe? Is the company reputable? Will they deliver what they promise? If you have a problem, will they even be available to speak to you? If you call them because your order didn’t arrive, will you discover that their number has been changed or disconnected? What we are really saying is this: You might be able to find somebody from whom you can buy injectable HCG online for less but, as you can see, there are a lot of factors to take in to consideration. As is so often the case in life, you get what you pay for. Now let’s talk about another very important aspect of our complete diet program, which is the role our clinical advisors play in helping you achieve success. When you sign on with us, you are entering a real partnership for dieting success. If you ever have a question, a concern, or just want to chat with someone about how your diet is going, our clinical associates are available throughout the day, during normal business hours, to address your range of needs. Say, for example that your weight loss plateaus, which sometimes happens, and you are feeling frustrated about what to do. You do not need to start a massive Internet search in the hopes of finding an answer, never knowing if the information you are getting is correct. You can just call us. Please think about the great dieting support that we offer as you consider Where to Buy HCG Injections.    Our smart clinical associates feel a genuine empathy for the dieters they coach – many of them have followed the HCG diet successfully themselves. The reason is that they feel they work with some of the nicest and most knowledgeable dieters around. Why? Because our clients value what we offer, and they know that our complete program is more than just a place to buy HCG vials—it is a real recipe for success.

It’s Never Too Early, or Too Late, to Buy HCG Injections for Weight Loss

We all have excuses for why we don’t take care of ourselves the way we should. One of the biggest of these, when it comes to losing weight, is that it’s just too soon—or too late—for us to make a change. Are you talking yourself out of the wise decision to Buy HCG Injections for Weight Loss because you think you are too young or too old for our program? If so, please keep reading because there are some really important things you need to think about. Young people think they have all the time in the world. They see life ahead of them as an endless road of possibilities, failing to realize that youth goes by in the blink of an eye. Older people have a different but equally destructive mindset. They often say to themselves, I’ve been leading this kind of lifestyle for years and years. What’s the point of doing something about it now? We hear this kind of talk all the time from people as young as twenty and as old as seventy. If either of these mindsets sounds familiar to you, please listen up. The plain truth is that it’s never too early or too late to buy HCG weight loss shots and make a long-term change in the way you approach eating. Say, for example, that you are a twenty-year-old college student with 40 pounds to lose on our program. At this point in your life, despite toting around those extra pounds, you are probably still feeling fairly healthy. Since you are so young, you are still full of energy. Your main motivation to Buy HCG Injections for Weight Loss is because you want to fit in with your peers and to be attractive—especially to the opposite sex. When people are in their twenties, they are interested in dating, for the sheer fun of it and also in the hopes of finding that special someone to share their lives with. However, if you are twenty years old and 40 pounds overweight you are not going to be turning the heads of those potential partners you encounter on a regular basis in college. These years are precious and you only get one shot at them. Once college ends and you enter the workforce it becomes increasingly more difficult to meet people. Don’t leave your college years behind without seeing yourself in the mirror they way you were meant to be! Don’t fool yourself into thinking that sometime in the future will be a better time to shed your unwanted pounds. When you fully embrace our program you will be losing, on average, a pound a day during the duration of the injections phase. You are going to turn heads as those around you notice the dramatic weight loss that is taking place as a result of your decision to buy diet HCG Injections. However, the choice to Buy HCG Injections for Weight Loss is not just about looking your best, it’s about feeling great too, something the average, overweight twenty year old may have difficulty comprehending but that the average, overweight forty year old will surely resonate with.

Why Buy Quality HCG in Your 30s and Beyond?

So, we have talked about why the 20s are a fantastic time to Buy Quality HCG from us. We get calls from young people each and every day who are seizing the moment and doing the next right thing in their lives. Congratulations to these young folks who already have a clear direction about where they are going in their lives. They will look back with few regrets about what could have, or should have, been for them. As much as we would like to see young people buy HCG weight loss injections so they can get the most out of their young lives going forward, there are many great motivations to lose weight for those of us who are a bit older, past our twenties. In our 30s is when most of us are getting established in our careers and settling down into marriage and family. Now is the time when we get started on those routine habits that are going to follow us for the rest of our lives. If any bad habits are starting to become entrenched, now is the time to nip them in the bud. Consider habits like overeating, smoking, drinking, and leading a sedentary life. Sometimes making one small decision—like your choice to Buy Quality HCG from us—can set the tone for everything in your life. Get bitten by the feel-good bug! Many people in their 30s also have young children. Children model adult behavior, so now is the time to set that great example. When you choose our company, it’s not just about purchasing a product, it is about learning to eat the right foods and ax the foods that are detrimental to your health. When kids grow up on highly processed foods that are laden with chemical additives, it’s a sure bet they are going to continue to eat these foods throughout their lives. Is this the kind of example you want to set? Of course not! You want to be a model for healthy eating and with our program you can be. Now lets talk about the 40s and beyond when it comes to a decision to buy HCG weight loss injections. In our twenties and even into our thirties, it’s quite possible to be overweight—seriously overweight—and still feel pretty good. We have the exuberance of youth on our side. However, as we progress to our later years, being overweight really begins to take its toll on how we feel. Our energy is zapped. Our joints are painful. Our bodies are screaming at us that it is time for a change. Seize the day and give your body what it needs—less stress on every bone, muscle, fiber and organ. As we start to feel the effects of aging in mid-life and old age, it becomes clear that the choice to Buy Quality HCG, as part of a full regimen, can no longer be delayed. We have had clients find success on our program who are well into their seventies, proving that it is never to late to break old, bad habits and to start leading a healthier life.

We Answer the Question of Where to Buy HCG USA from State to State

How do you buy HCG injections in Oakland CA? How about Honolulu HI? How about Louisville KY? It does not matter where you live in the United States. Our doctors help clients from sea to shining sea, across the continental US, and even Alaska and Hawaii. Our program empowers individuals to take action for the betterment of their health and we are proud of how we do it! Do you need a string of expensive doctor’s visits and embarrassing weigh-ins at a typical weight loss clinic to get on a high quality human chorionic gonadotropin program? You absolutely do not. Our terrific program that fully answers the question of Where to Buy HCG USA puts you where you should be, in the driver’s seat of your own future, the master of your destiny and the key-holder of your fate. Unlike some other HCG providers however, while you are in complete control of your diet, you are never alone. We have the very best clinical advisors around and you can turn to them whenever and wherever you wish, for questions large or small about your diet. As a result we not only answer questions of logistics, like how to buy best HCG injections in Fresno CA, but also about the nut-and-bolts of this great program. Every person is unique in their life circumstances, their feelings, and the way their body makes and stores fat. This is why it’s important to be able to pick up the phone and ask that question, or share that feeling. An independent program combined with back-up support, should you need it, this is what our program is all about. This is also why we feel confident that are doing your research you are going to decide that our company is Where to Buy HCG USA whether you have ten pounds to lose or 200. This program is sweeping the country indeed but there are still many small towns across America. Do you think it is going to be difficult to find a quality weight loss program with injections when you ask, how to buy HCG injections in Virginia Beach VA? With us you don’t have to worry that we do not have a doctor who can get you started on this program. We do! Call us today to find out just how simple and fun it is to lose weight the HCG way.

Questions on HCG Injections Where to Buy and What to Buy

Karla in Detroit MI asks: I am so glad I discovered your site and now know how to buy HCG diet injections in Detroit MI. I am really nervous about starting the protocol however because I am concerned about controlling my cravings during the low calorie diet. Please help!

People come to us all the time with all kinds of questions, on all kinds of topics, related to the HCG diet and we are more than happy to answer them. Thank you for your question. Whether someone is asking, where can I buy HCG diet in Colorado Springs CO, or their question comes to us from your neck of the woods in Detroit MI, appetite control is often first and foremost in their minds. After all, isn’t learning to handle cravings a big part of finding the right diet for you? It is perfectly natural to be worried about feeling cravings when you hear the diet program you are about to start limits your caloric intake to just 800 calories each day. The important thing to realize is that when you combine HCG and vitamin B-12 injections with our high protein, low sugar and low fat diet, your appetite is going to be well controlled. Indeed, appetite control is the one of the many great features our HCG diet program. Many people on our program are amazed that they do not get hungry between meals and a fair number of people report that they actually have to eat more than they care to at mealtime. When the injections part of this diet is over, and you begin eating more calories, you will feel full in a way that you never have before. This is why even after this diet ends, the weight loss continues or completely stabilizes. This remains true whether you are looking for how to buy HCG in Orange County or elsewhere in the US.

Susie in Beverley Hills CA asks: Looking for how to buy the best HCG in Beverly Hills. Any advice?

Whether you live in the posh town of Beverley Hills, or you are wondering where can I buy HCG in Hollywood, or whether you live in a modest suburb in Middle America, when it comes to buying HCG the basic rules are all the same. Step one involves first deciding whether this program is really right for you. Read about it and learn how and why it works. Decide if you are fully committed to doing the program as directed. If your answer is yes, then it’s a go. Once you have decided to proceed, then it is on to step number two, finding a safe and reliable provider. Never buy HCG B-12 injections without a doctor’s prescription. Look for a company with lots of experience—like us! We know great tips and tricks for getting the most out of this diet program, so when you invest in your weight loss you are getting the most bang for your buck. Now we move on to step number three. Many of the best things in life are free. Like love, laughter and a walk on a moonlit beach. HCG injections, however, are not free. No matter where you choose to buy HCG hormone injections this medication, you are going to have to pay for it. Look for a company that offers the medication at a competitive price. We are glad you have discovered us because we meet these criteria for how to buy the best HCG in Beverley Hills and elsewhere across the US.

Alex in Minneapolis MN asks: I have seen HCG drops locally sold in a superstore. I am questioning whether these work and also wondering where can I buy HCG injections prescribed by a doctor in Minneapolis MN?

Convenience is paramount for those looking to get started on any diet program, which makes picking up a bottle of liquid, that says it contains HCG, seem like an attractive option for many newbies to this program. With these products popping up everywhere, including the big-name superstores, it’s hard not to be tempted. We do discourage people from using these products, especially if they are labeled as “homeopathic,” because products sold under this label are no longer able to be sold in the US. Of course, if you see these products for sale and you want to try them out we cannot prevent you from doing so. Ultimately, we must all make our own choices when it comes to our health and wellbeing. Many of our clients have come to us after attempting some form of HCG diet that did not require them to buy quality HCG injections. They liked the fact that the liquid preparations seemed less costly or that no prescription was required for their purchase. After a trial period, however, it became clear the liquid HCG wasn’t working for them and they turned to us. We consider ourselves experts at making the real HCG diet program as convenient and easy to do as possible, so if you are interested to buy HCG injections from a doctor in Minneapolis MN, we can make that happen. Just give us a call or fill out the online form.

Britney in New York NY asks: I just found out that I am pregnant and have been overweight my entire life. I want to have a healthy, beautiful pregnancy and want to do your program right now, so that I can. Can you tell me how to buy HCG diet injections in NYC if you are newly pregnant?

Hello, Britney! Being pregnant is an exciting and wonderful time of life and we wish you the best. We also have some great news for you. Your body is already producing HCG, so you don’t need to purchase it from us—or anybody else. Many women who are pregnant find that during this time in their lives they actually shed excess fat and feel better than they ever have. The originator of this diet protocol postulated that HCG is present in the bodies of pregnant women so that if they are not taking in a sufficient amount of food, their fat stores are able to be released and their babies nourished. This is why some think that HCG is so effective when it is taken in combination with a very low calorie diet. Britney, it should go without saying that now is not the time to starve yourself. However, if you have been overeating and/or eating heavily processed foods that are laden with saturated fats and chemicals, now is a great time to stop. Consult your OBGYN about an eating program for the duration of your pregnancy that is right for you. We predict that if you eat healthfully and normally you will lose weight, especially because your body is now making HCG. Once your pregnancy is over, if you still have weight to lose, contact us about how to buy HCG diet program for weight loss in New York NY and we will get you started on our program.

Tasha in Albuquerque NM asks: I have a lot of weight to lose. Things have gotten so bad that I don’t even want to leave my house. My daughters have to do all of the shopping for me and even fix my meals because I have become so unmotivated, and my joints hurt so much, that I don’t even want to get out of bed. How can I buy HCG injections in Albuquerque NM if I don’t want to leave my house?

Wow, Tasha, it sounds like you have reached a real low point over your weight. We can help you buy HCG for injections so they can be sent right to your home in Albuquerque NM. However, it sounds like there are significant emotional issues impacting your weight that you need to address. We don’t know you personally, but in situations where people are very overweight and talk about being unmotivated, depression is often a factor. We encourage you to consult a doctor to see whether depression is a problem for you so you can get that straightened out. Losing weight quickly on our program is a great motivator, besides which, burning all those calories will give you lots of energy. Let’s be clear about one thing. It is not enough to buy HCG kits online and hope for the best. You have to be ready to maintain the 800-calorie per day diet. The HCG shots will certainly help curb your appetite, but you cannot do this program without motivation. If your daughters are doing all of your shopping, you are going to have to get them on board. They will need to understand the menu of allowed foods so they can shop for you appropriately. We want our program to work for you, and we think it can, if you are inspired to alter the way you have been living your life.

Lisa in Philadelphia PA asks: How can I buy HCG product in Philadelphia PA if I am a poor college student?

Hey, Lisa in Philadelphia, we feel your pain! You are not the first person to contact us wanting to know where they can buy HCG injections cheap. All we can say on this point is to please, please give us a call so we can go over pricing and options for our program. We feel confident that you will find that our program is far more affordable than you expect it to be. Some people come to us having walked into a fancy weight loss clinic or diet doctor’s office and having been blown away by the high price of HCG shots. Has this been the case for you? We do everything we can to keep your cost of HCG as low as possible, while also giving you the absolutely highest quality product available on the market—bar none. Do not think that a decision to buy HCG injection kits is a luxury item, like going to a tanning bed or getting your nails done at the salon. If you have weight to lose, and if you are serious about it, then you should think of our kits as a necessity. Lisa, why don’t you sit down and make a budget for yourself looking carefully at those expenses that are musts versus those that you would like to make, but are not really necessary. You might find there is some room to trim. The fact is even poor college students on very limited budgets often can make room for something they see as a necessity. Hope this helps!

Darla in Memphis TN asks: Wondering about how to buy HCG injections in Memphis TN legally?

Here is a very short answer to your question: our company. You might be under the mistaken impression that HCG is some sort of underground program or that it is not on the up-and-up. The fact is that HCG prescribed by a doctor for weight loss is 100% legal. What isn’t legal is to buy HCG hormone online for injections without a doctor’s prescription. This also is not safe. We don’t understand why anyone would inject anything into their body that hasn’t been given to them by a doctor. This goes against all common sense so please don’t do it. It is also important to point out that it is now no longer legal to sell products that say they are homeopathic HCG. These products only contained trace amounts of the hormone anyway and, in our opinion, were worthless from the start. No harm in their being removed from store shelves by the FDA. We never sold or endorsed them anyway. If you are looking for safe, legal HCG in Memphis TN you can call your search officially over. Just give us a call and we can get you on the road to starting this groundbreaking program for easy, rapid fat loss.

Sweetie in Boston MA asks: My 10-year class reunion is in a little over a month and I have packed on some extra pounds. Many of my classmates are already married or are in serious relationships but I am still looking. Hoping that this guy I had a crush on in high school is still single. Wink! Wink!  What I need to know is, how to buy HCG injections in Boston MA immediately. Thanks.

Losing weight to impress a guy is probably not the best reason but, heck, if this is the thing that is going to get you motivated to lose weight and optimize your health then we certainly are not going to dissuade you from it. We have lots of clients in Boston MA and elsewhere who have decided to lose weight for special upcoming events, such as weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, vacations, school reunions, and the like. What often happens is that this decision is a catalyst for permanent change and we do hope this is the case for you. Here is what you need to do right this minute. Call us! We can’t get you started on our program and rush delivery of your HCG diet kit unless you contact us. When you call us, we can give you an idea of the timeframe in which your kit will arrive and, of course, we will do everything in our power to get your kit to you as soon as we possibly can. In all seriousness, wanting to lose weight to improve the chances of finding true love is more than reasonable and we do wish you the best of luck in all of your adventures and endeavors.

Rob in San Francisco CA asks: I need to know where I can buy HCG for men. Where can I buy HCG diet program in San Francisco CA that uses organic, vegan ingredients?

Hi, Rob, it sounds like you are already leading a healthy lifestyle in choosing an organic, vegan diet for yourself. We applaud you for this but, at the same time, if you are overweight, it’s time to seriously evaluate what is not working with respect to your current way of eating. Clearly something is not working. Of course you know this, but many people are not aware that even vegetarians who eat organic foods can be overweight. This is largely due to overeating starches. Rice, potatoes, and wheat-based products such as breads and pastas are often the culprits. The foundation of our program dramatically limits starches. While you are doing HCG and vitamin B-12 injections you will be eating from a menu of fresh vegetables and lean protein. No worries about whether our diet can accommodate your vegan and organic lifestyle. It can, with protein substitutions that include tofu. Since we don’t send you any prepackaged foods, you will be doing your own shopping from the markets and brands that you have come to trust. This is one of the great benefits of our program. Contact one of our clinical advisors to further discuss protein substitutions for vegetarians when its time for you to buy HCG kit, with all included products, from us.

Christine in Washington DC asks: How Can I Buy HCG Injections in Washington DC before I leave for my trip abroad?

Hello, Christine. Just give us a call and we will certainly do our best to get you everything you need to do our program in Washington DC ASAP. There are few things that you should consider about embarking on this program while you are travelling, however. When it comes to starting on our HCG program, timing is everything. This program requires serious dedication on the part of dieters, not only to do the once-a-day injections but also to remain faithful to a strict eating program. This is difficult but certainly not impossible when travelling abroad. Consider this, when you are travelling you will be out of your regular routine as you take planes, trains and automobiles to get to your various destinations and as you live out of your suit case. Airports, hotels and simply being out of your routine present an added challenge. We have helped individuals that simply must travel for work find strategies to do this protocol with maximum success and we can help you, too. Even if this means rushing your HCG plus B-12 kit to your doorstep in time for your departure. However, unless you absolutely must do this program overseas, we suggest planning your start date when you are in familiar surroundings.

Laura in Denver CO asks: I really appreciate the info on how can I buy HCG diet injections from a doctor in Denver CO and I am looking forward to placing my order. Here is my question. I am a smoker. I am thinking about quitting but not there just yet. LOL! How will this impact my HCG diet, if at all?

If you continue to smoke as you have been, this should not impact your diet. However smoking and overeating are both habits that are detrimental to your health, and they run completely counter to an active, healthy lifestyle. If you are preparing to make a radical departure from your old ways of doing things as you embark on our best HCG regimen, why not take on both of your addictions at once? One week of being addiction free, and you are on the road to a lifetime of health. We know you can do it! Of course, this is easier said than done, but who said good things in life come easy? Imagine being truly healthy, not just looking wonderful, but feeling the very best you can, free of processed foods and cigarettes in one fell swoop and enjoying the good life there in Denver CO. We can help you make clean break from your old ways of eating, but consider consulting your family physician for help tackling that other addiction in your life—cigarettes. There are now medications to help reduce cravings from cigarettes just as the decision to buy HCG locally will help reduce your cravings from food. Take advantage of the best that modern science has to offer in both arenas. Starting the HCG diet in conjunction with quitting smoking as an added benefit. The average smoker tends to gain a few pounds when they quit, usually between 4 and 10 pounds. If you are doing the HCG program having recently quit smoking, you will be one of those few new ex-smokers who actually lose weight. If you decide to quit smoking—and we really hope you do—please keep in mind that due to the changes in your body’s metabolism as a result of quitting smoking you may lose a few pounds less on our program than the average non-smoker. Don’t let this concern you however. As much as we are fans of the dramatic weight loss that HCG provides, quitting smoking is better for your health than a few additional pounds.

Scott in Baltimore MD asks: How to buy best HCG injections in Baltimore MD without a prescription?

Thanks for your question but we have to ask, why would you want to buy HCG injections without a prescription? As the saying goes, your body is a temple. Treat it that way! We only sell HCG with a doctor’s prescription that is written just for our dieters. You can be sure you are getting a potent product that is what it says, and also that you are an appropriate candidate for this program. Most people who are in good health are perfectly fine to do the program but some people have health issues and other diet programs may be better for them in those circumstances. Why not take the safe road? You might be under the impression that to buy HCG legal costs more, or that it is hard to find a local HCG clinic in Baltimore, or that going the legitimate route is going to be expensive. These are all commonly held misperceptions that our company disproves each and every day as we bring reasonably priced HCG injections to people across the US without any hassle at all. In fact, our clients tell us they think that they have found the very best way to buy legal HCG.

Where can I buy best HCG in Charlotte NC for a group diet competition with coworkers?

Our program is amazingly simple. One small injection of vitamin B-12 and HCG each day combines with a super simple eating program is a recipe for success for dieters who never thought they could lose five pounds . . . let alone 50. However, there is one ingredient that we cannot give you in your HCG diet kit. This ingredient is—you guessed it—motivation. Only you know if, and when, you are prepared to embark on this protocol full throttle. The HCG and vitamin B-12 injections are going to help curb your appetite and keep you feeling energized as you drop, on average, a pound of unwanted fat day. Nevertheless it’s easy to come up with excuses for why you cannot stick to the program. Group dieting on the HCG program helps keep your precious motivation from flagging and we support these kinds of efforts one hundred and ten percent. We love to hear all about your plans for a group diet using HCG injections and if you like we will be happy to share some of our experiences with this method. Of course we will make sure that each and every one of the dieters in your group gets a high quality HCG kit delivered right to them so everyone of your coworkers in Charlotte NC can start off with the excellent advantage of our top diet doctors and protocol.

Mona in Kansas City MO asks: How can I buy HCG diet for weight loss in Kansas City MO without a credit card?

We believe the HCG diet program should be available to everybody who wants it. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, live in a small town outside of Kansas City MO or live in a big city like Los Angeles. We answer the question of how to buy HCG in Los Angeles CA the same way we do for small towns across the US. We want you to experience the joy of waking up in the morning to find that another pound of harmful, excess fat has vaporized from your body—as if by magic. Of course, it isn’t magic, it’s the power of HCG for targeting suborn fat, the kind that accumulates in our upper arms, thighs and belly.  This philosophy of making our program available to lots of people across the US is part and parcel of our business model and we stick by it. It’s why we keep our pricing so competitive and also why so many people come to us after doing their research. Perhaps you are one of those wise souls who have burned their credit cards to keep themselves out of debt, or perhaps you have some other reason for not wanting to use a credit card. No problem! Once your personal check or money order clears our bank you are good to go. Please contact one of our clinical advisors for more details about how alternative forms of payment work.

Joy in Long Beach CA asks: Where can I buy HCG diet injections in Long Beach CA that are 100 percent pure?

When you purchase your HCG and vitamin B-12 injections from us you can feel confident that you are getting a product that is what it claims to be. Our products contain 100% of the active ingredient that is listed, and you cannot ask for more than that. Whether you are a prospective dieter in Long Beach CA or hail from another city or town in the US our promise of great products is quite the same. Our products are not whipped up in dubious places, like a trainer’s basement. Personal trainers are great for showing you how to work out your muscles, and they can help keep you motivated when it comes to sticking to a weight loss plan, but it should go without saying that personal trainers are not doctors and not licensed to dispense medications! Our injectable products are all pharmacy grade. In other words, they come from licensed pharmaceutical companies, which produce, develop and license medications of all kinds for ultimate distribution to the public. Why is it so important to get a pharmacy-grade product? The answer is they are subject to a plethora of regulations and laws designed to make sure they are safe and effective.

Zena in Tucson AZ asks: Where can I buy HCG diet injections for weight loss in Tucson AZ that will lead to a permanent change in my weight. I am concerned about rebound weight gain.

This is a fantastic question and thank you for asking it. Rebound weight-gain is the hallmark of many over the counter diet pills. They work may work for a little while, but early successes are usually short lived. In order to keep weight off, it is essential to establish good eating habits. This is where the HCG diet program shines. During the period of time that you are taking injections, you will also be consuming 800 calories per day. They are not just any 800 calories, however. The foods you will be eating that make up the 800 allowed calories are a model for healthy eating that you will continue long after you stop taking the shots. HCG foods include proteins that are low in fat. You can eat steak, with the fat trimmed off. You can eat white fishes and shrimp. Other lean proteins on the menu include chicken and pork. Combine this with a helping of fresh vegetables and now you are eating healthy the HCG way. When you stop taking injections and return to a higher calorie diet, your taste buds will have changed. Now, instead of craving sugars, starches, and processed foods, you crave the kinds of things you should have been eating all along. A marked change in eating habits for the better is one of the reasons why so many of our clients in Tucson and elsewhere report lasting weight loss on our program as opposed to the rebound weight gain of other approaches, such as over the counter diet pills.

Cassidy in Las Vegas asks: I absolutely love diet soda. I would like to try this program but I have heard that soda is not allowed. What if I drink some on the program? Will I completely undermine my success? Also, wondering where to buy best HCG injections in Las Vegas NV?

The HCG diet is all about making changes in your eating. You may not think of the drinks that you consume on a daily basis as being part of your eating, but they are. Alcoholic beverages contain empty calories—hence the beer gut that some diehard beer drinkers develop when they spend more time on the bar stool and less time in the gym. Likewise, overweight people who consume highly sugared drinks, including soda, need to break this habit if they are going to lead a healthier lifestyle. You may be wondering, why is soda bad for you? First of all, if the soda you are drinking is caffeinated—and we would put money on the fact that it is—it is addictive. Sipping soda all day long is a way of artificially boosting your flagging energy level. As you reach for that caffeinated soda, however, you are also taking in a lot of calories from sugar. Switching to diet colas may lessen the number of calories you take in, but chemical sweeteners, while they may be calorie free, are not great for your body either. By cutting out or dramatically reducing the intake of sodas and soft drinks you are doing a great service to your diet. We encourage our dieters to drink lots and lots of water. This is great for many reasons, not the least of which is that it detoxifies the body. Yes, it can be challenging to switch from soda to water, but please don’t think you can skip this important step and still be successful on our program. We have lots of tricks that can help you cut out the soda, like adding a squirt of lemon or lime juice to your water, or drinking carbonated water with a squirt of lime or lemon. This little burst of flavor and sweetness is often all it takes to make pure H20 completely palatable. For the best place to by HCG injections in Las Vegas, of course the answer is . . . us.

Juan in El Paso TX asks: Thanks for getting me clear on how to buy HCG shots in El Paso TX. What I now need to know is whether I can still drink alcohol on the HCG diet because I need to have my drink in the evening.

We advise our dieters to do their very best skip alcoholic beverages during phase 2 of the program. During phase one, also known as the loading phase, it is okay to drink. The reason we advise against alcohol during the injections phase is that alcoholic beverages contain what are known as empty calories. In other words, they are calories but they do very little not to give you the sensation of fullness. At the same time, we have to be pragmatic in our approach. Many people simply must have that drink at the end of the day and there are no two ways about it. If you are thinking, it is my drink or the diet, then please start our program and have that drink if you must.  We advise those who feel they must drink to try to consume as pure an alcohol as possible, like vodka, and also to drink as little as possible. Drinking alcohol on phase 2 of the program is a deviation from the protocol and, as such, you should expect that you will not lose as much weight as someone who followed the diet instructions perfectly. It should be noted that the compulsion to overeat eat can have many characteristics of other compulsions, such as the compulsion to drink and to smoke.

Sarah in Milwaukee WI asks: You say you have clients who don’t regain the weight after doing this program. Can you talk about clients who have been successful at keeping the weight off vs. thouse who haven’t? Also, I need to know where to buy HCG injections in Milwaukee WI?

Sara, thank you for this great question from Milwaukee WI. More research is being done every day on why people gain weight and what they can do to keep it off. What scientists are finding is that our bodies are actually genetically programmed to gain more weight than we need. Those of us living comfortably here in America have access to a plentiful food supply and as a consequence unless we take active steps to keep off those pounds, they are going to catch up with us eventually. If you count calories for a limited period of time, it is easy to lose a few pounds. Keeping it off is another matter and this means that you will have to do something differently in your life. Here is the great news. If you have been engaging in the wrong kinds of behaviors, such as taking in the wrong kinds of foods and watching TV in the evenings as opposed to going out for a stroll in the neighborhood, you have lots of room to make simple changes that you can be consistent about. It doesn’t matter where you come from. If you are looking for how to buy prescribed best HCG weight loss diet in Wichita KS or in your Milwaukee WI neighborhood, you are already on the right track. Here is the reason. Our program actually alters your metabolism so that you can make those kinds of changes easily right off the bat. For many, these changes become second nature. People on our program appreciate how good they feel when they are eating the right kinds of foods in appropriate quantities. This is why it becomes a way of life for many. We have had clients who do gain some or all of the weight back. Most were not ready to make the lasting commitment to leading a healthier life. Sometimes when they try the program a second time they have more success. As far as where to buy HCG injections in Milwaukee WI, you can do that right now, through us.

Doug in Seattle WA asks: I ride my bike every day to work, about four miles. I don’t have a car. In fact, I don’t believe in them. All of that exhaust is terrible for the environment. I want to the best HCG diet program I can find and have settled on yours. At the same time, I have heard exercise is not allowed on the program. I need my method of transportation. How can I buy HCG diet injections for weight loss in Seattle WA and still ride my bike everyday?

If you are going to be beginning the HCG program, you do not want to embark on a new exercise program. The HCG diet is based on controlling hunger and influencing metabolism. It’s not about adding new activities that burn a lot of calories. You will be burning calories as a result of being on a low calorie diet and taking HCG and vitamin B-12. Our program is great for those who hate to exercise since none is required. This doesn’t mean that those who engage in physical activity are poor candidates. In fact, just the opposite is true. The more active a person you are, the more success you are going to have on our program. If you already do light exercise it is perfectly fine to continue. We don’t encourage our dieters to go from being active to being sedentary couch potatoes! Kudos to you for getting on that bike every day and going for a ride. In fact, we suggest that once you return to normal eating and stop your HCG injections that you actually ramp up your exercise. Don’t just use your bike for basic transportation. Take an extra lap around the block or head to the mountains for a thrill ride. Increasing the amount that you exercise everyday is one of those routines that is going to result in your having long term weight loss. It sounds like you are already on the right track.

April in New York NY asks: Wondering where to buy HCG drops that are not labeled as homeopathic. Do you sell these?

Hello, April and thanks for your question from New York NY. We offer a medical weight loss program using prescription HCG and vitamin B12 injections. We do not offer over the counter preparations, also known as OTC preparations. The original diet developed by famed British endocrinologist ATW Simeons called for injections, and we continue to follow his protocol today. We believe in our program, and our doctors have seen it work well for many people. Some people are hesitant to do a program that requires injections because they are afraid it will be complicated or painful to give themselves the required shots. The decision of where to buy HCG diet programs is not the only one that is important to your dieting success. You also need to decide what HCG diet program to embark upon. Drops programs are out there, but the experience of our doctors is that they are not even comparable to the real HCG diet.

Zara in Chicago IL asks: I want to buy HCG injections for weight loss from a US company. Are you in the US?

Yes, Zara, we are a US company and our medications come from US pharmacies. Regardless of what products you buy, there are so many benefits to buying from US companies. In the case of where to buy the HCG diet, we think going with a US company is imperative. It all comes down to the fact that here in the US, the FDA oversees and regulates medicines and the pharmacies that produce and distribute them. When sold by other countries, you do not have the benefit of such oversight. For example, if you purchase medications over the Internet from other countries, what assurance do you have that these medications will be effective or even safe? These medications may have the potential for serious health risks, and the FDA can’t ensure that they are safe. It is also important to point out that this also applies in the case of medications that you might buy while traveling from your home in Chicago IL to abroad or from non-Internet, that is, storefront businesses whose owners get medications from other countries. Fortunately, we have an excellent medical care system here in the US by many measures and there is no reason to go abroad to find a medication that suits your needs. There is also true in the case of where to buy HCG shots. We hope this answers your question of how can I buy HCG injections in Chicago IL from a US company.

Brandy in Los Angeles CA asks: I think I have found a company that sells HCG injections slightly cheaper overseas. Are there advantages to buying HCG locally?

You may—and we emphasize the word may—be able to find a less expensive place where to buy real HCG injections overseas and in Canada and Mexico. However, we strongly advise against this practice, for all of the important safety reasons outlined in the answer to the above question. There are a few other drawbacks as well to consider, these being the hidden shipping costs and the time frame in which your order will be delivered. We can get you started on this great program for rapid weight loss with everything you need right in Los Angeles with products from licensed US pharmacies and the knowledge that our company is based in the US with all of the safeguards this provides. Of course, as we have mentioned before, we feel we have unparalleled start to finish service which also makes buying from us advantageous. Please do not assume that just because you are seeing a product from an HCG buy direct online overseas company that the program you are going to receive will to be less expensive than ours. We work very hard to keep our prices as low as possible. We encourage everyone to check prices and products carefully.

Yolinda in Houston TX asks: Where can I buy HCG online at wholesale prices because I would like to be a distributor? I have a lot of friends who would like to get on this program and I am thinking this could be a good part-time business opportunity for me.

It is great that you are motivated to go into business for yourself in Houston TX. Given the state of the economy these days, increasing numbers of people are getting creative and starting home-based small businesses selling products to friends and coworkers via networking. However, if you are looking for where to buy injectable HCG at wholesale prices so that you can sell it privately to friends, you should seriously consider revising your business model. The reason is as follows. Injectable HCG is a prescription product, and therefore is only available with a doctor’s prescription. It is only available through licensed US pharmacies and cannot be bought by regular folks who are looking to capitalize the awesome ability of this preparation to facilitate weight loss. When you hear about individual sellers of HCG with home-based businesses, they are likely selling some type of oral preparation, which could even be illegal. Anyone selling injectable HCG who is not licensed to do so is not only doing something illegal, they are also putting the public health at risk—yours included. Hope you now understand some important safety issues about how can I buy HCG diet program in Houston TX.

Casey in Philadelphia PA asks: Where can I buy real HCG without having to wait weeks for my product?

If you want to know where can you buy HCG quickly, please call us to find out just how long it will take for us to get you started on our program. We promise it will be a matter of days, not weeks. Many online sellers are actually getting their products from other countries. Please read our responses to the questions posed by April from New York NY and Zara from Chicago IL where we address non-US sales. When companies sell products made and sent from abroad, it will take at least a week and sometimes several weeks before that product gets to you as it must travel by air, sea, boat, and/or train and then meet governmental requirements for coming into the US. This is not an issue for us, being a US medical clinic providing US medications. We have also realized that when people finally make up their minds to do our program they do not want to wait for it any longer than possible. This is why we have absolutely streamlined our process for getting you started on the program.

Wendy in Phoenix AZ asks: GNC used to sell drops but they have recently vanished from the shelves. Can you tell me what happened and do you know where I can buy HCG diet drops now?

Thank you for your question and we hope this helps you figure out what you need to when it comes to how can I buy HCG diet injections in Phoenix AZ. Several months ago, the health food and vitamin stores—along with gyms and fitness centers—were selling a product labeled as homeopathic HCG. Homeopathy is a controversial treatment that is based on the theory that very small amounts of a substance can work in the body to impact it in positive ways. According the rule of homeopathy, the smaller the amount of the substance being given the stronger it is. Most but not all traditional medical professionals here in the US do not feel that homeopathy is a valid treatment and that any effects are placebo. This means the person believes they are feeling better or doing better because they are taking the medication, not because it is having a real impact. Nevertheless, the FDA does regulate homeopathic products. Due to concerns about safety, the FDA recently made it illegal to sell homeopathic HCG products, which is why you should not be seeing these products offered at GNC or other vitamin and supplement stores. We do not sell them and we never did. Ours is strictly a doctor prescribed injections program for dieters looking for where to buy HCG injections online. Thanks for your question from Phoenix.

Elle in Dallas TX asks: I have five friends and we want to buy HCG shots online together so we can do our diet program together. Do you offer a discount for selling more than one program? Also, I need to know where to buy HCG weight loss injections in Dallas TX?

We love group diets. In fact, we think the very best way to lose weight on our program is to do it with a group of people right there in Dallas TX, whether they are friends, family members, people you know from work, or just groups of dieters that have connected with one another through social networking avenues. Studies have shown that when people who are dieting have group support they not only are more successful but also have lower levels of stress. We offer really competitive pricing to all of our dieters because this is what keeps us in business. We want to support your group effort and would like to have the six of you as our clients. Please give us a call and speak to one of our clinical advisors, and we will do our best to make you happy so you will tell even more of your friends about how this is the best place to buy HCG injections.

Valerie in San Diego CA asks: I have heard that it is better to buy HCG shots than it is to take the pills. Why?

We cannot speak to the specifics of products sold as HCG pills, there are a lot of them out there, but we can talk generally about why this method of administering the hormone is not desirable. HCG is a delicate hormone and is easily broken down. This is why injecting it directly into the bloodstream is the absolute gold standard. If HCG is ingested, the digestive acids get to it before it makes its way into the bloodstream. Despite this well-known fact, there are still many online and retail sellers where you are in San Diego CA and elsewhere who are promoting these so-called diet pills. Our advice is to stay away from them. If they are not given to you with a doctor’s prescription, their safety is also questionable. People are drawn to the idea of pills because they can apparently be bought without a prescription and because the idea of giving oneself an injection is less appealing than simply swallowing a pill. Yes, in a perfect world, you could take a pill for anything. It’s not and you can’t. However, we can make doing an injections program for weight loss as simple and as easy as possible. Call us to find out how.

Francis in San Antonio TX asks: Thanks for your help on how can I buy HCG program in San Antonio TX.  After I buy HCG diet shots, how do I know what I am supposed to be eating?

The question of where to buy HCG online comes down to more than just getting the necessary shots and supplies.  This is why many people who purchase such products online never achieve the success they hoped for. Lacking specific instructions and not knowing how to follow the diet plan can spell disaster. Some people think they can look up everything they need to know about ATW Simeon’s original diet with a Google search. The problem is that there is a lot of questionable information out there with respect to all aspects of this program, even the eating plan. We have seen recipes and calorie counts that, if followed, would give you significantly less weight loss than should be achieved. We are not an HCG buy direct injections seller serving San Antonio TX. We offer a comprehensive weight loss program. What makes us different? Our great doctors, of course, but also our clinical advisors who will make sure you know just what—and how—to eat when you are on this program.

Ursula in Columbus OH asks: I have seen people who ask, where can I buy HCG weight loss diet in Columbus OH but what I want to know is something different. Where do you buy HCG to increase fertility?

The struggle to become pregnant for women who are having difficulty conceiving can be emotionally taxing and frustrating. However, it is important to consult a physician with experience in treating infertility when you are experiencing such a problem. Our doctors deal specifically with medical weight loss using HCG and do not address fertility issues. Should you find an online seller of HCG injections as a fertility treatment, please do not attempt to resolve your problem in this way. When it comes to treating fertility, HCG is typically given with other medications and it must be timed precisely during the woman’s menstrual cycle in order to be effective. We hope this answers your question from Columbus OH about where to buy injectable HCG for fertility.

Sam in Austin TX asks: What are the advantages to buy HCG online vs. an independent seller at the gym? This guy is a friend who is doing this as a side business and I would like to help him out if I can but I am a little worried that his product may be different and not as good.

Hello Sam from Austin TX! While your desire to help your friend is admirable, your instincts not to buy HCG from him are also right on. We don’t know what your friend is selling—injections, pills, drops, sprays, or gels—but we don’t like the sound of it and you should not either. You question of where can I buy HCG in Austin TX is an important one. If you are going to invest your time and effort into an HCG weight loss program, why not use one that is safe and legal? We offer a comprehensive program to fit your individual needs, and we have wonderful, knowledgeable clinical advisors to whom you can turn with any questions you have on your journey. We have heard quite a few stories from our clients about their past experiences with other sellers, from strip mall vitamin shops to friends selling products from their garages. Fortunately, these individuals found their way to us and, ultimately, many of them achieved the weight loss they envisioned when embarking on our program.

Regina in San Francisco CA asks: Where can I buy HCG to ship overseas?

We only offer diet programs using HCG and vitamin B12 injections to individual dieters for their personal use. The medications and supplies needed for the diet are sent directly to the client who will be using them. These diets are not to be resold but to be used only by the individual to whom they have been prescribed. We are not a wholesaler and cannot help you when it comes to how to buy HCG for shipping to others. Sometimes people have a friend or relative in another country that is eager to try this program. Our advice is to have them seek out a diet specialist in their area. The HCG diet is gaining popularity not only in the US but also in Europe and elsewhere. It is becoming widely available in many countries. Although we cannot help answer your question, we are glad you asked it from San Francisco CA.

Gwen in Indianapolis IN asks: I want to buy HCG hormone so I can lose weight fast but am worried about gaining it all back. I am not very disciplined about eating. Can you give me any advice?

Before embarking on our program, we would advise you to give some real consideration to what is holding you back from being more disciplined. While we can answer the question of where to buy best HCG in Indianapolis IN, it sounds like you have some other important things to think about. Our program is a great way to jumpstart weight loss and to find the motivation that will carry you through to making those meaningful changes you need to. Ultimately, however, maintaining a healthy weight comes down to eating reasonable amounts of healthy foods and getting adequate exercise. If you are not doing this now—and it sounds like you are not—then you need to get to the root of what’s stopping you. Sometimes overeating is just a bad habit that has developed over a long time. If this is the case, our diet program can help you break the habit. Sometimes there are other issues holding you back. Think about practical changes you can make in your life that will address the root cause of why you are not able to be more disciplined in your eating habits. You may even want to consider getting some counseling where you live in Indianapolis IN if you cannot work through these issues on your own.

Tasha in Jacksonville FL asks: What makes you the best place to buy HCG online?

Only you can determine whether or not we are the best place to buy HCG online; however, many of our clients give us this kind of positive review. We encourage you to visit other HCG diet providers in Jacksonville FL because we feel confident that ultimately, when it comes time to decide on program, you will make the choice to get your complete program from us. We will tell you that we are a safe, reliable and affordable place to buy real HCG online as part of a doctor prescribed medical weight loss program. We always like to tout our clinical advisors who will be your main contact point during your diet. These dedicated individuals are super experienced and have an emotional investment in seeing you be as successful on this program as you possibly can be. Hope this helps you make a decision on where to buy HCG injections for weight loss in Jacksonville FL.

Haley in Memphis TN asks: How much does it cost to buy HCG injectable from you?

Haley, thank you for your question from Memphis TN. Please call us directly for pricing. One of our representatives will be more than happy to tell you upfront exactly what all of your costs will be, as well any options for shipping. Sometimes people ask us why we do not publish our prices online. The fact is that our costs vary from time to time, as do shipping prices. We do not want to continually update our site to reflect today’s pricing. Another reason why we do not publish our prices online is that we do not want to let the competition know our prices. We can say that our clients—who do a lot of shopping around and are sometimes more knowledgeable on current prices than we are—do tell us that we offer some of the best pricing around for a complete doctor overseen HCG injections weight loss program.

Paul in El Paso TX asks: I am 16 and am desperate to lose weight. Can I buy HCG for weight loss if I am less than 18 years old?

Hello, Paul. Did you know that the best time to lose fat and regain a normal weight is when you are young? The reason is that as we get older it becomes increasingly difficult to lose those pounds. The good news is that you are on the right track in wanting to lose weight now. However, our program is designed for adults and even at the ripe old age of 16, you are still considered a pediatric patient in the world of medicine. Please don’t let that stop you from pursuing your goal of weight loss. We advise that you have a visit with your regular pediatrician. Depending on the circumstances, he or she may refer you to specialist in weight loss who works with younger people. We don’t know how much weight you have to lose but before trying any specific diet you may wish to examine lifestyle issues. Today’s young people do not get nearly as much physical activity today as the children of previous generations. More time is spent indoors, engaged in basically solitary activities, like watching TV, gaming, and using the computer. Simply spending more time outside walking or riding a bike would be a great place to start. Good luck on your weight loss journey in El Paso TX.

Imogen in Detroit MI asks: I am going to be losing weight for my sister’s upcoming wedding and am so psyched to get on this program. Can I buy HCG today or will I have to wait? If so, how long?

We have many clients who are losing weight for a specific goal such as a vacation, school reunion, or—in your case—a sister’s wedding. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get the ball rolling for you to start on the program. It takes a day or two before being approved to start the program and a day or two for us to get the program in your hands. We can’t give you a specific number of days right now, but we may be able to when you give us a call. Making the choice to start our program is exciting indeed, and we know that you want to get started as fast as possible. We will do our very best to achieve your goal of a fast start. Best wishes on your diet in Detroit MI!

Lidia in Boston MA asks: I want to buy HCG injection kit but I have been told I have a genetic problem with obesity. Does this prevent me from being successful?

Losing weight is difficult and, when being overweight runs in the family, it can be even harder to shed those pounds. Even the best doctors in Boston MA still don’t understand a lot about obesity. For example, there is still a lot of debate in the medical community about whether being overweight causes disease or whether the same processes that cause disease, also cause people to be overweight. One thing is certain, however, it is difficult to shed pounds under any circumstance. There is also no easy or clear cut answer when it comes to dieting. No matter the diet, some people will simply not be successful, so it would be unfair of us to promise you a certain result. What we can say is that we have many clients who have tried other programs with little or no success—and worse, even excess rebound weight gain—that have come to our program with little hope only to be completely surprised by how effective this diet is. What will your experience be? You will only really know if you try it out.

Janet in Fort Worth TX asks: Thanks for the info on where can I buy HCG in Fort Worth TX. What if I am not satisfied with my purchase? Can I return the program and get a refund after I buy HCG direct from your clinics?

Once you place your order with us for your diet program in Fort Worth TX, there are no returns … just the same as any prescription medication purchased from your neighborhood pharmacy is not returnable either. We bear the expense on our end for all of the overhead to make the program available to you and prescription medications—even if unopened and unused—cannot be given to another customer once they have left the pharmacy. The fact is, you will not know whether you are satisfied with your purchase until the point in time when you have completed the program—or are at least on your way to completing it. Because we are unable to accept returns, we encourage you to learn a lot about this program so you can determine in advance whether it is right for you. If necessary, give us a call and we can answer any questions you have.

Kasey in Washington DC asks: Where can I buy HCG injections if I am a diabetic?

It is possible for some diabetics, in some cases, to safely do a version of the HCG diet but this depends on the specifics of your medical history. For you, the question should not be where do I buy HCG but whether—and how—such a program can safely be accomplished with good doctor supervision. Our doctors serve clients in Washington DC and are excellent and have a great deal of experience determining not only who is an appropriate candidate for this program but also whom this program is most likely to help. They have dealt with individuals from all walks of life who suffer from different kinds of health problems. The only way to know for sure is to give us a call. We do not give out medical advice online.

Nadia in Seattle WA asks: My first choice is to buy real HCG but I am worried I will not be able to afford it. Are there less expensive alternatives that work?

Please call us for specific pricing for your location in Seattle WA before assuming that you will not be able to afford to buy HCG shot preparations. Our prices are very upfront with no hidden costs, which makes it really easy to determine what your costs are going to be and to assess whether this is in your budget. This is not the case with other programs where, for example, you have to buy all of your food through a particular company. Also keep in mind that there are significant costs to being overweight and some of them are financial. If being overweight is holding you back in your job, if you are tired and not feeling well and therefore not performing as well as you could be in your work life, there are consequences to you financially. Only you can determine if you can afford to do our program—and if you can afford not to do our program.

Tonya in Baltimore MD asks: Wondering where to buy real HCG without a prescription?

People come to us because they are searching for HCG where to buy in their area, and they think we can simply ship them out medications right away without a prescription. We cannot do this, nor do we recommend or in any way endorse or affiliate ourselves with sites that do. There are some non-prescription products still out there despite FDA warnings, but we will continue to advise our customers and potential customers to stay away from them. Our doctors know from their experiences with their patients that real, prescription HCG can facilitate weight loss. Please accept nothing less in Baltimore MD.

Scott in Nashville TN asks: Can you tell me how to buy HCG injections for a friend who I want to surprise with the gift of weight loss?

The decision to embark on a program, and when, can really only be made by individual dieters who are ready to do this program. If you want to give your friend the gift of weight loss—we like how you put that so eloquently—then necessary to have your friend contact us to find out if the program is right for him and since the doctor’s prescription will be in his name specifically. If he, along with his doctor, feels that doing the program will be in his best interest, then he can arrange to have one of our clinical associates in Nashville TN contact you for payment. We have done this in the past for others who want to give the diet program as a special gift. Thanks for your question about how can I buy best HCG injections in Nashville TN.

Dan in San Jose CA asks: Where can I buy HCG shots locally?

Our doctors serve dieters in the San Jose CA area and in other locations throughout the US. Unlike HCG buy online companies that are only interested in selling you shots, we are genuinely interested in your being successful on this program. This means that we do not drop of a box of supplies at your door and hope for the best. Our clinical advisors will make themselves available to you through the day, five days a week, throughout the course of your program and if necessary even beyond to ensure your success. People who diet alone are not nearly as successful as those who have support. We provide that essential component to all of our dieters and this makes the world of difference. Hope this solves your problem of where to buy HCG injections in San Jose CA!

Orin in Charlotte NC asks: Is it safe to buy HCG weight loss programs online?

If you are becoming knowledgeable about HCG for weight loss, then you might already know that not all diets that claim to be original Dr. Simeons diets are the same. There are many sites out there that shout: Buy HCG Online! However as you read further you realize these are not real, doctor prescribed programs but a hodge-podge variety of different kinds of gimmicks of questionable value. In terms of safety when buying online, yes, you do need to be careful. Ask: Is the program based in the US? Are the doctors licensed medical or osteopathic physicians in the US? Are the prescribed medications being sent from US pharmacies? This is a good place to start. By the way, the answer to all of those questions is yes in our case. We wish you the best of luck with your program in Charlotte NC.

Losing weight can be a challenge. It can also be one of the best experiences in life. Waking up and seeing yourself in the mirror looking good is incredibly motivating. There are many ways to lose weight and you owe it to yourself to investigate all of them. Ask questions. Challenge the authorities. Be bold in your action. When it comes time for HCG buy from us!