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Get the Best HCG Results Coast to Coast

When a hot new trend comes along, it often starts out in the world’s major cities such as New York, Milan, Paris and Los Angeles. Celebrities are quick to get on board, and this helps to popularize the new trend to regular folks, who see it on TV or read about it in popular magazines. This rule does not just apply to fashion trends, it applies to all sorts of lifestyle movements. Our unprecedented medical weight loss program with the Best HCG Results is a case in point. A few years ago, the program we now make available to absolutely everybody was truly an underground celebrity diet with only a few select individuals privy to its benefits. Today, however, people from all walks of life, throughout the US, have access to the program as a consequence of our having the best HCG on the market geared to folks who don’t live only in Hollywood CA. Being overweight has become a major health issue here in the US, and policymakers are scrambling to find solutions with little success. Teenage weight is rising and with it Type-2 diabetes. Some of the most knowledgeable doctors in the country are throwing their hands up when it comes to America’s growing waistline. Yet every day the doctors that work for us are prescribing the best HCG for weight loss programs and many of our clients are finally solving their weight problems once and for all. Yes, everyone has their own unique reasons for wanting to lose weight, but at the end of the day it all comes down to wanting to feel better and look better. Now even those dieters who have completely resigned themselves to a life of excess body fat have a new kind of option that is very unlike traditional weight loss programs. Our program uses the best HCG available. It doesn’t require you to take so-called pep pills or medications that artificially rev up your metabolism and put your nerves on edge. Our program doesn’t require you to eat special highly-processed prepackaged meals or shakes. Our program doesn’t require you to spend the remainder of your life depriving yourself of the foods you love to eat. Most importantly, our program also doesn’t last forever. Once the medical portion of our diet program ends and your excess fat is gone, it is as if your metabolism has been reset. Imagine waking up one morning to look at yourself in the mirror and find all of your excess body fat gone. These kinds of Best HCG Results can and do happen to our clients, and they can happen for you, too. You will be amazed by how, once that fat is gone, you are highly motivated to keep it off. The biggest motivation-killer, when it comes to losing weight, is the slow pace of traditional diets. When you see results, when you actually are the thin person you have been dreaming about being, this makes a world of difference in your desire to stay thin. This is why so many people who have completed our program do not gain the weight back. With our program, that uses the best HCG hormone available, we can help you get thin, which in turn gives you the motivation to stay that way.

When You Have Chosen to Make a Change, Find the Best HCG

You are looking to find the Best HCG and happily you have found your way to our doorstep. Welcome! Our weight loss doctors specialize in prescribing human chorionic gonadotropin injections in conjunction with vitamin B12 to clients from New York City to Los Angeles, and all locations in between. The best part is that we have made getting on this highly sought after, doctor approved and supervised medical weight loss program as convenient as can be. Once you answer a few questions about yourself, and are given the thumbs-up to get started, everything you need is shipped directly to your home or business. You can’t ask for an easier, or better, way to do the popular program which has been making headlines and making thousands of dieters smile about their weight loss. When you sign up for our program, you not only get the Best HCG with all of the supplies you need sent to your door. You gain access to our expert clinical advisors whenever, and wherever, you need them. These are some of the nicest and most knowledgeable people in the weight loss profession today. So when you are ready—and only you can make that decision—give us a call. Maybe that moment is right now. Or maybe you are not quite ready to put your unsteady foot on the path. That’s okay! We make a point of telling our potential dieters that this amazing program is only going to work for you if and when you are serious about losing weight. You have discovered the best HCG diet available today. We would love to tell you that finding our comprehensive weight loss program and ordering it from us are the all-important factors in achieving your desired weight loss. That all you need to do is sign up for our program, hope for the best, and wait to see miraculous results unfold. The reality is, the number one factor that will determine your success on this program is you. Are you geared up to make this all-important commitment to yourself and to your health? If you are not, then no diet program we can ever offer is going to work for you. You have hit upon the best HCG program around. The rest of it is up to you. If you are not sure whether you are ready, then please keep reading. On this page, we are going to outline what issues may be holding you back from having the motivation you need to lose weight, so can work to overcome these issues. Take as much time as you need to work through and overcome your stumbling blocks, knowing that when you are fully prepared to begin your weight loss journey, we will be here for you to help you every step of the way. One of the hardest parts is over. You have found the Best HCG. Now, if there are other factors holding you back, it’s time to assess what they are so you can move forward and realize your dream of lasting weight loss.

Our Best HCG Injections Plus Your Motivation Equals Weight Loss

In your search for the Best HCG Injections, you have come to the right place. We can certainly provide you with this safe, doctor prescribed medication to facilitate your diet. We can also give you the support you need to successfully complete our unparalleled regimen. However, have you fully assessed the factors that may be stopping you from embarking on, and sticking with, a weight loss program? There are lots of things that can get in the way of your dream of slimming down. Unless you address these issues, and move on, they are going to continue to hold you back. For starters, let’s talk about your mental state. Apart from the problems that being overweight are causing you, are you otherwise happy with your life? People often eat for emotional reasons. Perhaps you are lonely and food has become a best friend. Perhaps you are anxious and the sensation of being full, or stuffed, lessens these feelings. Perhaps you are using food as a reward for accomplishing difficult tasks in your life. We can offer you the best HCG diet plan, but if you are eating because of an underlying emotional issue, then you have not addressed the cause of your being overweight. Sometimes it helps to put things down on paper. You might try making a list of your eating triggers in order to gain insight into why you are overeating. Then take action. For example, if you are eating because you are lonely, take steps to meet new people in your area by getting involved locally. Depending on where you live, there are often plenty of opportunities to connect with others. Volunteering, church groups, and becoming involved with the planning of community events are all possibilities. When you are truly ready to take advantage of the Best HCG Injections, we will be here for you. If you are eating because you are anxious, then work on finding other ways to calm your spirit. Eliminate all caffeine from your diet. This works wonders on anxiety. Begin your day with ten minutes of meditation. It also helps to pinpoint the cause of your anxiety. Pull out a sheet of paper and quickly jot down the top ten things in your life that are making you nervous. Often there is a pressing matter that has to be attended to that you are deliberately avoiding. What is it? Maybe it is a situation with the IRS that you have been ignoring, overdue bills, or a problematic relationship in your life that you have not yet resolved. Now stand up to your anxious feelings and take action. Your problems are not going to go away by sticking your head in the sand in like an ostrich. They are only going to get worse. Just think how good you are going to feel when you finally take care of those things that you have hanging over your head. If you are using food as a reward, find other ways to treat yourself.  Of course, not all psychological factors impacting your weight can be handled on your own. If you are unable to overcome your loneliness, anxiety and/or depression, then please seek out the help of an experienced, caring psychologist or psychiatrist. Sometimes just talking with somebody who knows how to listen can do wonders. When it’s your time for weight loss, you know the best place to buy HCG is with us, people who not only understand dieting, but we also understand dieters.

The Secrets to the Best HCG Weight Loss

Since you are here, reading this page, the chances are good that someone you know has recommended our program to you. Many of our new clients come to us by word of mouth. This is the reason why we work so hard to keep our dieters happy. Or, maybe you stumbled on our Best HCG Weight Loss centers while doing research online. No matter how you got here, we are glad you arrived! Lots of people ask us what are the secrets to great weight loss with human chorionic gonadotropin injections. We are quick to point out that this is not a magic potion for losing weight, or any kind of miracle medication, although some people hold this view. We are more than happy to share our experience with what factors make this diet work—and what don’t. We are proud to say we feel we offer the best HCG weight loss diet available today. However, it isn’t going to work if you are not ready to make a change. Losing weight on any program is challenging because it means you will have to fundamentally alter your daily habits and routines. If you want to keep the weight off, it requires sticking to those routines even when it is difficult to do so. The reason so many dieters embrace our program is because we make losing weight easy. We combine the best HCG shots with the added bonus of Vitamin B12 injections and our vitamin complex, which keep you from feeling very hungry on the very low calorie diet. We also provide you with all of the information you need to prepare the simple meals that are required. Weight comes off easily and with surprisingly little effort on your part. Most people are extremely satisfied with their results but some people, despite the relative ease of the program, are so tied to their old routines that they cannot follow the program as directed. Other people think they know the program better than we do and come up with their own way of doing it. This rebellious spirit may carry you far in other areas of your life, but we are known for providing the Best HCG weight loss for a reason. We know how to do this program. It’s your job to follow the directions. As you see yourself losing weight very rapidly, you will get a powerful explosion of motivation that will carry you through. Here is another secret to success on this program: it’s great to have a support system. This is where our clinical advisors come in. If you get hung up anywhere along the way, you can always give us a phone call, and we are available to help. Some people think the best place to order HCG is any web site that offers it at bargain basement prices. Our prices are highly competitive and you are not only buying a product, you are also buying our experience. Not to mention that when you go with our program, you know you are getting medical grade medications from FDA regulated pharmaceutical laboratories and that your diet program is under the supervision of a U.S. licensed physician. Why risk your health to anything less?

We Should be Asking: What is the Best HCG Diet?

For ordinary people like you, the question is practical: Where can I order best HCG injections in Long Beach CA—or in Detroit MI? However, it is important to understand how we got to this point. The problem of being overweight in America continues to defy the understanding of most doctors. We hear on the news that children and teenagers are increasingly overweight and that illnesses related to being overweight are ever increasing. Yet despite this obviously growing problem, the advice and approach taken by many professionals in the medical establishment has not changed. They tell us to simply eat a more balanced diet from the four major food groups—also known as the SAD diet (Standard American Diet)—and to get more exercise. Nice advice, but is it working? We need look no further than our mirrors to discover that it is not working and that a change is sorely needed. Maybe we need to shift the focus away from why Americans are so overweight and to more practical solutions. Maybe we need to start asking, What Is the Best HCG and what kind of tips and tricks can maximize weight loss on this program. This is not to say that the causes of being overweight are not important. Of course they are. Understanding how you became overweight is essential to keeping that weight off once your course of injections ends and you begin to add foods back into your diet. What we have found is that most people have gotten themselves into a habit of unhealthy eating. Much of the foods available today are heavily processed. This means that they don’t come straight from the earth but instead go through all manner of human tinkering before they get to our dinner plates. Food sellers like heavily processed foods because they do not spoil. They also like them because, with all of their processing and chemical additives, the manufacturers can get cheap foods to taste good. This means more profit for them. It also means that more people are starting to ask, how to get the best results from HCG. We are not trying to be cute or funny. The fact is that poor eating habits have led you to our doorstep. The good news is that right here, right now, you have the tools in front of you to break those unhealthy eating habits once and for all. When you embark on our program, you will be cutting out all of those heavily processed, chemically laden addictive foods that you have been tricked into eating by a food industry that does not care at all about you. It only cares about how much profit it is making off of you! As we introduce you to the best HCG recipes phase two, you will discover what healthy eating is all about. During this phase of the program, you are eating a 700-calorie per day diet. This is a very low calorie diet that you will be on for a short period of time during the fat burning phase of the program. Remember, you are not going to be eating like this for the rest of your life. However, the fundamentals of the way you are eating during this 700 calorie phase are going to last you forever. What is on the menu? On the menu are all of those things that you should be eating everyday. On the menu are all of those healthy, wholesome and nutritious things that you should have been eating all along. You can feel confident that our doctors have put considerable thought not only into What Is the Best HCG diet program but also the cause of your being overweight and into helping you find a solution. Please keep reading to find out exactly what eating right is, and how easy it is to break your bad eating habits with the program we offer.

Our Best Quality HCG Injections Put You on the Right Track

You may be wondering, How Can I Buy Best HCG Injections in Nashville TN, and of course we are going to help you do that. However, purchasing what you need for a great diet program is only part of the solution. It is vitally important to realize how processed foods, created for the convenience and profits of their manufacturers, are destroying your health. Did you know that if you leave a stick on margarine on a windowsill for several days, it is going to look pretty much the same way as it did on the day you left it? Unlike butter, which decays when left out in the open, margarine is resistant to spoilage. This might sound great, but the fact is, when a food does not decay, this means that no living thing is willing to eat it. Bacteria and even molds will not touch it. Makes you wonder, if other animals, even insects and mold, refuse to eat foods with preservatives, is eating these foods good for us? Do these animals know something that we do not? People across the US are asking, what are the best HCG injections, but the first question they should be asking is why have we all been tricked into eating foods that other living creatures refuse to touch. When you embark on our medically directed weight loss program you are going to cut out most processed and preserved foods in favor of more natural edibles. Fresh vegetables and low fat proteins are the core of our program. You are right to make sure you get the Best Quality HCG Injections, but please do not over look this other important aspect of our program, which is making sure you know how important it is to put the best quality foods into your body. If you think that eating right is going to be difficult once you have completed our program, you are in for a wonderful surprise. Let’s think back to that pristine stick of margarine sitting on the windowsill. Why is it that no living creature will touch it? The answer is that all living things have an instinct for eating those things that are healthful and avoiding those things that are harmful. You have this instinct as well. Deep down, your body knows what foods are best for it. Down deep, your body craves these highly nutritious foods. Unfortunately, food makers have tricked your body into craving the wrong things. Using artificial colors, artificial flavors, salts, sugars and a host of preservatives, food manufacturers have convinced our bodies that what we are eating is good for us. Here is the good news—those days are over! Using the Best Quality HCG Injections, we are going to enable you to break the unhealthy eating habits you have acquired over many years and reset not only your metabolism but also your taste buds. When you complete our program, you are going to enjoy eating in a way that you never have before because foods that are good for your are 100% delicious. Does resetting your taste buds along with your metabolism sound like a recipe for a successful diet program? Then let’s get started right away! Continue reading to learn why so many of our clients do not gain the weight back months or even years after the injection phase.

When Does HCG Work Best? Years After Our Program Has Ended!

Maybe you are here because you want to know how to get the best HCG in Beverly Hills. You are in the right place, and you can be sure that we are going to hook you up with absolute best program of its kind in the country, no matter where you reside. However, we also want you to realize that this program is not just about finding a place to buy HCG today, it is about a lifelong change in your way of eating—a lifelong change that starts here and now with the intellectual understanding of how your unhealthy eating has become a habit that actually craves being broken. If, like most of us, you have been on other diets, then you know the biggest problem is when you stop following the program. First you cheat a little on the program, promising yourself that you will deprive yourself even more tomorrow. Then, you cheat a little more. Before you know it, your diet is totally blown. Here is the thing that makes our program so unusual and terrific, and it all comes down to When Does HCG Work Best. While you are doing the injections, you are burning up all of the excess fat that has been making you feel unattractive—inside and out. When this part of the program is complete, you are starting fresh with a new body that is looking and feeling like it should be. When you complete our program, you will have a normal fat distribution in your body. At this point, you begin eating a normal diet. A normal diet differs for each person depending on several factors that might include age, height and level of exercise. These factors help determine how many calories you need to maintain your weight loss. Which is the best HCG to buy is important, and we are glad you have found us. Our doctors will make sure you get a high-quality, medical grade product for your program. Equally important, however, is that once the injections end, you will no longer be eating the way you have in the past. This means you will no longer be eating sugary foods, lots of carbs, processed foods, foods with artificial chemical additives, or a lot of foods that have been artificially preserved. These are exactly those foods you have stopped eating during the injections phase of the program, which you no longer crave. The amazing thing about eating right is that your body has an unconscious knowledge and awareness about what is good for it, and by eating right you actually begin to crave those foods that are good for you and shun those that are harmful. The desire to eat the right foods, once the injection part of the program is over, is exactly why many of our clients do not have the bounce-back or rebound weight gain that is so common with other diet programs. When people ask us, When Does HCG Work Best, we like to say months or years after you stop taking it!

How to Get the Best HCG Wherever You Call Home: Call Us First

Each city and town across America has its own unique character, and we have come know many individuals throughout the US who are united by their desire to try something a little different—a little unconventional—when it comes to getting their weight under control. One reason why our clients love us is because we not only understand the ins and outs of this program; we also understand where you are in US and how that impacts your weight and diet program. Our clients come to us from across the US searching for how to get best HCG in Orange County, whether we are talking about Orange County Florida, California or New York! Why is where you come from important to your diet program? Lot’s of reasons! First of all, different places have different social expectations when it comes to weight. For example, for the past several years Mississippi has held the dubious distinction of being the fattest state in the US. If you live here, the chances are good that not only you, but also your neighbors, are walking around with a few too many pounds. Living in an area where many people are overweight can be a real negative. You are less likely to find healthy food choices when you go to the marketplace, fast foods are on just about every street corner, and there is not a great deal of social pressure to slim down. Now let’s look at the reverse situation. Say that you come to us because you are searching for where to get best HCG injections in Portland OR. This part of the country is a model for healthy living. There are health food stores galore in Portland, and people here are very focused on taking care of themselves and the planet. So what if you are overweight in Portland? It’s very possible that you might feel isolated as you see others fully engaged in a healthy lifestyle. If you feel this way, why not turn this concept on its heels and make it work for you rather than against? Let seeing others in their yoga gear and shopping in the health food stores serve as a model and an incentive. Let’s not discount the major role that climate plays when it comes to weight as well. Let’s take two extremes as an example: Mesa AZ and Milwaukee WI. If you are asking, where can I find HCG injections prescribed by a doctor in Mesa AZ, then you are living in a place where temperatures often exceed 100 degrees. Unless you are a glutton for punishment, this pretty much excludes an exercise program that involves a mid-morning walk in the heat of the day. At the same time, you do have prime weather for much of the year, which can help get you moving. Take advantage of where you live, and also realize how where you live can create real stumbling blocks to reaching your goal weight. Let’s look at another whether extreme. If you are looking for where to find best HCG injections in Milwaukee WI, then you have to deal with ice and snow for the long winter months. Our program, which does not depend on exercise, is great for those living in areas where extreme whether, hot or cold, makes outdoor exercise a chore or even dangerous. Our point here is simple. There is no good or bad place to live when you have weight to lose, but where you live—the world around you that you are exposed to on a daily basis—does play role in your weight loss. We understand this basic principle, so whether you are looking for where to get best HCG weight loss injections in Dallas TX or in any other place throughout the continental US, Hawaii, and Alaska we will meet you where you live with an unparalleled understand of how place impacts weight.

Beyond Best HCG: Understanding How Where You Eat Shapes How You Eat

We just shared a little info and a few ideas about how the climate of where you live can impact your lifestyle in ways that directly translate into your ability to lose weight. However, there are social and cultural factors that are just as important as climate when it comes to losing weight where you live. Understanding these factors can be the difference between weight loss success or weight loss failure. Say, for example, that you are searching for how to get best HCG injections in El Paso TX. Of course, we can make sure your complete HCG weight loss kit gets delivered to your doorstep. Have you thought, though, about the foods that you are being surrounded with every day? El Paso TX is known for its great Mexican food and eateries of this sort abound. This is not fantastic news for dieters, however, because Mexican food is loaded with calories. Just doing the HCG diet is not enough. You are going to have to lay off the traditional Mexican, opting for healthier alternatives. Easier said than done, especially if you grew up on these favorite dishes, which are often quite economical as well. If you are looking for how to buy best HCG injections in Memphis TN then you have another kind of food to deal with and equally dangerous in terms of calories: barbecue! Does this mean that when you go on our program you are never going to be able to eat your favorite foods again? Absolutely not. One of the stellar things about our program is that once your series of injections end, you get to eat normally. This doesn’t mean going back to your old unhealthy ways of eating, but it does mean you can enjoy many of the same foods you once did in moderation. We believe life is way too short to stop enjoying the foods we love, and with this awesome program you don’t have to. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for how to order best HCG injections in Baltimore MD, where you can enjoy savory seafood dishes, or Memphis TN with its great Southern foods or El Paso TX with its comforting traditional Mexican fare. We are going to give you a program that suits your lifestyle and your tastes.

Some of Our Best HCG Reviews from Satisfied Clients

Jordan from College Park MD says:

First off, I would like to thank you for offering the best HCG website. You have so much great information here and I send anyone who asks me about this program right here. I am a professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, and I am big on research. I teach my first year students how important it is to explore every avenue before diving in to something if you want to get the most out of life. One day, after class, one of my students came up to me and asked if I had ever explored the best way to lose weight. She was a freshman at the time and overweight. I know she felt confident in confiding in me because I was overweight myself. I had to be honest with her. Although I had tried a lot of diets throughout my life, I never really did sit down and research the best way to lose weight. I told her to catch up with me after next week’s class and I would have some answers. At that point, I started exploring different weight loss options and came across this program. I discovered that the best HCG product was doctor-supervised injections and ultimately settled on your company because of your experience with this program and how convenient it is. The following week I reported back to my student on the research I had done and encouraged her to look into the program for herself. She was so impressed that she started on the program right away and the results were incredible. By the time the semester ended, she looked amazing. I knew that I was definitely going to follow her path but I wasn’t ready to do the program right then. Although I was convinced that I had found the best HCG company in the US, I was working on a big research project and feeling too bogged down to start something at that point. Over the summer I did do your program and I am so pleased. When college resumed in the Fall, the student I was telling you about was in one of my upper level classes and as soon as she saw me she knew. We gave each other both a big hug and didn’t have to say anything more.

Barbie from Dix Hills, New York says:

I heard about your program during a luncheon with the mom’s club at my daughter’s high school here in Dix Hills NY. I noticed one of the mom’s looked fantastic and I complimented her on looking great. I thought she might have had a little work done, to be honest. She was quick to tell me that had lost a lot of weight and named your program specifically. She even reached into her purse and wrote down your web address. She was that enthusiastic! I already knew a few people in the neighborhood who were on some kind of HCG program but the thought of giving myself a shot did not appeal to me. She assured me that the best way to lose weight on HCG was with the shots, and that they were not painful. I developed belly fat in my mid-30s and found it to be embarrassing. I tried a few diets but none worked well. Even though I lost weight in other areas, the belly fat remained. A few days later I bumped into another friend that I hadn’t seen in several months. She had dropped a lot of weight. I asked her how she did it, almost knowing what she was going to say. Sure enough, she was also doing the program. I asked her about the best place to buy HCG injections because I was becoming convinced by what I was seeing. She gave me the name of another site. When I got home I checked out both sites and your prices were significantly lower. I would also like to add that your customer support was great. I lost twenty pounds and the belly fat is completely gone. I have a new wardrobe, one that shows off, instead of hides, my midsection. This has done wonders for my self-image. With appreciation, Barbie.

Craig from Lubbock TX says:

I got engaged in July and feel like a million bucks. I snagged the girl of my dreams. She loves me for me, and the fact that all through the time we were dating I was overweight didn’t bother her. Her family isn’t from Lubbock TX or even close. She is from the West Coast and I didn’t get a chance to meet her family until after we got engaged. When she was like, time to meet the family, I started thinking I wanted to finally lose this weight so I could do her proud. I heard about using HCG to lose weight from this gal at work, who said it was supposed to be as good for guys. I asked her which HCG diet is the best and she said the one with injections plus B-12, and that other kinds of diets using stuff you take by mouth do not work. There is a diet clinic I always drive by on my route home that advertises medical weight loss, so I stopped in there. They wanted $1500 for an injections program. I already dropped that amount on my girl’s diamond, so I was like, see ya! Even though I really wanted to do this diet, I didn’t think it was going to happen because I was only prepared to spend a few hundred dollars, not a few thousand dollars. When I got home I started looking to see if I could find the best HCG diet that I could afford and, after a lot of phone calls and shopping around, I discovered your site. It just took me a few minutes to fill out the info form and one of your people called me back straight away. A few days later and I was really doing it. In a month, I had lost a whopping 30 pounds. When we flew out to Cali to see her folks and meet her little sister for the first time I was on top of the world without a care in the world. Before the wedding I decided to lose even more weight and did the program a second time. I lost a total of 90 lbs. with your program. So far I have sent literally dozens of people to your site, because I think it is the best place to get HCG without a doubt. Just like you said I lost the weight, it wasn’t that difficult to stick to the program, and I have not gained it back.

Delores from Annapolis MD says:

The question of which is the best HCG to use is really important. I first tried this kind of diet because my neighbor who is a personal trainer was selling the HCG drops from her house. She said it worked great and she looks fantastic so I figured what was the harm. I gave it a shot and tried the 500 calorie per day diet. I was ravenous and felt weak and shaky. There was no way I could stick to the program. After a few days I was eating 800 calories, then a thousand, and then I totally pigged out and forgot about the whole thing. I got so frustrated I threw the HCG drops in the garbage and pretty much gave up hope of losing weight. Several months later, I had a reunion with my friends from my old high school in Annapolis MD. Nothing major, just a bunch of friends getting together at a bar after a long time of not seeing each other. Two of my girlfriends had lost a lot of weight and I asked them how the heck they had done it. Both said the HCG diet and I was like, I tried that and it did not work for me. What’s up with that? They said the best HCG is only the daily injections and that the other kinds just do not do the trick. I asked them both where they went to get the product and they said online. I did not even know there were online programs available for this. I assumed that you had to physically walk into a clinic every day for several weeks and pay the big bucks. I felt a little foolish for thinking the drops my neighbor sold me were the real deal, but live and learn, right? The girls who had lost all that weight both said they used your weight loss clinics and that was good enough for me. I called the next day and was pleasantly surprised that for a few bottles of what my neighbor had given me I could have a real, doctor prescribed program with the best quality HCG. The program was really easy to follow and, unlike the first time, I was hardly hungry during the whole 500 calorie per day diet. It was so exciting to wake up every morning, hop on the scale, and see that another pound had vanished. I did my last shot about three months ago and have not gained one pound back. This has made a lasting difference in my life and I recommend the program to anyone—and everyone—who asks me how I accomplished my weight loss.

Mark from Aspen CO says:

I own a gym in Aspen CO and also train. A few years ago, when my clients first started asking me about this program for weight loss, or where to buy the best HCG injections, I always tried to talk them out of it. I told them what I had always heard in my life, about exercise and eating and not taking short cuts. Of course, my clients do not always take my advice, so a few of them got on the program anyway. What I saw really changed my mind. I saw people losing a lot of fat really quickly in all the right places, getting motivated by their success, and then being able to really go to town with me at the gym. This program probably is not right for everyone because you do have to be ready to make a change, but for somebody who is looking to jumpstart a fitness regimen, I have come to the conclusion that it is a great method. Now when I get a new client who has a lot of excess, abnormal fat deposits, the first conversation we have is about jumpstarting their fitness with HCG injections. I tell them the best HCG weight loss I have found is through your company. My clients can spend a lot of time, many months in fact, working out at the gym to try to lose fat, but if they have a lot of fat to lose it is going to be very slow going, and it is hard to stay motivated. I would rather have them come to me after having done your program because then our sessions are much more effective. We can focus on core training and building muscle. I haven’t done your program myself because I am in excellent shape, but I am glad to recommend your program on behalf of the dozens of clients I have who have found it to be so helpful.

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]

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Ariel in Boston MA asks: Wondering how to get the best results from HCG. What is your advice?

Thank you so much for your question from Boston MA. This is a short question, but it opens the door to talk about so much. Please consider giving one of our clinical advisors a call so they can go over this with you in person, taking into consideration the specific details of your situation. We hope this doesn’t sound too presumptuous, but we feel the best HCG weight loss programs are the ones that we offer, using tiny daily Vitamin B12 plus HCG shots. Getting the best results is a matter of closely adhering to our program without improvising. Some of our clients feel they can improve on our program by modifying it in various ways. We have been doing this a long time, so we have the system down pat and know what works and what doesn’t. It isn’t just about how to purchase best HCG injections in Boston MA. At the same time, we are always looking for input, and we listen to our clients. Especially if you have never done this program before, we strongly suggest that to get the best results, you simply follow our directions as carefully as you can.

Keith in New York NY asks: Is there a best HCG for men, specifically?

Hello, Keith. Women produce increasing amounts of the hormone HCG during pregnancy and it has been theorized that this hormone actually tells the woman’s body to release stored fat in the unfortunate situation of a woman not consuming enough calories during pregnancy. Such a situation could take place, of course, where food is scarce. The person who discovered this method of weight loss, a doctor by the name of ATW Simeons, felt that the body’s metabolism could be instructed to burn stored fat through the introduction of HCG via injections, even if a person was not pregnant and even if the person was not a woman! If you are looking for how to order best HCG Diet in New York NY, your gender is pretty much irrelevant. Some people think that HCG for weight loss works differently in men who desire to lose weight than it does in women because of the hormone’s origins in pregnancy, or its fat burning properties during pregnancy, but this is mistaken. When the hormone is being used for weight loss, the WAY it works is exactly the same in males and females. Men tend to lose a bit more weight during the series of injections than women do, but this has nothing to do with the kind of hormone being given. This is simply due to the fact that men have a somewhat easier time of losing weight than their female counterparts. So the answer to your question is, no. There is no best HCG to purchase if you are a man vs. a woman.

Casey in Washington DC asks: Which is the best HCG to order without a prescription?

There are a number of products that are being sold in retail stores and online and are marketed as over the counter HCG products that do not require a prescription, however, it is important to note that the FDA has ordered these to be removed from the shelves. We are sure you will find such products throughout the Washington DC area. Nevertheless, we cannot offer any advice about what’s best HCG when it comes to these products because they are really outside of the realm of what we deal with here. Our doctors are prescribing prescription HCG as part of a complete medical weight loss program based on the original diet first put forth in the book Pounds & Inches. Of course, our doctors have made a few important changes in the fifty years since this important book was published. The important take home message here is that we do not offer or recommend any products containing HCG that are over the counter or OTC products. What we want to know is why are you interested in these products? Perhaps you think they are cheaper—and you could be right. However, in life we often get what we pay for, so please be careful when selecting any diet program of this nature. We hope you will reach out to us again when your question is how can I get best HCG injections in Washington DC because we will tell you right here!

Sara in Chicago IL asks: What are the best HCG injections to buy on a really limited budget?

Sara, please give us a call directly so that one of our clinical advisors can go over the specifics of the program with you, as well as the price for everything. We work with dieters like you everyday from Chicago IL who are on limited budgets. Let’s face it, with the economy in its current state, there are very few of us who can afford to make purchases without considering the cost. A medically supervised program using pharmacy grade, prescription HCG is not cheap. With this in mind, we do everything we can to make this program as affordable as possible, so regular people can reap the benefits. This is our business model in fact. We want to get this program into the hands of as many people as possible, and we do this by keeping our prices ultra-competitive. However, to answer your question of what are best HCG injections for a limited budget, there is no one cheap product that is the best. We are talking about a product where the pricing is quite fixed. By choosing a company like ours that sells a lot of HCG and has streamlined our operations, you are able to get a better price for a complete program than you are likely to find elsewhere.

Donna in San Antonio TX asks: What is the best way use HCG if you have more than 200 pounds to lose?

The principles of HCG weight loss are the same whether you have 20 pounds to lose or 200. However, for clients who have a lot of weight to lose, you are going to need to do several rounds of injections. After each round, there is a four to six-week stabilization phase. This gives your body time to adjust. Your question is not just how can I purchase best HCG program in San Antonio TX, you want to know how to be successful using HCG in the case of being significantly overweight, and we are glad you are reaching out to us for help! When you have this much weight to lose, it is not simply a matter of poor eating habits but there are surely emotional factors at work. If you are going to be successful with our program, it is very important for you to address any emotional or psychological issues that you have at the same time you are doing our program. We strongly recommend seeking out the help of a therapist who can help you overcome any underlying anxiety, depression or other mood disorders. Now is also the time to break other negative habits in your life. For example, you may be a smoker or have problems letting objects go from your household (hoarding). Addressing these issues, while also losing weight, is the best way to ensure your success with our program.

Jennifer in Charlotte NC asks: What are the different kinds of human chorionic gonadotropin hormones and what is the best HCG hormone for weight loss?

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG for short, is a hormone that is produced by the human body under certain conditions. It is also available as a prescription medication that is often prescribed by doctors for a number of reasons and weight loss is one of them. The HCG that is given by doctors for weight loss is made in FDA regulated laboratories. There are not really different kinds of HCG, but there are different delivery systems, or ways of getting HCG into the body. The delivery system that works best for weight loss is a small, once daily injection into the layer of fat between the skin and the muscle. This is because HCG is a delicate compound and is quickly broken down in the digestive tract. To be truly effective, this medicine needs to enter the bloodstream directly. In answering your question, where can I purchase best HCG in Charlotte NC, the thing to remember is that any product you obtain should be with a doctor’s prescription as part of a comprehensive weight loss regimen. After evaluating your medical background, one of our doctors will determine which HCG product and dosage is best for you. With our clinic, you do not have to worry about finding the best HCG hormone for weight loss on your own.

William in San Jose CA asks: You have the best HCG site. Are you doctors just as good?

Thanks for taking the time to read through our site and for noticing how much great material we have on it. We are always adding new pages of interest to our readers. One of the great things about purchasing your HCG through us is that you can rest assured you are getting a trustworthy product from licensed physicians who have gotten individuals across the US on this program quickly, easily and safely. While it is true that you may be able to find a walk-in store or clinic, or an online company, that will sell you some sort of mystery HCG product without a prescription, but there are serious risks to doing this. What are you really getting? Is the product pure? How about the supplies? Our doctors take the risk and guesswork out of this diet program, and our clinical advisors serve as your go-to people for all those little questions and concerns that crop up along the way. When it comes to where to buy best HCG in San Jose CA, we think we have the best local doctors around. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to give us a call and let us know what you think!

Leonette in Denver CO asks: I travel between Denver and Colorado Springs. Where Can I Find HCG Diet Clinics in Colorado Springs CO or in Denver CO who use an all natural approach?

We are not surprised by your question coming from Denver CO because your town is known for its residents’ healthy lifestyles. However, we are not sure what you mean when you say an all natural approach. These are buzzwords that get thrown around a lot these days. What does all natural mean to you? A lot of people feel HCG injections are a more natural approach to weight loss than some other measures, such as diet pills that speed up your metabolism or stomach surgeries. HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body, especially by women who happen to be pregnant. Because this is a naturally occurring human hormone, some feel it is a more natural approach to weight loss. Once the injection regimen ends, you will be eating a healthy diet that can be as natural as you want it to be. We encourage eating organic products, and tell our clients to steer clear of anything artificial or heavily processed. To answer your question, how can I order best HCG injections in Denver CO that are all natural, however, you will have to give us a call so we can find out just what you are aiming for.

Nicolette in Salt Lake City UT asks: Looking for a book or some sort of best HCG guide, do you sell this?

Hello Nicolette in Salt Lake City UT! One of the great things about our clinics is that we have a comprehensive web site full of great information about all aspects of dieting with the HCG program. Have you clicked through all of our links and fully explored our pages? If not, please do because the chances are good that if you have a question about this diet that somewhere on these pages we have an answer. Many of our clients tell us we have the very best HCG buy online guide right here—and the best part is that exploring our pages does not cost a dime! As a counterpart to these online materials, we also have wonderful clinical advisors who are very experienced with all aspects of this program. They will be happy to speak to you to answer questions about the diet. They will do this for you even if you are not—yet—one of our clients. The Internet is full of information about weight loss with HCG, and quite often its easier to pick up the phone and just speak to somebody who knows the ins and outs of the original program. We say our live clinical advisors are the best HCG guide around!

Monica in Miami FL asks: Wondering where to find HCG weight loss doctors in Miami FL who are used to dealing with models and professional actors?

It may not be polite to sing our own praises, but since you are asking us, we are going to tell you we think we have the best HCG US clinics—bar none. If you are a model and actor, or aspire to be in these fields, then you know that looking your best is not just about how you feel. Your very livelihood depends on how you look. Many in the world of show business have embraced this weight loss program, and we have had our share of clients in this field. People come to us searching for how to find best HCG clinics in Hollywood so you can be sure that we have had our share of actors and models if not actual celebrities. Of course, the basics of this program are the same regardless of why you are looking to lose weight, or who you are. Being an actor or model doesn’t mean you get a fundamentally different regimen than we give to all of our clients. We give the star treatment to everybody. However, we can work with you to time your diet so it works well for an upcoming shoot. We can also help you with tips and tricks for doing this diet abroad, as in the case of an overseas, on location, gig.

Sue in Cleveland OH asks: Where can I find HCG weight loss center in Cleveland OH who takes Medicaid?

Being overweight is being recognized as a major health problem in US, but ask a lot of doctors out there, and they will just give you the same old lines about exercising more and eating right. We wish the medical community, especially the medical community that serves those in need, would embrace this program as the great way to lose weight that it really is. Did you know that a low socioeconomic status is linked to being overweight? It is just this group for whom the best HCG use is the most important. Imagine how many health care dollars could be saved if we could significantly reduce America’s weight problem! Unfortunately, however, many insurance companies do not cover HCG for weight loss, so individuals are left having to shoulder the costs themselves. Even if you do need to pay out of pocket for HCG, you may find this is an investment in your health that is worth making. Of course, during the program you will be eating significantly less than you are right now, and that means a savings in terms of food purchasing costs. Once you get a taste for making the right kind of choices when it comes to food, this can also be a springboard for other positive changes in lifestyle, such as stopping smoking. We don’t know if you smoke—and we certainly hope that you don’t—but if you do, imagine how much money you will save by kicking that cigarette habit, which is so much easier to do when you shift your mindset to the kind of healthy lifestyle that HCG offers.

Erica in Tampa FL asks: What is the best HCG injections or drops?

For a while, homeopathic HCG drops were being sold to the public, and our doctors were very skeptical of them to say the least. So much so that we never sold them or recommended them to any of our potential clients. The idea behind homeopathy is that the less you give of a medication, the more powerful it is, and most doctors say the whole idea of this protocol is hocus pocus. Does this make any logical sense to you? Putting the debate about homeopathy aside for now, the FDA made it illegal to sell homeopathic HCG drops and, as a consequence, most of it has been pulled from the shelves. If you can still find some, please avoid it because these products might not be safe. Other kinds of non-homeopathic drops may not be illegal, but there are real questions as to whether they are effective. The reason is that HCG taken orally is broken down by the harsh atmosphere of the digestive system before it gets into the bloodstream, rendering it virtually useless for weight loss purposes. If you want to know what is best HCG for weight loss, our answer is doctor ordered injection products.

Terri in Kansas City MO asks: How do I get best HCG results the second time I am doing the program?

Sometimes people want to do more than one round of HCG. Often they have been very successful during their first round, losing a pound or more per day, and have more weight they want to lose. In this case, a stabilization phase lasting for four to six weeks is often advised between rounds. Sometimes, however, people do not get the results they were hoping for the first time because they were misinformed about how to eat on the program or because they were not mentally ready to do the program, and their results were sabotaged by consciously eating incorrectly on the program—otherwise known as cheating. We need to know a little more about your situation before we can advise on what is best HCG practices for the second time around. Did you have poor results the first time with a program? If so, we need to know about the program and what went wrong. We will be happy to do an analysis for you if you need help figuring out the problem or problems that you had. Did you have great results are interested in going further? We can help you along these lines as well, with some extra tips and tricks to really maximize your weight loss. We are here to help for your complete diet needs, not simply answer the question of where can I purchase best HCG injections in Kansas City MO.

Rebecca in Louisville KY asks: When is the very best time to start HCG diet for women?

Timing the start of your diet program is important regardless of your gender. A poorly timed start can mean a complete failure of the program. Here’s why. When you begin your program you have to be ready to fully commit to the 700 calorie per day eating program. Any deviation from the calorie count, or any deviation from the foods allowed on the list, will usually have the consequence of decreasing the overall amount of fat you will burn on the program. What does being ready mean? It means more than just contacting us after researching how can I purchase best HCG injections in Louisville KY. It means being fully committed to following the specific directions we give you with no deviation. Sometimes people get so excited that when their diet arrives they begin ASAP. They might not consider an important business dinner planned for the following week, or a wedding they will be attending where they really want to be able to enjoy the food. They might not factor in travel out of the country, which makes compliance with the program more difficult—but not impossible! For women, specifically, it’s best to start the program right after your period. Some doctors advise stopping injections during your menstrual flow. You will get complete instructions when you are approved to start the program.

Horace in Fort Lauderdale FL asks: What is the best HCG to get based on the different kinds that are available on the market?

If you do an Internet search of HCG, you are going to find thousands of web sites and nearly as many products being offered to anyone and everyone who will buy them. How come there are so many different products and web sites out there? The truly awe inspiring power of HCG for weight loss means there are lots of companies trying to capitalize on the name and success of real programs—programs like ours. There used to be an old saying: Don’t believe everything you read in the papers. Papers are being read less and less these days, so the more appropriate saying now is, don’t believe everything you read online! If you want to know how to get best results from HCG diet programs here is our answer: use real, doctor prescribed injections. There are lots of different products that call themselves HCG for weight loss. Do you know which work and which do not? There is no need to guess, hope, and potentially waste your time and money and untested products. Our doctors along with our experienced clinical advisors make it simple and easy as they will advise you 100% on what is best HCG injection protocol for your diet program.

Janice in Oakland CA asks: How do you get prescription for HCG injections in Oakland CA when you have no medical insurance?

Hello, Janice! We are glad that you are interested in our program, and we will be happy to do our best to answer your question. Most health insurance plans, at the present time, do not cover HCG for weight loss. We think this is a bad policy and would like to see it changed so that people who have insurance can get their HCG with little if any out of pocket expenses. Until this happens, however, people who have insurance, as well as people like you who do not have health insurance, will need to consider whether this treatment fits into their budget. Please be realistic! How to get the best HCG for injections is something we can help you with, but whether you can afford it is another matter. We do not want anyone to embark on this program if it means you will not have money for your important monthly expenses. Nobody should go into debt over a diet plan, even a great one like ours! The good news is that our program is affordable for most people. A final thought about not having health insurance—please investigate all options and do your best to get on some sort of a plan. If cost is an issue, perhaps there is a state or federally subsidized program that can get you covered. You are taking the important step of investigating best HCG for your health. Having insurance is also an important component of living a healthy lifestyle.

Jack in Minneapolis MN asks: Where can I buy HCG injections prescribed by a doctor in Minneapolis MN if I have preexisting condition of heart disease?

You might not be aware of this, but heart disease is strongly linked to being overweight. We don’t know your health situation, and are not offering you specific health advice, but by losing weight now, many overweight people with heart disease can actually reverse it. According to the American Heart Association, being overweight contributes to heart disease by raising blood pressure. It can even induce diabetes, a condition that makes many other risk factors for heart disease worse. Fortunately, with our program many dieters have returned to a normal weight and have gone on to lead healthier lifestyles. We have doctors that serve clients in Minneapolis MN, so just give us a call or fill out the online medical history form, and we will be in touch with you. Our doctor will carefully review your medical history and determine whether you can safely start the program. If so, we will arrange to get you started on the program right away. When you join our program, our clinical associates will be happy to share some of our best HCG recipes phase 1 and beyond. With knowledge of eating right, you will be well on your way to leading the lifestyle you deserve.

Shayna in Los Angeles CA asks: I am wondering how to purchase best HCG in Los Angeles CA on a very tight budget. Any tips or tricks?

California is a great place to lose weight. We have clients who come to us from all over your great state, asking us, where can I buy best HCG injections in Sacramento CA, or LA, or San Diego. California is one of those places where weight loss really matters. In many areas, the weather is beautiful year round, which means no hiding behind bulky sweaters or down jackets. There are also so many great outdoor activities to take advantage of in your state. Time to get outside and enjoy them, don’t you think? Of course, there are many great reasons to lose weight, but what if you are on a limited budget? The last thing you want to hear when you ask, where can I get best HCG injections in Fresno CA is that they are out of your price range! This is why so many of our clients have sought us out after considerable research. We are an affordable HCG solution without sacrificing your health and safety. All of our products come to you via a doctor’s prescription, so you can rest assured that you are not getting some sort of rogue product that could very well pose a health danger to you. Here are a few tips: buy from a company like ours that does a lot of business. This helps keep costs down. Here is another tip: buy from a company like ours whose business model is to keep our overhead low and to sell as many low cost programs as we can to regular people just like you.

Lana in Philadelphia PA asks: How can I buy best HCG product in Philadelphia PA without a prescription?

Unfortunately, Lana, we cannot answer your question. The simple reason is that we do not believe there is a best HCG product available without a prescription. This is the case not only in Philadelphia PA but also if you are asking where can I find best HCG in San Francisco CA or any other place throughout the US. If you want to quickly and effectively lose up to a pound a day—sometimes even more—then prescription HCG obtained under doctor supervision is the only way to go. Let us ask you a question, if you don’t mind. Why do you want to buy HCG without a prescription? Do you think it is going to be cheaper? Do you think it is going to be easier? We make HCG given the right way—under doctor’s orders—affordable and easy. If you have walked into a weight loss clinic or seen some prices for programs advertised on the web and think that a real HCG program is just too expensive, please give us a call. While we don’t quote prices on the Internet, we will be happy to give you that info when you call us. We think you are going to be pleasantly surprised just how reasonable the cost of our complete program really is.

Juanita in Phoenix AZ asks: How can I order best HCG diet injections in Phoenix AZ so they can be shipped in time for me to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding?

One reason the HCG for weight loss program has become so popular is because it enables dieters to lose a specific amount of weight in a fixed period of time. That time frame is also much shorter than many other programs. A sizable percentage of our clients are trying to lose weight for a date certain. In your case, it’s your daughter’s wedding. Past clients have set their weight loss goals for events such as a ten year high school reunion, their own engagement party or wedding, a rendezvous meeting with an old flame after many years of separation, college spring break, or a Caribbean cruise—just to name a few! One of the things we do best is get folks who have a specific deadline for weight loss started on the program super fast. We think having a specific date to have those pounds off is a great motivator, and we want you to be able to take advantage of that motivating force. Please note, however, that we are not just about getting a program out to you right away and saying goodbye. We are in for the long haul. Once you lose the weight and enter the stabilization phase, our clinical advisors are still here for you to guide you through finding the best HCG recipes phase 3 and beyond.

Sue-Ellen in Chicago IL asks: How can I find best HCG doctors in Chicago IL. Is there a listing of doctors who specialize in this prescribing this diet program?

Whether you are looking for a program in Chicago IL or wondering how to buy best HCG diet injections in NYC, we can make it happen for you with great doctors who serve clients coast to coast. Once you fill out the online forms telling us about your current state of health, medical history and weight loss goals, one of our top docs will carefully review the information you have provide to see if this program is right for you. What makes a great HCG doctor? It is really very simple: experience with this program, top to bottom. Many doctors got involved in prescribing HCG for weight loss after doing the program themselves and being surprised by the results. Do these doctors claim that HCG is a dieting miracle? Of course they don’t. Those who have done the program and kept the weight off have made real changes in their lifestyles, finding these changes so much easier to make having completed at lease one round of HCG injections. HCG doctors are willing to offer dieters something new and different, an off the beaten path alternative to standard dieting. Call us today to find out if your best HCG docs in Chicago have the right weight loss option for you.

Craig in Los Angeles CA asks: How can I find HCG diet doctors in Los Angeles who will take my concerns seriously?

Hello, Craig. It sounds like you really need to have a heart to heart with one of our clinical advisors. There is a lot of emotional baggage that goes along with being overweight. People who have weight to lose often have concerns about their health, negative feelings about their self-image, and all kinds of other issues to work through. You clearly have some concerns that need to be addressed before embarking on an HCG program, but we need to speak to you to get clear about what those concerns are so that we can attempt to address them. Are you concerned about your health or the best program to lose weight? It sounds like you may have had a negative experience with a weight loss doctor in the past. If so, try not to sweat it. One of the things we pride ourselves in is our caring compassion for the dieter – many of our staff are dieters, too. So whether you are looking for where to find best HCG doctor in San Diego CA or in Los Angeles CA, we can help you lose weight not simply by providing a program, but by helping you find resolution to any concerns you have that are preventing you from doing what you need to in order to lose weight.

Kaylee in Honolulu HI asks: How do you find best HCG clinics in Honolulu HI who accept insurance?

The problem with getting HCG covered by insurance companies is not that a particular doctor or clinic is not willing to accept insurance, but that many insurance companies flatly refuse to pay for HCG for weight loss. While it never hurts to ask if a particular office visit or medication is going to be covered by your insurance plan, at the present time it is very difficult if not impossible to find HCG clinics and doctors who are able to be reimbursed through individual policies. This is because insurance companies so often refuse to pay for this method. We suggest you call your insurance company, ask them about it, and if they refuse to pay and make your concerns about their lack of coverage known. The HCG program for weight loss has the very real potential to be a solution to being overweight to the extent that it motivates individuals to make a change in their lives. We would love to see the day when this option was fully covered. Until this point, however, whether you are searching in Honolulu HI or for how to find HCG clinics in Virginia Beach VA, we will keep our prices low so this medically supervised weight loss program can be affordable for regular people.

Mike in Atlanta GA asks: How can I find HCG doctor in Atlanta GA with no wait time?

Hey there, Mike! Have you ever heard the expression, strike while the iron is hot? This is a very old saying that goes back to the days of blacksmiths who shaped tools from hot iron. First, they heated the iron, then the struck it with a hammer to shape it. If they waited too long and the iron cooled down, they wouldn’t be able to form it into their desired shape. What does all of this have to do with HCG? It’s very simple. Your motivation is the key to your success on this program. Like a hot, glowing ball of iron, your motivation to lose weight is time sensitive. If you are motivated to lose weight right now, then we need to get you on this program as fast as we can. Once you start losing weight and wake up every day to see another pound go, that is going to intensify your motivation even more. It doesn’t matter where you are in the US, our mission is to start you on our program right away. So whether someone is searching for how to get HCG prescription from HCG diet doctors in Omaha NE or, in your case, in Atlanta, GA, we can do that for you ASAP.

Harry in Tulsa OK asks: How can I find local HCG doctor who can prescribe HCG injections for HCG weight loss diet in Tulsa OK for myself, and also for my son who wants to try this program in his location in Oklahoma City OK.

The good news is that whether you are looking for where to order best HCG injections in Oklahoma City OK or elsewhere in your state, our doctors have you covered. We love it when two relatives or friends do this program together, and here is the reason why. When you are losing weight with a friend, a colleague, or a loved one, this is added motivation. It’s great to be able to swap stories and share experiences. Taking pride in each little success, and admitting those little failures here and there along the way, are both important things to do in order to stay motivated. There is a reason why shows like the biggest loser have become so popular on TV. People resonate with the idea of people working together in a team to accomplish personal goals … and sometimes with a little healthy competition. Once you each get your HCG weight loss kit, please keep us posted on how you are doing. We’d like to be able to share your story right here on these pages one day soon!

Ellen in Wichita KS asks: Please tell me How to get prescribed best HCG weight loss diet in Wichita KS for multiple sclerosis sufferer?

Hello, Ellen in Wichita KS, and thanks so much for your question. Dr. Simeons’ HCG protocol for weight loss can be undertaken by individuals with a variety of health conditions, but your situation will have to be carefully evaluated by one of our doctors before you can start on this program. While we cannot offer any medical advice here, we can say, generally speaking, that the effects of multiple sclerosis, which is a disease that attacks the central nervous system, are often made worse when sufferers are overweight. The reason is that being overweight can impact mobility and MS can likewise impact mobility. This can be a so-called double whammy when it comes to being able to go about those activities of daily living that are necessary for all of us. Of course, we don’t know if mobility is an issue for you as a consequence of your MS, but if it is losing weight may help. We also suggest you contact your primary care physician or neurologist to get their thoughts about the best weight loss program for someone in your situation. Good luck!  

Jean Paul from New Orleans LA asks: What is the best HCG product?

Products that say they are original HCG or real HCG are a dime a dozen on the Internet, and hopeful dieters are often fooled into buying them. In our experience, the only products that work are those prescribed by a doctor, specifically for you with dosages matched to the specifics of your history. Sometimes, people want to know if there is a best HCG brand. With our program, you do not have to worry about this because the doctor who is prescribing the HCG with B12 injections for you will make that decision. You can rest assured knowing that you are not getting some phony product. The HCG our doctors prescribe is produced in FDA supervised labs, just like any other prescription medication you would pick up from your local pharmacy in New Orleans LA.

Suzie in Chicago IL asks: I really want to do your program but am highly nervous about the whole idea of giving myself a shot. I just don’t think I can do this. What are the best HCG injection sites so it doesn’t hurt?

We have yet to meet anyone who likes getting an injection. Bad experiences in childhood at the pediatrician while getting immunizations have even left some poor souls with post-traumatic stress disorder type issues over this! The great news is that if you are someone who is really nervous about injections then giving yourself your daily dose of HCG and B-12 can help you overcome your fear of all injections. Exposure therapy, or experiencing what initially traumatized you but this time without the pain, is very effective for overcoming fears. Many people say the needle for HCG injections doesn’t hurt at all. It is ultra thin. It is so tiny in fact that it just goes into the layer of fat beneath the skin, which has very few nerve endings. We find the best HCG injection sites for a virtually painless shot are in the fatty part of the stomach, the upper arm or the thighs. Hope that answers your question from Chicago IL.

Carol in Washington DC asks: Questioning where to get the best HCG?

Contrary to what some people assume, where best to buy HCG online is not just about price. Our prices are extremely competitive, without a doubt. However, we offer not just a kit sent to your house in Washington DC, but also the wisdom, experience and caring concern of professional weight loss counselors. These devoted individuals work in conjunction with our doctors to give you a complete dieting experience, so you can feel confident that you will get the most out of your purchase. The question is not which HCG is the best—don’t worry, we will make sure you get it—but rather which provider will see you through the program so you can get the most out of it.

Nick in Jersey City NJ asks: What is the best HCG diet that you offer?

We only offer one HCG diet protocol, which is based on the diet outlined by Dr. ATW Simeons in his groundbreaking book titled Pounds and Inches. Depending on how much weight you need to lose, the 42-day program prescribed by our diet doctors in Jersey City NJ can be repeated if necessary. You will see that companies on the web advertise they have the best HCG online, but if you are not getting a doctor prescribed regimen of HCG injections, your red flag should go up immediately. Some products that make the claim to be the best HCG for sale contain little or no active ingredient. Products taken by mouth are ineffective because the gut breaks down the fragile HCG hormone rendering it useless.

Samantha in Buffalo NY asks: How can I find the best HCG doctors up here in Buffalo?

Just give us a call. Our expert doctors serve Buffalo NY and the surrounding area. They have lots of experience prescribing HCG for weight loss and, in conjunction with our clinical advisors, they will ensure that you have a safe and easy diet. One of the reasons why our clients love doing this program with us (in addition to being assured of the best HCG quality) is that they can do it wherever they live, from the comfort of their own homes. You never have to worry about losing hours every week in a doctor’s waiting room. Who can blame you for that? Life is busy enough as it is!

June in Miami FL asks: My husband and I want to go on the program together. Is there a best HCG for women vs. men?

People often question whether HCG works differently for weight loss when given to women versus men and want to know if there is a best brand of HCG specific to gender. The answer is that HCG works just the same for women and men who want to lose weight, and there are no gender-specific brands. Due to metabolism (the way the body burns fat), it is true that women sometimes have to work a little harder at losing weight than men do. This does apply to this program as well. So when you and your husband get your programs from our best HCG clinics in Miami FL, you can expect that he may shed anywhere from one to five more pounds more than you do in the same period of time.

Lara in Seattle WA asks: Where can I find the best HCG recipes?

There are plenty of great HCG recipes that our clinical advisors can share with you when you give them a call. You can read about others here. Even better, yet you can get creative and make up all kinds of recipes on your own. Great HCG recipes come down to combining the allowed ingredients in allowed portions. Soups are a favorite because you can get that feeling of fullness—should you need it. The fresh vegetables and lean proteins lend themselves to making salads. You can get plenty of those in Seattle WA! If you come across a great HCG recipe that you would like to share with others, let us know. We will put it into our file and pass it along to clients in the future. Of course, if you should you ask, how can I find best HCG injections in Seattle WA, we can help you answer that question!

Karl in Fort Lauderdale FL asks: How do I know I am getting the best quality HCG injections?

We don’t want to toot our own horn too much, but if you are looking for the best HCG quality then purchase from us. Whether you live in Fort Lauderdale FL (our biggest clinic by the way) or Fort Wayne IN, you can always feel confident that you are getting a safe, quality medication because it is being prescribed by licensed US doctors and shipped from fully licensed FDA regulated US Pharmacies. We aren’t whipping up some unknown potion and passing it off to you with the bogus claim that it is the best HCG to buy online. Ours actually lives up to this promise. 

Tasha in Philadelphia PA asks: Do you offer an HCG best price guarantee?

Let’s face facts, very few of us have money to throw around, especially these days. This is why we keep our pricing ultra competitive. We not only offer the best HCG injection kits, we also some of the best deals. Can we promise you that you won’t see HCG products offered at lower prices? Of course not. There are a lot of products being passed off as HCG in Philadelphia PA and being offered at rock bottom prices. Should you take them? Should you trust them? We can’t tell you what to do, but please be wary of cheap impostors. The cost of quality, pharmacy grade HCG is dictated by the pharmaceutical manufacturers … not by us.

Monique in Los Angeles CA asks: Wondering where to get the best HCG in Los Angeles?

If you are looking for the best HCG to buy in Los Angeles CA, then you have come to the right place. We are not a nameless, faceless warehouse or a fancy, marble-tiled diet center with drop dead gorgeous receptionists and astronomical prices. We are, quite simply, a place that offers the best HCG injection kits and amazing client services. Don’t take our word for it. Ask your friends if they have heard of us. Read our client testimonials. We think you will reach the same conclusion that many HCG dieters already have and that you will give us a call when you are ready.

Nicole in Detroit MI asks: What is the best HCG level?

Thanks for your question in Detroit MI. HCG levels are used to track HCG in pregnant women and have no relation to the HCG diet program. For the purpose of losing weight on the HCG diet, you don’t have to concern yourself with your HCG level. It is interesting to note that many women who are pregnant say they are in the best shape of their lives, with little abnormal fat deposits. This is because HCG works in pregnant women the same way that it does in HCG dieters, altering the body’s metabolism to help it use stored fat for increased energy needs. When you choose decide to look for how to find best HCG injections in Detroit MI, give us a call!

Pearl in Houston TX asks: Is there a secret to making the best HCG diet recipes?

We are not professional chefs, but after talking to so many of our dieters, we sometimes feel like we should be! Maybe we should even publish book of recipes one of these days. Right now, though, we are far too busy getting the best HCG injection kits out to our dieters and tracking their success. To get back to your question in Houston TX, yes, there is a secret. Take advantage of spices and seasonings, and check the labels to be sure there is no sugar in any seasoning mix you use. When you are taking your HCG shots, your hunger should be effectively controlled. At the same time, sometimes your mouth just wants flavor. Fortunately, seasonings of all kinds are allowed on the program so take full advantage. When you are ready for us to answer your question, how can I get best HCG diet program in Houston TX, we are standing by for your call.

Stacy in Phoenix AZ asks: I am looking for the best HCG solution that does not involve injections. Can you talk about HCG sprays vs. pills?

We understand that the idea of an injections-based diet can be a little intimidating. However, if you are looking for HCG best brand products, even just products that are effective, you are going to be looking at once-a-day shots. We strongly advise against buying and using HCG sprays or pills. The FDA recently warned consumers about homeopathic HCG, and we fully endorse the FDA’s stance. The best HCG clinics, like our local clinic in Phoenix AZ, use prescription strength products given by doctor prescription. Our own research supports the official decision that the HCG pills and sprays just do not work. They cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream, and thus they cannot help with weight loss in any way. Talk to one of our clinical advisors and take a look at our videos on Youtube, which explain the details about taking injectable HCG at home. You’ll be surprised how easy it really is.

Clara in San Diego CA asks: What is the best HCG for someone with a history of heart disease and diabetes?

Most people who are in good health can participate in this program, but it is not for everyone. It sounds like you have a complicated medical history, and we need to talk more about it with you. It may be that our program is not the right fit for your particular situation. Our doctors will need to review your Medical History Form carefully (the button is at the top of this page). Even the best HCG kit from our local HCG clinic in San Diego CA is not for everyone. Our doctors do not give out medical advice over the Internet, but please feel free to give us a call. We are here to help.  

Juanita in Chevy Chase MD asks: I want to buy best HCG losing weight program for my daughter who is in high school. Can you send it to me if I give my credit card number then I give to her?

It’s great that you want to help your daughter to lose weight, but we don’t sell HCG to third parties, and our doctors can’t prescribe the HCG diet program for a third party. In other words, your daughter will have to fill out the medical history form and get a prescription from one of our doctors. We also need to know how old your daughter is, because if she is under the age of 18, then we recommend you seek the advice of her local pediatrician where you live in Chevy Chase MD to address her weight problems. Best of luck to both of you!

Wyatt in Atlanta GA asks: How do I stay motivated on a very low calorie diet?

That is a great question from Atlanta GA. The very low calorie diet means that you will be losing weight very quickly, and we think this is by far the best way to stay motivated. One of the biggest problems with traditional diets is that you lose weight very slowly, so slowly in fact that many dieters give up before losing much weight at all. You think it will be difficult to stay motivated because you think you will be hungry eating so few calories. Under normal circumstances you would be hungry, but these are not normal circumstances. The awesome thing about HCG is that it is a really effective appetite suppressant because it tells your body to release the amount of stored fat you need to fuel your daily needs. The best diet is the one that you are going to stay motivated to follow, and this is why so many looking for where to get the best HCG eventually come to us.

Danica in Wilmington DE asks: When is the best time to start the HCG diet?

The best time to start the HCG diet is when you feel you can fully commit yourself to the program without being sidetracked. Pick a time when your general routine is not going to be disrupted too much. For example, if you are going to be leaving Wilmington DE and travelling out of town, hosting visitors, or throwing wedding, this would not be the ideal time to go on the program. That said, we realize a lot of people want to do this program so they will be able to lose weight for a specific event, such as their own wedding. In that case, you can start the diet even if the timing is not ideal so long as you are prepared to follow the diet as directed. The best HCG diet is the one you will follow. For ladies, Dr. Simeons also suggested that you not start the diet during your monthly period. Wait until it has ended to begin the diet program.

Nicolette in Dayton OH asks: Can I buy best HCG products from your company to send to an overseas relative?

I am sure you have great intentions in wanting to help your overseas relative by ordering HCG from us in Dayton OH and shipping it to your loved one. However, we only ship HCG to clients not their loved ones. Regulations established by the FDA required that doctor prescribed diet programs be for the client specifically noted on the prescription. The HCG diet is popular not only in here in the US but also abroad. You should encourage your loved one to seek out a doctor in his or her country so they can embark on this terrific journey, or encourage them to come to the US so they can be treated by our diet doctors at a local HCG Clinic.

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