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Where to Get HCG Injection by Doctor Prescription

You have come to this web site because you are looking for Where to Get HCG, and you can feel confident that you have come to the right place! Every day people a lot like you, in search of better health, vitality and improved self-image through weight loss, contact us to begin their journeys. Once you fill out the medical history form and are quickly approved to begin our regimen, we are going to provide you with a safe, doctor prescribed kit that includes everything you need to get started on this fantastic, transformative program. However, resolving the issue of where to get real HCG online, while very important, is just one step on what could be a much larger and even more significant path for you. This is what the wisdom of weight loss is all about. The desire and goal of losing weight can be a fantastic starting place to begin examining many aspects of your life and to start making real and lasting improvements. Being overweight is not a moral flaw or failure. Genetics, hormones, the natural aging process and all sorts of other complex biological factors play a significant role in the accumulation of fat. At the same time, like any challenging circumstance in life, the process of overcoming the hardship of being overweight can provide a tremendous opportunity for personal growth. You are here, reading this page, because you want to know Where to Get HCG and after you spend a little time with us, researching what we have to offer, we feel confident that you will choose us as your provider. However, our goal is not to just provide you with the best products and programs available at highly competitive prices. We want you to be successful in your ambition to lose weight and we want to help you lead a more satisfying life, whether you are looking for where to get HCG injections in San Diego CA or some city or town on the East Coast. This is why, on this particular page, we are going to share a bit of wisdom from some of the greatest men and women thinkers through the ages and show you how this wisdom can be applied to your personal weight loss journey with HCG. So let’s get started! According to Buddha, a spiritual teacher from the Indian subcontinent who lived about 2400 years ago, it is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. What Buddha is telling us is that getting control of our own desires and actions is more powerful than anything we can achieve outside of ourselves. What does all of this have to do with HCG injections? Human chorionic gonadotropin injections give you the power to control your appetite, even on a very restricted diet. During the several weeks that you are restricting your calories and taking the injections, you are reprograming how your body metabolizes fat. What is equally important, you are also breaking those bad eating habits that have been contributing to your being overweight. Where to get HCG online is one part of the puzzle that we solve for you but until, as Buddha says, you conquer yourself—until you are able to break your own addictions to eating in ways that are not healthful—every other battle that you fight is going to be secondary. While Buddha says we must conquer ourselves, he doesn’t say that we have to do it alone! There is nothing wrong in partnering with others as we strive to better ourselves. Consider us to be your partner in weight loss. Our supportive team of weight loss experts is here for you when you need us, throughout the duration of your program—and even beyond. You have a choice about Where to Get HCG and when you partner with us, you not only get a great product delivered to you without any hassle, you also get the helping hand you need, through HCG injections and our support, to conquer those destructive eating habits that have been holding you back in so many ways throughout your life. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a politician looking for where to get HCG diet injections for weight loss in Washington DC. We want to get everybody on this fantastic program.

Beyond Where to Get HCG For Weight Loss

Where to Get HCG for Weight Loss is the easy part, especially since you have arrived at our doorstep! What could be simpler than filling out an online form and having your complete weight loss kit delivered right to you, with a great team of expert clinical advisors to back you up? What is more difficult is examining your ways of doing and thinking that are at least partially responsible for your being overweight. HCG has worked wonders for many people who have struggled to lose weight in the past with little or no success. At the same time, whether you are looking for where to get HCG injections in Hollywood CA or elsewhere throughout the US, in order for you to have lasting success on this program, you are going to have to start approaching your life in a new way. What wisdom resonates and make sense to you? Discover it, and you will find a new and very different kind of motivation to lose weight that involves far more than answering the question of Where to Get HCG for Weight Loss. According to the Tibetan spiritual leader Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, not getting what we want in life can sometimes be a wonderful stroke of luck. Most of us here in the US life enjoy a very comfortable living by international standards. When you really think about it, we have more—a lot more—than we really need to survive or even thrive. Just look at that overstuffed garage or storage unit, and it becomes clear that our wants in life very frequently exceed our true needs. When we decide that we want something, we often buy it without a moment of hesitation so long as we have money in the bank or sufficient credit. The situation is not much different when it comes to food. As soon as our appetite calls to us, we are opening the door of the fridge or cruising through the drive through lane of the fast food restaurant. You came to us searching for where to get HCG shots for weight loss, but you are going to get a dose of wisdom as well. As the Dalai Lama points out, not getting what we want in life is often the best thing for us! The reason is that our desires do not always reflect our true needs. When you embark on our program, this is a fantastic time to start giving serious consideration to your wants versus your needs. Not just when it comes to food, but to everything in your life. With the burst of energy that you will get with our HCG plus vitamin B-12 regimen, why not clean out the garage? Hit the storage unit, clean it out, and shut it down for good ending those monthly payments toward things you never use. Some of our clients have gone ahead and completely removed the clutter from their homes while doing our HCG program. The reason is that when you are ready to lose pounds, you are also often ready to lose all of that other stuff you have been hanging on to and that has been holding you back in life. Isn’t it time to lighten your load in every way? If so, get going! You’ve discovered Where to Get HCG for Weight Loss. Now the time has come for action.

Where to Get HCG Injections Is About Putting Your Health First

Since you are seeking Where to Get HCG Injections, it is evident that you are embarking on the very important path that involves improving how you feel and also improving the way you appear to the world. Congratulations on making this important decision. Did you know, the latest research indicates that being overweight is genetic? We do not gain weight because we are bad people. We gain weight because this is what our bodies are programmed to do. When food is plentiful, our bodies are designed to take in more calories than we need in order to prepare ourselves for those times when food is less plentiful. Food resources are abundant in our modern society. As a consequence of our good fortune, those less plentiful times never arrive, and we walk around with excess fat reserves. The problem comes when those few extra pounds become a few too many extra pounds and begin to impact our energy levels and also our health. Fortunately discovering where to get the HCG diet by doctor prescription has never been simpler and getting your metabolism back on the proper course has never been easier. Buddha said that our bodies are precious, they are vehicles for awakening, and they should be treated with care. Treating our bodies with care means doing what we can to not gain too much weight despite the biological urge to consume calories. Likewise, if we do gain too much weight, taking care of ourselves requires us to realize when it is time for us to make a change and do something about it. Because you are researching Where to Get HCG Injections, you are already on the right track. You have become aware that you have not been treating your body as well you should be, and you are exploring options for bringing balance to a metabolism that gotten out of whack. Of course you want others to find your looks appealing and there is nothing wrong in any of us wanting to look our best. However, for many dieters, the most significant reason for wanting to lose weight is to feel fresher, more energized and healthier. You have a lot of choices when it comes to where to get HCG injections for weight loss. You could shop around for the very lowest price program you can find, but are you willing to save a few dollars and potentially use a product that is unsafe or comes from a questionable source? At the other end of the spectrum, you could opt for the glitz and glamor of a pricy medical spa with its flawless waiting room and cucumber infused water. If this either of these extremes represents your inclination, it’s time for a reality check. Where to Get HCG Injections is not about bragging rights over the tremendous amount of money you spent on your medical weight loss program. Nor is it about sacrificing quality so you can say you got the cheapest HCG program in the world. It’s about treating your body as Buddha advises—as precious a vessel that houses the soul. You can feel relaxed and happy when you get your program from us because our products are of excellent value and unbeatable quality.

Our Mission: Where to Get HCG by Doctor Prescription Simplified

The Roman philosopher Seneca who was born in 4 B.C. is credited with making this profound statement: Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness. Like all companies who operate for profit, we want to sell products that make us financially successful. We also hope that in making Where to Get HCG by Doctor Prescription a little easier, we can get you on the right track to leading a healthier and happier life. Some people who are not overweight think that carrying around too many pounds around is no big deal. No one who works for our company has this mindset. We realize that being just 10 or 20 pounds overweight can feel devastating to the person who has accumulated the extra weight. When the number of extra pounds increases beyond this, there can be serious implications. It becomes increasingly harder to attract members of the opposite sex. Love and marriage opportunities may be jeopardized. Being even moderately overweight can lead to workplace discrimination. If a person’s opportunity for career advancement is harmed, this can have a real impact on that person’s standard of living. For those people who are seriously overweight, the picture is even worse. We are now talking about the potentially devastating toll on the body that having too much fat can cause. Whether you are trying to discover where to get HCG injections in San Antonio TX or elsewhere in the US, if you are, you understand the pain of being overweight. ATW Simeons, the founder of this diet program, recognized all of this when he concluded his book by point out that promising careers have been destroyed and lives have been significantly shortened by excess fat. Indeed, he said the world would be a happier place for countless individuals as a consequence of the HCG diet. We think these statements are still proving correct more than 50 years later. In creating a streamlined and hassle-free place Where to Get HCG by Doctor Prescription, we believe we are doing good for the thousands of people who will now be able to try this program out and turn their lives in a different direction. The great thing about our clinics is that you do not have to live in a major American city, and you do not have to spend a fortune, to get the same great program that is being used by celebrities and cosmopolitans. Our program and low pricing are the same regardless of whether you are looking for where to get HCG injections in Beverly Hills or in Bozeman MT. This is exactly the way it should be because it does not matter where you live, or how much money you have, or who you are—if you are overweight and unhappy about it, then you are not leading life in the best and happiest way that you can be. We are going to help you change it. Starting here and now. Contact us today to learn more about the programs we offer and to find out how effortless it is to get started on the revolutionary HCG diet program that is generating a buzz the world over.

Questions on Where to Get HCG Injections Online

Becca in Nashville TN asks: I am wondering where to get HCG injections in Nashville TN if I do not want to go into a doctor’s office? I don’t want to get into all of the details, but let’s just say I’d prefer to skip the trip. Can you help me out?

Our doctors prescribe HCG programs for clients throughout the US including Nashville TN. Many of our clients, like you, have reasons for wanting to avoid going into a doctor’s office. Some people who are seriously overweight dread the whole process of sitting in a waiting room, dealing with a well-meaning but slim staff, getting on a scale for the weigh-in, and answering a bunch of personal questions face to face. For other people searching for where to get real HCG injections, avoiding the office routine is more a matter of convenience than anything else. Making an appointment, driving to the destination and waiting to be seen can take up the better part of a day and some people, especially those who work from 9-5, can have difficulty fitting this into their tight schedule. It sounds like you have your own very good reasons for wanting to avoid a traditional doctor’s visit, whatever those may be. Fortunately, with our program it is not necessary to go into an office in order to get started on our program. When you call us, we can explain how simple and easy it is to do this program from home with lots of support, when and if you need it, from our clinical advisors.

Laurie in Honolulu HI asks: In checking out where to get HCG injections in Honolulu HI, I am finding that I have a lot of questions about this program. I get the idea that you cut out sugar and starches but does this, combined with resetting your metabolism, really work to keep off the weight when you can eat whatever else you want following the injection part of the program? I am a little skeptical because I am the kind of person who really enjoys eating and I also feel hungry all of the time. Thanks!

You might think that changing the way you eat won’t make much difference if you are able to resume consuming food in whatever amounts you want following the injections phase. Please don’t. Switching over to a healthy diet, one that is not loaded with starches and sugars, makes a huge difference. We are not just talking about the tendency to accumulate fat but in your overall sense of health and wellbeing. After all, isn’t this why you are seeking where to get HCG diet injections in the first place? You will also be transitioning to a diet that is low in fat. Yes, three days after the injections phase ends, you are free to eat whatever lean proteins and fresh vegetables you like—so have at it. Those who participate in our program find that they don’t desire the same quantities of foods they once did having completed our program. A lot of craving involves craving the wrong kinds of foods. During the injection phase, you are actually breaking the habit of overeating and also breaking the habit of overeating foods that are unhealthful. As you are breaking these habits, you have the HCG injections working to your advantage to control your cravings. This is why our program is so easy to do and why you don’t feel that you are being deprived.

Judith in Sacramento CA asks: Thanks for providing such a great place where to get HCG injections in Sacramento CA and I am really hoping this program can be helpful to me. I have an unusual situation and I am hoping you can help. From the chest up I look like a person who doesn’t have any weight to lose and it’s just the same from my legs down. You could even say that my legs and arms are skinny. However I have a very large backside. I have seen some other women who are completely out of proportion like myself. Here is what I am wondering: If I lose weight on your program will it come off my backside as opposed to those areas that I think are already too skinny?

Some people incorrectly assume that one is over weight by taking a simple measurement of height related to the pounds measured on a doctor’s scale. There is much more to being overweight than a simple calculation, however. The doctor who discovered the HCG diet program said that looking at being overweight in these terms was completely wrong. Of course, what the scale says can be important, especially in monitoring fat loss, but fat distribution throughout the body is the most important thing to be considered in the determination of weather a person is overweight. You are an excellent case in point. Here’s why. For someone like yourself, who is looking for where to get HCG shots and who has skinny areas and areas of abnormal fat, you might even be statistically of normal weight. The reason for this is that your fat is deposited so disproportionally throughout your frame. As to your question of whether this program will address your problem, we think it will. It sounds like you are an excellent candidate for the HCG diet program because of the idea that HCG actually targets abnormal fat stores. You will not lose weight from those skinny areas you mention but rather from the zone that is giving you the most trouble.

Reggie in Raleigh NC asks: I have been searching for where to get HCG injections in Raleigh NC. First let me point out that I am a dude. I have heard HCG injections trick your body into thinking that it is pregnant. I want to lose weight but definitely do not want my body thinking it is pregnant. That cannot be good for a dude. Please respond!

The principles behind HCG are complex and saying that the body is tricked into being pregnant is an oversimplification that is used to make the theories behind taking HCG for weight loss a bit more understandable to lay folks who are looking for where to get the best HCG. When you hear it said that HCG tricks your body into thinking it is pregnant, this is really an oversimplification and is not exactly correct. The theory behind HCG is that it prevents the sensation of hunger even while an individual is taking in very few calories. This would be very beneficial to pregnant women who do not have access to enough food and who, as a consequence, need to have their stored fat reserves mobilized within their bloodstreams so this fat can be available to the developing baby. In the early stages of pregnancy, we do know that many women are slightly nauseous, and have morning sickness, which keeps them from eating very much. At the same time, the baby is still able to get everything it needs because of the release of stored fat into the mother’s bloodstream. Just because HCG may facilitate this does not mean that taking HCG injections really tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant in other respects. As a man, it is reasonable to question whether taking HCG for weight loss will make you more like a pregnant woman in some other ways. It will not. Indeed there is evidence that taking HCG injections in therapeutic dosage levels actually increases a man’s testosterone.

Yolinda in Denver CO asks: Money is tight for me right now but I have also heard some amazing things about the HCG diet and I really want to give it a shot. I have about 40 pounds to lose and I am borderline diabetic. My doctor says if I can lose the weight, I will probably not progress to full blown diabetes. Looking for where to get HCG injections in Denver CO without spending a fortune?

Hello, Yolinda and thanks for asking us. If you are looking for where to get HCG prescriptions without spending an excessive amount of money, you have come to the right place. We work hard to keep the prices for our complete HCG diet program kits as affordable as possible. Real, doctor-prescribed HCG in Denver CO is not inexpensive, so keeping costs down on the supply side can be tricky. By doing a high volume business, by working with great doctors, and by keeping our overhead low, we are able to offer this program to many clients who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Can we promise you the very lowest advertised HCG diet on the web? The answer is no, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. There are lots of programs that adopt the name HCG diet and sell you some sort of weight loss product for just a few dollars, but these programs do not use prescription-grade human chorionic gonadotropin injections from licensed pharmacies, prescribed by doctors. We do, which may be why our prices are higher than some of the so-called HCG programs out there. Please do not assume our program is beyond your means even if you have seen high prices elsewhere. Call us today to find out current pricing.

Doug in Albuquerque NM says: I have been exploring your site and it looks like you are a great place for where to get HCG injections in Albuquerque NM. I would like to try the program but can men really take a female hormone?

We get questions from men all the time about what does HCG do for men and can men take HCG hormone. These are great questions because if you are researching you probably know that the hormone is produced when women are pregnant. The first question we want to address is do men have HCG and the answer is yes. Both men and women can produce this hormone, although it is produced in much larger amounts in pregnant women. Weight loss is the main reason why both men and women are taking the injections but there are some touted benefits of HCG even beyond weight loss that include increased muscle mass and increased testosterone. When it comes to losing weight in combination with our specialized diet program HCG works great for men and there is no need to worry that it will have a feminizing effect in any way. Although this is not a hard and fast rule, generally speaking, men have an easier time losing weight than women so in taking HCG you can even think that as a man you have a bit of an advantage. Shhh—if you wife or girlfriend is doing the program with you, it’s probably best not to point out this information.

Chelsea in Louisville KY asks: What I want to know is where to get HCG injections in Louisville KY that are of the highest quality? I am a little worried about buying an inferior product.

Hello Chelsea, and thanks for your question from Louisville KY. In the old days, prescription medications only came from the local pharmacy, and there was no question that you were getting just what the doctor ordered. Chances are, you knew the pharmacist and may have even called him by his first name. Today, with the Internet, buying medications online provides convenience but also adds an element of uncertainty. You are right to be a little concerned about the possibility of buying a product that says it’s real HCG hormone, but might be something else, or that you may get a product that has been sitting around in a warehouse so long that it has expired. In your search for where to get the HCG injections, we are glad that you have found us. You have lots of reasons to feel confident in choosing us. A US doctor will prescribe your diet program just for you, and the products prescribed are all pharmacy-grade and fresh, bearing a date that proves the product has not expired. We also have a terrific team of clinical advisors who can answer any questions about our program. So why not give us a call to learn more about it?

Christina in Milwaukee WI asks: Do people use this program just to lose weight for a specific event? I want to look great in my wedding photos. Also, I need to know where to get HCG injections in Milwaukee WI in time for my wedding?

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and we will certainly do our best to speed delivery of your diet kit to you in Milwaukee WI so you can get started as soon as possible. Please call us right away so we can get the ball rolling. Of course, we need more information about the date of your wedding photo shoot. If it’s in a week or two, you won’t have time to lose much weight! Hopefully you have a bit longer than that. We have lots of clients are looking to lose weight in time for an event, and we always do our best to accommodate them. Usually kits arrive to you within a few short days of your deciding that we are the best place where to get real HCG and placing your order. Having a specific event in mind, like a wedding or a class reunion, can be a wonderful way to get motivated. At the same time, if you are looking for lasting weight loss, being motivated to get thin for a single photo shoot is not going to provide you with a reason to sustain your results. To get the most out of your HCG program for weight loss, it’s best to start when you are committed to making real change, not just for a single day, but for a lifetime.

Susie in Portland OR asks: I was recently laid off from my job and am looking for a new position in sales. Appearance is important to me, not just for personal reasons but also for professional ones. My good friend lost about 60 lbs. on the HCG diet and referred me to her doctor but the price for that program was beyond my current means. I am looking for someplace where to get HCG injections in Portland OR at the best price?

Of course this is completely unfair, but there is a lot of hidden discrimination against men and women who are overweight. For women who are working in sales, especially, carrying a few too many pounds can be the difference between getting or losing an important account. Hopefully as more people come to understand that being overweight is a matter of genetics, and also the biological imperative to take in more calories than we need to survive, some of this discrimination will subside. However this day will be long in coming. Until then, individuals like you will continue to be motivated to lose weight based on the desire to look good for others, including for career advancement. These are still tough economic times for many Americans. If losing weight can give you an added advantage in the job market—and it sounds like it can—this may be an investment well worth making. Many clients come to us after having shopped around and after having been astounded by what some HCG clinics are charging for similar programs. At the same time, only you can decide if our program is within your means. We can say that we are a highly competitive provider of HCG injections in Portland OR. Give us a call!

Brielle in Las Vegas NV asks: I have been trying to get work as a dancer and performer in the Las Vegas area for about six months with little success. I am talented and good looking, if I can say so without sounding boastful. Despite my skills, I never seem to make it past the first round of auditions. Recently, one of the people I auditioned for said it would help if I lost weight. I was hurt, devastated in fact, but I realize he is right. This is why I need to know where to get HCG injections in Las Vegas NV. Do you have clinics here?

As you are discovering, breaking into show business is extremely difficult. Even in Las Vegas NV, where there is plenty of work for dancers and performers, landing that dream job can be hard. For every job there are dozens of people who are attractive and talented. It’s easy to understand why being even a few pounds overweight can sabotage your success. Fortunately our HCG doctors have helped dieters just like you in Las Vegas NV with their awesome complete diet kits and regimens. Just phone us to get started today. One of our mottos is: no time flat. In no time flat, we can have everything you need to do the original and world famous HCG program from the privacy and convenience of your home. No time flat also means that very quickly you will be able to flatten and smooth those problem areas of excess fat that seem to be catching the attention of casting agents, directors and producers. Hopefully after a short time on our program, those same individuals who have not been able to see past your being slightly overweight will be able to see the real you and recognize your talents. Good luck in Las Vegas, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Jetta in Oklahoma City OK asks: I just turned 40 and have recently developed excess fat in my stomach area that was never there before. I am not sure what happened but in talking to some of my girlfriends learned this is a common problem for women about my age. One of my friends—she lives on the East Coast—said that she used the HCG diet program to lose belly fat. What I want to know is, where to get HCG injections in Oklahoma City OK. Please help!

Gaining excess fat stores in the mid-section is quite common for women as they age. There seem to be a lot of reasons for this. If you have had children, the muscles in the abdomen have stretched considerably and the laxity in the muscle wall means that everything shows. As women age, especially after menopause, the fat stores tend to move from areas like the backside and thighs to the belly area. Hormonal changes also seem to be responsible for belly fat in women as they age. Especially following menopause, the expanding waistline is a common problem. You may not know this but increased belly fat has been linked to all sorts of health problems, including certain kinds of cancers, type 2-diabetes, stroke and even heart disease. This is why trimming it down may not be only a matter of how you look. One of the neat things about the HCG diet is that it specifically targets abnormal fat reserves, like those that accumulate around the waistline. We absolutely have programs for dieters in Oklahoma City OK, and we also think you will be pleased with our pricing, so get in contact with us to learn even more about the kinds of programs we offer.

Trey in Tucson AZ asks: I am looking for where to get HCG prescription in Tucson AZ and thanks to you I have my answer. I have heard a lot about abnormal fat stores. The thing I want to know is, how do I know if the fat I have is normal or abnormal? Also, will I lose weight with this program if I just have normal fat?

We appreciate your question from Tucson AZ and will certainly do our best to answer it. According to the founder of the HCG method of weight loss, a doctor by the name of ATW Simeons, there are actually three different kinds of fat. The first kind he referred to as structural fat. This material fills in the spaces between the body’s different organs and structures. Dr. Simeons saw this kind of fat as normal and necessary. For example, structural fat is what enables us to walk by providing a soft pad at our heels and the balls of our feet. It also enables us to sit down comfortably. The second kind of fat that Dr. Simeons described was what he called normal fat reserves. This is the fat the body burns up first when food is scarce. The third kind of fat he said was completely abnormal and this is the fat that makes us look overweight and feel sluggish and tired during normal waking hours. Since this fat is not available to us immediately in the event of a limited food supply—normal fat reserves would have to be used up first—it doesn’t do us any good. You will know if you have abnormal fat because you will notice excess, that is unneeded fat in areas such as your upper arms, stomach and thighs. Our program will definitely target this for you.

Mitchel in Long Beach CA asks: I started looking for where to get HCG injections in Long Beach CA because I have tried different traditional programs over the years to lose weight but with limited success. My only hesitation with starting this plan is that I have heard it is much better to lose weight slowly than quickly. What are your thoughts about this?

The argument for why is it better to lose weight slowly goes something like this: If you lose weight quickly, you won’t be able to keep it off because losing weight quickly means you will have to be eating in ways that you will not be able to maintain in the long term. This argument is one hundred percent correct if you are talking about a crash diet program. However, the HCG diet program we offer that is based on endocrinologist ATW Simeons’ theories about how the body’s metabolism functions is not, we repeat not, a crash diet. It is a method of quickly getting your body to the point that it needs to be—that is, without excess abnormal fat—so that you have a fresh start. Think about your body like a cluttered home, with each extra pound representing an unwanted and unneeded item of clutter. If you have made up your mind to live a clutter free life, what is the best way to attack the mess? Should you carry out one unneeded item to the trash can each morning for a period of several years, or should you devote one solid weekend where you resolve to once and for all restore your home and your sanity? We think the choice is clear. Does this mean that once your home is clean—or your body is free from unnecessary fat stores, that you go along as you always have, accumulating more and more? Of course not! This is where your commitment to eating the same kinds of healthful foods you have been eating on the injections program, to exercising, and to eating more moderately all come into play.

Kelli in Kansas City MO asks: I have been researching what is the best diet pill and also where to get HCG injections in Kansas City MO. I am trying to figure out what is better- diet pills or HCG. Can you talk a little about the pros and cons of each?

Hi, Kelly, and we do appreciate your question and the opportunity to answer it. There are a number of prescription diet pills available that work in different kinds of ways. All of them have side effects that may be bothersome or prevent you from being able to take them altogether. When you stop taking them, they also stop working, and you can expect to gain the weight that you have lost back. Diet pills are not inexpensive, especially since you have to be on them indefinitely. Many diet pills once thought to be safe were later discovered to have some very serious risks associated with them, so even the newer medications that are supposed to be safer haven’t really been put to the test of time. These are just a few of the downsides to taking diet pills, generally speaking. The HCG injections program is completely different. You take injections for several weeks, lose all of the weight that you need or want to, and then resume a normal pattern of eating and exercise. Some people may find the cost of HCG injections to be high compared to diet pills, but when you consider the time-limited nature of this program you may well spend more on diet pills in the long term. Regardless of whether you choose pills or HCG, in both cases you also have to make lifestyle changes in order to lose weight. Many of our clients feel HCG is a more natural way of losing weight and they like that even when the stop doing the injections portion of the program they continue to lose weight or at least keep it off.

Lucy in Mesa AZ asks: I am fourteen years old and fat. Nobody teases me at school and I do have a lot of friends, thank goodness, but I really want to lose weight. Can you help me on where to get HCG injections in Mesa AZ?

Hello, Lucy! Being overweight can be painful at any age. Fortunately, you are young and you have plenty of time to learn about your body, and about the kind of diet and exercise that will keep it healthy. We do not provide HCG injections to young people—they are only for adults. You also should not search any place else for an online company selling HCG injections. Talk to someone you can trust about wanting to lose weight. The doctor you see every year for your annual check up is a great place to start. It’s also never too soon to begin learning about healthy foods. Teenagers tend to eat a lot of prepackaged junk food because it’s quick, easy, and tastes good. However, a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins is much better for you. Also, don’t forget to get outside and exercise! Find ways to move your body more. Maybe dancing like a crazy person to your favorite music when nobody’s home, or riding your bike to school—if that’s safe—as opposed to taking the school bus. Just because you have some extra fat right now doesn’t mean you are going to be overweight as an adult either. The body goes through a lot of changes as you mature, and the tendency to be overweight at the moment may well be a passing phase.

Josh in Virginia Beach VA asks: In researching where to get HCG injections in Virginia Beach VA, I have heard that you do not exercise on this program. Does this mean I will have to stop? I get a lot of exercise both at the gym and as a result of my job, which does require a lot of physical activity.

Exercise is not part of the HCG diet program, so for people who do not enjoy exercise but want to lose weight anyhow, this is a great option. The principle of the program is not that you ramp up your physical activity to burn more calories but that you go on a very low calorie diet while taking HCG injections to mobilize your fat stores and keep you from feeling hungry. Once people are done taking HCG injections and are maintaining their weight loss, we do advise at least a light exercise program in conjunction with reducing the intake of fats and carbs. That said, we do have lots of clients, like you in Virginia Beach VA, who already enjoy exercise, or who are active because of their jobs, and don’t want to put their regular activities on hold. The great news is that they do not have to. If your body is used to exercising, you will do just fine if you maintain your routine. Just do not start a brand new program that involves a significant increase of the amount of calories that you burn through exercise. The more calories you burn in a given day, the more you will need to take in to maintain your weight. In the maintenance phase of our program, you should be taking in and burning roughly the same number of calories.

Delanie in Atlanta GA asks: There is one weight loss clinic by my office in Atlanta GA and I ventured in recently during my lunch break only to find that the cost of their HCG program was way more than I could afford. So I started shopping around online and in looking for where to get HCG injections in Atlanta GA I located your company. Are your prices significantly lower than walk-in clinics and, if so, why?

The best way to compare our prices with other HCG providers is to give us a call. Find out what we have to offer firsthand and our pricing. If you are like thousands of others who have contacted us through the years, you will find that our prices are very competitive for what we are providing. Yes, our prices are oftentimes significantly lower than many walk-in clinics. The reason is that we have been able to trim down our overhead—in other words our day-to-day operating expenses—while still providing great products for medical weight loss. We also provide kits to many people across the US, which means we can negotiate lower prices for everything, which only works to your advantage. Is HCG cheap? Most people would say that it isn’t. After all, you are getting a prescription grade product prescribed by a doctor. One of the real advantages to getting your program through us is the clinical advisors you have access to through your diet and even after as you enter the maintenance phase of the program. These kind souls are super experienced and caring. They are also able to answer any questions that might crop up as you go through the program. You never have to feel like you are alone as you are losing weight on the HCG diet.

Rose in Tulsa OK asks: I am really psyched to start this diet, and I am also so glad to know where to get HCG injections in Tulsa OK so easily and affordably. My question is about how the weight loss on the program is maintained. What kinds of foods am I supposed to be eating and how do I keep from gaining all of the weight back.

Hi, Rose. Thanks for your question! One of the best things about this diet is that it shows you how to eat in a way that is so healthy. This program is not just about where to get HCG hormone, it is a whole new approach and direction in eating. By the end of the injections phase of the diet, you end up completely loving those foods that are good for you and not desiring those that are harmful. Three days after the injection phase ends you are allowed to eat what you like, although sugar and starch are prohibited. It might seem difficult to cut out sugar and starch but it is not as hard as it might seem. There are two reasons for this. First of all, you haven’t been eating sugar and starch during the injections phase so your taste for these foods is largely broken. Second of all, being able to eat whatever you want of other kinds of foods feels liberating after the 800 calorie a day diet so you do not feel deprived. People often ask us what, specifically, are the carbohydrate foods to avoid. These include sugar, rice, bread and potatoes. Of course, you want to continue to avoid prepackaged foods that undergo a lot of processing. What is left when you take out the prohibited foods are the kinds of foods you should have been eating all along: fresh vegetables, nuts, chicken, steak, fish and the like.

Rocco in Colorado Springs CO asks: I am a personal trainer and am familiar with the HCG diet program. As a non-physician, is it possible for me to sell this injectable program directly to my clients? I have a number of them who would benefit from it. If so, can you tell me where to get HCG injections in Colorado Springs CO wholesale so that I can begin to make a profit? Thanks.

You are not the first personal trainer or fitness guru who has approached us wondering about where to get legit HCG wholesale. Despite a demand for this, we do not distribute HCG injections wholesale, and the program we offer is only available to individual dieters by doctor prescription. We are aware of personal trainers and others in the health and fitness industry selling various HCG supplements in the form of pills and drops, but we do not recommend these products. The problem with them is that HCG is a delicate substance that is easily broken down by the gastric juices of the digestive system. In order for it to work the way it should, it needs to enter the bloodstream directly. Right now there is a lot of buzz about how great HCG is for weight loss and people in the fitness industry are looking to capitalize on this. However, we predict that HCG drops, pills and supplements are a passing phase that will fade away as people discover the limited effectiveness of these preparations, especially in comparison to the highly effective injectable preparations. We hope this helps clarify things for you, and we do wish you the best of success in furthering your business.

Judith in Omaha NE asks: I am 45 years old and have two teenage children. I do not really need to lose much weight but am more interested in taking HCG for health reasons. Looking back on it now, the best I ever felt in my life was when I was pregnant. I attribute this to the HCG. Do you know where to get HCG injections in Omaha NE for improved vitality?

There is probably a lot more to be learned by the medical community about how HCG works within the body and also the role of HCG during pregnancy. Perhaps you have hit on something important in Omaha NE. It may well be that one day HCG injections are routinely given by doctors for the very reason you suggest. It is certainly interesting that you attribute your wellbeing during pregnancy to increased HCG production. Right now our doctors are only prescribing HCG for weight loss. If you need it for that, fantastic, and we will get you started. Any additional benefits you may experience during the program are an added bonus! Many women feel great during their pregnancies and HCG could certainly play a role there, although there may be other reasons for feeling so good during this time of life. Pregnancy is an exciting time with much to look forward to. One of the great things about losing weight, even just ten pounds, is that burning calories gives you a great boost of energy. Perhaps this is just what you need to bring back the sense of vitality you talk about! Even if you were to take HCG just to feel better, eventually the shots program would end. Losing weight and moving over to a healthier lifestyle will provide longer lasting benefits.

Sonia in Miami FL asks: Thanks for providing such great info on where to get HCG injections in Miami FL. I have heard that with the HCG program you can lose a pound a day. Is this accurate? As someone with a lot of weight to lose, I also want to know how I am supposed to accomplish this, as the usual course of HCG injections will be too short for me to lose my desired amount of weight. Any advice on these points will be most appreciated.

For starters, let’s address your question about expectations for weight loss on this program. Yes, losing a pound a day during the injection phase is typical—provided that you follow our instructions to a tee, without deviating from our program or substituting your judgment for ours. Some people think they can cheat a little while still getting the same fantastic results they hear others boasting about. This just is not the case. Sticking to the program is not nearly as hard as you might imagine. HCG keeps you from feeling hungry so you can really lose a lot of weight without a great deal of effort. Moving on to your question about how to do the program when you have a lot of weight to lose. In order to reach your goal weight, you are going to have to do more than one series of injections. Following the first series, there is a stabilization phase. We recommend maintaining your weight loss for a bit even after this stabilization phase before doing your next round of injections. It takes your body time to adjust to your new weight. In this way, it is possible to lose as much weight as you need to on this program. Ready to get started? Give us a call.

Irving in Cleveland OH asks: In looking for where to get HCG Injections in Cleveland OH, I am wondering what happens after the course of injections are over. Can you please explain what I am supposed to do to keep the weight off, etc.?

Absolutely, Irving, and thank you for your question from Cleveland OH. Those who are not very familiar with the original HCG diet might assume it is a crash diet where as soon as you stop taking injections all the weight comes back, and then some. This is not the case. What Dr. ATW Simeons found is that once the metabolism has been reset using this program, and excess body fat has been mobilized and burned, those who follow the post-injection instructions do not in fact regain the weight. Here are the specifics. For the first three days following your last injection you remain on the very low, 700 calorie a day, diet. Then you resume eating anything you care to, with a few exceptions. You are not to eat sugars or starches, and you also shouldn’t go crazy and attack an all you can eat buffet! Try to eat reasonably. At this point, you continue to carefully monitor your weight using a good bathroom scale. In the three weeks that follow, you can expect some fluctuation in your weight. This is known as the stabilization phase. The reason you are carefully monitoring your weight is that you want to make sure it does not exceed two pounds of what the scale registered on your last day of injections. If it does, there are provisions for losing that weight and getting back on track.

Dan in Oakland CA asks: I know that this question may sound odd coming from a guy but I have to tell you that I really dislike needles. Maybe I developed some sort of phobia as a kid or something. I found your site because I was looking for where to get HCG injections in Oakland CA, and I really do want to do this program. At the same time I would like to find an alternative to the shots. I know you say the drops don’t work but is there anything else out there that does?

We would never make light over your fear of needles. If taking a shot is going to make or break your decision to do this diet, it is only up to you to decide. Our weight loss doctors prescribe HCG shots and this is the only program we offer. What we can say is this. Doing something that is scary and challenging can actually be a good thing. It means that you are really ready to make the difficult choices that you need to in order to be successful on our program. The HCG program for weight loss makes losing weight easier than it ever has before but this does not mean that permanent weight loss is going to be a piece of cake. It is going to be a piece of kale. Our point here is simple. You are going to have to make choices, and these choices are not going to be easy ones. The easiest one is going to be where to get HCG injections in US. If you can choose kale over cake, we think you can work up the nerve to do the small, once daily shots that are part of this program. If you are not, you may not yet have the motivation to follow through with the various aspects and requirements of this program in the first place—which is fine. No one should embark on this program before they are really ready to lose weight.

Deena in Minneapolis MN asks: I am 22 years old and a college student who is looking to lose weight. A lot of my friends say that I am too skinny to do this diet and that I am completely nuts for even wanting to try it, but when I look in the mirror all I see is my chubby face. Yes, the rest of my body looks thin, I guess. How do I know if this program is right for me and if it is can you help me on where to get HCG injections in Minneapolis MN?

Only you and our HCG doctors can decide if this is the right program for you, so if you are interested you need to fill out the forms, which will give the doctor more specific information about you. Speaking in a general sense, however, this diet is right for people who have abnormal fat deposits. In his book Pounds and Inches, the founder of this diet program, ATW Simeons, talks about different signs of being overweight. He specifically goes over where abnormal fat deposits show up on the body. For example, he says there is a small pad of fat that accumulates underneath the nape of the neck that is the first to appear. There is also a bulge in front of the armpit in the shape of a triangle that appears when the arm is held against the body. There is also a pad of fat that accumulates on the insides of the knees that Dr. Simeons says is never present as a normal reserve of fat. You can try examining yourself for these markers and if none of them are present, and if you are of normal weight, then this diet program may not be right for you.

Trent in Indianapolis IN asks: Thanks for hooking me up on where to get HCG injections in Indianapolis IN. I am enjoying learning all aspects of this program. Can you please tell me why you are not allowed to do any exercise during it?

Hello! Thanks for your question asking is exercise allowed on HCG diet. We are not sure where you heard that exercise is strictly prohibited. If you are already active, you can continue being active. For example, it is perfectly fine to continue biking to work each day, maintaining your routine of light exercise, working at a job where you have to be physical, or walking in the evenings as part of your usual course. Some of our dieters already do yoga or practice martial arts. All of this is just fine. What we advise against is vigorous exercise beyond what you usually do, or beginning a brand new fitness program. The reason is that HCG by doctor prescription is a program where you lose weight as the result of HCG in conjunction with a specialized 700 calorie a day diet. If you are exercising vigorously you will need to consume more calories than this and it will be difficult to balance your program properly. There are plenty of people out there who dislike exercise and are drawn to this particular program as a result. At the same time, there are also some dieters who enjoy it and in these cases, so long as it is minimal, there is no good reason to stop. We hope this answers your question from Indianapolis IN.

Jill in Philadelphia PA asks: I am a chef and restaurant owner of a well-known South Philadelphia establishment, so I am around food all day long. I also have to taste foods throughout the day to make sure they are right. The food we serve is traditional Northern Italian fare, so you can imagine there is a lot of pasta. We also do pizzas, garlic rolls and our dishes use a lot of breading. I am looking for where to get HCG injections in Philadelphia PA along with a program that is modified so it will work with my high carb lifestyle.

It may be possible to get some sort of weight loss benefit using HCG and not closely adhering to the Dr. Simeons diet protocol, but we have found the very best results with the original program. It is for this reason that we strongly encourage our dieters to adhere to the program as written for the very best results. HCG shots where to get them is just the beginning. Working in the restaurant industry can pose significant hurdles to dieting as you are surrounded by food, and temptation, day in and day out. Your case is one of extremes in that you own and work in a popular Philadelphia PA restaurant. You are on the horns of a dilemma. However, we have to ask, how much of what you are saying is really an excuse for not doing what you need to do to lose weight? Surely, you can take a small taste of sauce if you need to in order to adjust the seasoning without sitting down to a whole bowl of pasta that is smothered in it. As far as temptation, everyone has to deal with this whether they own a restaurant or are just passing by and are tempted by the aromas wafting from the kitchen. One of the benefits of doctor prescribed HCG injections is that they control the urge to eat, so if you are worried about not being able to handle your cravings while on the program, you shouldn’t be.

Martin in Wichita KS asks: So glad to know where to get HCG injections in Wichita KS that won’t break the bank. I already did one round of shots. They were way more expensive than yours so I wish I had found you sooner. Anyway, I had a lot of success with it but I still haven’t reached my goal weight and I want to do another round. I’ve heard it’s best to wait before doing the next round but I am not sure why. Can you explain?

Great to hear you about your success and also that you are planning to buy round two from us. For those who have a lot of weight to lose, it is sometimes necessary to do more than one round of HCG shots. To be clear, it is not that the shots have not worked well enough, but rather that have worked so well and the dieter simply wants more days on the program so that he or she can lose even more weight. The reason that it is necessary to wait between HCG rounds is to give your body time to adjust to your new weight. About three weeks after you have finished the HCG shots for weight loss, your weight will become stable, meaning that you will not experience fluctuations in your weight following the occasional excessive eating. Time between rounds is also good because, in monitoring your own weight each day during this period, you are able to get a sense of how the foods you are taking in are impacting your weight on a daily basis. Because you should now be used to the routine of avoiding sugar and starchy foods, when you progress to your next round, you should find it much easier than your first, if only because you are now very familiar with all aspects the program. This is a great time to enjoy your HCG 700-calorie a day recipes!

Ronnie in San Francisco CA asks: In researching where to get HCG injections in San Francisco CA I have learned that the diet that goes along with this program is pretty strict. Why do people say that it is so important not to cheat?

In answering your question about cheating on the HCG diet, we can go back to what was written about the original diet program on which our modern version is based. According to Dr. Simeon’s book titled Pounds and Inches, the doctor discovered that even when the dieters in his clinic cheated even in small ways—such as by eating a few potato chips, or an extra orange, and the like—they gained weight. He also noticed the weight they gained the following day after breaking the diet was disproportional to the amount of food they took in. In other words they gained more than they ate! They of course wanted to know how a bit of extra food, equaling only an ounce or two, could result in weight gain exceeding that amount, like six ounces. Dr. Simeons explained this has to do with the workings of HCG and blood volume. Although the concepts are a little complicated, essentially he says that the added pounds gained are really the result of water weight gain which is needed to allow the body to accommodate the extra intake of food. The same principle he says is at work when salt is taken into the body. More water is needed to accommodate the extra salt intake, resulting in water weight gain.

Michelle in Austin TX asks: I have been looking for where to get HCG injections in Austin TX and am finding them to be expensive. What are homeopathic HCG drops and are these a good alternative? Can you talk about HCG drops vs injections?

Homeopathic HCG drops were an inexpensive and ineffective alternative to the original and real diet program, which uses small injections that you take one time each day. The reason we use the past tense to describe HCG drops homeopathic is that not long ago it was made illegal to sell these drops over-the-counter as had been in the past. You still may be able to find these products online or even in some stores, but they are not on the up and up. The good news about HCG homeopathic being pulled from the shelves is that it never worked in the first place. According to homeopathic theory, miniscule amounts of different preparations are said to influence the body in disproportionate ways. The less you take of a homeopathic preparation, the more powerful it is supposed to be. Some may subscribe to homeopathic theory, but this approach to the giving of medications is dubious at best, as most Western doctors will not hesitate to tell you. So, in answer to your question, no they are not a good alternative and even if you are able to find them, we advise our clients to stay away. HCG injection by doctor prescription is a completely different method and is the one we use. It is no mistake this method is the one upon which Dr. Simeons based his HCG diet.

Marie in Columbus OH asks: I am in my twenties, newly married, and trying to have my first baby. I want to be in great shape for my pregnancy so I am considering where to get HCG injections in Columbus OH. Is it safe to use HCG when you are trying to get pregnant? Any advice is most appreciated. Thanks!

Hello Marie from Columbus OH. So glad to hear you just tied the knot and are trying to have a baby. This is certainly an exciting time in your life. Congratulations on all of it! It is wonderful that you are trying to shape up before getting pregnant, but taking HCG when you are actively trying to conceive may not be right for you. Whether it is or not is a matter between you and your regular doctor. Please understand that we cannot give out any specific medical advice here on this web site, and can only suggest that you direct all questions about what kinds of medications, vitamins, and supplements are appropriate for you when you are trying to conceive to the doctors who know and care for you already, such as your OBGYN. The HCG that the body produces naturally when a woman is pregnant is certainly safe for babies, but the safety of taking HCG when you are trying to become pregnant is another matter beyond the scope of the information provided on this site. Keep in mind that when you are pregnant, you are actually producing your own HCG and would not need our program at that point in any event. Best of luck!

Amber in Jacksonville FL asks: I went to a weight loss clinic several months ago when I was looking for where to get HCG injections in Jacksonville FL. They actually gave me a doctor’s prescription for HCG but I got busy and never got it filled. I took the prescription to a pharmacy but they said that it had expired. Can you fill it anyway?

Hey there, Amber. We cannot fill your old doctor’s prescription, but we can help you get started on the HCG diet with a brand new one. Our HCG plus vitamin B-12 shots are a phenomenal double-whammy approach to weight loss that will have you smiling at yourself in the mirror in no time. Sometimes people think the process for getting approved is complicated or time consuming. It isn’t. You can fill out the simple online form that asks you some questions about your medical history. Or, if it is more convenient for you, we can even fax it to you or send it by snail mail. Once you get approved, it is only a matter of days before your diet kit arrives. You said you were too busy to do the HCG diet. You should never be too busy to start feeling and looking better. Our successful dieters would probably tell you that you were just wasting time. Are you ready now? We hope so!

Marco in New York NY asks: I have decided to turn my life around and get fit once and for all. I have been on various health kicks over the years but at almost 50 I realize it is time for me to stop playing games. This is why I am trying to figure out where to get HCG injections in NYC. I am really glad that I stumbled on to your site to say the least. Anyway, here is my question. I am planning on going on a weeklong hike in the mountains in upstate NY. I want to start my HCG program at the same time so that I can really get the most out of it. How do you recommend keeping the HCG cold during this kind of outdoor, summertime adventure?

Hello Marco, and we are pleased to know that you are looking for where to get HCG injections in New York NY. It sounds like, after playing around with other kinds of programs and methods for a number of years, you are finally ready to get serious. We think you are going to be really happy with your decision to do the HCG diet. Unlike other diet regimens, when to start this program is very important. This is because it is very different than other diets. It sounds like you understand the HCG requires refrigeration but have you also considered the fact that you have to administer it under sterile conditions? A weeklong hike in the summertime would present a number of obstacles just with respect to these two factors. Here is something else that you should consider. We tell our dieters not to engage in overly strenuous physical activity while taking the injections. Hiking is a strenuous activity therefore it would not be advisable to do the initial phases of the program while hiking. Given all of the above, we advise you complete your hike and then fully commit to the injections regimen once you have returned.

Bethany in Los Angeles CA asks: In looking for where to get HCG injections in Los Angeles CA, I came across people talking about not being able to use certain kinds of beauty products on this program. What products are off limits and why?

In his book Pounds and Inches, Dr. Simeons not only made the case that HCG was an amazing weight loss aid, he also said that many cosmetic products that are commonly used can sabotage the HCG diet in just the way that eating fatty foods can. He came to this conclusion after noticing that dieters who regularly handled organic fats did not experience the expected amount of weight loss. These people included masseuses, chefs, butchers, etc. The doctor hypothesized that fats, oils, ointments and creams all entered the bloodstream through the skin and interfered with the program. He also points out that many cosmetics contain different kinds of hormones that can interfere with the body’s endocrine system. So, while you are doing this program, it is advisable to avoid cosmetic products, especially lotions and creams. Suntan oil, sunscreen, and hair conditioner should all be avoided or minimized. Mineral oil, which has no nutritional value, is allowed as is lipstick and powder based makeup.

Emma in Houston TX asks: My twin sister and I are planning to do the HCG diet together. We each have about fifty pounds to lose. We are now in our 30s and we haven’t been slim since high school. We will be going back home to visit family in New York NY this thanksgiving and we want to surprise everybody back home with our weight loss. I have been researching where to get HCG injections in Houston TX and she is looking for a program in San Jose CA. It would be super easy if we could both order from the same place. Can you work with both of us?

Thanks for you note. We are so glad that you and your sister are both looking to do the HCG diet and best of all together. We have had lots of dieters do this program with a buddy or even among a larger group. They report back that this method of team weight loss works even better than doing it alone because they have somebody to share their excitement with and to pull them along. Tell your sister she can stop looking for where to get HCG diet injections in San Jose CA because she can get them right here as can you in Houston TX. Each of you needs to be approved to begin the program, so get started filling out the online medical history form. Each of you has to fill out your own form, and get your own prescription for HCG. If you like, we can even work with you to arrange shipping so that your packages arrive on or close to the same day and time. Since we don’t control shipping, we will do our best but cannot make any one hundred percent promises. Also, if you can and you feel like it, please take some before and after photos for us, we would love to see to see your success.

Payton in Fort Worth TX asks: I am only twenty pounds overweight and when I complain to my girlfriends that I have weight to lose they usually make light of what I am saying. I am pretty big boned so I guess I carry it well. I am not a very self-conscious person, so I am not really interested in losing weight to look hot or anything. LOL! It’s just that since I gained the weight, in my thirties, I just haven’t felt healthy. Can being a little overweight make you feel sluggish? Oh, and thanks for being such a great resource for where to get HCG injections in Fort Worth TX!

Yes, Payton, even carrying around just a few extra pounds can take a toll on our bodies. Perhaps even more significant than those few extra pounds is a diet filled with foods that are not good for us. Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers and would have eaten a diet primarily of fresh fruits and vegetables. They would have eaten meat and animal eggs infrequently. Of course, they would not have been eating at fast food restaurants in Fort Worth TX! It goes without saying that long ago there were also no chemical additives or foods that needed to undergo processing before consumption. Everything was naturally organic. Today the foods that are widely available throughout the US are loaded with all sorts of things we would never be eating if we still lived close to nature, as we once did. In a sense, the reason you are searching for where to get HCG injection by doctor prescription is really the result of eating the wrong kinds of foods. Fortunately the low sugar and starch eating on this program allows you to return to the kind of diet our ancestors once enjoyed. This is the diet that is truly best for our bodies.

Georgia in Charlotte NC asks: Looking forward to starting the program. I see different kinds HCG being sold for less other places online. I think these are being sold without a prescription. What’s up with that?

When the HCG for weight loss diet really started taking off a few years back, everybody wanted to jump on the bandwagon. People who weren’t doctors, and were not even in the health care field, starting coming up with ways they could profit on products with the HCG name attached. Of course, in the US, prescription drugs can only be legally obtained through a doctor, so that meant these would-be providers would not be able to sell real HCG, only different kinds of alternative preparations. If you want to purchase OTC, also known as over-the-counter HCG type preparations, of course, we cannot stop you. You should be aware of the risks, however, and also that you may be investing your time and money in what you may end up finding to be an inferior program. We have plenty of clients who have come to us after having attempted to do the 800-calorie per day diet program with some kind of over-the-counter HCG supplement only to find that it didn’t control their appetites and didn’t give them the fantastic results of a legit HCG doctor prescribed program. We are not surprised to hear that in searching for where to get HCG injections in Charlotte NCyou are coming across cheaper alternatives. Real HCG is not an inexpensive or cheap product, but some things in life are worth paying a little more for, as many real HCG dieters have come to conclude.

Rich in Detroit MI asks: I am on the fence about doing this program. I’ve heard that you are a great place where to get HCG injections in Detroit MI but injecting myself with something every day sounds, well, a little drastic.

We couldn’t agree with you more. This diet program does sound little drastic, especially if you are just learning about it, but doing something radically different is exactly what many dieters need to really start taking their health seriously. What’s more, if the program works, isn’t a little extra effort worth it? There are many stellar reasons to lose the abnormal fat that your body has been storing up for years. Maybe you are looking for love and companionship and are finding it difficult to attract the right kind of people. Maybe you are hoping to advance your career in Detroit MI and want to look your best for the advantage it can provide in the workplace. Maybe you want to feel more alive and energized as you go about your day. Whatever your reasons for wanting to lose weight, once you get over the idea of giving yourself a shot—and really folks this is no big deal—you realize this is just a way of getting the HCG into your system so your body can use it to its fullest extent. Most of us would feel comfortable with taking a pill if given to us by a doctor. Is this really different? Only you can decide whether our HCG diet program with vitamin B-12 and vitamin complex is the next right thing to do in your life. When and if you do, we look forward to hearing from you, just as we have heard from so many seeking where to get HCG diet in Phoenix AZ to your hometown of Detroit MI.

Vicky in Orange County asks: I do a lot of traveling for work so I have lots of opportunities to shop around between cities and counties. I actually enjoy shopping and hunting around for the best deal. I am trying to find cheap HCG. I am looking for where to get HCG injections in El Paso TX where I will be going in a few weeks and also in Orange County, where I live. Do you know where the pricing is better since I can get it in either location? I also want to get some extra HCG vials for my friend and she is on a super tight budget, so price is very important. Thanks!

Whether you are looking for where to get HCG injections in Orange County, El Paso TX, or elsewhere, our experienced doctors can provide it for you. You say that you enjoy shopping, but there is really no reason to spend time bargain hunting for HCG shots when you buy from us. You always get a great deal, not to mention a great program. This way you can spend your time shopping around for something a lot more exciting in the different places you travel, maybe some local artwork, a new outfit or some trendy jewelry! With some other HCG clinics, you are completely on your own for some sort of DIY (do-it-yourself) HCG. It is completely up to you to read Dr. Simeons book Pounds and Inches, to take it all in, to learn about what foods to eat and to learn about what are the best HCG recipes. This is a lot of work for most people who do not want to become HCG experts but just want to do a great diet and lose weight without a lot of fuss. By the way, and just so you know, we don’t give out extra vials for friends. They also have to get approved by a doctor to start the program. No worries, it’s simple. Just fill out the online questionnaire.

Anastasia in Memphis TN asks: I’m so psyched to start on your program. I want to order my kit, like, yesterday. The thing is that I am having a huge engagement party in a few weeks and I want to be able to enjoy all of the yummy food. BTW, in case you haven’t guessed, I am doing this program for my wedding. Anyways, is it a super big deal if I pig out at the party while I am on the program, or is this going to totally quash my success? Thanks a zillion.

We are so glad that in answering the question where to get HCG injections in Memphis TN you have decided to choose us. Your engagement party sounds fantastic, like it is going to be a blast! If you have already started your injections program and you decide to go crazy on the day of your party and eat like a madwoman—as tempting as that may be—you are not going to get the most from your diet. You could, however, time your party for the loading phase, which is the first two days of injections when you can eat to your heart’s content. Think about this, though. There are always, quote, good reasons to cheat on your diet. If you go into the HCG injection by doctor prescription program with the mindset that it’s okay to cheat on go crazy and eat your heart out on occasions, what is going to happen during your next big event—like your wedding, or your honeymoon, or your one-year anniversary? After you have completed the full diet, including the stabilization phase, you will be then able to enjoy a balanced healthful diet of reasonably portioned food, but you will still have to keep splurging in check. Hope this helps you decide the right course for you, and we look forward to having you for a client.

Ron in Baltimore MD asks: I play poker with a group of guys on Thursday nights and this one guy’s wife lost 30 lbs. with HCG shots. We all get a kick out of gambling so we placed bets on which one of us could lose more weight than the others with the diet. We are going to do the weigh-in on Thursday nights, before we play cards. Now we need to know where to get HCG injections in Baltimore MD for our group.

We can certainly get you and your buddies in Baltimore MD started with the HCG regimen. Just have everyone who is interested in doing the program fill out the online form. We encourage dieters to think about why they really want to lose weight. In other words, think about what aspects of your lives will be improved after dropping those excess pounds. Men’s top concerns frequently include wanting to have the kind of energy they did when they were in better shape, like sports, and more energy to keep up with friends and loved ones, like their wives and children. We are huge fans of group diets because we know they add a boost to your motivation. At the same time, however, just doing our HCG by doctor prescription program because one of your friends has thrown down the gauntlet, or because you want to take home the prize at the end, is not going to sustain the kinds of lifestyle changes that spell forever weight loss and management. Perhaps you can encourage your buddies to read these pages so they can learn more about how this program. Yes, some people hail HCG as a diet miracle, but the fact is as great as our program is, when you are really talking about lasting weight loss, you are talking about dietary and lifestyle changes. This applies regardless of whether you are looking for where to get HCG injections where you are in Baltimore MD on up the coast to Boston MA!

Caroline in Seattle WA asks: Eating is one of the things in my life that gives me a lot of pleasure. I am eager to lose weight but I just love to eat. I don’t think life should be about depriving yourself but I want to be healthy and attractive. Is there ever a solution to this big philosophical question?

Thank you so much for your heartfelt question, and we completely understand where you are coming from. This is why so many people are fans of the HCG diet. You think you are enjoying foods now, but we would bet that much of what you say is pleasure in eating is really little more than satisfying your cravings for unhealthy foods. Once you begin to eat the way that nature intended, your enjoyment of food is going to skyrocket. If you think you are happy eating now … just wait. With HCG, you do not have to deprive yourself because while you are breaking your addition to eating poorly, HCG is controlling your appetite. When you are done with your shots program, you will not feel at all deprived because you will now be craving those foods that your body, deep down desires. This is why so many of our clients like you have come to us in search of where to get HCG injections in Seattle WA only to discover a genuine love of food and ever increasing motivation to lead a healthier life, for themselves and for their loved ones.

We know you probably have many more questions than we have discussed here and that you would like to have a more thorough explanation of all the details, so please do give us a call on the toll-free number at the top of this page. We look forward to hearing from you.