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Are HCG Injections Legal for Use in Weight Loss?

Are HCG Injections Legal

You may be wondering about the legalities of purchasing HCG injections from a doctor. That is understandable since there has been quite a debate about the use of the HCG diet to help people lose up to a pound a day. Questioning are HCG injections legal for sale by a doctor is easily answered with a resounding YES! Doctors in the US have been prescribing HCG injections for decades.

Further questioning are HCG injections for weight loss legal brings a different type of answer. Medications that are approved for sale typically fit into one of two categories:

  • Authorized or approved use
  • “Off-label” use

Off-label use means that the doctor believes there are other benefits besides the standard approved use of the medication for the individual it is being prescribed for at that time. In the case of HCG injections, they have been long approved for the treatment of infertility in women and as hormone therapy in men.

Back in the 1950’s, it was discovered that HCG used in conjunction with a very low-calorie diet could initiate rapid weight loss with reduced side effects from the standard calorie restriction dieting that some people use. This is considered to be an “off-label” use of HCG shots.

How Do You Get Legal HCG Injections?

Men and women who want to lose weight rapidly often search the internet to find the answer to are HCG shots legal, or should the homeopathic HCG drops being sold online and in stores be purchased instead. First of all, anything sold over the counter without a doctor’s prescription that claims to be HCG is illegal. Real HCG can only come from a pharmacy, and is only available by prescription as an injectable.

That is why yes is the answer to are HCG injections legal. As long as you work with a doctor, and he or she prescribes this medication in the belief that it can help you in some way, you can purchase these injections for use.

You will need to complete a comprehensive medical history questionnaire to ensure that you are a candidate for using this treatment. A medical consultation will also be required. Strict adherence to whatever guidelines are provided by the doctor is also required.

Where to Get Legal HCG Injections

By asking are HCG injections legal in the US, and following all directions as prescribed, you can get HCG with a doctor’s prescription that will be safe to use. What is not legal is purchasing HCG off of unregulated internet sources that do not require a prescription. Any product is subject to confiscation in the shipping process.

Weight Loss Medical Center is a US provider of HCG injections. We are a medical company that works with men and women throughout the country. Complimentary consultations are provided to anyone interested in learning more about legal HCG shots and how they can be of benefit in his or her life.