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HCG Diet Reviews

Weight Loss Medical Center is not only a fully licensed medical clinic with experienced doctors who write HCG prescriptions but we are also an environment that provides our clients with respect, service and support. It is for this reason that hundreds of our clients wrote us so many great HCG Diet Reviews after they finished their diet program with us. They loved the fact that we treated them like individuals and not numbers. We value the Reviews for HCG Diet that we received and we want all of our clients to know that we are not the success story here…they are! We can provide a client with all of the support in the world, but it takes the will power and dedication of our clients for them to truly reach the weight loss goal that they set for themselves. Although our staff appreciates the wonderful things that people say about us we still believe that there are so many more people out there who need to feel the powerful effects of our HCG weight loss injections. If you are someone who needs a weight loss diet clinic that can give you proven results then we hope that after reading some of our HCG Diet Reviews that you give us a call so that we can make you a believer as well.

HCG Diet Plan Reviews

Our clients shared with the world how our weight loss clinic gave them the support that they needed to continue on their diet and they additionally loved how our vitamin supplements gave them the energy they needed to finish their program without feeling sluggish, depressed, hungry or agitated. We received HCG Diet Plan Reviews from people throughout the US who spoke of their excitement and honor to be a part of a diet system that worked when every other diet they have tried failed them. They understand the power of our HCG injections and how our Vitamin B12 plus vitamin complex helps to generate the energy that they would need while on such a low calorie diet. We were grateful for the HCG Diet Plan Reviews we received and we have no doubt that we will have many more to come in the next year. Caring for our clients means more to us than simply selling a product. We understand the importance of feeling your best, looking great and being healthy. If you have a family that depends on you, or if you simply care about your own wellbeing, then you owe it to yourself to do what is necessary to lose the weight that might be holding you back.

Reviews for HCG Diet

There are not many diet programs out there that are so successful that they have clients raving about how well the program worked for them. In our Reviews for HCG Diet we were amazed to see that people who tried everything found major success in our HCG diet weight loss program. We had women who struggled with their self-esteem writing us to praise the success of our HCG diet program and to tell us how it changed their lives. Additionally, we had men and women who wrote us to thank us for helping them lose weight because their weight was creating a health problem for them. Most people who came to our HCG clinics were people just like you who were looking for a solution to their weight loss problem that would provide results that matter. A weight loss program with foods that taste great but no other properties to help you lose weight is not enough and our Reviews for HCG Diet showed that our clients were quite happy with our combination of HCG and vitamin supplements because they all work the entire system of the client when fighting fat. Fat does not stand a chance when you have a combination like that!

HCG Diet Reviews for Women

We were completely thrilled with all of the amazing reviews that we received from women all over the US. We were happy because it felt great to see that our HCG injections could make such a major difference in the lives of others. Our HCG Diet Reviews for Women will be an excellent resource for women who are considering HCG injections for weight loss because the reviews were written by women who needed something that would work fast. A woman has to balance family, career, health and so many other factors in her life. Unfortunately, she sometimes fails to put herself first and, as a result, her weight and health begins to suffer. Our HCG Diet Program is set up to assist a woman with her dieting needs by making sure that she has the support, vitamin supplements and meal plan that she needs to lose weight in the shortest amount of time. In our Reviews for HCG Diet 2012 we saw that women love our HCG diet weight loss program because it works fast to burn the stored fat that accumulates in a woman’s abdomen, hips and waist. Additionally, after women finish our 42-day weight loss program they are astonished at the fact that they continue losing weight and that they rarely, if ever, gain the weight back. We are constantly researching dieting trends and how certain medical advances utilize natural methods to losing weight. We pride ourselves on our Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) because it is made of the human hormone and it assists the body to use what it already has to lose weight. It doesn’t feed man-made medications into a person to help them lose weight. Additionally, it is FDA approved and it is safe. When women take our HCG injections with our Vitamin B12 plus vitamin complex they are always excited to see how they can finish our entire diet program without feeling overly hungry or tired even though they are on our low calorie diet plan. No wonder women love our HCG diet weight loss program so much. Our diet program works, gives you the results you are looking for and it’s natural. You can’t get any better than that. If you don’t believe us, then simply read our HCG Diet Real People Reviews and see for yourself how our HCG diet program is changing the face of weight loss programs everywhere. If you want to be a part of the weight loss revolution and find our weight loss clinic near you then call us at the number listed above or fill out our contact form on this page and one of our clinical advisors will call you. With our HCG clinics serving clients all over the United States, our HCG Diet Reviews for Women were just what we needed to see in order to understand the impact our HCG diet plan was having on females trying to lose weight. We are thankful that our clients shared with the world their satisfaction with our HCG injections no matter where they were located.

HCG Diet Results Reviews

We are proud to say that in our HCG Diet Results Reviews one of the biggest things that our clients said that they loved after completing their HCG Diet Weight Loss program was the fact that their face and skin looked great. Most weight loss programs leave a person looking sickly after the program is done because after they lose a lot of weight in their face it leaves the skin on the face wrinkled and dull. This occurs typically because the fat in the face has diminished so fast that the skin did not have time to slowly gain elasticity to meet its new size. To meet this challenge, we have HCG partnered with our vitamin supplements to make sure that the HCG works with the metabolism of a person to burn the abnormal fat in the stomach, waist and hip area without altering the fat in needed areas like the joints and face. Our vitamin supplements serve our clients by keeping their immune system strong and building their energy level so that they can continue looking and feeling their best. Our HCG Diet Reviews were stellar because our clients appreciated the fact that we combined natural and healthy ingredients to make sure that they lost weight fast without sacrificing their skin elasticity or complexion. Additionally, we have clients who were excited about the fact that our HCG helped to either eliminate or improve prior health conditions such as high cholesterol or heart disease. By working with our HCG diet weight loss program, which includes a very low calorie diet, many clients found that they not only lost weight but they also improved their eating habits by eliminating the fatty foods that they once consumed. When the unhealthy foods changed to healthy low calorie meals our clients began to see their cholesterol go down and their risk of heart disease reduce. Additionally our HCG Diet Results Reviews show that a lot of our clients increased their energy level as a result of our vitamin supplement and, as a result, became more active. You can’t go wrong with our HCG diet weight loss plan because it serves the complete person, not just one half.

HCG Diet Reviews for Men

We were so happy to see that men were particularly happy with their HCG diet results in our HCG Diet Reviews for Men. They thought that they could not see results in the same amount of time as the women because of the HCG hormone. What they stated that they learned while on our HCG diet was that the HCG was a natural hormone that was more associated with adrenaline and testosterone. This was beneficial because they learned that the HCG was not a sex related hormone that would make them more feminine. The men on our HCG diet weight loss plan began to see that they lost weight faster than the women and for this they were very excited! Our HCG Diet Plan Reviews are very comforting to most men who read those reviews because they have an opportunity to see for themselves that other men have found success with our HCG diet. We don’t have to sell our HCG diet plan to consumers because we are finding that more and more people are coming to us through word of mouth and they are hoping to see the same results for themselves that they see in their friends or family members who worked our HCG diet plan. We can say that some of the best HCG Diet Injections Reviews came from men who saw the diet plan work for their wives and they wanted to see if it would produce the same results in them. How happy they were to see that they succeeded and that now they can look just as great as their wives on a daily basis. Additionally, many men wanted to maintain an active lifestyle as they got older and they needed to lose weight in order to keep up with their children or grandchildren. Once they completed our HCG diet program they found that they were even more active than they were prior to gaining additional weight. We love our HCG Diet Reviews for Men because it gave us a chance to see that men are benefiting from our product and services every day throughout the US.

HCG Weight Loss Diet Reviews

We have so many HCG Weight Loss Diet Reviews that we want to share with you. We value what everyone has to say about our HCG diet weight loss plan and we want them to know that we appreciate them taking the time out of their lives to tell us how much they actually recognize the value of what we have done to change their lives through HCG weight loss. Unfortunately, we simply can’t share all of the HCG Diet Plan Reviews because if we did we would have a never ending supply of emails listed from all over the US on this page. People from New York NY to Seattle WA sending their words of support, appreciation and gratitude for our HCG weight loss program and how it changed everything about their life. We welcome you to please feel free to read The Real HCG Diet Reviews that we have selected to share with you on this page. We are sure that when you read some of the reviews you will find a little bit of yourself in some of the lives of the people who shared their problems with their weight and their desire to find a solution. The following HCG Weight Loss Diet Reviews will not only give you further insight into our HCG diet weight loss plan, but it will also show you how our HCG diet gives proven results. You just can’t beat that.

Our HCG Diet Reviews:

Tina B. in Charlotte NC wrote:

I am not really a huge fan of writing HCG Diet Plan Reviews, or any other review for that matter. Still, I have to take the time to let you know how much the HCG Diet means to me and my family. I was at least 80 lbs overweight and I didn’t have the energy to go to any of my children’s functions at school or even go out with my own husband. I felt so ashamed to allow my weight to get so out of hand the way that it did. I felt lazy after a while and I even got depressed because I just didn’t see how anything could turn my life around. It’s not that I didn’t care anymore, it’s just that I didn’t have what it took to get up and get started on a diet program that could work. Well, one day I heard a physician from one of your HCG diet clinics here in Charlotte NC talking on the radio about HCG Diet Injections to lose weight and I was astonished! I had never heard of such a thing and I was very intrigued with the notion that injections would help me at this late stage. Gaining weight was easy, but losing it was going to be a major problem and I knew it. After listening to the interview I went online to do more research and found that it was natural and fairly painless. The thing I liked the most was that it also got rid of weight fast. I wanted to see results in a short amount of time because I honestly believed that it was the only way I could believe that someone like me could lose weight with a diet program. I contacted your clinic here in Charlotte and your clinical staff was so polite and patient with me. I needed that. In a short amount of time I received your HCG weight loss kit and I started taking the injections and to my surprise I felt great. I thought during the six week program that I would be hungry enough to drop the diet but I wasn’t. If I needed further support your staff was always there to answer my questions and guide me. I didn’t even mind the injections because the needles were so small. I began to see results in just TWO DAYS and my family noticed after one week. The moment I began to drop weight I noticed that my attitude got much better and my energy level was much higher. When the program was over, I lost over 49 lbs and my body looked so much better. I loved the program so much I did it again and lost another 36 lbs. Needless to say, I look great, I feel the best ever and I owe it all to you. I truly tell people that the HCG diet saved my life. Both my family and I truly can’t thank you enough!

Ed P. in San Francisco CA wrote:

My name is Ed and I live in San Francisco CA with my sister. My sister and I have always been a little overweight throughout our lives and it wasn’t until last year that she decided to do something about it. She went on your HCG diet weight loss plan and she lost so much weight in such a short amount of time. When her HCG diet program ended she continued looking great and she never picked the weight back up. It got to a point that people didn’t even believe we were related anymore because she looked so trim and healthy while I looked so out of shape. She suggested that I try the program out. Well, after seeing how it helped her, I decided it would be worth the try. Long story short, I went on the HCG diet and was amazed at how fast I began to lose weight. I didn’t think it was possible because I had lived a life of being overweight for so long. I really didn’t think there was a diet program that existed that could change my life like this. I lost my weight and I started caring about my eating habits, which was new for me. I was so proud of my new look that I wanted to maintain it with the HCG diet meal plan that the HCG clinic here in San Francisco suggested I use while I was on the diet program. Now I feel as great as I look and my sister and I actually look as if we are related again. I don’t know how the HCG diet did it but I’m so glad that I tried it because now I am active again and I look very fit. It’s not every day that I become a believer in something like this because there are so many diet programs that promised to help me lose weight but couldn’t. It wasn’t until I tried the HCG diet program that I realized that there is another side to me that is actually fun, happy and full of life. My sister and I are totally different people now and we both love it. I wish I could have done the diet at the same time that she did it because we could have gone through the process together, but although we did it alone, we are both looking and feeling great. If you ever have an HCG Diet Shots Reviews I would love to send you something that will tell others just how much of a life changer you are. Thanks again.

Karen C. in Chicago IL wrote:

I don’t know if you have any HCG Diet Plan Reviews on your website, but if you do please allow me to share how your HCG diet worked for me. Last year two major things happened for me. First, I got a new job and moved to Chicago IL. Second, I had a baby and, as a result, I just couldn’t lose my extra weight around my stomach area. I tried everything from juice diets to starving myself and nothing worked. I’d lose a little but never enough to make a major difference. I wanted to give up on all diet plans until my friend who lives overseas told me about your diet program. She tried it while in the US on a two month vacation and she said that by the time she went back home her friends and family swore she left parts of her body in the US. She said that thanks to your diet program she did indeed leave a major part of her here in the states. I was encouraged to try the HCG diet program because if she could lose significant weight in less than two months then I wanted to see what it could do for me. After I started the program I was surprised to see that I could self-administer those injections for HCG and the vitamins on my own. It was easy and the meals were actually delicious. I didn’t think I would lose weight so fast but I found that it seemingly dropped off when I stuck to the plan as suggested. My belly got flatter and my hips even dropped a size smaller. My clothes look great on me and I’m proud to say that I’ll be going to the beach and wearing a two-piece bathing suit this summer. I feel like I want to show my stomach off to everyone because I know what it used to look like. I’m so proud that my body can look like it did before I had my daughter. This has to be the absolute Best HCG Diet ever and I don’t have a problem sharing it with my friends who are complaining that they can’t find a diet program that works. There is no way that I would have figured that the program would show results so fast but it did. I didn’t have to do a million sit-ups or spend half of my day at the gym. I don’t have time for that with a baby who has me very busy. I do, however, have time to let you know that your HCG diet plan is the best!

Lisa W. in Salt Lake City UT wrote:

I live in Salt Lake City UT and I have always been a bit nervous about going to the pool. My body was not always in the best of shape and I was not really interested in showing off something I wasn’t very proud of. I often envied women who were able to wear bathing suits no matter what their body looked like because I knew that I could never do that. I always wondered what other people would think or say about me if they saw me in a swimsuit with the body that I had at the time. I never really dieted before and I was always a skeptic when it came to diet programs that claimed it could help me lose a lot of weight fast. I just didn’t think it was humanly possible to drop weight in a day. Oh well, in time that changed. One day I was online researching different diet programs and I came across a few HCG Diet Program Reviews from regular people like me who needed something to help turn their life around. After reading the HCG Diet Reviews I decided that it wouldn’t hurt anything to give it a try so I called and spoke with one of the clinical advisors. They were able to really help me understand how the HCG diet could benefit me and how it was possible to help me lose my weight fast. They sent the entire HCG weight loss kit and then instructed me on how to handle the injections. I really wanted to see a difference in my body so I stuck with the program and I did everything they told me to do regarding the 700 calorie diet. It had to be the best thing for me because it changed my body and most of all, it changed how I look at myself. I had never been very proud of my body and I never wore clothing that showed what my true size was. I only wore big sizes and I thought it was my way of concealing my true body. Instead, I realize that it was just me trying to hide from everyone else. When I finished the HCG diet I found joy in my body for the first time. I went shopping and bought clothing that showed off something that I was now proud of. I can’t say enough about this diet. You turned how I feel about myself around for the better. Thank you!

Tiana W. in Paterson NJ wrote:

I live in Paterson NJ and I need you to promise me that if you ever share any of your HCG Diet Testimonials that you will share my story! I was suffering from high cholesterol and one day my doctor told me that if I did not lower my weight and cholesterol that it might eventually cause serious problems for me. I didn’t know what to do because my biggest problem, more than my weight and cholesterol, was my desire to eat fried foods. It was like an addiction that I just couldn’t fight. Even though my health was suffering, I still couldn’t stop eating the very foods that were killing me. I would eat and cry at the same time because I just didn’t have the strength to do anything about my sickness. Finally, my doctor shared with me your HCG diet program and told me that it would be great because it would not only help me lose weight but it would also help me learn how to eat a more healthy and disciplined diet. I had no choice but to give it a shot. Long story short, when I first started on my HCG weight loss kit I almost cried because I knew that there was no way I could eat my favorite fried foods with your low 700 calorie diet meals. I honestly didn’t think I would make it through the 42-days allotted for the HCG diet. I guess at that point I moved forward because I really didn’t have much of a choice. My health was getting worse and my addiction was slowly killing me. After three and a half weeks into the HCG diet I began to slowly feel the effects of the vitamin supplements and my energy was amazing. I didn’t know if I felt great because of my new eating habit or because of the vitamin supplements. Either way, I still missed my fried foods, but somehow I didn’t crave them like I used to. I got into the habit of eating the foods that the clinical advisors suggested I eat on the low calorie diet meal plan and continued eating those same foods even after the diet program was over. I tried to cheat a few times and eat a few of my old favorite fried foods but somehow they just didn’t taste the same. I felt much better and after a while I found myself finding comfort in my new way of life. My doctor even told me that my cholesterol had dropped significantly. The HCG diet saved my life. I hate sounding dramatic, but it’s true. Thank you so very much for your diet program. If anyone reads the HCG Diet Plan Reviews in your clinic, I truly believe my story will help someone out there like me.

Susan L. in New Orleans LA wrote:

I don’t know if you realize it but you have one of the best HCG doctors in the world. I spoke with Brandi, who is one of your clinical associates, for days and I read hundreds of positive Reviews for HCG Diet before I finally decided to move forward with the HCG diet program. I’m so glad I did because when your clinical diet doctor here in New Orleans reviewed my medical history prior to my starting the program they realized that there was something in my history that I didn’t even know about. I had a simple hereditary condition that started with my great grandmother. When the HCG doctor found this they had my clinical advisor contact me so that I could bring this to the attention of my primary care physician. When I told my doctor about my interest in going on the HCG diet plan they spoke with the clinical doctor and together a plan was worked out that fit my individual needs. I would think that most diet doctors would have just wrote a prescription and sent me on my way without even really looking at my medical history. I was so pleased to see that the HCG diet clinical doctor cared enough to review my information and see if the HCG diet could work for me. I really believe when you all say that you care about the safety of your clients. I went on the HCG diet for around six weeks and I lost weight and I never felt better. My health was fine and the clinical staff even called me to see how I was doing after the program ended. I have never felt so supported in all my life. Your diet doctors at your clinic are truly the best and if you ever do any HCG Diet Doctors Reviews then please let me know because I will gladly share my situation. Thank you for your support and thank you for my new body.

Mike E. in St. Louis MO wrote:

Living in St. Louis MO all of my life, I grew up with an entire family that loves to compete with one another. Our biggest competition is always food and who can cook certain meals the best. Every weekend someone cooks a feast and invites the entire family over to share a meal fit for a king. That’s just how important this is for my family. The food is always great, but it got to a point that it wasn’t so great on my body. I’m not the kind of guy that goes to the gym all day to look fit and trim and I’m not the kind of guy that will simply starve myself just to look a certain way. This became a real problem for me because I needed to lose weight but couldn’t figure out how. One day I confided in a female friend of mine who went on your HCG diet program and looked really good. When I told her my issue with weight loss she told me about your HCG diet program with the vitamin B12 and she showed me a few HCG Diet Reviews from other people. The reviews helped! My biggest problem was trying to figure out how I could go on a 700 calorie diet with a family like mine. I didn’t think it was possible and my family even laughed when I told them about my new low calorie diet. I even began to ask myself the question Does HCG Diet Works? I didn’t think I’d make it but to my surprise it was fairly easy to do! No doubt I had my share of challenges when my family held their weekly cooking extravaganzas and I actually missed most of them. I really wanted to do this for myself and it was worth it to miss high calorie dinners in exchange for feeling and looking better. I had a personal clinical adviser named Edward who did a great job of guiding me through each step of the program. That alone shocked me, but I guess the biggest shock of all was when I began to see my body change in a short amount of time! In my personal HCG Diet Plan Reviews, I’d recommend the HCG diet to anyone ready to make a change! It really works, no matter what challenges you will be up against. Take it from me.

Carole T. in Colorado Springs CO wrote:

I recently had my high school class reunion here in Colorado Springs CO and everyone kept whispering about one main event: ME! I had so many people approach me and ask my secret for looking so good after all these years. I told them I didn’t have one, when in honesty I truly did. I was at least 25 lbs overweight just a couple months before the reunion and I wanted to lose my weight before the event. I got on the HCG diet and I stayed with the program until it was over. My body was so much smaller and it looked so amazing that I had to go and buy a brand new outfit just to accommodate my new size. My big secret that night was that I started an HCG Diet for Weight Loss plan that melted my body fat away in days. I began to eat right, and I did my injections as instructed and I was amazed by the results. It didn’t take forever for me to see my body change and it felt great to look in the mirror and see a new side to me that I never knew. Although I did the HCG diet to look great for my reunion, I have continued to stick with it long after the reunion was over. I thought I cared about what everyone at my reunion thought about my new body but instead I was the happiest person in the room because I achieved a goal that I set for myself. It was not difficult and it didn’t take long. I was most happy about the idea that I could see results in a couple of days, and you know what, I actually DID see a difference. The reason I’m sharing my HCG Diet Reviews is because this turned my world around and now I will never be the same!

Michelle W. in Tampa FL wrote:

I am a Tampa FL resident and I found a major plus with the HCG Diet Benefits! My self-esteem wasn’t very high when I was a teenager and unfortunately it didn’t get any better for me as an adult. I tried to improve my self esteem with make-up, fancy clothing and things like that but it didn’t help. As it turns out, I have always been self conscious about my weight and I tried my best to ignore the reality that I was just not happy with the body that I had for so many years. I was a chunky little girl, a big teenager and a plus size adult. No reason for me to feel great about that. I finally listened to a friend who told me about the HCG diet years ago. I wanted to believe that such a wonderful program could exist but it almost sounded too good to be true. Well, after another year of my friend bugging me to try the HCG diet, in addition to my coming across pretty impressive HCG Diet Plan Reviews, I finally gave in and made the call. I got my entire HCG weight loss kit and I spoke with the clinical advisor about the diet meal that was suggested as a part of the HCG diet plan. I wasn’t too happy about the low calorie diet but I figured it was worth a try considering I didn’t have anything to lose at the time. I will admit that the 42-day commitment was attractive to me because that wasn’t a lot of time. I thought if after 42 days this doesn’t work then at least my friend would leave me alone about it. I stayed with the program and did all that I was asked to do and sure enough, after 42 days I lost 21 lbs! I did NOT expect that and it felt so good to feel good, if that makes any sense. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel so big and heavy. I felt like I could wear prettier clothing and I felt more feminine. I would suggest this program to anyone who wants to see a change fast. The length of the HCG diet program doesn’t take long but the results and impact it makes on you can last a lifetime!

Paul Z. in Westfield MA wrote:

I have a business that I run here in Westfield MA and I rarely have time to do anything but work. Considering the fact that I am so busy, I rarely have time to eat right. I’ll eat on the road, in any open fast food spot that I can get to because I want to keep it moving when I have a tight schedule. I’m sure you know where this is going. After a few months of this lifestyle I ended up gaining way more weight than I am comfortable carrying. I meet with clients so my appearance is very important. I began to look sloppy and that reduced my confidence, which is no good because that reduced my bottom line. I needed to get rid of my extra weight as soon as possible because my business didn’t stop just because I gained weight. I learned about the HCG Diet Plan from one of my associates who told me that the program helped him in just a couple of weeks. True, he didn’t have much weight to lose, but he said that it would work no matter how much weight a person had. Well, he was right. I got on the diet plan right away and sure enough I saw results right away. I lost weight and I changed my eating habits. When I started looking better, I started to feel better. For that, I didn’t want to go back to the old way that I lived of eating at fast food spots when I was hungry. I took extra time out of my day to prepare meals that mirrored the meals I ate while on the HCG diet. My Reviews for HCG Diet are so high because I feel the HCG diet was worth every penny and I have no doubt that my business will continue to do well. How can my business fail when the business owner looks so great? My clients are happy because I keep them happy. That would be hard to do if I wasn’t happy myself. Thanks, guys!

Megan H. in Troy NY wrote:

My name is Megan and I currently live in Troy NY. I have dedicated over fifteen years to my career as a food critic and at one point in my life it began to take a serious toll on my weight. In my profession I had to test foods which were rich in sauces and high in fat. They taste great but it did not do anything beneficial for my body. I needed to lose weight but I needed to keep my job as well, so I couldn’t imagine how I was going to do this until I found your HCG diet program online. With HCG I found that I could go on the injection diet and lose weight while the clinical associates helped me to balance the foods I critiqued with the foods that were not so high in fat. The balance saved my body and, eventually, my health. It meant a lot to find a program that was willing to teach me how to take better care of myself, all while providing me with the HCG and vitamins that I needed to get my body back in shape. I look great and I feel absolutely, positively amazing. I can’t imagine giving anything but the best HCG Diet Reviews because I wouldn’t trade this feeling in for the world. The best part is that when I had to travel, I didn’t have to worry about being able to get in touch with my clinical advisor because your clinics are located everywhere! Thanks for everything!

Ezra P. in New Britain CT wrote:

I’m a mother of five and I work full time. I think you can imagine the time constraints that I must have on any free time in my life. I used to eat whatever I could get my hands on because I was more focused on feeding my kids and getting them to bed on time. During the day, I spent my time working at a job that required my sitting all day. I even took my lunches at my desk instead of leaving the office to get my meals. Even though my life was pretty much the same every day, my weight was changing. I began to gain extra pounds that seemed to increase per day and I didn’t know how to change it. I couldn’t go on the kind of diet that required me to cut my meals because I would lose needed energy. For the sake of my kids and my job I needed to stay alert and energized at all times. Eventually, I learned about the HCG diet plan through a few HCG Diet Reviews that I came across online and I was interested because it seemed like a plan that worked fast. I wanted to see results right away and I needed to get started so that I could move on with my life. After a few weeks on the HCG diet I was pleased to see that I not only lost a lot of weight but that I didn’t lose my level of energy, even though I was on the HCG meal plan that called for a very low calorie diet. The clinical doctor here at the New Britain HCG clinic prescribed these vitamin supplements that I would inject and they kept me feeling great while I ate fewer calories. This plan worked for me because I truly feared that if I ate a low calorie diet that I would lose energy or become grouchy to my kids and co-workers. How wonderful it was to lose weight in such a short amount of time, feel as good as I did and learn how to eat better so that I didn’t have to worry about gaining the weight back. I truly love this diet plan and I would recommend it to anyone.

Cassandra S. in Wauwatosa WI wrote:

My name is Cassandra and I have lived in Wauwatosa WI for over 12 years now. I had to write you and tell you in my own Reviews for HCG Diet just how much I appreciate your diet program! My friend and I decided to finally go on a diet and, in an effort to support one another, we decided to do it together. I went on the HCG diet and she decided to go on a different one. Making a long story short, I finished my HCG diet plan in a couple of months and lost 22 lbs while she was STILL on her diet and she actually GAINED more weight. During the diet phase she was sluggish and moody while I was happy and feeling wonderful. She is now switching to the HCG diet and she’s pretty certain that it will get her the desired look that she wants. She said that I was an example of how effective the HCG diet was and that it was all she needed to become a new believer. I’m so glad I went with the HCG diet. I lost my weight and to this day I still look great and my weight has not come back. I can’t figure out why anyone would go with any other diet plan. This plan really works and I didn’t have to do like my friend and wait several months before I lost only a couple of pounds. The HCG diet cuts straight to the point of helping me keep off the weight and I don’t know how I could have done it without you all!

Margaret C. in Burlington VT wrote:

It’s not easy for me to admit this but I was once very ashamed of my body. I refused to go swimming at pool parties and I refused to let my own husband see me naked during the day. I was afraid that I would be judged because my body was so flabby and I didn’t think there was anything I could do about it. I tried working out, but it took so long and so much of an effort only to see that I had years to go before I would see the results of my workouts. I was exhausted, discouraged and slowly becoming angry with myself for even allowing my body to get so out of hand. My husband tried to comfort me and assure me that he loved me and my body no matter what but it didn’t matter to me. I did not feel confident in my body and as a result, I lacked confidence in myself. One day I saw a commercial for the HCG weight loss diet and there were people giving their own HCG Diet Reviews. It was then that I decided to call. I’m so glad that I did because it changed everything about my life. I had the full support of your HCG clinical staff even though I did everything online. It felt wonderful because my prescriptions were mailed to me and I was able to get started on the program without wasting any time. I value my experience because it taught me that I have the will power to change my life. I additionally value my HCG diet because it taught me that there is something out there that could turn my body into something that I could be proud of. I didn’t expect the body of a skinny model, and I didn’t want that. I got, instead, a body that I was proud of and that defined me. It means a lot to me that this body came as a result of your product and my determination to look different and feel different. I am now proud of who I am and what I have. My husband is also happy with my new results. I plan on doing everything possible to keep my new look. It won’t be difficult to do since my HCG diet plan continues working even after the program has ended. I’m no longer ashamed. I thank you for that.

Gina K. in Jackson MS wrote:

I’m a resident in Jackson MS and I must admit that I have always been apprehensive about typical diet programs because they all claim to be the best and to take off lots of weight in a short amount of time. However, after going online and researching different diet programs I came across some HCG Diet Reviews for your diet program on your Weight Loss Medical Center site. Once again, I was hesitant because I still didn’t know much about the program. It took me days to read all of your information about your HCG diet program online, but when I finally finished, I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did! I couldn’t believe that I actually saw results in one week! I lost a pound a day and everyone at my job noticed how good I was beginning to look. I was so excited about this program that I told my friends, who like me were trying to lose weight. I mean, why keep a good thing a secret? We even started a “diet pool” to support new HCG dieters in our office. It’s been almost five months now and I’m finding that I don’t even have a desire to eat the same unhealthy foods that I used to eat. I’m more disciplined in my eating and I actually feel satisfied with the amount of food I take in each day. I never thought I would say this, but this is the best diet program ever because it does exactly what it says it will do. It works!

Chuck E. from Gadsden AL wrote:

I’m a coach for a group of boys here in Gadsden AL. Unfortunately, even though I’m a coach I still eat crappy fast food because I don’t have time to cook. Between practice and the games, both at home and away, I just focused more on them than myself. My weight really started to show my lifestyle and I was beginning to feel sluggish even though I was busy. Long story short, after a LOT of asking around, someone told me about HCG injections for weight loss. Just to be extra certain, I read a few HCG Diet Reviews before I tried the HCG program. Once I learned all I needed to know, I started the HCG diet program and I was definitely satisfied with my results. The best part was that I learned how to eat healthier. Now, I’m feeling great and I have enough energy to really work the boys on perfecting their game.

Pam R. in Nashville TN wrote:

I was always a pretty normal size, meaning I wasn’t too big or too small. I was more like in the middle. I felt lucky because I could eat whatever I wanted and I didn’t really gain much weight as a result. I didn’t even think about weight because it was not an issue for me. In addition to all of this, I live in Nashville TN where it is very humid and warm so showing off your body is not abnormal around here. I didn’t have a problem with this until I got pregnant with my second child. After my pregnancy, I couldn’t lose my extra pounds. It didn’t seem to take long before my weight got out of hand and I was never the same afterwards. I definitely cried a lot. I wanted to look like my old self and I wanted to feel like the old me. I didn’t know if it was the baby blues or me having the blues over my weight. Either way, I began to feel such a depression that I had to seek medical attention because I just couldn’t pull myself through it on my own. My doctor finally shared with me some HCG Diet Reviews that revealed the power of your HCG diet program. I didn’t know much about HCG injections at that time, but after going online and reading for myself how others loved the benefits of your injectable HCG I was eager to give it a try. Needless to say, I lost the weight so fast that my husband decided to give it a try himself! It changed everything for me. I feel terrible knowing that my weight made me so unhappy but I feel great knowing that I changed it with the help of HCG injections. Now, I’m ready to face whatever comes my way with a look and attitude that is unstoppable. Thanks Weight Loss Medical Center!

Kevin S. from Galveston TX told us:

I live in Galveston TX with my wife who loves to cook! Well, needless to say, I gained a lot of weight from her high calorie meals. I tried to lose the weight the traditional way by simply starving myself, but it only made me feel depressed for so many reasons. One day I confided in a friend who lost weight with the HCG weight loss program, seemingly overnight! I told her my issue with weight loss and she shared with me a group of HCG Diet Plan Reviews that talked about the benefit of the HCG diet. I didn’t really care about what I was required to do to lose the weight, I just wanted it gone. Well, to my surprise it was easy to do! I actually had a personal clinical adviser and doctors who specialize in the HCG diet program guiding me through each step of the program. They actually cared enough to help me out. That alone shocked me, but I guess the biggest shock of all was when I began to see my body change in a short amount of time! I’d recommend the HCG and B12 injections to anyone ready to make a change!

Patricia T. in Virginia Beach VA wrote:

I’ve been an at home mom here in Virginia Beach VA for most of my life and I have been overweight for years. I didn’t really think much of it until one day my son watched a program about whales and then came into my room and asked me if I was hot because I had extra fat like a whale. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh because he was only 5 years old and I know he didn’t mean to sound….well, mean. I heard something for the first time that I didn’t hear before and that was that I need to do what is necessary to take care of myself. After listening to a few HCG Diet Reviews from friends, I immediately jumped on the HCG injections to lose weight. I was interested in the HCG diet because I wanted a diet program that would not take forever before I saw results. I wanted to change my body, even if it was only a few pounds. I didn’t want my son to see me and compare me to a beached whale anymore. After working the HCG diet plan I lost a lot of fat and I was even more active around the house. I played with my kids more and I realized that I was truly the best example that they could have when it comes to taking care of yourself. Eventually, my son forgot about the incident, but of course, I never did. I wanted to always remember the event that made me decide to do something about the weight that I had picked up over the years. It amazed me that it took over 16 years to gain all of my fat but with HCG injections I lost it in two months. It’s like a miracle because it took it off without my looking sick afterward. My skin looked better than ever and my body looked so much healthier. I wanted to let you know that both you and my son helped me to realize that dreams of looking better can come true if you just work the program. Thank you so much.

Edith U. in Newark OH wrote:

I’m a grandmother here in Newark OH and there was a time that I thought I was much too old to worry about my weight. That is until my doctor told me that if I did not lose weight, I wouldn’t be around much longer because it was putting pressure on my heart. I didn’t want to hear this because I couldn’t imagine not being around to see my grandchildren grow up. I knew that something had to be done and so I talked with one of my daughters and she told me of the HCG diet program that she had done a year ago. She told me that it worked wonders for her and that I should give it a try. After I went online and read the HCG Diet Reviews and HCG benefits for weight loss, I eventually called and got myself set up on the program. It wasn’t difficult to inject the HCG or vitamin B-12 because I took insulin shots for years. I actually didn’t even feel the injections at all. I didn’t know what to expect when I went on the HCG diet but I had my hopes that I would see results right away. When the doctor told me that he didn’t see me being around if I didn’t do something about my weight, it truly changed how I view things. I went on the HCG diet because I needed something to work right away. My health depended on it. It took around four weeks, but I began to notice major changes in my weight and in my breathing. I lost a lot of weight, my breathing was much better and my doctor, after checking my vitals, told me that I was not only looking much better but that my heart sounded much better, as well. I am now more active and I don’t get tired as fast as I used to prior to losing my weight. I feel better about my future and I am so grateful for that.

Stacy O. in Olathe KS wrote:

I am a college student here in Olathe KS and I have to walk all over the campus to get from one class to another. It can be very exhausting if you are not in shape and it can be even more stressful if you have to hurry so that you are not late for class. I was extremely overweight and I had to do exactly this! I had to get to class on foot and I couldn’t be late. Of course I was always late and the embarrassing thing about this was that when I would walk into class everyone would stop and stare at me. It was as if they knew that I couldn’t get to class because of my weight. My professors were not very sympathetic to my weight issue and they warned me that if I continued to be late that my grades would suffer. I couldn’t afford to have my grades drop because I was on a scholarship. I felt like I was cornered and I didn’t know how to make this situation either go away or improve. Well, one day I overheard a couple of women talking about a diet that they tried that worked miracles for them. That night I went home, went online and read everything about the HCG diet, including the HCG Diet Reviews. I then called the HCG clinic near me and they got me started on my HCG diet weight loss kit right away. I took my HCG diet very seriously because I knew that so much depended on my ability to lose weight as quickly as possible. In less than a few months, I lost almost 58 lbs! That made a huge difference in my life. I was able to be a lot more active, I got to my classes on time and I felt great. I have lost even more weight since the completion of my HCG diet program. This diet program saved my scholarship, my future and probably even my life. I couldn’t let a day go by that I didn’t tell you how much this meant to me. Thank you.

Karl M. in Flint MI wrote:

How do you say thank you to a diet program without sounding cheesy? I don’t know, but here goes. I am a swim coach here in Flint MI and my job is to teach youth how to compete with other swimmers in our area. My job became challenging because I had to take my shirt off in order to get into the pool and show my students how to do different swimming techniques. This did not go well because the students would be so distracted by my size that it was hard to get them to focus. Additionally, my size became a challenge for me because it was becoming difficult to do most of the exercise techniques with all of the excess weight that I carried. I knew that eventually I would have to do something about it. One day, one of the parents told me about the HCG injections diet program. I thought it was odd to have a diet program that gave injections but I figured it was at least worth checking out. I went online and researched everything I could about the HCG diet and I read a lot of positive HCG Diet Reviews. It was only then that I decided this would be a great idea for me. I’m so glad that I made this decision because it truly changed my life. I lost weight and I gained energy. Even while I was on the diet my energy level was high and I was able to do so much more than before. I learned how to make the best of my body and maneuver myself in the water. This was important because I needed to teach the students how to do the same thing. It was almost impossible to teach them when I couldn’t do it myself. The HCG injections helped me lose my weight and gain energy that I now use to do the best job I can as a swim coach. I love my results and I’m happy with how this all turned out.

Dolly I. in Spokane WA wrote:

I have always loved to bake donuts for my friends and family. They say that I’m so good at baking them that I should one day open a donut store right here in Spokane WA! This is all great but the big problem started when I became my own biggest fan and started eating so many donuts that my weight got completely out of control. I packed on more pounds than anything and it was all because of the donuts that I loved to both bake and eat. It wasn’t enough that I just make them for my friends and family, I ended up eating them instead of simply sharing them with others. I learned about the HCG program online when I was researching different ways to lose weight in a short amount of time. I loved the HCG Diet Reviews that I read and I was intrigued by the short length of time given for the HCG program. I hate the idea of spending my life on a diet so the HCG diet plan, which said it could help me lose weight in around six weeks sounded perfect. After going on the HCG diet I lost weight and best of all, I learned how to eat low calorie foods that helped me to keep the weight off. Now, I bake the world’s best low calorie donuts and I have a body that truly rocks! I am so happy and I can’t say thank you enough!

Clair E. in Reno NV wrote:

My name is Clair and I currently live in Reno NV. I wanted to write you and share with you my experience with your HCG injections diet. I had been telling myself for years that I was going to lose weight. I never really meant it, though. I only said that because it seemed like the right thing to say given that I so desperately needed to lose the weight. One day I was simply walking to the bus stop and I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest! I was so afraid that I was having a heart attack because of my size. Needless to say, this was the wake-up call that I needed. Suddenly, losing weight wasn’t just a thing for me to say, but now, it was a must for my life. I began looking online for different programs out there that would teach me how to lose weight fast. That’s when I discovered Dr. Simeon’s book called Pounds and Inches. It made a lot of sense to me right away. I put “HCG Reno NV” into my search engine because I knew this was the diet program that would work best for me. When I found out I could get everything I needed to do the HCG diet, the clinical associate sent my HCG weight loss kit right over to me, direct from your pharmacy. The diet did what it said it would and I lost 30 pounds in 30 days. That was enough to give me the resolve to keep going with the healthy eating that has now become a way of life for me. I don’t know if my genetics played a huge role in my being overweight or not but your HCG diet program and my own determination have allowed me to effectively control my weight. If you ever have a need for my HCG Diet Reviews I will be more than happy to share them with others.

Olla H. in Minot ND wrote:

My name is Olla and I am a client from your Minot ND HCG medical clinic. HCG medical weight loss is actually well known here in Minot, and diet clinics that offer it are easy enough to find thanks to all of the great HCG Diet Reviews from everyone who tried the program. I decided to do get my HCG injections online because I’m basically a private person and I also don’t have a lot of time to spend sitting in doctors’ offices waiting around. Jeff, the clinical associate I spoke to when I called, was incredibly courteous and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain everything I needed to know about the HCG weight loss program, as well as helping me to understand how the self-administered injections worked. Before I knew it, they mailed the HCG weight loss kit to my house and without hesitating, I got started right away. I couldn’t believe when I stepped on my scale in the bathroom one day and saw that after doing the program for only 19 days I had already lost 20 lbs! This more than exceeded my goal and I felt better than I had ever felt before. I didn’t expect those results and how wonderful it felt to lose weight and feel good doing it. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve completed the program and so far I have managed to keep the weight off. I would highly recommend this diet program to anyone interested in losing weight fast.

Rose P. in Lincoln NE wrote:

Hello. I live in Lincoln NE and I heard about your HCG shots for losing weight on a TV talk show. After they gave all of their HCG Diet Reviews, it was then and there that I knew I was going to try it out. A lot of the show’s audience members were commenting about how much weight they lost without being hungry. I always knew I needed to lose weight but it was so hard to find a diet program that I could trust. Somehow, this diet plan sounded like a program that others truly loved and that really gave results fast. I jumped up that day and I remember running to my computer and finding your nearest weight loss clinic right away. I was very eager to get started and I wanted to see for myself if the results could manifest so quickly for me. I’m happy to report to you that I was truly amazed to see that my extra pounds literally fell off. It’s about one year later and I have nothing but positive things to say about your HCG diet weight loss program. My weight is way down and I’m more active than ever.

Adele A. in Shelton CT wrote:

I hate to say this but my weight has been an issue for me since my youth and I tried a million diets over the years with very little success. I think in some ways I was starting to slowly give up on myself because I began to convince myself that it didn’t really matter what I looked like. I did everything I could to simply accept the way that I looked and I would even get angry when I felt others didn’t just accept me for my weight as well. Then my husband asked me if I was truly happy, not in our marriage but with my own life, and I can say that I thought about it for the first time. I wasn’t happy with myself and it took way too much work to try and convince others that I was. I wanted to feel good about myself and the way that I looked because I wanted to move on with my life in a way that was different and new. It didn’t take long for me to start researching the best weight loss program that would help me meet my goal quickly and, as a result, I decided the HCG diet plan was the way to go. Long story short, with your help, I met my goal and then some! I am not a size two, nor do I want to be, but I look and feel great! I have since shared your amazing diet program with others through my own HCG Diet Reviews that I post on my blog. I feel others should find the same joy that I have now found.

Pete J. in Philadelphia PA wrote:

I am a client of your HCG clinic in Philadelphia PA and I have to tell you how I got started on your program and what it did for me. When I first heard about the HCG injections for losing weight I was very skeptical. I wondered if the HCG injections could really help me lose weight. Then I wondered if it was a diet program that would be safe. I read a lot of HCG Diet Reviews online and saw that a lot of people were saying this is really the best weight loss program available today. I needed to do something to lose my weight so I just took a leap of faith and called the local HCG diet clinic here in PA and asked a few questions about the HCG diet program. After I got all of the answers I needed, I had the injections mailed to me and then I started on what soon became one of the best decisions of my life. I lost weight and it never came back long after the program was done. I thought diet programs were a waste of time but I was wrong about the HCG diet plan. It works fast and it was totally safe. I’m so glad I found you guys.

Laura J. in Moorhead MN wrote:

Throughout my life I have fallen victim to being a relentlessly obsessive yo-yo dieter. I say this because I could never seem to break the habit of sticking to a diet and succeeding in any diet programs. After I turned 36, I had finally gotten tired of the ups and downs of dieting. I was ready to see something new in my appearance and I didn’t want to continue falling victim to hit or miss diet plans. So I went online and googled HCG Weight Loss in Moorhead MN and found these amazing HCG Diet Reviews for the HCG diet. I promised myself I wouldn’t fall for another gimmick, and I’m happy to say you all proved to me that you are the real deal and that you can truly deliver on your promise to help folks lose weight fast! The HCG diet weight loss plan wasn’t easy, but I made it through without a desire to stop. My clinical advisor made me feel good throughout the process because he was always there to answer all my questions. I was able to lose weight and I kept it off long after the program ended. I’m happy to recommend Weight Loss Medical Center to anyone who wants to lose weight fast and keep it off forever.

Emily H. in Crystal Lake IL wrote:

I have to start off by saying that I absolutely love the HCG diet. It’s hard to imagine a diet plan that includes low calorie foods in my Mexican house-hold. Unfortunately, we have all struggled with our weight for years. We pass receipts of our Mexican meals around to one another and each receipt is loaded with ingredients that have fat in them. After a period of years, it was my doctor here in Crystal Lake IL who said I needed to lose weight quickly because of my increased blood pressure and unusually high cholesterol level. I asked around, and my friend gave me wonderful HCG Diet Reviews about her experience with the diet program. She suggested that I try the HCG weight loss program near my home. I called and I was really impressed with the clinical advisor. She was so helpful and she took the time to explain how the HCG diet program could help me not only lose weight, but also lower my cholesterol level. The HCG Diet Program has really worked for me and now I’m trying to create HEALTHY, low-calorie Mexican meals that we can all enjoy.

Stella G. in Binghamton NY wrote:

My name is Stella and I am from Binghamton NY. I can say that I never thought I had much of a weight problem until I started looking for a new job. It was a true reality check when the interviewers would look at me and notice how my clothing was too tight, I kept sweating and I couldn’t stop breathing hard when I walked into their office from the lobby area. They would ask about my health and I could tell that they were concerned whether I could do the job without being a health risk or not. I called around and eventually found your medical clinic here in NY. I loved how simple it was to get started and how the clinical associates bent over backward to make sure that I had what I needed to be successful in the program. I got the HCG weight loss kit in a cute, small box and the moment I got it I simply started right away. I dropped 36 pounds and eventually landed a really good job. The HCG diet program was really worth the time, effort and expense. My personal HCG Diet Reviews would be nothing short of incredible. This stuff works!

Laticia R. in Portland OR wrote:

Let me begin by thanking you for helping me to lose 65 lbs! I never thought it was possible because I was always so overweight. I spent years trying to find a clinic that could take this weight off but no one could seem to help. They claimed to work magic, only they couldn’t produce the results I needed when the time came for them to really show what they could do for me. I wasn’t a cheat, either. I would do all that they would tell me and I still couldn’t lose the weight. Somehow you diet made a major difference in my life. You showed me that there is a diet program out there that can change how you look, feel and even improve my health. I look great and I owe it all to you!

Larry B. in Las Cruces NM wrote:

As a man who is a fitness instructor here in Las Cruces NM I have felt the pressure of losing weight. Can you imagine how crazy it was for potential clients to come to me for fitness advice only to see a fat man standing in front of them? They thought I was joking and, of course, I eventually lost clients and client referrals. I read these positive HCG Diet Reviews from people who worked the HCG diet program in a magazine and decided to try it out. I’m glad I did because it helped me to lose so much weight in a short amount of time. I needed to lose weight fast because I had to hurry and get my client base back in order to continue working. I don’t think I would have done this well on my diet with any other program. You have a system set up that allows people to have the support of your clinic without even going to the clinic. I couldn’t find that service anywhere else. I look great and now, my meals are much better and I have incorporated the low calorie diet plan into my lessons for my clients. I think everyone should look and feel as great as I do!

Erica B. in Washington DC wrote:

You guys know what you are doing when it comes to weight loss! I tried everything and I could never find a program that taught me how to eat better, gave me vitamin supplements for my immune system and gave me injections for a hormone that worked my metabolism the way that the HCG did. I got so much done that by the time the program ended I didn’t even realize I had lost 31 lbs! I would write the best HCG Diet Reviews and shout it out to the world that this is the diet program that everyone should at least research if they are looking to lose weight. If there is a better program then I certainly don’t know about it. I love how I feel, I love how I look and I love the fact the weight has not even come back. Not many diet programs can say that.

Rayquila J. in Greenwood IN wrote:

I am currently working on my career as a singer here in Greenwood IN and I have to share my story with you. I was a bit overweight and I wanted to lose weight but I feared that it would somehow alter my voice. I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve often heard that when people lose weight or change something about their appearance they change or alter other things. I truly could not afford to lose my voice, or change it in any way, so I decided to simply keep the weight. Well, then another problem came about when the executives of the record label I was about to sign on to told me that I needed to lose 25 lbs prior to any promotional photos were to be taken. I was mortified! Here it was, my golden opportunity to have a record deal but now I can’t because I would lose my voice…or so I thought. I went crazy that night looking online for a program that would work fast and that would not hurt or alter my singing voice. After some major research, I came across a few HCG Diet Reviews that talked about the benefits of the HCG diet injections for weight loss. I read everything I could find on the HCG diet and finally, I decided to move forward on the program. I talked with the clinical staff and was reassured that the HCG diet would not hurt my voice or change it. I took a chance because I didn’t feel I had much of a choice at that time, but looking back, I’m so glad I did. The amazing fact about the HCG diet for me wasn’t just that I dropped my entire 28 lbs in a month, but that my breathing improved. When my breathing improved, my voice had more clarity and depth. I couldn’t believe that this diet program actually improved my voice! I can’t thank you enough and I just wanted you to know that your program helps people in ways you can’t possibly imagine!

Emma U. in Worcester MA wrote:

I’m not one for writing letters, emails or HCG Diet Reviews, but I have to let you know how much I appreciate your HCG diet weight loss program. I had extra fat that I just couldn’t get rid of in my stomach and I spent most of my time sucking in my gut, rather than finding a way to get rid of it for good. I eventually came across the HCG diet program and I figured it might help me since I read about how much it helped everyone else. When I got on the program, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that my eating habits were terrible prior to my going on the HCG diet. I also learned that vitamins are essential to your health, whether on a diet or not. I see that it is a lot that the HCG diet works to add and take away in a person who is working on their weight. I am so happy that I found your program and I am equally happy with my results. I tell my friends about the HCG diet all the time and I have a few who have tried it and they love it too. I will always tell others who are looking to lose weight about your diet program because it really does work. Thanks again.

Pauletta J. in Lubbock TX wrote:

I have a new body, a new attitude and a brand new outlook on life thanks to the HCG weight loss diet program. I never thought that a diet program could change so much about my life but this one did. I now have a body that turned from fat to fabulous in less than two months and my skin is glowing like never before. I am not vain but I do care a great deal about what I look like in this life. My face is the first thing people look at when they see me, so my skin needs to be nice. My body is important because that is what dictates the type of clothing that I can or cannot wear. I hate feeling any limits on my outfits and, for a moment, that is just what was about to happen. I couldn’t wear anything that I liked and it was really starting to bother me. In any HCG Diet Review that I would write, it would talk of how it didn’t take long for the HCG diet to work and how it helped me to learn how to really value my appearance even more. I don’t want to ever go back to the body I once had so I work hard to make sure that I stick to all that I learned while on the HCG diet plan so that it can help me keep the new body that I have. I love how I look, thanks to your HCG diet.

Dianna T. in Scottsdale AZ wrote:

My name is Dianna and I am a client in your Scottsdale AZ HCG clinic. I just want to let you know that I went on your diet plan over a year ago and I still have the same great results. I thought that I would gain weight after the diet ended but I didn’t and I am so glad. I still eat the low calorie diet meal that was suggested back then when I started the HCG diet. I’ve learned how to cook low calorie meals and I eat low calorie snacks. This works for me because it helps to keep my energy level up. I hate fatty foods now because they actually make me feel so heavy and sleepy. Then I’m not as active and I risk gaining those pounds back. Living healthy, fit and trim doesn’t have to be a pain. Your HCG diet program taught me that you can look good, feel good, and be good all at the same time. I won’t forget what the HCG diet program did for me and I will surely tell others who would ask me about my HCG Diet Reviews how this is a program that works. I see the difference in my body, my attitude and my life. This program was a life changer for me and I would never do anything to risk going back to where I was prior to the HCG diet program. It is a program that doesn’t mess around. It works fast and it keeps on working long after the program is over.

Tina J. in Oklahoma City OK wrote:

I don’t know how to thank you enough for your HCG diet program. I am currently living in Oklahoma City OK but my family and I are talking about moving to Los Angeles CA in a few months. I am so glad that I worked the HCG diet plan several months ago because now I feel I am more than ready to show off my new body on the beaches of CA. I have no doubt that the main reason I am so excited about leaving is that I am no longer ashamed of my body and I don’t feel the need to hide it behind oversized clothing. There is just no way I would have put on a bathing suit just a year ago and now here I am ready to wear one in public. You don’t understand how much this means to me and how much this has helped my confidence. It’s not that my body is full of muscles or is so lean I look sickly. My body is exactly where I want it to be at this moment and I know it is all because of the HCG diet. I have nothing but the best HCG Diet Reviews to give for this diet program and I am so glad that the results are results that I can see.

Mitch H. in Williamsburg OH wrote:

I am a very private person and when I needed to find a clinic that would help me lose this weight I was very happy to see that your clinic here in Williamsburg OH helped me without my even leaving my house. I called them and they escorted me throughout the entire process of getting my prescribed HCG injections online and over the phone. The clinical staff did everything to answer all of the questions that I had and they also made sure that I had everything that I needed in order to move forward with the HCG diet. I was a bit unsure at first, until I found out that the physician actually examined my medical history before he prescribed the medication. That showed me that your clinic was truly professional and that you guys really take time to make sure that your clients are receiving the best care and attention. The HCG Diet Reviews that I found were correct when they talked of how this product really works fast to burn off the fat in my abdomen and waist. I lost weight without anyone knowing I was even on a diet. The only time I heard anything about my appearance was when my friends and family began to comment on how good I looked. That’s all a guy can ask for and it worked out quite nicely for me.

Hattie M. in Dubuque IA wrote:

Ok, so I was not originally interested in taking HCG injections because I didn’t know if it was going to work out until I saw the HCG diet results on my friends and they looked so great. I had to try it then. When I first got the injections, Emily, my clinical advisor, gave me instructions on how to self-administer the injections for the HCG and the vitamin supplement. I was so happy to see that the injection needles were very small and that I only had to stick them right under my first layer of skin. It became second nature to me and my fears disappeared. When the HCG diet program ended, I looked amazing and I was so thankful that I did not allow my fear of needles to stop me from making the best decision of my life. Any HCG Diet Review that I would share would definitely let people know that this program works better than any other diet program out there.

Audrey D. in Hollywood FL wrote:

Why is it that some of the best kept secrets are hidden so deep that it takes a person to do some serious digging in order to find it? I live in Hollywood FL and I truly thought that I would not have a problem finding the best diet clinic in the world here. This is the sunshine state and everyone here works hard to look good and feel good. Well, I couldn’t find a program that I felt comfortable with until I talked to a friend who had just completed her HCG diet program. She of course looked great and she was kind enough to share her HCG Diet Reviews and weight loss secret with me. She told me about the HCG weight loss clinic here in Hollywood and when I called they were incredibly helpful in getting me started on the diet plan right away. It didn’t take long to receive my materials and I didn’t have a problem with the injections. The toughest part was the low calorie diet because I love to eat, but in time, that wasn’t anything that served to hinder my progress. I am happy with my results and I truly recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Terk P. in Battle Creek MI wrote:

As a guy here in Battle Creek MI, I really didn’t feel comfortable going to any of my guy friends for advice on how to lose weight. I know how that must sound, but it’s true. I had to look for the best diet program on my own and when I did, I found the HCG diet plan. The HCG Diet Reviews I read were impressive and the staff was very helpful and they were really accommodating. I had lots of questions because this concept of injecting HCG was new to me. The clinical staff at the Battle Creek clinic was understanding and supportive. They must have dealt with guys like me before because they were so patient when I would call with yet another question. We all got through it together, eventually, and now I look great. I wonder if my guy friends want to ask me what diet program I used to look so great. If they do ask, I will gladly tell them.

Elizabeth B. in Santa Ana CA wrote:

I love my new body! I just have to shout that out to the world because there was a time that I did NOT feel that way. I used to hate the way that I looked and I was very ashamed of my body in fitted clothing. I wore dresses that looked like tents because I worked that hard to cover my body. I did not want anyone to see what my body looked like and I didn’t want anyone to judge me or think that I was a slob or lazy, simply because I was overweight. I knew that this was a silly feeling to most people, but it was very real to me. I didn’t want to feel any worse about myself than I already did so I tried everything in my power to stay to myself and not let anyone see what my body looked like. I couldn’t even remember the last time I saw a beach or swam in a pool with my family or friends. I didn’t have a boyfriend, nor did I care to have one at that time because I didn’t want a guy to ever see the real me. I can’t really remember what it was that made me decide to put this life of misery behind me for good, but either way, I found out about the HCG diet weight loss plan and I jumped on it. The HCG Diet Reviews talked about the benefits of the vitamin supplements and meal plan, in addition to the HCG injections. Well, in a matter of three months I lost 99 lbs and my health has improved in ways I can’t even describe. I had to go out and buy all new clothes and I loved every moment of it. Your HCG weight loss kit saved me in so many ways. I am so grateful to your program.

Liz R. in Mansfield TX wrote:

My name is Liz and I am a client from your Mansfield TX clinic. I would give nothing but the best HCG Diet Reviews for this weight loss program. Because of your diet plan I have lost a lot of weight, I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life and everyone seems to notice how great I look. I have so many guys trying to date me now and that has never happened before! I have a confidence level that is high and my self-esteem has improved as a result of my new look, feel and attitude. It doesn’t take a lot for others to feel great, I guess, but it took me losing a lot of weight in order for me to feel this way. I wouldn’t exchange this feeling for anything in the world.

Veronica E. in Bloomington IL wrote:

I am a cyclist in Bloomington IL who once had a terrible sweet tooth. My inability to control my habit to eat cookies and cakes were really hurting my bike rides because I had to pull a lot more weight once I started gaining. I wanted to join an upcoming cycling event but I knew it wasn’t going to happen if I didn’t lose some of this weight. I tried a diet program that lasted three months and while on it I only lost 10 lbs. I was so disappointed because I spent all of that time working on a diet that only proved to be slow and ineffective. I even gave up on my sweets during that time because that’s just how committed I was to losing weight so that I could race in the event. Well, then I only had a month and a half to lose 23 more pounds so that I could be ready to train. I went online and after I read all of the HCG Diet Reviews from doctors and clients, as well as the benefit of the HCG program, I was willing to try it. It seemed interesting because they said that I could lose my weight fast without losing my energy. That was all I needed to see. I ordered the HCG weight loss kit and started on the diet right away. I felt so great when I lost all of my 23 lbs in just one month! I ended up losing my weight, training for the event and being in the best shape ever. I had to thank you and let you know that you made it all possible.

Katrina M. in Blue Springs MO wrote:

How can I thank you for how you have changed my life! I have searched for years for a diet program out here in Blue Springs MO that would help me burn fat without making me feel as if I was going to starve to death. Your program showed me that I could not only lose the weight that dragged me down for years, but that I could also keep it off without repeating the entire program again. The HCG injections burned a great deal of fat that was in my stomach and hips and those vitamins that came with it kept me sane! I felt good and to my surprise I didn’t feel any hunger pains, like I used to with other diets. The low calorie diet was something else that I thought would be a challenge, but instead, it was not so bad. The meals are great and they worked well with the HCG and vitamin injections. It was like a complete system was working on me to get all of the weight off. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world but it was very much worth it. I would tell anyone in my HCG Diet Reviews that this is the ONLY diet program that you should try if you really want to lose weight.

Bertha S. in Huntersville NC wrote:

Weight has been a problem for me since I can remember. Seriously, I can’t think of a time when my weight was “perfect” or exactly how I would like it to be. It’s always been a struggle to fit my clothing, to stop over-eating, to control my desire to feel as if I’ve failed and to work on really making a change in my weight. I wanted to give up so many times because I just couldn’t see any results in my weight when I would try these other programs that were out there. They would make so many promises but the moment they got my money, they would suddenly go back on their word to help me. I joined a few support groups for people trying to lose weight and it was there that I learned about the HCG diet plan. A few people told me that it would be perfect for me if I just gave it a chance. I figured why not? I eventually found the HCG clinic near me and, after talking with the clinical advisor, I received the HCG diet pack and the rest is history. I lost over 56 lbs and I never looked back. I love how I look and I can’t think of any food that tastes good enough for me to sacrifice my new body and my new attitude for it. The day I learned about the HCG injections for weight loss was the day my life changed, and I didn’t even know it at the time. I have nothing but great things to say in my HCG Diet Reviews! Thanks for turning things around in my life.

Greg T. in Maplewood MN wrote:

I am a dancer here in Maplewood MN and I was under the impression that if you danced and stayed active that you couldn’t gain weight. Well, I have learned that this is not always true. I ate horribly and I guess it was winning the war over my weight at the time. I called your HCG weight loss clinic here in Maplewood and they explained to me why I might have been gaining, even though I was fairly active. I went on the HCG diet plan and it was so effortless to lose those few pounds. I gained amazing energy, I have learned how to eat right and I am REALLY fit. I see that when you are active, you still should eat right or the food will show up right in your lower abs. I won’t soon forget that lesson and I feel lucky to have found this wonderful program. It changed everything and I’m even lighter on my feet. What a difference it made in my dance routines and I owe it all to Weight Loss Medical Center and their staff. Thanks for saving my career!

As you can see, we received Reviews for our HCG Diet Plan from people just like you who live throughout the US. They were people who had fears about dieting, fears about changing old habits and fears about facing the unknown when it came to how they would look once they lost the weight. Many people didn’t know if they would ever be strong enough to keep the weight off once they lost it. They were so pleased to see that all it took to lose the weight and keep it off was a little determination, dedication, commitment and our HCG injections with Vitamin B12 plus vitamin complex. We are grateful for all of the HCG Diet Reviews that we have received over the years and we look forward to hearing from you someday. As a matter of fact, if you go on our HCG diet weight loss plan, we have no doubt that we will hear from you VERY soon.

* All names and locations have been altered on this document to protect and ensure the privacy, rights and information of clients and visitors on our Weight Loss Medical Center website. Additionally, stories have been retold to further ensure the protection of privacy for those who submitted their commentary.