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HCG Weight Loss Diet: Motivation is Key on HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG Weight Loss

What is required to live a full and happy life? People from all walks have asked this question throughout the ages. Each one of us is unique and must seek happiness in our own ways and in our own time. One thing, however, is certain. Being able to set goals—and achieve them—provides all of us with tremendous personal satisfaction. Looking and feeling good is a goal many of us share, especially if we are moderately to severely overweight. Being bogged down physically and emotionally is like running the race of life with a ball and chain tied around your ankle. We wish we could break the chain and speed forward, meeting the day-to-day challenges and joys of life fleet-footed. Our goal is clear: to lose weight, feel better and keep the weight we have lost off. Achieving this goal is another matter. There are hundreds of diets out there that promise quick, easy and lasting weight loss, but only the HCG Weight Loss diet capitalizes on the most important factor when it comes to being a successful on any diet program: motivation. Early success spurs motivation while early failure stops it dead in its tracks. The HCG Weight Loss Program will make your motivation to lose weight soar. You will experience immediate and rapid results when you use HCG injections for weight loss. In as little as one week, you will be able to discard your present slacks and jeans as abnormal fat deposits in your belly area, hips and thighs begin to melt away. Another week on the diet means another trip to the clothing donation center. Your “fat clothes” are quickly finding new homes with other people. With HCG Weight Loss those you encounter everyday will begin to question what it is about you that is changing so pleasantly. At first, they might ask if you have a new hairstyle or they may wonder aloud about just what it is about you that is looking different. Soon enough there will be no question about the change that is taking place as a result of HCG Weight Loss. Family, friends and co-workers will boost your motivation with their compliments. We all know there is nothing as defeating as stepping on scale after a week of dieting to see you haven’t lost a pound—or have even gained one or two. At that point, it’s perfectly natural to say, “Why bother?” This won’t happen with the HCG Weight Loss Program. You will lose weight. You will lose it quickly. If you are like many people, you will also keep the weight off.

What is HCG Weight Loss About? — HCG Weight Loss Injections

Maybe you’ve already done plenty of research about HCG shots for weight loss and are ready to get started on the program. Great! Just give us a call or fill out the online form, and we’ll be in touch with you directly. Or maybe you have just discovered the program and are wondering, “What is HCG Weight Loss?” Whether you are brand new to us and just learning about this program or you are looking for expert tips and advice, there is something for everyone on our site! Let’s now turn our attention to science behind the HCG weight loss treatment. In a word, it all comes down to hormones. We often hear the word “hormone” but what does it really mean? Well, a hormone is a chemical that is formed in the body, is carried through the bloodstream, and works like a messenger telling the body what to do. To understand What is HCG Weight Loss, we have to talk hormones, specifically human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG for short. HCG is a natural hormone produced by the human body. When a woman is pregnant, her levels of this hormone soar. More than 50 years ago, a renowned endocrinologist named A.T.W. Simeons theorized that HCG works within pregnant women’s bodies to release stored fat, making it available to her growing baby. When he gave HCG to women and men who weren’t pregnant, and put them on a strict low calorie diet, they weren’t hungry and lost weight rapidly. Today HCG Weight Loss Injections have gotten a lot of publicity as a safe and effective way for many people to lose weight fast without being hungry. Be forewarned! There are a lot of imposter products out there being sold to the public. They promise the weight loss described by Dr. Simeons, but they don’t follow his protocol for weight loss with HCG injections. These products include over-the-counter pills, spray and diet drops. Many claim they are “homeopathic.” At Weight Loss Medical Center, you can rest assured that we don’t use or endorse any of these questionable products. When you ask us, “What is HCG Weight Loss all about?” our answer is simple: doctor prescribed HCG and vitamin B-12 injections and a diet program and injection protocol that closely adheres to Dr. Simeons original program. Does HCG really work for weight loss? Don’t take our word for it. The popularity of our program speaks volumes about its success. In other words, so many people are doing this program because it works. It’s not an overstatement to say that HCG Weight Loss Injections are revolutionizing the way people are choosing to diet today.

How Does HCG Work for Weight Loss: Info on HCG Weight Loss Shots

Some are hailing HCG as a diet miracle—a magic potion that will miraculously evaporate away your excess pounds with no effort on your part at all. The HCG hormone for weight loss is indeed an exciting diet breakthrough, but it is not a miracle. Like so many popular health kicks and claims, it’s important to separate the myths from the reality. If you’re wondering, “How Does HCG Work for Weight Loss?” we’ll start off by telling you that the benefits are grounded in medical science and that the program must be implemented in a very specific way to be effective. On the scientific end, HCG Weight Loss Shots tell the stored fat within your body to get moving. When used in conjunction with a Very Low Calorie Diet of 500 calories a day, you will burn a lot of fat and won’t feel hungry because the fat is already circulating within your bloodstream. Once the injection portion of the diet is over, your body’s metabolism will behave like it has been “reset.” This is why so many who have done this program don’t experience the rebound weight gain that is the hallmark of so many other rapid weight loss programs. In a nutshell, this is the incredible power of HCG hormone therapy for weight loss. It is a program that not only promises—but actually delivers—rapid weight loss in the form of fat burning without excessive hunger. We’re not sticklers for doing our program exactly as it was developed just because we want to give you a hard time! The fact is, even a small deviation from the foods allowed on the diet, the allowed portions, or the protocol for HCG Weight Loss Shots can negatively impact your results. Bottom line: we want you to be satisfied. We want you to keep sending us your glowing HCG weight loss reviews. We want you to tell all of your friends, your family members and your coworkers about our commitment to you, our valued clients. We want you to keep sending us your HCG weight loss pictures. Most of all, beyond all else, we want you to lose the weight and feel great about yourself. Many of us have done the program ourselves and will be glad to tell you about our positive experiences. This is why, when you ask: How Does HCG Work for Weight Loss? We are going to give you nothing but the straight scoop.

HCG Weight Loss Drops & HCG Weight Loss Sprays: Clearing up the Confusion

HCG Weight Loss Injections

So you’re doing your research online and keep coming across HCG Weight Loss Drops and other products sold direct to the public, without a doctor’s prescription. You’ve found oral sprays, pills and potions. What are these products, why are they being so heavily marketed, and are they right for you? Only you can decide the right diet program for you, but here’s our take on these OTC HCG products. It’s the same old story that’s been going on for millennia. Once a great discovery is made, has been shown to work and becomes wildly popular, there are always those who will attempt to capitalize on the success by developing copycat or imposter products. Enter HCG Weight Loss Drops. Because you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy them, and because you don’t have to bother with injections, many are fooled into thinking HCG drops for weight loss are just as good—if not better—than Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ original program using doctor-prescribed injections. Many are unaware that over-the-counter homeopathic HCG weight loss drugs are actually illegal. A number of companies have been warned about selling them and further action to halt the sale of the products to consumers is likely. HCG Weight Loss Sprays are similarly problematic. One of the concerns about products like this is that the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these products for safety and effectiveness. We don’t know just what is in these preparations. They could be ineffective and a waste of your money at best and might even be harmful. If you see an HCG weight loss clinic that’s selling HCG Weight Loss Sprays, drops, pellets, pills, etc. without a doctor’s prescription take two quick steps back. It isn’t worth your time, safety or hard-earned dollars.

Our Programs HCG Weight Loss Success Stories

Vic in Los Angeles CA says:

There is a vitamin and supplement store next to the gym where I workout in Los Angeles that sells weight loss HCG drops. I went inside and asked about them, because some of the guys in the gym were saying that the HCG diet is a great way to lose fat. The drops program was more than a hundred dollars but I sprung for it. The sales lady said it worked just like the shots without actually having to get a doctor’s prescription or do the shots. The thing is, I didn’t notice a difference in my weight loss at all—or my appetite. Stopped back into the store a few weeks later and complained about it. The manager, who wasn’t the one who sold me the HCG for weight loss drops, refunded my money. Good thing he knows me because I’m a regular customer! He said if he was in the store that day he would have told me not to bother with the drops. He suggested I find one of the HCG weight loss clinics and do the official program. I started looking online and right away I found you folks. Bingo! Success. I lost 27 Lbs. of fat on the program and feel better now than I have in 20 years.

Leslie in San Francisco CA says:

Wanted to drop you a line about my experience with HCG and weight loss on your program. Maybe you can add it to your site? Before having kids, I used to be what you would call a health nut and fitness freak, which isn’t uncommon for many of us here in San Francisco. After my son was born, and then my daughter, it didn’t seem like there was time enough in my day to spend working out at the gym. My eating habits also deteriorated because I didn’t have as much time to plan my menus. Of course, lack of exercise and not eating as well as I had been in the past led to weight gain. This past summer, however, I decided it was time to get back on track. I started researching the best way to jump start a fitness program because once I decide to do something I don’t like waiting around for results. My research kept bringing me back to HCG weight loss injections. Your whole program just made a lot of sense to me. When I called to get started everybody I spoke with was wonderful and answered all of my questions. My results were on target with what you told me to expect—20 Lbs. of fat from my stubborn reserves. Now I’m eating right, working out again, and feeling very proud of my accomplishment. Lots of people have asked how I lost all this weight and I say, “HCG for weight loss.” When they reply: What is HCG for weight loss? I not only explain it how it works—and why I know it works—but I also send them right to your site.

Jonathan in Washington DC says:

I was really cynical when my friend mentioned to me about HCG weight loss programs because I’ve tried a lot of diets over the years and none of them have worked for very long. I’ll lose maybe ten pounds max then gain it right back and then some. We were at a bar and I pretty much trashed the whole idea and even got a little angry about the whole thing, and then he changed the subject. The idea that something new was out there that could maybe help me kept eating away at me, although my pessimistic side told me not to even bother and just get the idea out of my head. Eventually though I decided to check it out and was really surprised to find so many positive HCG reviews for weight loss. Said to myself, “What the heck?” I mean, I’ve tried so many diets that trying one more can’t hurt, right? You guys were really helpful and made it easy and everything was shipped right to me—no complaints. I have to eat my words because the program worked for me. I lost 30 Lbs. without being hungry and now I am maintaining it. For anybody out there is wondering if weight loss with HCG can work, I am proof. (Also, I did buy my buddy a beer.)

Danielle in Seattle WA says:

This story is going to sound crazy but I now realize why it actually makes perfect sense. My whole life I have been overweight EXCEPT those times when I’ve been pregnant. I have a lot of experience being pregnant, too. I have four kids and I always thought it was so strange that as soon as I got pregnant, fat around my hips, thighs and upper arms seemed to disappear in a matter of weeks. Of course, I gained weight and grew in front, but the rest of me actually looked trimmer whenever I was pregnant. I never understood it until I was researching diet plans online and came across the HCG weight loss diet on your site. Your site explained how a woman’s body ramps up production of this special hormone during pregnancy, which tells the body to release fat into your bloodstream so that it can go to nourish the baby. My “strange” experience of losing fat during pregnancy now made perfect sense. It was so exciting to find out I could use the HCG pregnancy hormone for weight loss without actually being pregnant! Well, I just ordered your kit and I’m waiting for it to arrive. I will keep you posted on my results!

Uri in Fort Wayne IN says: HCG Weight Loss Diet

I went on an HCG weight loss forum and was completely blown away by the results people were having. This particular forum wasn’t selling anything. The participants were just regular people who had tried the real HCG weight loss system of injections and were experiencing fantastic results. I was really nervous about an injections program because I just didn’t like the idea of doing it to myself everyday. Then I thought about my cousin who is overweight and has Type 2 diabetes and has to give himself insulin shots just to function. My doctor said I was pre-diabetic, whatever that means, and that I needed to lose weight or I might have to go on insulin myself one of these days. It’s sort of a no-brainer, isn’t it? Purchase HCG injections for weight loss or possibly have to take a shot for the rest of your life! I made my choice and called your rep and she was so sweet—and smart. Really glad I was able to find your company because it’s really top-notch. When I went back for my annual physical, my doctor was really impressed by how much weight I’d lost and he asked me how I did it. I told you him about you guys and he said he might even be interested in trying the program for himself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Becca in St. Petersberg FL asks: This is what I really want to know: does HCG work for weight loss?

Definitely—as long as it’s delivered by injection and accompanied by a very specific diet protocol. We say with confidence that you will lose weight on this program if you follow our directions and don’t try to improvise. That said, if you are talking about HCG supplements for weight loss that might include homeopathic products—our advice is stay away. There are a lot of products still on the market (even though many of them are illegal) that claim to contain the hormone HCG for weight loss.

Orin in Buffalo NY asks: Not a big fan of injections, so I’m wondering, what is HCG weight loss spray and is it effective?

Over the counter (or OTC) HCG weight loss spray is just the same as HCG weight loss drops, with the only difference being that the spray is supposed to prevent the bottle from becoming contaminated if the dropper tip inadvertently touches your tongue. If you’ve read this far, you know we don’t recommend these products, which are mostly touted as HCG homeopathic weight loss products.

Quincy in Riverside CA asks: I don’t like shots. Is there an HCG cream for weight loss?

There is a doctor-prescribed HCG cream also known as an HCG transdermal cream that is applied to the skin and contains the HCG hormone. Our HCG Doctors have tested this product in the past and don’t offer it because our experience has been that this is not effective at producing the kind of HCG weight loss results our clients have come to expect. Our reputation depends on a high level of customer satisfaction because we get many of our clients by word of mouth. We prefer to stick to programs and plans that offer the best results.

Mario in Durham NC asks: What are the best HCG injections for weight loss?

There are several different preparations of prescription injectable HCG hormone for weight loss but one is not necessarily “better” than another. They are marketed under different brand names and offer different dosage options. Your diet doctor will decide which preparation is best for you.

Leila in Birmingham AL asks: Other than injections, what other HCG weight loss products are available?

There are many products on the market, and many delivery systems, that claim to harness the power of HCG. You will find diet drops, spray, pills, and creams all being sold under the umbrella term of “HCG.” Please evaluate these products carefully. In our experience only an HCG injection weight loss protocol is very effective at enabling men and women to mobilize and burn excess fat stores, without excessive hunger, when combined with our Very Low Calorie Diet. This is why we offer the program we do and feel confident that you will find success and satisfaction with our services.

Jessie in Baltimore MD asks: Can I buy HCG injections for weight loss over the Internet?

You can probably buy just about anything these days over the Internet! However, when it comes to the HCG injection for weight loss, you should only purchase this when you have a physician’s prescription for the product. Our diet clinics are staffed with experienced and caring diet doctors and clinical associates who can help you get the prescription you need to safely embark about this unique and effective program. Once you’ve done this, our HCG weight loss kits are shipped direct to you.

Katelyn in Houston TX asks: Looking for where to buy HCG drops for weight loss?

Newcomers to the HCG hormone for weight loss often inquire about a variety of over-the-counter preparations, including HCG spray for weight loss and several other products such as those referred to as diet drops. We’re happy you discovered our site so you can find out for yourself what the real HCG program is all about. Please also see our response to the question below.

Hara in Kansas City MO asks: Can you explain how to use HCG drops for weight loss?

HCG weight loss drops are a questionable product that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned against. We don’t offer explanations about these drops for the simple reason that we don’t know how they work—or if they work. (Our experience tells us they don’t.) Our program uses only the highest grade of medical human chorionic gonadotropin, prescribed with a doctor’s order. If you are looking for an HCG weight loss cream, Medical HCG weight loss drops or an oral spray for weight loss, you will not find these products here.

Isabella in San Antonio TX asks: Wondering how to take HCG injections for weight loss?

Once you’ve been approved to start a program for weight loss using HCG, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to self-administer the small HCG and Vitamin B-12 injections that are required during a portion of the program. It’s very easy. You will use a small needle, just like the kind that diabetics use to inject insulin. The technique is much the same for HCG diet weight loss shots. Your medical advisor will also provide you with complete instructions, including videos showing real people taking an injection on screen.

Rob in New Orleans LA asks: Looking for an extreme HCG weight loss formula. Do you stock this?

Our HCG diet for weight loss, when followed as directed, will provide you with rapid fat-burning such that you are able to lose up to a pound a day of stored excess fat. Some might even call that extreme! It’s important to remember, however, that medical HCG weight loss isn’t a miracle. Keep expectations in check and be prepared to make real changes in you eating and exercise habits once you’ve completed the injection phase of the program.

Eve in Dallas TX asks: Do HCG drops work for weight loss? I was looking into the Medical HCG weight loss formula and see that it’s no longer being made.

People often ask us about weight loss with HCG drops. Some web sites, supplement stores and fitness centers sell oral drops that are supposed to work like weight loss HCG injections. These preparations are often marketed as being “homeopathic” with an unknown amount of HCG hormone in them—if any! Many manufacturers are now removing these products from the market because of warnings about safety and effectiveness. Our doctors only prescribe weight loss HCG injections because we know them to be safe and effective.

Dale in Phoenix AZ asks: How much does HCG weight loss cost?

Unlike other diet programs that depend upon your buying expensive prepackaged foods, specialty cookies or diet shakes, our HCG rapid weight loss program requires no such purchase. Nor do you need to make monthly payments to be in a support group-type setting. As a consequence, many people who have participated in our program feel it is one of the most cost effective ways to lose weight. The costs associated with our program are for doctor-prescribed weight loss HCG shots and Vitamin-B-12. Please call us for exact pricing.

Candace in El Paso TX asks: Two questions. What is HCG injections for weight loss and exactly what does HCG do for weight loss?

British endocrinologist A.T.W. Simeons theorized that HCG tells the body to release stored fat and keeps the brain from feeling hungry. When combined with a Very Low Calorie Diet, the weight loss hormone HCG enables most people to lose weight rapidly without feeling hungry. What’s more, stubborn excess fat reserves appear to be targeted directly with a program of injectable HCG for weight loss. When you take the exciting step of embarking on our diet program, we will provide you with everything you need to be successful—including a knowledgeable support team. Many of our diet doctors and clinical associates have done the program themselves and one day soon you may find yourself swapping HCG weight loss stories.

Finn in Las Vegas AZ asks: What are the side effects of HCG for weight loss?

It’s perfectly reasonable to want to know more about HCG weight loss side effects. HCG is known to be a relatively safe drug when used under a doctor’s supervision. However, do not use HCG if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant. As with all medications, you may experience some side effects when taking HCG. People have reported allergic reactions, pain at the injection site and stomach upset. Some serious side effects have also been reported. If you are concerned about HCG for weight loss side effects, it’s best to speak to your doctor.

Gayle in Corpus Christi TX asks: What is HCG weight loss? HCG Weight Loss Sprays

The HCG for weight loss technique has been around for more than fifty years. Recently it has been rediscovered as a safe way to quickly mobilize fat stores and burn calories when combined with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). A British endocrinologist developed the original HCG weight loss protocol, which uses small injections of the hormone HCG over a finite period until the body’s metabolism has been reset. Our program closely follows the original model with some modifications based on our advanced understanding of obesity and diet. We are the first to tell you that the HCG weight loss system isn’t a dieting miracle. Your success depends on your determination to follow through with our program as directed. Your satisfaction depends on having reasonable expectations about how much weight you will lose on the HCG slim weight loss program.


Alicia in Charleston WV asks: How safe is HCG for weight loss?

Many individuals have safely undertaken our HCG weight loss injection program. HCG is a natural hormone produced the human body. Unlike diet pills that rev you up, this preparation simply instructs your body to burn stored fat. However, everyone is different and only a doctor can evaluate whether rapid HCG weight loss is right given your circumstances. Call us today to learn more!

Natasha in Jacksonville FL asks: Is HCG healthy weight loss?

Being overweight is associated with a number of health risks, including coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer. HCG medical weight loss can be a very effective way to shed excess pounds and reset the metabolism so that you can return to a healthier lifestyle. If you are wondering, Is HCG safe for weight loss? the answer is yes, provided you are an appropriate candidate for the program.

Stacy in Jersey City NJ asks: What are the benefits of using HCG for weight loss?

The are many benefits to the HCG treatment for weight loss but the most important of these are rapid weight loss, appetite control and targeted fat-burning. Most diets are just about what foods to eat and what foods to steer away from. HCG therapy for weight loss is about changing your metabolism with injectable HCG and resetting your metabolism for the long term.

Tamika in Chicago IL asks: I’ve got some medical issues and have also had a really hard time losing weight since I was a teenager. What I want to know is this, is there an HCG weight loss formula that works for everybody?

Our HCG protocol for weight loss is appropriate for many dieters, but no medical weight loss program is right for everyone. Depending on your medical conditions you may—or may not—be a candidate for our program. Certainly, having tried and failed in the past to lose weight would not preclude you from embarking on the program! In fact, this would likely make you an excellent candidate. We encourage you to read through these pages at your leisure or, better yet, pick up the phone and give us a call. Our HCG weight loss doctors and experienced clinical associates are available to talk to you—one on one—to learn about your weight loss goals. To find out if our doctors can help you lose fat quickly with the power of HCG, just give us a call.