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HCG Diet Providers HCG Diet Locations in Tampa FL

I had been a person who had been overweight my entire life ever since childhood. Being a small child and overweight was probably one of the most difficult things that I had to endure in my life. Children can be … Continue reading

HCG Diet Providers HCG Diet Locations in Jacksonville FL

I had a really interesting experience that got me to find the incentive to lose all the extra weight that I carried around on my body for many years! I am a respected physician in my hometown of Jacksonville FL … Continue reading

HCG Diet in Tampa FL

After suffering a very serious football injury while playing in a game on the field in college, all my hopes and dreams of becoming a player in the pros came crashing down on top of me. It was a nightmare … Continue reading

HCG Diet Doctors in Tampa FL

Both my twin sister and I have been overweight for most of our lives and since we are best friends who basically do everything together, we made the decision to finally try to lose weight and to get into better … Continue reading

HCG Diet Providers HCG Diet Locations in Texas

I am so happy to be able to write this blog entry so that many people can read my very personal story of great weight loss and how I got myself into a much healthier and happier place in my … Continue reading

HCG Diet Doctors in Jacksonville FL

Since being an adult, I had made many New Year’s resolutions every year and I was never able to keep to any of them! That is probably a “normal” thing, as most people have much difficulty fulfilling resolutions that they … Continue reading

HCG Diet Clinics in Tampa FL

I truly have no excuse for why I became overweight. I am being very honest in saying that I just love food and that I love to eat. I would eat tons of fried foods and other fattening delights without … Continue reading

HCG Diet in Miami Florida

Even I Learned a New Lesson with the HCG Diet in Miami FL Anyone who has ever taught middle school, or been around middle school age children, knows how tough dealing with them can be. At this age, for some … Continue reading

HCG Diet Providers HCG Diet Locations in San Diego CA

When I had gained over 25 pounds in a matter of only 6 months because of the terrible tragedy I suffered from losing my mother, the weight gain caused me many physical issues and only put me into a worse … Continue reading

HCG Diet Providers HCG Diet Locations in Fresno CA

Taking care of my 4 year old daughter, Hannah is a full time job of its own. I am a single mother and never had any kind of significant help raising my daughter. I work from home so that I … Continue reading