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HCG Weight Loss Doctors

It is no secret that millions of Americans are struggling with their weight. What is most frustrating for many dieters is that although there are numerous weight loss programs on the market, few if any of them seem to provide meaningful and lasting results. Fortunately, there are HCG Weight Loss doctors throughout the country who can provide a real solution. These medical professionals know that weight gain is a treatable condition that has as much to do with your metabolism as with your eating habits – and often a whole lot more. Sure, an undisciplined diet of fatty foods can make you gain weight, but the reason you bulk up and retain weight is because excess fat gets stored in your body instead of being burned off. These fat deposits end up in your belly, your buttocks, your hips, your arms and legs and anywhere else they want to call home. It’s your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and you need to do something about it. Regrettably, all too many people deal with their weight issues by going on a low calorie diet, joining an exercise class, or buying expensive fitness equipment that they think will melt away their body fat – but to little or no avail. Some are so desperate to slim down that they risk their health by resorting to unnecessary gastric bypass surgery to curb their appetite. What a waste of time, money and effort when the real key to rapid weight loss is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – or HCG, a natural hormone that has the power to stimulate your metabolism and get your body to burn off excess fat deposits at a rapid rate. When injectable HCG is combined with a very low 700-calorie diet and B-12 injections along with a vitamin complex, the results are truly astounding. People who have followed this diet protocol report losing an average of 25-40 pounds – in just six weeks. Is it any wonder that dieters from coast-to-coast – including Hollywood celebrities – are seeking the services of HCG Weight Loss doctors? You may have seen stories about this remarkable medical breakthrough on television, online or in the press and wondered how HCG injections could help you finally realize your weight loss goals. Then look no further, for you have found the best source of information about the HCG weight loss protocol and the eminently qualified physicians who prescribe it. Weight Loss Medical Center specializes in providing our clients with the opportunity to enhance their health and improve their lives through our physician guided and monitored rapid weight loss program. We are a fully licensed medical clinic that delivers the HCG weight loss diet program to clients throughout the United States. Assisting in the effort are some of the best clinical physicians who have devoted years to researching and perfecting HCG diet injections programs, producing amazing results. As part of their exceptional service, our US licensed diet doctors review your medical history, assess your goals, and address your concerns while working with you through our team of clinical advisers to help you lose weight quickly and safely. Once your current health and medical history has been evaluated, your local diet doctor will prescribe the HCG medication that’s right for you and it will be dispensed by a fully licensed and regulated local pharmacy. To learn more about our HCG Weight Loss doctors and how they can help you develop a slimmer, healthier physique, please read on.

Where to Find HCG Diet Weight Loss Doctors

Once you have discovered the incredible power of natural human hormones and realize how they can be used to eliminate excess fat, you will undoubtedly want to know where to find HCG Diet Weight Loss doctors. The best place to start is right here at our website where you can learn all about HCG injections and how they can enable you to safely lose an incredible amount of weight in the shortest amount of time. The more you know about our amazing rapid weight loss program, the more you will realize its far-reaching significance. Not only does it offer a safe and effective alternative to conventional weight loss methods, but it also provides a permanent solution to persistent weight gain. Unlike many other quick weight loss programs that peddle their wares online or in hyped-up television infomercials, the HCG diet is a safe, medically proven formula for significant weight reduction prescribed by licensed US physicians. They are following in the footsteps of the renowned British endocrinologist A.T.W. Simeons who more than 50 years ago discovered that a natural occurring hormone in pregnant women’s bodies, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, had the ability to release stored fat. Upon further study, Dr. Simeons learned that when HCG was administered to men and women on a very low calorie diet, it resulted in a substantial amount of fast weight loss unaccompanied by the hunger pangs usually associated with dieting. Dr. Simeons’ findings were later confirmed in numerous studies, and today they form the basis for the Doctors HCG Diet prescribed by our professional medical doctors. Our clinical advisers can tell where to find HCG Diet Weight Loss Doctors, and chances are they are located right in your hometown or very close nearby. Naturally, there are diet doctors in heavily populated metropolitan areas like New York City, New York; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois and Houston, Texas. However, there are a growing number of HCG Diet Doctors in all 50 US states including smaller communities such as Charleston, South Carolina; Arlington, Texas; Modesto, California; Davenport, Iowa; Green Bay, Wisconsin; Gresham, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington. With the care and guidance of HCG Weight Loss doctors, millions of constant dieters can finally break free from the vicious cycle of recurring weight gain once and for all and live healthier, more productive lives. So whether you live in Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia or Santa Clarita, California you have access to some of the finest diet doctors in the country who prescribe our rapid weight loss program. They’re all part of the Weight Loss Medical Center’s team of HCG medical professionals. Now that you know where to find HCG Diet Weight Loss doctors, let us help you finally achieve your weight loss goals. Get in touch with us today by completing the convenient Contact Form on this page or by calling our toll-free number.

HCG Weight Loss Doctors Information

When it comes to dealing with a weight issue, many people don’t know where to turn for help so they mistakenly place their hope and trust in aggressively publicized diet programs and fitness gurus that promise exaggerated results that rarely pan out. Others go to their family physician for advice and are often told to simply restrict their diets and exercise more, when what they really need is a diet specialist with the true answer to rapid and sustainable weight loss. Now that you have discovered how simple it is to obtain HCG Weight Loss doctors information, you can say goodbye to those disappointing diets and gut-wrenching exercise routines that failed to meet your expectations in the past. Our HCG diet physicians and clinical advisers – serving our clients throughout the US from Phoenix, Arizona to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – are skilled professionals trained in all the latest technologies and dedicated to helping you understand how the HCG Diet protocol can work for you. When you fill out our Information Form on this page, our clinical advisers promptly contact you to answer any questions you may have and get you started on the program. They supply this information to our certified diet doctor who evaluates and analyzes your medical history thoroughly before writing your prescription for HCG injections. This is done to be sure there is a medical necessity for the medication prescribed and that the HCG Diet program fits your individual needs. If so, the diet doctor issues a prescription for the requested medication and sends it to our fully licensed pharmacy which then ships your HCG Diet kit directly to your home or office. You’re not just another client to our doctors and clinical advisers. We provide constant communication and continual support and guidance to ensure that you achieve your goal – to lose unwanted weight and change your life for the better. All you have to do to get HCG Weight Loss doctors information and begin your amazing transformation is complete our online Contact Form or give us a call at our toll-free number. In no time you can receive your HCG Diet kit and be on the way to losing up to one pound per day. Within six weeks on the program, you could be 25-40 pounds lighter with the body you have always dreamed about and the renewed strength, energy and confidence to lead a more active and productive life. There are HCG and Weight Loss Doctors just about everywhere – in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Rochester, Minnesota, Norman, Oklahoma, Concord, California, Austin, Texas, Sioux Falls, South Dakota – and they’re ready to apply their skills and medical knowledge to help you escape from the burden of being overweight. Now that you know where to find HCG Weight Loss doctors information, it’s time to put it to good use and get started on our remarkable rapid weight loss program. Give us a call today and start losing weight tomorrow – and keep it off for good.

HCG and Weight Loss Doctors Who Prescribe the HCG Diet

In the past, dieting has often been a long, uncomfortable and ultimately frustrating process requiring tremendous willpower and self-sacrifice with marginal – if any – results. However, all that has changed with the arrival of our rapid weight loss program. HCG and Weight Loss doctors who prescribe the HCG Diet follow a medically proven protocol pioneered by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons and designed by Weight Loss Medical Center to safely provide rapid weight reduction with maximum results. Here’s how our highly successful, multi-phase protocol works: During the HCG Diet Phase 1, you are instructed to eat fattening foods for two days. You read that right – you are deliberately consuming fried foods, dairy and whatever else you like to help build up your fat reserves in preparation for the very low-calorie diet you will soon undertake. Phase 2 is a six-week period of daily HCG and B-12 injections along with our vitamin complex that flips the switch on your metabolism to high. Suddenly, your body starts burning abnormal excess fat at an accelerated rate and the pounds start to melt away. At the same time, you’ll be on an ultra-low 700-calorie diet, but you’ll scarcely tell the difference. That’s because HCG affects the hypothalamus, the part of your brain that controls your appetite, and convinces you that you’re not hungry. Phase 3 is a stabilization period in which more food is added to your diet. However, you needn’t worry that you’ll regain the weight you just lost because your recharged metabolism will continue to burn fat normally and your appetite will now be under control. During Phase 4, however, it will be up to you to adopt sensible eating habits going forward so that you can keep your weight at a normal level and preserve your new, trimmer physique. There are HCG and Weight Loss doctors who prescribe the HCG Diet serving hundreds of locations throughout the US including San Antonio, Texas, Indianapolis, Indiana, Columbus, Ohio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Portland, Oregon, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Fresno, California. To reach them, simply fill out the Contact Form on this page. Your information will be received by one of our clinical advisers, who will promptly get in touch with you and get you started on the HCG Diet program. Once your medical history and other pertinent information is gathered, it will be sent to a Doctor for Weight Loss for evaluation. Like all of the healthcare professionals affiliated with Weight Loss Medical Center, our US licensed weight loss doctors are trained in all the latest technologies and know precisely what dosage of HCG to prescribe to safely achieve the best results. Once you are approved for our quick weight loss program, your prescription for HCG injections will be submitted to one of our licensed pharmacies where it will be expeditiously dispensed and delivered right to your door. That way you can immediately start trimming inches off your waistline and getting into the best physical shape of your life. Playing an integral role in our highly successful weight loss protocol, the HCG and Weight Loss doctors who prescribe the HCG Diet do more than just provide a product – they offer the kind of caring, personalized service you simply won’t get with other weight loss programs. Contact us now and we’ll get you started on the most effective rapid diet program available today.

Doctor Approved Weight Loss with Our HCG Diet Menu

Ask anyone who has tried to lose weight by monitoring their eating habits and they’ll tell you that the hardest parts of sticking to a diet are drastically cutting calories and refraining from foods they like. Fortunately, our doctor approved weight loss program makes the process a whole lot easier with a very low 700-calorie diet menu that not only contains many of your favorite foods, but is also surprisingly filling. Our flexible diet menu consists of three wholesome meals per day and you get to chose among such appetizing entrees as chicken, fish, beef and shrimp or crab along with a vegetable serving or a slice of fresh fruit. Melba toast or breadsticks are also on the menu, as are beverages such as coffee or tea sweetened with Stevia and lightened with one tablespoon of milk per day. Your entrees can be boiled or grilled as you desired and you can spice your food with salt and pepper or season it with vinegar or basil. You can also drink as much refreshing water as you like. The reason you won’t feel hungry on this very low-calorie diet is because your HCG injections will not only stimulate your metabolism to burn off stored excess fat to meet your body’s needs but also influence the hypothalamus – the part of your brain that controls hunger. As a result, you’ll enjoy eating while losing weight whether you live in Fort Worth, Texas, Sacramento, California, Madison, Wisconsin, or Birmingham, AL. Our doctor approved weight loss menu even accommodates special dietary restrictions for those who maintain a kosher, vegan, vegetarian or gluten free diet. You get to choose the meats, fish and vegetables you like from a list of acceptable foods, and we even offer instructional videos online to guide you in your selections. Once the six-week Phase 2 period is over, you’ll be able to add other foods to your diet, but by then you will have lost a substantial amount of weight – up to 40 pounds in 40 days – and your once insatiable appetite will now be under your control instead of the other way around. That’s because the HCG Diet also includes daily HCG and B-12 injections with our vitamin complex to stimulate your metabolism and allow your body to burn stored excess fat at an incredible rate. Our clinical advisers can tell you more about our food lover friendly diet menu, so don’t hesitate to call them at our toll-free number or simply fill out the convenient Contact Form on this page and they’ll get in touch with you. After you have experienced our doctor approved weight loss program, you’ll be telling all your friends and family how simple it is to shed dozens of pounds and keep them off for good with the amazing HCG Weight Loss Diet.

HCG Weight Loss Doctors Believe in an Affordable Solution

What often holds people back from resolving their weight issues isn’t a lack of commitment, but the high cost of most diet programs. In today’s challenging economic environment, all too many people are forced to choose between being fit and being thrifty. However, Weight Loss Medical Center and our HCG Weight Loss Doctors think no one should be priced out of an effective diet plan whether you live in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia or Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky or anywhere else in the US. That is why we make our rapid weight loss program as reasonably priced as possible – so that as many people as possible yearning for a healthier lifestyle can take advantage of this remarkable solution. Unlike other programs that can last for years and cost you thousands of dollars in overpriced prepared meals, expensive exercise equipment, or inflated annual gym membership fees, our weight loss program is a one-time expense that is surprisingly affordable compared to other options. It includes injectable HCG and B-12 with our vitamin complex and all the supplies you need delivered promptly and directly to your door so you can follow the weight loss protocol in the privacy of your own home or office. You also have easy access to our dedicated team of medical professionals who can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. What’s more, you are spared the expense of an office visit or travelling to a clinic to see our HCG Weight Loss Doctors in places like Alexandria, Virginia, Evansville, Indiana, Huntsville, Alabama, Orange, California, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Providence, Rhode Island, or Salem, Oregon. These supplies and services are all part of the program at an all-inclusive cost so there are no extra or hidden charges. We do not disclose our prices online because of day-to-day changes in shipping costs and other factors that might result in an inaccurate quote, but if you call us at our toll-free number one of our clinical advisers can provide you with an exact price. Once you know all about the HCG Diet protocol and how it can help you lose a substantial amount of weight in the shortest amount of time, we’re sure you’ll find it well worth the cost. You can’t put a price on a healthier lifestyle, and with the HCG diet protocol you won’t have to. Contact us today to learn more about our HCG Weight Loss Doctors and how inexpensive rapid and lasting weight loss can be.

How to Find HCG Weight Loss Doctors

There are millions of dieters who have tried multiple weight loss and exercise programs without success. Others have achieved short-term weight reduction, only to succumb to subsequent rebound weight gain. If you’re one of them, you need to know how to find HCG Diet Weight Loss doctors so you can stop wasting your time and money on dead-end diets and start achieving real and lasting rapid weight loss results. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think. There are HCG diet doctors and clinical associates serving clients all across the country from San Francisco, California to Jacksonsville, Florida, and they have a medically proven solution to stubborn weight gain. The HCG injections they prescribe have the power to boost your metabolism, turning your body into a veritable fat-burning incinerator. Within days of beginning injectable HCG, pounds of stored excess fat will start melting away. Within a few short weeks, you’ll be adjusting your belt several notches as your waistline shrinks and layers of flab vanish. Before you know it, you will be 25, 30, or 40 pounds lighter and as active and energetic as ever, proud of your appearance as well as what you have achieved. These are not exaggerated claims, but the actual average results reported by our clients on the HCG Weight Loss program in places all across the country like Manchester, New Hampshire, South Bend, Indiana, El Paso, Texas, Bellevue, Washington; Columbia, South Carolina and Corona, California. Once these clients were introduced to HCG Weight Loss doctors, their lives were forever changed for the better by following the safest and most effective rapid weight loss protocol available today. Like you, they took the first step by visiting this informative website, then calling our toll-free number or filling out our online Contact Form. From there they conferred with knowledgeable and considerate clinical advisers who took the time to answer any questions they may have had about the HCG protocol including how to effortlessly self-administer their HCG and B-12 injections and follow a very low 700-calorie diet for six weeks. Next they provided their medical history and other relevant information which was submitted to a licensed diet doctor for review. Once approved for the HCG Weight Loss program, their medication was prescribed and promptly sent directly to their address from fully licensed and regulated pharmacies. It didn’t matter whether they were calling or writing from Dayton, Ohio, Oceanside, California, Columbus, Georgia, Spokane, Washington, Lincoln, Nebraska, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky. No matter where they lived in the US, they had fast and convenient access to the world’s most reliable, medically approved rapid weight loss solution. Now that you know how to find HCG Diet Weight Loss doctors, it’s your turn to liberate yourself from the ball and chain of excess body weight and start enjoying the life you were meant to live.

Regain Your Zest for Life with Doctors Specializing in Weight Loss

Remember how it was before you started gaining weight? Not only did you look slim and trim, but you actually felt light on your feet with a spring in your step, a positive can-do attitude and energy to spare. There are doctors specializing in weight loss in hundreds of cities across the nation from San Diego, California to Baltimore, Maryland who can help you be that person again. Instead of huffing and puffing each time you get in and out of a car, or having to roll out of bed in the morning feeling tired and depressed, you can greet each day with a sense of optimism and the vigor to tackle any project. Just as being overweight can have a crippling psychological effect, overcoming your weight issues can be an empowering experience that puts you back on the path to personal happiness and professional success. It starts when you acknowledge your condition and make up your mind to do something about it. Of course, there are a myriad of so-called weight loss solutions to choose from, but only one that effectively addresses the most common cause of weight gain, which is abnormal excess fat stored in the human body. A particular natural hormone known as HCG has been clinically proven to kindle your metabolism, thus allowing your body to burn excess fat at a blistering pace. When injected just below the skin and then traveling directly into the bloodstream and combined with nourishing B-12 injections with a vitamin complex plus a very low 700 calorie diet, this HCG weight loss alternative safely and rapidly disposes of the extra pounds you’ve been carrying around for as long as you can remember. You can obtain your prescribed HCG injections through HCG Weight Loss Doctors in hundreds of locations nationwide including Erie, Pennsylvania, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Savannah, Georgia, Eugene, Oregon, Pomona, California, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Cincinnati, Ohio. All it takes is a toll-free phone call to one of our trained clinical associates to begin the process. Or, if you prefer, you can simply complete the convenient online Contact Form on this page. Either way, this will serve as your introduction to an amazingly effective technique for rapid weight loss that puts other diet programs to shame. This is the same HCG Diet protocol that has helped countless dieters – in places like Rancho Cucamonga, California, Little Rock, Arkansas, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Omaha, Nebraska, Montgomery, Alabama, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Cleveland, Ohio – slim down fast and keep their weight in check indefinitely. In fact, once you’ve tried the HCG Weight Loss program, you’ll never bother with trivial diet plans and exhausting workout routines again. You won’t have to after losing 25-40 pounds in as little as six weeks and looking better than you have in years. At Weight Loss Medical Center, we know how important reclaiming your sense of well-being and self-esteem is to you. That’s why we offer you the services of licensed doctors specializing in weight loss – so you can physically reinvent yourself and regain your zest for life. Contact us today and we will show you how.

The Most Effective Doctors Weight Loss Solution

Just stop for a minute and think of how losing weight and getting your appetite under control could radically improve the quality of your life. Instead of always being self-conscious about your appearance and constantly concerned about your health, you could be carefree, energetic and self-confident. With access to the most effective doctors weight loss solution, that wishful alternative can become your reality. If you’ve struggled with your weight for some time now, you already know that conventional diet plans aren’t the answer. Losing a substantial amount of weight is never as simple as eating less and exercising more. If it were, everybody would be thin. The fact is an overwhelming majority of people who are overweight are dealing with a metabolic problem – they aren’t burning fat fast enough, so it builds up in their bodies and no amount of strenuous exercise or dieting can safely get rid of that excess. What can safely speed up the process is a daily dose of HCG, a natural human hormone that when injected directly into a fatty layer of skin shifts your metabolism into overdrive. Almost instantly, your body starts burning abnormal excess fat at a feverish rate and the pounds just disappear. The use of HCG to achieve rapid weight loss is nothing new. Its effectiveness has been clinically verified and medical professionals in the know have considered HCG injections a viable weight loss approach for more than 50 years. It is only in the last several years that HCG medical technology has truly captured the attention of so many dieters fed up with traditional weight loss programs that promise so much and deliver so little. Today there are HCG Weight Loss Doctors to meet the growing demand for this extraordinary diet plan among clients all across the US from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida. Weight Loss Medical Center is at the forefront of the movement as a leading provider of HCG hormone injections. We’ve created the ideal diet program designed to boost your metabolism and burn excess body fat, while providing supplements to support your immune system, energy levels and cellular health and a very low 700-calorie diet to help you lose weight and learn how to make healthier food choices. Every day, we receive calls and messages from people in every corner of the nation wanting to know more about our incredible HCG Weight Loss program. These include folks in Oxnard, California, Mobile, Alabama, Toledo, Ohio, Charlotte, North Carolina, Denver, Colorado, Dallas, Texas, and Washington, District of Columbia who have heard amazing stories about HCG Diet results and want to know how they, too, can lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days. Our trained clinical advisers are there to provide the answers and help bring the benefits of rapid weight loss to households in Vancouver, Washington, Fontana, California, Des Moines, Iowa, Jackson, Mississippi, Akron, Ohio, Boise City, Idaho and every other city and town in America. So take a load off your mind – as well as your waistline – by ordering the most effective doctors weight loss solution available today. You’ll not only lose weight fast, but also enable yourself to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Answers from HCG Diet Weight Loss Doctors

Carmen W. in San Buenaventura Ventura, California asks: I need to lose weight fast. How quickly can I get approved for the HCG diet, and where can I find HCG Weight Loss doctors in California?

If you want to lose weight fast, Carmen, you’ve certainly chosen the right diet program. Our rapid weight loss protocol provides medically proven results in just six short weeks as prescribed by certified HCG Weight Loss doctors, and we waste no time delivering your medication and supplies. No sooner do you contact Weight Loss Medical Center than one of our diet physicians reviews your medical history and approves you for the program without delay. Your prescription is then sent to one of our fully licensed pharmacies, and your HCG Diet kit is sent directly to your home or office in San Buenaventura Ventura CA – all within a matter of days. We ensure prompt service and delivery to any location in the US, including communities like Burbank, California, Chula Vista, California, Elk Grove, California, Hayward, California, Lancaster, California, Norwalk, California, Santa Clara, California, and West Covina, California. The fastest way to get the process started is by completing the convenient online Contact Form on this page or giving us a call at our toll-free number. We look forward to hearing from you so you can see amazing weight loss results as soon as possible.

Sam R. in Odessa, Texas asks: I’m a bit leery of rapid weight loss programs. Can you assure me that HCG injections are safe and effective, and how can I find HCG Diet Weight Loss doctors in Texas?

Your skepticism is understandable, Sam, considering that so many diet plans out there make big promises but often fail to deliver. However, our HCG injections are doctor-prescribed and clinically proven to help you lose a lot of weight quickly and safely. These are natural human hormones – not drugs – that you easily inject each day for six weeks to stimulate your metabolism and burn off abnormal excess fat stored in your body. As a result, you shed dozens of pounds in the shortest amount of time without subjecting yourself to torturous dieting or grueling exercise. The demand for our HCG injections in areas like Beaumont, Texas, Frisco, Texas, Garland, Texas, Lewisville, Texas, Midland, Texas, Plano, Texas, Richardson, Texas, and Wichita Falls, Texas has been phenomenal – and so have the results. See for yourself by contacting us today. We’ll have a HCG Weight Loss doctor review your medical history, approve you for the program, and prescribe your medication, which will be delivered promptly to your door in Odessa, Texas. Our dedicated team of trained clinical advisors can also answer any questions you might have about the HCG program and how to self-administer injections simply and painlessly – so give us a call at our toll-free number or via the Contact Form on this page.

Sharlene K. in Elgin, Illinois asks: How much weight can I lose on the HCG Diet, and how can I get a prescription from a HCG Weight Loss doctor?

It all depends on how much weight you have to lose, Sharlene. Previous clients who were slightly overweight were content to shed up to 25 pounds, while those who were moderately overweight were thrilled to lose up to 4o pounds. Dieters who are extremely overweight have the ability to lose 40, 50 or more pounds in just six weeks – and much more in the long term by maintaining healthy eating habits and repeating the course of injections, if the doctor approves. That’s because real medical grade HCG has the power to turbo-charge your metabolism and allow your body to burn off stored excess fat. Combined with a very low 700-calorie diet, the HCG diet can help you lose a substantial amount of weight in weeks – not months or years. One of our HCG Weight Loss Doctors can review your medical history and prescribe the proper dosage of HCG injections to help you achieve the best rapid weight loss results in Elgin, Illinois. We’ve already done the same for so many other dieters in places like Aurora, Illinois, Joliet, Illinois, Naperville, Illinois, Peoria, Illinois, Rockford, Illinois, and Springfield, Illinois – and they have reported amazing results. Take the first step toward lasting weight loss today by calling our toll-free number or completing our convenient Contact Form.

Frank G. in Pompano Beach, Florida asks: If HCG is derived from female hormones, how does that affect male dieters?

If you’re worried that HCG will make you more feminine, Frank, forget about it. HCG is a natural human hormone found in both men and women. As a matter of fact, researchers have found that HCG injections can actually increase natural testosterone production in men. However, the primary effect of injectable HCG is on your metabolism, giving it the jumpstart you need to burn off abnormal excess fat stored in your body. Decades of research and experience have shown that HCG injections put you on the fast track to weight loss and also help you control your appetite so you not only shed dozens of pounds, but keep them off once you return to a normal healthy diet. You can find a weight loss doctor who prescribes HCG injections right in your hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida. Simply fill out our convenient online Contact Form or call our toll-free number, and our clinical associates will handle the arrangements. It is just as easy to obtain injectable HCG from medical weight loss doctors throughout the Sunshine State in communities such as Clearwater, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Gainesville, Florida, Hialeah, Florida, Miramar, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Palm Bay, Florida, and Tallahassee, Florida. So let’s get started!

Calista M. in Wilmington, North Carolina asks: Several of my friends and I want to try the HCG Diet. Do you offer a discount for multiple clients?

Glad to hear that you and your friends are eager to lose weight together, Calista. Having one or more partners on the HCG Diet often helps keep dieters on track and the shared experience makes losing weight more fun. We love accommodating multiple dieters and while we cannot quote a group rate for our complete diet program online, you can call us at our toll-free number to find out what kind of deal we can offer you. Your respective medical histories will be reviewed by a HCG Weight Loss doctor and if you are all approved for the program, you will each receive your HCG medical kits in Wilmington, North Carolina directly from one of our fully licensed pharmacies. Then you can start the HCG Diet at the same time, encourage each other throughout the process and compare results when you’re done. We also offer our Doctors Weight Loss program for individual and multiple dieters in neighboring communities such as Cary, North Carolina, Durham, North Carolina, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, High Point, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Whether following the program on your own and with friends, it’s the safest and most effective way to lose weight rapidly.

Brad J. in Westminster, Colorado asks: I work out regularly. Do I have to stop while on the HCG Diet, and how do you find a HCG Weight Loss doctor in Colorado?

Strenuous exercise is not recommended while on the HCG rapid weight loss program, Brad. That’s because you’ll be on a very low 700-calorie diet for six weeks and with intensive exercise you would run the risk of burning muscle along with excess fat. So you might want to curtail your usual strenuous workout routine in the meantime. Exercise which causes muscle soreness and exhaustion can upset the balance of hormones in the body, and since this is a hormone-based diet program, those routines would be counter-productive. As soon as you complete the program, you can resume your fitness training to help stay in shape. Of course, you can still perform normal physical activities while you’re slimming down on the HCG Diet, but before you engage in light exercise consult with one of our clinical advisers. You’ll be pleased to know you can find a weight loss doctor who prescribes HCG injections by contacting us from your home in Westminster, Colorado. Our clinical advisers are also available to assist clients in numerous cities throughout your state including Aurora, Colorado, Arvada, Colorado, Centennial, Colorado, Fort Collins, Colorado, Lakewood, Colorado, Pueblo, Colorado, and Thornton, Colorado. It just takes one toll-free phone call to get started on the HCG Diet and drop more weight than you’ll ever lose simply working out at the gym.

Haley C. in Fairfield, California asks: I read that men lose weight faster than women on your diet program. Is that true?

Actually, Haley, research shows that men tend to lose weight faster than women regardless of the diet plan. Nevertheless, female clients have reported impressive results on our rapid weight loss program – averaging 25-40 pounds in just six short weeks. That’s because HCG is a powerful human hormone that fuels your metabolism to burn off stored excess fat at an accelerated rate. It would take months of intensive dieting and exercise to even approach that kind of weight loss with other programs, and you still wouldn’t be able to cleanse your body of stored excess fat or tame your appetite. Ordering your HCG Diet kit in Fairfield, California is simple enough – just fill out our online Contact Form or call us at our toll-free number and a trained clinical associates will reach you promptly to answer any questions you might have and gather your medical data. That information will be reviewed by one of our certified HCG Weight Loss doctors for approval and your prescription for HCG and B-12 injections with our vitamin complex will be filled by a licensed pharmacy and swiftly delivered to your door. It is just as easy and convenient to take advantage of the HCG diet plan in Antioch, California, Costa Mesa, California, Daly City, California, El Monte, California, Fullerton, California, Glendale, California, Inglewood, California, Simi Valley, California, and Victorville, California – so let us hear from you soon.

Paul V. in Coral Springs, Florida asks: Which foods am I allowed to eat while on the HCG Diet, and how can I find local HCG Weight Loss doctors in Florida?

You’ll like our flexible diet plan, Paul, because it includes some delectable selections like chicken, beef, fish, shrimp and crab along with a vegetable, fruit, Melba toast, breadsticks and a beverage. What’s more, you can prepare your meals to your liking – provided they are boiled or grilled to avoid fat – and spice your food with some salt and pepper or season it with vinegar and basil, or any other seasonings which do not contain sugar. Although you’ll only be eating 700 calories per day for six weeks, you’ll find your portions surprisingly filling because HCG influences the part of your brain that controls hunger. It’s just one of the ways our amazing weight loss program can help you curb your appetite now and in the future. To learn more about our diet menu, consult with one of our clinical advisers or your HCG Weight Loss doctor in Coral Springs, Florida. Combined with HCG and B-12 injections with our vitamin complex, the HCG diet is making rapid weight loss a whole lot easier for our clients in Cape Coral, Florida, Hollywood, Florida, Miami Gardens, Florida, Pembroke Pines, Florida, Port St. Lucie, Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida and Tampa, Florida. Join them today and discover how delicious and satisfying it can be to really lose weight fast.

Dory S. in Rochester, New York asks: I have special dietary restrictions. Can I still do the HCG Diet?

Absolutely, Dory. The HCG Weight Loss protocol takes the dietary restrictions of those who are vegan, vegetarians, gluten-free and lactose intolerant into consideration. For example, our very low 700-calorie diet does not include dairy products with the exception of one tablespoon of milk to lighten your coffee or tea, which is strictly optional. The weight loss doctor who prescribes your HCG medication in Rochester, New York, along with your personal clinical adviser, can help you choose the specific diet menu that’s right for you. We also have weight loss doctors who can accommodate the special needs of other dieters in places like Buffalo, New York, Syracuse, New York, and Yonkers, New York. Once you have completed Phase 2 of our rapid weight loss program, you can gradually return to your usual diet. Only now you’ll be 25-40 pounds lighter and your appetite will be under control, so you can your weight in check. There aren’t many quick weight loss programs as flexible as the HCG Diet plan – or certainly as effective. Let us show you how simple, safe and satisfying losing weight can be by filling out our online Contact Form or calling our toll-free number today.

Wesley L. in Carrollton, Texas asks: In this economy I need to be frugal. How much will the HCG diet cost me?

Wesley, at Weight Loss Medical Center, we don’t think anyone should be priced out of obtaining our amazingly effective rapid weight loss program. Because of the high volume of sales for the HCG Diet, we are able to make the program more affordable for our clients than most weight loss solutions. We don’t disclose the exact cost online because of day-to-day fluctuations in price based on changing shipping costs and other factors, and it wouldn’t be right to give you an inaccurate quote. So we suggest you contact us at our toll-free number and one of our clinical advisers will be happy to tell you all about the HCG Diet Costs. We bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially if you compare our prices to that of other weight loss programs that require annual gym memberships, sophisticated exercise equipment or prepared food plans – none of which will help you lose a lot of weight fast in Carrollton, Texas. What we offer and they don’t is medical grade HCG prescribed by licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctors for dieters like you and others in nearby communities like Abilene, Texas, Denton, Texas, Grand Prairie, Texas; Killeen, Texas, Mesquite, Texas, Pasadena, Texas, and Waco, Texas. Get better results for your hard-earned cash by applying for the HCG Weight Loss program.

Lydia E. in Glendale, Arizona asks: Is there any way I can get the HCG diet without a prescription?

Lydia, there are plenty of websites that sell so-called HCG products without a prescription, but none of them are truly safe and effective. If you want the real McCoy, you need to order your rapid weight loss medication from local HCG Weight Loss Doctors prescribing HCG for Weight Loss. Obtaining a prescription for the complete HCG Diet in Glendale, Arizona is simple. Just complete our online Contact Form and one of our knowledgeable clinical advisers will get in touch with you. To save time and get started on the program as soon as possible, just give us a call at our toll-free number. We’ll fill you in on everything you want to know about the HCG Diet and gather your medical information and other data so it can be carefully reviewed by a qualified weight loss doctor. Once you are approved for the program, your HCG Diet kit complete with medication and supplies will be shipped directly to your doorstep from one of our fully licensed pharmacies. We also cater to the weight loss needs of adult men and women of all ages in Chandler, Arizona, Gilbert, Arizona, Mesa, Arizona, Peoria, Arizona, Scottsdale, Arizona, Tempe, Arizona, Tucson, Arizona – and just about everywhere else in the US. They know that when it comes to successful rapid weight loss, there is no substitute for the doctor prescribed HCG Weight Loss program.

Raymond D. in Lafayette, Louisiana asks: I’d prefer to take HCG diet drops. Do you sell them?

Save your money, Raymond – orally ingested HCG diet drops just don’t work. We know because they have been tested and shown to be ineffective. Some of the drops sold online don’t even contain HCG, and if they did the hormone would never reach your bloodstream because it would be broken down in your digestive system. On the other hand, our HCG injections are self-administered into the fatty layer of your skin and directly absorbed into your bloodstream. This powerful human hormone then triggers your metabolism, allowing your body to burn off stored excess fat at an astonishingly fast rate. Within six short weeks, you can lose anywhere from 25-40 pounds – or more – and look and feel awesome. Diet doctors prescribe HCG Weight Loss for clients in Lafayette, Louisiana, which means you don’t have to travel to some special clinic out of state to get your medication. It can be delivered directly to your home or office from one of our licensed pharmacies, which is also the case in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Shreveport, Louisiana, and – of course – New Orleans, Louisiana. So if you’re serious about losing weight once and for all, forget about hcg drops, hcg sprays, creams and other useless concoctions. The HCG Weight Loss protocol is your most reliable diet solution.

Jessica O. in Stamford, Connecticut asks: I have a big business trip planned with a hectic schedule. Can I take a short break from the HCG diet once I start the program and resume it later?

Not if you really want to lose weight and lose it fast, Jessica. For the best results, you need to follow the HCG Diet protocol from start to finish uninterrupted. The good news is that even with a hectic schedule like yours, you can start and complete our rapid weight loss program without a snag. You only need to take your HCG and B-12 injections with our vitamin complex once a day for six weeks and it only takes a few minutes. You can do it anywhere – at home, in your office or in your hotel room if you’re on the road. Also, if your business trip is going to be as busy as it sounds, you shouldn’t have a problem sticking to the very low 700-calorie diet. Your HCG Weight Loss doctor just has to review your medical information and approve you for the program before sending your HCG prescribing information to one of our licensed pharmacies. Your HCG Diet kit will then be shipped to your home or office in Stamford, Connecticut, and you’ll be all set to follow the program wherever you go. We can also accommodate the dieting needs of hardworking professionals in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Hartford, Connecticut, New Haven, Connecticut, and Waterbury, Connecticut. So don’t let a busy work schedule prevent you from realizing your weight loss goals. Call or write us today and let’s take care of business!

Anthony B. in Newark, New Jersey asks: Everyone in my family has a weight problem, which suggests that my condition is hereditary. If that’s the case, will HCG injections really help?

There are many people like you, Anthony, who come from families with a history of weight related health issues. What you may have inherited from yours is a low metabolism that makes it more difficult for you to lose weight than a person with a high metabolism. However, that doesn’t mean you have to live with it – not when the HCG Diet can rev up your metabolism, burn off stored excess fat, and curb your appetite so you can maintain your resulting weight loss with healthy eating habits. We would suggest that you supply one of our clinical associates with your medical history so it can be evaluated by a certified weight loss doctor. The weight loss doctor can determine if our rapid weight loss program is right for you and, if so, issue a prescription for the HCG Diet. Once you get your weight under control, perhaps it will convince the rest of your family in Newark, New Jersey to slim down with the HCG Diet and help ensure a healthier life for generations to come. Our rapid diet program has helped countless dieters in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Jersey City, New Jersey, and Paterson, New Jersey – and we have every reason to believe it can help you and your loved ones.

Lucille F. in Knoxville, Tennessee asks: Are there any HCG side effects I should be aware of, and where can I find HCG Diet Weight Loss doctors in Tennessee?

Lucille, all drugs can have certain side effects, but here’s the thing – HCG is not a drug. It is a naturally occurring human hormone. It is manufactured in a pharmaceutical laboratory to be exactly the same (the term is Bioidentical) as the hormone which occurs naturally in your body. Therefore, there are few, if any, adverse effects when you take HCG injections as directed. The only side effects are all positive – you lose a substantial amount of weight rapidly, you get your appetite under control, you are infused with newfound energy, and you look and feel your best. In the highly unlikely event that you experience any discomfort taking HCG injections in Knoxville, Tennessee, you can always consult your HCG Weight Loss Doctor who will adjust your prescription accordingly. There are also HCG Weight Loss doctors prescribing HCG injections for dieters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Clarksville, Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and Nashville-Davison, Tennessee – and they are all committed to helping you lose a lot of weight as quickly and safely as possible. Get started today on our amazing rapid weight loss diet by completing our online Contact Form or calling the toll-free number at the top of this page.

Adrianna H. in Henderson, Nevada asks: Losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off is a whole other issue for me. Does HCG also control hunger and if so, how?

You’re quite right, Adrianna. Losing weight by stimulating your metabolism and burning off excess fat is a big benefit of taking HCG injections, but it isn’t the only benefit. HCG also helps you control your hunger while on the diet by influencing your hypothalamus – the part of your brain that affects appetite. So in addition to losing a considerable amount of weight on the HCG Diet, you can also gain the upper hand on impulsive eating, adopt healthier eating habits and thereby prevent rebound weight so often associated with other diet plans. You can get your HCG prescription from HCG Weight Loss doctors without leaving your home in Henderson, Nevada. Just call us at our toll-free number or complete the Contact Form on this page, and we can get you immediately started on our fantastic quick weight loss program. We also have diet specialists to serve the needs of our clients in Las Vegas, Nevada, North Las Vegas, Nevada, and Reno, Nevada by helping them slim down, stay in shape and enjoy a healthier and more rewarding life.

Adam K. in Hampton, Virginia asks: Why are HCG injections even necessary? Can’t I simply lose weight by eating 700 calories per day?

Adam, if you merely ate 700 calories of food per day you would not only feel terrible, but it wouldn’t be long before you break that diet. Your appetite would be so overpowering that you couldn’t resist eating more calories than usual just to satisfy your hunger. There are plenty of ultra low calorie diets out there that simply don’t work, so why would you want to put yourself through the discomfort of eating less and ultimately gaining more weight? The purpose of taking HCG injections is two-fold: to boost your metabolism so you burn off stored excess fat rapidly and to get your appetite under control. Without this critical component of the HCG diet protocol, you wouldn’t be able to cure the primary cause of weight gain in most adults. Diet doctors prescribe HCG Weight Loss injections in Hampton, Virginia because they are the most effective method of losing weight rapidly. Former dieters in Arlington, Virginia, Chesapeake, Virginia; Newport News, Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, and Virginia Beach, Virginia are now enjoying the many benefits of overcoming their weight issues thanks to HCG injections. You can be one of them by picking up the phone and calling our toll-free number or filling out our online Contact Form. The sooner you begin the HCG Weight Loss diet, the sooner you’ll see amazing results.

Melanie T. in West Jordan, Utah asks: My only problem is unsightly belly fat. Can the HCG Diet trim my waistline while leaving other parts of my body unaffected?

The HCG Diet will do just that, Melanie. Typically, the body stores its unhealthy excess fat in the abdomen, hips and thighs, and those are the storage areas this remarkable diet program targets. HCG injections jumpstart your metabolism so your body burns stubborn excess fat like the kind that has accumulated in your belly. In no time, you’ll start to see a big difference. The bulge in your belly will recede, your waistline will shrink, and your abdominal area will become flatter and firmer while the rest of your body stays the same. You’ll positively love your new figure and will no longer feel self-conscious about showing it off. That’s the extraordinary power of natural hormones prescribed by HCG Weight Loss Doctors, and our medically proven rapid weight loss solution can do wonders for dieters like you in West Jordan, Utah. There are also clinical associates and weight loss doctors eager to help other clients in Provo, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, and West Valley City, Utah realize their weight loss goals. Call us now at our toll-free number or complete our convenient online Contact Form so we can provide you with all the exciting details.

Ricardo G. in Round Rock, Texas asks: The only foods I enjoy eating are high in fat. Can I take HCG injections and still eat whatever I want?

In other words, Ricardo, you want to have your cake and eat it, too. Don’t we all? After taking HCG injections and completing the very low 700-calorie HCG diet, you can eat more of the foods you like without regaining weight, but your long-term weight loss success will depend on whether you adopt sensible eating habits going forward and that includes eliminating as much saturated fat from your diet as possible. One of the great things about our rapid weight loss program is that it helps you get your appetite under control, which should make it easier for you to resist such cravings – even the enticing Tex-Mex delicacies served in Round Rock, Texas. Ultimately, however, the choice is up to you. You can revert to poor eating habits and pay the price in renewed weight gain, or you can be more discerning about what foods you put into your body and be rewarded with years of normal weight and better health. To help you make that choice, your HCG Weight Loss Doctor will not only prescribe your rapid weight loss medication, but can also provide you with tasty dietary suggestions. This is the same kind of personalized service extended to HCG dieters in Amarillo, Texas, Brownsville, Texas, Corpus Christi, Texas, Irving, Texas, Laredo, Texas, Lubbock, Texas, McAllen, Texas, and McKinney, Texas. Contact us today so we can help set you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Francine D. in Richmond, California asks: I’m having difficulty finding work and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am overweight and lack the self-confidence I need to display during job interviews. Can the HCG diet help me?

While we can’t promise you’ll get a job by following the HCG Diet, Francine, we can tell you that losing weight will likely have a positive effect on your self-image and confidence. When you look and feel healthy with energy to spare, people are more likely to recognize your dynamic personality. That includes prospective employers in Richmond, California. Ask yourself this: Who would you chose if you were hiring an individual – someone who is lethargic and self-conscious about their appearance or someone who is brimming with vitality and self-assured? We urge you to try our diet program because we know it will help you lose weight rapidly and restore your sense of self-worth and confidence. All you need to do is complete our online Contact Form or call our toll-free number and we’ll submit your medical information to a HCG Weight Loss Doctor for approval. Within a few short weeks on our rapid weight loss protocol, you’ll see an amazing difference in both your weight and your mental outlook. That also goes for other dieters in Berkeley, California, Downey, California, Fremont, California, Irvine, California, Roseville, California, Thousand Oaks, California, Sunnyvale, California, Torrance, California; Vallejo, California, and Visalia, California.

Peter O. in Lansing, Michigan asks: I’ve been overweight most of my adult life and I’m concerned it could lead to serious illness down the road. Can the HCG Diet help me improve my overall health?

Peter, there is no question that losing excess weight and keeping it off can help lessen the risk of developing illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and joint ailments. So the sooner you slim down, the better. The fastest and safest way to do it is with doctor prescribed HCG injections. These powerful natural hormones stimulate your metabolism and enable your body to burn off stored excess fat fast. Combined with B-12 injections with our vitamin complex and a very low 700 calories, this medically proven protocol can help you lose upwards of 40 pounds in 40 days while going about your normal daily routine. Imagine how much better you will look and feel by losing that amount of weight and how much healthier you will be in the years ahead by resolving your weight issue now instead of later. Don’t wait another minute to change your future. Contact us now to get your HCG Diet prescription in Lansing Michigan from a HCG Weight Loss Doctor. We also provide assistance for health-conscious dieters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Detroit, Michigan, Flint, Michigan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sterling Heights, Michigan, and Warren, Michigan.

Vicky P. in Kansas City, Missouri asks: Will losing a substantial amount of weight on your diet program affect my complexion and make my face look gaunt?

Not at all, Vicky. In fact, taking HCG injections restores normal fat to your skin which will make your complexion more fresh and smooth. If anything, your face will look more youthful. The HCG Diet is designed to help you reach and maintain your normal average weight, and it does so by revitalizing your metabolism so your body burns stored excess fat. Once you restore your metabolic balance, slim down and curb your appetite, it is just a matter of maintaining healthy eating habits to ensure that the weight stays off permanently and you look and feel your best. Your HCG doctor for weight loss can prescribe the complete rapid weight loss kit and have it delivered directly to your home in Kansas City, Missouri from one of our regulated, fully licensed pharmacies. Clinical advisers and HCG Diet doctors are also at the service of clients in Columbia, Missouri Independence, Missouri, Springfield, Missouri, and St. Louis, Missouri. Just complete our online Contact Form or call us at our toll-free number to get the process started.

Drew C. in Lowell, Massachusetts asks: I work long hours and can’t take time off from my job. Where can I find a Doctor Weight Loss Center that is open after normal business hours?

You don’t have to, Drew. With the HCG Diet program, the Doctor Weight Loss Center comes to you wherever and whenever you like. Instead of having to make an inconvenient appointment and traveling to a clinic, you can simply complete our online Contact Form or pick up the phone and call our toll-free number to start the process. Rather than sitting in a waiting room and nervously checking the time, you can speak immediately with one of our trained clinical advisers who will gather your medical information and forward it to a qualified HCG Weight Loss doctor. Once you are approved for our rapid weight loss program, your prescription for HCG and B-12 injections with our vitamin complex is sent to one of our licensed pharmacies, where it is dispensed and then delivered directly to your home or office in Lowell, Massachusetts. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Which is one of the reasons so many busy dieters are choosing the HCG Weight Loss program in Boston, Massachusetts, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Springfield, Massachusetts, and Worcester, Massachusetts. Not only is it the safest and most effective way to lose weight rapidly, but also the most convenient.

Wilma D. in Overland Park, Kansas asks: I have a lot of weight to lose and doubt I will lose it all in just six weeks. Can I do the HCG diet more than once?

Wilma, you may be surprised at how much weight you can lose in just six weeks with the HCG Diet program. However, if you fall short of your ambitious goal the first time you follow the HCG Weight Loss protocol, you can certainly do it again. Your helpful and caring HCG Weight Loss Doctor will not only prescribe the medication you need in Overland, Kansas, but also your medical advisor will advise you on how to slim down safely in the shortest period of time. As you probably know, you don’t get that kind of professional care and guidance when you order other products online from unknown sources. We look forward to the opportunity to meet or exceed your weight loss expectations – as well as those of dieters in Kansas City, Kansas, Olathe, Kansas, Topeka, Kansas and Wichita, Kansas – so please give us a call at our toll-free number or fill out our online Contact Form so we can get in touch with you. Also be sure to spread the word about our amazing diet program after you achieve your own incredible results.

Cal E. in Escondido, California asks: I’ve heard that crash diets are dangerous. What’s the difference between the HCG protocol and a crash diet?

Crash diets can be dangerous, Cal – not to mention ineffective – which is why you need a safe and successful rapid weight loss solution like the HCG Diet. There is a huge difference between the two. On a crash diet, you are drastically reducing your calorie intake in the hope that depriving yourself of nourishment will force your body to lose weight. Indeed, you may experience rapid weight loss, but it will be followed by rebound weight gain. That’s because your body is not able to burn stored fat fast enough and instead pulls needed energy from your muscle reserves. So you are likely to lose a few pounds temporarily at the cost of putting your immune system at risk. With the HCG Diet, you are on an ultra-low 700 calorie diet for six weeks, but you are also taking B-12 injections with our vitamin complex, which nourishes your body and brain while you’re burning off excess fat. You don’t feel hungry because HCG convinces your brain that you’re satisfied. With the guidance of one of our licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctors, you can rest assured that it is not only a safe method but also highly effective. Just ask the many former dieters who have safely lost weight on the HCG Diet in Garden Grove, California, Huntington Beach, California, Ontario, California, Moreno Valley, California, Palmdale, California, Salinas, California, Santa Rosa, California, San Bernardino, California, and your hometown of Escondido, California. Now it’s your turn to reap the rewards our amazing rapid weight loss program, so give us a call today.

We hope we have answered many of the questions you may have had about our remarkable rapid weight loss program. For more information about HCG Weight Loss doctors or our diet plan, please don’t hesitate to call us at our toll-free number at the top of this page and we will be happy to answer them. Or, if you prefer, simply complete our convenient online Contact Form and we will promptly give you a call. Either way, we look forward to helping you turn your dreams of a slimmer, healthier you into a reality.