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HCG Injections vs. Pellets

HCG Injections vs. Pellets

If you are an adult trying to decide how to begin the HCG Diet to lose weight, this report will help you determine the best choice between HCG injections vs. pellets. HCG pellets are one of the newest types of HCG marketed as a way to lose weight. Weight loss is an off-label use of HCG. Doctors specializing in weight loss have been using HCG since the 1950’s as a way to help people who could not get rid of those unwanted pounds finally achieve success. The HCG Diet must be supervised by an experienced doctor at all times.

When comparing HCG pellets vs. injections, there are two types of pellets to understand. The first, which have been around for a much longer time, are homeopathic pellets for sale online and over the counter. These products do not contain real HCG and cannot be advertised for weight loss. They are frequently banned from sale for false advertising and claims. Unfortunately, just as soon as one product leaves the store shelves, another is ready to take its place – often manufactured by the same company but packaged under a different name.

Some compounding pharmacies are producing oral, sublingual HCG pellets and drops that are held under the tongue. The absorption rate is poor, and a much higher dosage of HCG is required to ensure adequate results. The price for compounded HCG pellets is high, and some people complain about frequent hunger and headaches since the effects are not as good as those from HCG injections. There is also a greater risk of weight gain following the use of these items.

Best HCG for Weight Loss

There is no comparison when looking into the best HCG for weight loss. The results from HCG injections vs. pellets clearly indicate that people achieve a higher level of success, including faster weight loss, less hunger, improved metabolic functions, and the ability to maintain their lower weight when using HCG injections.

Another common question is about HCG injections vs. cream. There is no way to put real HCG into a cream form. It cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. Any product that advertises itself to be this type of product should not be used.

The HCG protocol requires daily HCG injections in conjunction with a very low-calorie diet. Daily food intake is between 700 and 800 calories and consists of three meals and no more than two snacks a day from a preapproved food list. HCG injections provide the brain with signals that the body has consumed enough food to prevent feelings of hunger and the accompanying headaches that could occur. The brain then signals the metabolism that the body has consumed enough calories, even though it has not reached its normal intake. As a result of these stimuli, the body does not sense starvation, and will allow for the use of stored fat for fuel. In cases of perceived starvation (when no real HCG is present), the body will use fat stored in muscle, decreasing muscle size and strength. This is not the way to achieve long-lasting, effective weight loss.

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