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HCG Injections vs. Tablets

HCG Injections vs. Tablets

When something works, everyone wants to copy it. That is what has happened with the HCG Diet. Since it is impossible to reproduce and sell real HCG injections without a prescription in the US, companies have turned to making products such as pellets, tablets, drops, and sprays that they claim to be HCG but contain no real HCG in them. This leads to the discussion about HCG injections vs. tablets and which one really works.

There is no actual comparison since one product (HCG injections) contains real HCG and the other does not. What is more concerning is the way in which those so-called HCG tablets work. When examining the results of HCG diet injections vs. pills, there is a clear winner – HCG shots.

The first thing to know is that HCG injections target the body’s stored fat cells. They reach into these cells and pull out the fat. It is that fat that is burned for fuel as it exits the body. This is not the case with homeopathic HCG tablets. Any weight loss often comes directly from water and lean muscle. This is not what you want to experience. Choosing between HCG injections or tablets is easy when you understand the differences.

During periods of very low caloric intake, the body will go into starvation mode and hang onto whatever stored fat it has out of fear. Instead of using this stored fat for fuel, the body first goes to whatever it can leach out of the muscles. HCG injections send powerful signals to the brain that cause stored fat to be on the receiving end of the target rather than lean muscle mass.

Real HCG vs. Homeopathic HCG

HCG tablets do not contain real human chorionic gonadotropin. They are not covered under federal guidelines, so there is no oversight as to what is going into these products. “Homeopathic” forms of HCG do not have any regulatory system, so people are at the mercy of the manufacturers, and can only hope for the best. When choosing between HCG sublingual tablets vs. injections, only one is regulated and protected in terms of quality, and that is HCG injections.

One of the reasons that HCG injections work so well is that HCG is a hormone that targets sensors in the brain. These sensors keep the body from feeling hungry. You will not get that message across with HCG tablets. That is one of the biggest differences when comparing HCG injections vs. tablets.

There are two other significant problems with HCG tablets, besides the loss of lean muscle:

  1. The body goes through an extreme metabolic slowdown since there is no real HCG to affect the metabolism
  2. The occurrence of rebound weight gain is extremely high

Weight gain after successfully completing HCG injections is rare in comparison to HCG tablets. Because the metabolism speeds up from the signals prescription HCG sends to the brain, no sluggish slowdown exists. Even after all four phases of the HCG Diet end, a higher functioning metabolism provides better optimization of consumed food.

When comparing HCG injections vs. pills, remember that being on a very low-calorie diet, such as the one associated with HCG weight loss, requires medical supervision. This is not something to embark on without doctor approval. At Weight Loss Medical Center, we provide superior service, guidance, supervision, and affordable prices for adults looking to lose weight with the HCG Diet. Contact us for a no-cost consultation today.