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HCG Shots – Do They Work for Weight Loss?

HCG Shots

HCG is a hormone made by pregnant women. It helps them to nourish the growing fetus by targeting body fat for fuel during the early stages of pregnancy when it is hard for many women to keep food down due to feelings of nausea. The connection between HCG shots and weight loss came in the 1950’s when Dr. Simeons discovered he could use these shots to allow people to eat a limited calorie diet for a specific period of time without the fatigue and headaches that would otherwise occur. Additionally, his patients lost fat rather than muscle which is often the first area targeted when the body senses that it is in starvation mode.

How do HCG shots really work for weight loss in adults today? The HCG enters the bloodstream and relays its signals to the brain that the body is not hungry. Even though a person may be consuming 700 to 800 calories a day, the body will feel full. This prevents the starvation signal from relaying its message to pull any available fat out of muscle tissue. Instead, excess body fat cells become the target.

Do HCG shots work for weight loss for individuals who only have ten or fifteen pounds to lose? It is not recommended that people with less than 20 pounds of excess fat use the HCG diet. There are other methods of weight loss that may be better targeted to their needs.

When beginning HCG shots, diet adherence to the provided protocol is crucial. Deviation from the program will result in decreased success and possible weight gain rather than loss. An explanation of the HCG Diet protocol follows in the next section.

HCG Diet Plan Explained

The HCG shots diet plan has four parts or phases as they are known. Days one and two of the HCG shots are considered Phase 1. These two days feature the consumption of at least 2,000 calories of high-fat foods. This is also known as the “loading phase” since its purpose is to load up the bloodstream with available fat that will start the fat burning process.

So, you are eating 2,000 calories and using HCG shots. How do they work for weight loss if that much food is consumed? Enter day three of the HCG shots and the start of Phase 2 of the HCG Diet. This is where the calories drop to between 700 and 800 a day – no more and no less. The body needs this amount of calories to function, and the HCG will force the brain to signal the metabolism to look inward to fat cells for additional fuel.

For the balance of the forty days of HCG shots and diet protocol, no sugar, fats, dairy, carbohydrates, or grains are consumed. A special meal plan, shopping list, and easy to prepare recipes are included to help make weight loss simple and quick.

Losing Weight with HCG Shots

If you are wondering what are HCG shots going to do for you – they will help you lose up to a pound of excess body fat each day. By the time you reach the end of the HCG Diet Phase 2, you will find that the scale is registering a weight loss of between thirty and forty pounds for the average person.

Following these HCG shots results, you will embark on Phase 3 – allowing your body to stabilize at the new weight. Here your caloric intake will increase: first to 1,000 a day and then up to 1,200 calories each day. Additional foods will reenter your daily meal plan, except certain types of starches and sugar. Following a period of three to six weeks in Phase 3, you will either restart Phase 1 if you have additional weight to lose, or more on to Phase 4 – the forever maintenance phase.

A positive HCG shots review points out that by Phase 4 most people have lost their old food cravings. With a better functioning metabolism, it becomes easy to keep the weight from coming back. At this time, you cannot eat whatever you want, but so many people continue to avoid unhealthy meal choices. Your brain, body, and taste buds have all changed – for the better. The tools you gained during Phase 2 of the HCG Diet will help you eat well for the rest of your life.

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