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HCG Diet Drops vs HCG Diet Injections: Which is Best?

HCG Diet Drops vs HCG Diet Injections

Obesity has become quite an epidemic in this country, necessitating the need for immediate action. The question of the day becomes what type of action to take. The majority of people will make four to five attempts at ridding their bodies of excess fat each year, with most failing at these attempts. In fact, it often seems that people wind up heavier after these types of weight loss programs than before they began.

There is an option that is working, but even this has some confusion swirling around it:

HCG diet drops vs HCG diet injections: which is best to help facilitate speedy weight loss?

It is important to know all the facts before shelling out money and starting a program that may or may not work in the long run. What is the difference between the two methods listed above?

Only the injectable form of HCG contains the hormone that will help to stop hunger and provide weight loss of up to a pound a day or more during the dieting phase. The drops are merely a homeopathic version often derived from various amino acids and other substances. They do not provide the signals that the brain needs to shut off its hunger signals.

When looking into HCG diet drops vs HCG diet injections in order to slim down one’s body, it is essential to stick to the actual program that was created back in the 1950’s. With a track record of success that spans decades and generations, losing weight and keeping it off is finally a possibility.

HCG Diet Injections for Sale Provide Quick Weight Loss

Choosing a weight loss plan for sale that will provide quick, long-lasting results is what everyone is looking for these days. Programs that only recommend losing one or two pounds a week can be extremely frustrating, especially if a person believes that he or she is giving up much more than is being received.

When the numbers on the scale do not move enough, it is easy to give in to temptation, and any positive results that have been achieved are often reversed in a short period of time. In fact, many people complain that after taking a week to lose two pounds, they could easily put three back on in only a day or two.

When examining the difference between HCG diet drops vs HCG diet injections, we find that those who stick with the tried and true injectable form of this program not only drop up to 30 pounds in 30 days, they tend to keep it off permanently.

The reason for this is that the program works!

Weight loss success by following this protocol is due to:

  • Administering an HCG injection each morning
  • Adhering to the provided 700 calories a day meal plan
  • Utilizing the provided Vitamin B12 to enhance immunity and energy
  • Following all four phases of this program

Those who want to lose their excess fat can do so easily and quickly by making the right choice between HCG diet drops vs HCG diet injections.

One of the essential factors here is that the signal that is sent to the brain lets it know that the body is satisfied and not hungry. This will stop the release of hunger hormones that could otherwise derail the ability to maintain a low caloric intake.

How to Differentiate Between Real HCG Diet Injections Online

It is vital to know the difference between real injections and homeopathic drops when making this type of purchase online. The internet can be an excellent source of information, but it is crucial to work with an experienced doctor when embarking on a rapid weight loss program such as this one.

Differentiating between HCG diet drops vs HCG diet injections is not difficult when armed with the information that we provide. The drops can be purchased by anyone at any time because they do not require a prescription the way the injections do.

The reason – they are not the same!

Clicking a button online is not the answer to succeeding with this program. In order to accomplish one’s end goal, doctor supervision and knowledgeable support are required. That is what you can find right here at Weight Loss Medical Center.

Unlike other doctor-supervised weight loss programs, we do not require people to come into our clinic for weekly weigh-ins. Not only does that waste valuable time that most people can better spend elsewhere, it adds an unnecessary cost that makes the ultimate price higher than desired.

We conduct all consultations with our medical advisors over the telephone. This enables people to speak with someone as needed, for guidance, support, answers, additional meal options, and even to share in the wonderful results.

When trying to make the decision between HCG diet drops vs HCG diet injections, always opt for the one that is the real thing. That is the way to succeed with rapid weight loss.

HCG Diet Injections vs Drops – the Definitive Answer!

If you truly want the definitive answer for how to lose weight fast, and to keep it off for good, stick with what has been shown to work – decade after decade!

Why waste hard-earned money on something that will just place any excess fat that is lost back on the body a few months down the road? That is not the ultimate goal of this program.

Now, if the desire is to drop a few pounds to get ready for a big event, and then put them right back on again, go ahead and opt for the HCG diet drops vs HCG diet injections.

Truthfully, that is not why you are here.

When the goal is to finally succeed at something that you have been trying for a long time let us help. The entire staff at Weight Loss Medical Center’s HCG clinics is committed to each client’s weight loss success. It is the disappearance of all those unwanted pounds that motivates all we do.

Instead of worrying which brand of drops to buy, and whether or not they will actually work, stick to the shots that have people showing off their thinner bodies in just a short period of time.

Whether you are looking to get rid of twenty, fifty, one hundred pounds or more, making the right choice between HCG diet drops vs HCG diet injections will bring the desired results.