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HCG Injections vs. Cream

HCG Injections vs. Cream

The HCG Diet helps adults lose weight quickly by cutting calories without loss of muscle by targeting stored fat cells. A comparison between HCG injections vs. cream shows the clear effectiveness of the HCG shots over all other products that claim to be HCG. Doctor supervision is vital on the HCG Diet. The extreme drop in calories could lead to headaches, foggy headedness, and weakness if real HCG is not used.

HCG does not cause the loss of fat – the cutting of calories does that. HCG cream does not get into the bloodstream as readily as HCG injections. The reason this is important is that what HCG does is provide the signals to the brain that the body is satisfied. Consider it tricking the brain into thinking that more food was eaten although only 800 calories have been consumed. The body still requires the same amount of fuel to power it through its day. In cases of starvation, the brain becomes worried and holds on to every ounce of fat it can find. Instead, it allows the use of fat stored in muscles, causing loss of lean muscle mass and strength. This is a dangerous situation.

HCG injections signal the brain that the body is not starving, allowing for the additional energy to be pulled directly from the excess fat stores. The brain sends signals to the metabolism to speed up the process, and fat burning takes place at a rapid pace. The difference between HCG cream vs. HCG injections is that the shots ensure that the adequate amount of HCG enters the bloodstream to provide the crucial signals to the brain.

Why HCG Injections Are Better than Cream

HCG injections are the approved protocol for the HCG Diet. The recent invention of transdermal HCG cream has many people wondering if they can use this instead. First of all, there is no superior substitution for HCG injections. Cream formulations of this “hormone” do not carry the same rate of effectiveness. Absorption through the skin is difficult, and a very high dosage of HCG is required to try to get enough into the bloodstream.

HCG applied transdermally also requires longer to accomplish the rapid weight loss associated with the HCG Diet. This often causes adults to give up long before they complete the entire HCG Diet protocol. Many people tend to regain their lost weight due to this situation. The purpose of the HCG Diet program is the rapid loss of unwanted fat. Success motivates people to stick with what they are doing, and the HCG Diet is no different. It is easy to hold to the six-week very low-calorie restrictive diet when you see the results day after day.

Another issue when using HCG cream is the increased risk of side effects such as headaches, hunger, weakness, and nausea associated when a very low-calorie diet is in force. This is where the comparison between HCG injections vs. cream is clearly defined. To avoid unwanted side effects and receive superior results, HCG injections are still the number one choice.

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