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HCG Pellets vs. HCG Injections: Which Is Best?

The controversy over the HCG diet is not new, but what is at the forefront of discussion these days is which is best: HCG pellets or HCG injections.If we go back to the original protocol developed in the 1950s by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, we see that only HCG injections were used.Now some people might say that times have changed, and that science has created a way to make pharmaceutical HCG into other products, such as drops and pellets.Additionally, you can find “homeopathic” HCG pellets, drops, and sprays on store shelves and a myriad of internet websites.There is no such thing as the original HCG pellets diet plan. Even if you were to purchase prescription HCG pellets from a doctor, they do not contain anywhere near the amount of HCG that you get in the shots. That is why you must take the pellets multiple times a day rather than just one injection.Comparing HCG pellets before and after results to those from HCG injections, we often find that the people who followed the original protocol not only lost the most weight, but they also had the least side effects and returning weight gain.

Why Should You Choose HCG Injections Instead of HCG Pellets?

When making a choice between HCG injections and pellets or drops, you want to look at what you are trying to accomplish. If you only have ten to twenty pounds to lose, you may manage to do fine with some of these other products. People who want to lose more than twenty pounds should always stick with HCG injections for the best results.
Are HCG pellets effective for long-term use and maximum weight loss?
The answer to this question first depends on which pellets you purchase. Homeopathic pellets do not contain real HCG and often fall short of their purpose and goal. Also, because homeopathic products do not undergo federal testing, quality is a serious concern. HCG pellets effectiveness for pharmaceutical grade human chorionic gonadotropin will be safer to use, but, again, because the dosage is so low, many people find that they have a harder time sticking to the protocol.
Are there any HCG pellets side effects that you do not have with the HCG injections?
Hunger, nausea, headaches, weakness, and fatigue are some of the most common side effects from HCG pellets and drops. This is due to the very low dosage of HCG in these products. Even the best HCG pellets include in their instructions how to increase the dosage when you feel hungry or weak. That is because they do not have the same effectiveness as real HCG injections.
How does the HCG pellets price compare to injections?
The range here is extremely wide, as homeopathic HCG pellets and drops typically cost under $50. Cheap HCG pellets are not as effective as pharmaceutical pellets which will often run between $250 and $350 a month, depending on how many drops a day you need to take to keep away the side effects previously mentioned. HCG injections are a little bit higher, and the price is dependent on the dosage prescribed by the doctor – current weight and height are factors in this decision.
Most people who use real, pharmaceutical HCG injections find that the cost is not much of an issue because of the amount of money they save on food each month.

How to Get the Best Results on the HCG Diet

To get the best HCG pellets results, you should always opt for pharmaceutical grade HCG, even though the cost is higher than what you can buy off a store shelf. Of course, HCG injections prescribed by a weight loss doctor will bring you the fastest and best results.As far as HCG pellets, how to use them is simple: place two or three as prescribed under your tongue and let them melt. Do not eat or drink for fifteen minutes before or after using the pellets.Make certain you follow the HCG pellets guide as you would the original protocol from the HCG injection diet.Remember, it is not the HCG that is causing the weight loss; it is the very low-calorie diet that produces the results. The purpose of the HCG is to prevent the side effects of consuming only 500 calories a day and to stimulate the body to burn stored fat rather than lean muscle. Only the HCG injections can do this part effectively.Although Kingsberg Medical does not provide HCG pellets for sale, as we believe our clients have the right to receive only the best pharmaceutical HCG to facilitate their weight loss, we offer free consultations to anyone who wants to learn more about how to lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days.