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HCG Drops for Weight Loss

HCG Drops for Weight Loss

The HCG Diet has been around for over six decades, and people throughout the world have lost weight and managed to keep it off by reprogramming their brains and cravings while partaking of a very low-calorie diet in conjunction with HCG injections. Today, some companies and even doctors market HCG drops for weight loss. You will often find chiropractors and other “holistic” doctors promoting HCG drops because they cannot prescribe HCG injections.

There is no such thing as legitimate HCG weight loss drops. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a controlled pharmaceutical hormone. This means that it requires a prescription for use. Since most holistic doctors are not MD’s or DO’s, they cannot prescribe pharmaceutical medications. With the desire to cash in on a diet that works, many companies have created a “homeopathic” version of HCG that they market as an adjunct way to lose weight fast.

When using HCG drops for weight loss, US adults may lose some of the excess weight they are carrying around simply because they are also reducing their calories. Unfortunately, the results are not as dramatic or long-lasting as with HCG shots.

HCG Drops vs. HCG Injections

Let us take a closer look at HCG injections vs. the best HCG drops for weight loss. Even if we take the most popular brand of HCG drops for sale on the market today they do not contain any real HCG. More likely, these products are made up of various amino acids, herbs, and vitamins. They will not accomplish the same stimulus to the brain that you get from HCG injections.

You see, the way you lose weight fast on the HCG Diet is through calorie cutting. When you drop your dietary intake down to 800 calories a day you will begin to lose weight. The problem with such a dramatic calorie reduction is that the body senses starvation and stubbornly begins to hold onto any stored fat for an emergency. Instead, it will supply the additional calories the body needs by targeting the muscles. That is why some people on low-calorie diets tend to lose lean muscle mass long before they see a decline in body fat. The way the HCG injections work is by sending a signal to the brain that you are not hungry – the body does not go into starvation mode. In this manner, stored fat can then be used for fuel.

If you buy HCG drops for weight loss, you will find that you need to take them multiple times a day, rather than one injection a day. You will also find it harder to stick with the program long-term and lose the desired weight you want to get rid of from your body. People who use the HCG drops also tend to gain the weight back faster while those taking HCG injections have a higher degree of maintaining their weight loss.

How to Start the Real HCG Diet

As your body begins to burn fat more efficiently than it has done in years, your metabolism will start to pick up the pace, functioning at a higher rate. For all of this to begin, you will first need to contact a doctor who prescribes the real HCG Diet. You will then fill out a comprehensive medical history questionnaire. This is an important step as the last thing you want to do when trying to improve your health and well-being through weight loss is to put your body at risk.

The HCG Diet is extremely safe when prescribed by an experienced doctor to people without underlying health issues that would render the program unsafe to use. Please do not omit any information from the questionnaire. We want to ensure that everyone who begins the HCG Diet can complete it safely and with the results they desire.

For additional information about losing weight with the HCG Diet, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center for a free consultation.