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Which Brand of HCG Injections Are the Best for Weight Loss?

Which Brand of HCG Injections Are the Best

Women and men looking to lose weight as fast as possible on the HCG diet have options available to them for HCG injections. Determining which brand of HCG injections are the best for your needs is something that should be done with the guidance of a trained professional. HCG diet clinics can often lead you in the right direction.

No matter which brand you choose, you will most likely use the same type of 1 ml syringe that is used by diabetics who administer insulin at home. These syringes are easily disposed of in a Sharps container for used needles/syringes.

The decision of what is the best HCG brand is also a matter of affordability. Brand name pharmaceutical HCG will always be more expensive than pharmacy compounded HCG, although they are both made to the same high-quality standards. In fact, the difference can be as much as half the cost for generically compounded HCG. That is quite a price savings for someone who has a lot of weight to lose.

Which Brand of HCG Injections Work the Best

Some people always want to buy the most recognizable brand name of everything, even if it is no different from a generic version. Name recognition is the reason why some people only buy designer jeans, brands of watches, linens, cookware, and food, to name a few. This does not mean that the quality is any better or worse than any other brand, it just means that it has been made by a particular manufacturer. In some cases, brand name products are made to higher standards, but not always. In the case of the HCG diet, asking which brand of HCG works best will not direct a person to a particular pharmaceutical company.

Two of the most recognizable HCG brands are Novarel and Pregnyl. That does not mean they are going to work any better than the HCG that we have compounded by a licensed and regulated US pharmacy. That HCG will work exactly as well at a much lower price point. For most people, the savings are certainly worth it.

A discussion about what is the best HCG brand to use often comes around to cost, and in a situation where weight loss is the goal, having the extra money left over by buying compounded HCG means more money to use towards a new wardrobe.

How to Choose the HCG Brand that is Best for You

Asking what HCG brand is best is going to lead more to a discussion about shelf life and preservatives. When the pharmacy is compounding a fresh batch of HCG in order to fill a prescription, they will not have to fill it with the same preservatives that the giant pharmaceutical companies use to lengthen shelf life. That is a positive reason why most people opt to have their HCG compounded by the pharmacy rather than add preservatives into their body that are unnecessary.

In this day and age when overuse of chemicals in all the products we use is ruling the airways, eliminating them whenever possible is an added bonus. Weight Loss Medical Center believes that bringing the best hormone therapies to our clients is an integral part of our job.

When you contact us for a complimentary consultation with a clinical advisor, please feel free to ask what brand of HCG should I buy. We want to help you make the best decision possible for your personal needs.