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HCG Injection Dosage Chart

HCG Injection Dosage Chart

When all else fails, and nothing seems to work to rid your body of unwanted pounds, the HCG Diet may be the answer you seek. With the convenience of the internet today, many people assume they can just look online to find an HCG injection dosage chart that will tell them how much HCG to inject. Yes, the charts are there, but that does not mean you will pick the right dose of HCG for your needs. The HCG Diet must be prescribed and supervised by a doctor. Unless you have purchased your real HCG shots illegally (which is extremely dangerous), you will get the dosage you need prescribed by the doctor.

  • HCG Dosage Chart
    • If prescribed a 150 IU dose – .15 ml/cc equals 15 units on the syringe
    • If prescribed a 175 IU dose – .175 ml/cc equals 17.5 units on the syringe
    • If prescribed a 200 IU dose – .20 ml/cc equals 20 units on the syringe

Do not mistake so-called HCG drops for HCG injections. They are not the same, nor will you get the same long-lasting results using homeopathic HCG drops as you will get with real, pharmaceutical HCG injections.

Determining Your HCG Dosage

The doctor will determine your HCG dosage based on a few different factors:

  • Height
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Amount of weight to lose
  • Overall health

There are two goals to accomplish when determining the dosage of HCG to inject – weight loss and no hunger. If you find yourself hungry on the HCG Diet, you are either not consuming all 800 calories allowed on your program each day, or your dosage is too low. In either case, we recommend speaking with the clinical advisor to discuss the situation. Most likely, adding an apple between meals will help ward off the feelings of hunger.

If you are not losing the projected amount of weight, the advisor will go over the meal plans and food preparation to ensure that you are following the HCG Diet protocol as prescribed. If everything seems on target, then a slight increase in the HCG Dosage may help. This will be up to the doctor to decide.

How to Mix Your HCG Dosage

Always gather all necessary supplies before mixing your HCG solution and then wash your hands with soap and water. You will need the following:

  • HCG vial
  • Bacteriostatic water vial
  • Mixing syringe
  • Alcohol prep wipes
  • Sharps container

The steps for mixing the HCG are as follows:

  • 1. Remove the tops from the HCG and bacteriostatic water vials and wipe both tops with an alcohol prep wipe
  • 2. Open a mixing syringe and insert the needle into the bacteriostatic vial withdrawing the amount of solution in the chart below
  • HCG diet injection dosage chart for the mixing of your HCG:

2000 IU vial                2 ml mixing syringe           2 mlbacteriostatic solution

5000 IU vial                5 ml mixing syringe           5 ml bacteriostatic solution

10000 IU vial              10 ml mixing syringe         10 ml bacteriostatic solution

  • 3. Insert the needle into the HCG vial and slowly add the sterile solution to the HCG powder
  • 4. Gently roll or swirl the HCG vial in your hands – Do not shake
  • 5. Let the solution sit for up to 15 minutes to finish mixing – you should not see any crystals or particles

For additional support, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center directly. We are here to help you succeed with your HCG weight loss.