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How Do HCG Injections Work for Weight Loss

How Do HCG Injections Work for Weight Loss

Being able to lose weight quickly and keep it off does not have to be elusive. In fact, thousands of people across the US are doing it right now. They are not only asking how do HCG injections work for weight loss, but they are also taking the step to try it out for themselves. If you are one of the many adults walking around with decreased energy, joint pains, and possible health concerns due to excess fat, Weight Loss Medical Center can help.

There are only a few options for weight loss:

  1. Decrease calories
  2. Increase physical activity

It really is that simple – the body has to burn more calories than it takes in each day for weight loss to occur. The problem is that the execution of that process is not as easy as it always sounds. That is where learning how HCG shots work can make the difference.

The HCG diet program restricts the amount of food that is consumed to only 800 calories a day. Even couch potatoes burn more than that! By decreasing caloric intake to less than the body is using, excess calories must be pulled from elsewhere.

How does the HCG injection work to burn fat? HCG tells the brain that the body is not hungry. During times of starvation, the brain wants the body to hold on to any and all stored fat for an emergency. This means that the body will pull calories from healthy fat stored in the muscles as a first resort. The HCG sends signals to bypass this process, and the body starts to utilize the unwanted belly fat first.

How Quickly Do HCG Injections Work?

Unlike other diets that take time before any significant loss of body fat is noticeable, asking how quickly do HCG shots work provides an exciting answer. Once the dieting portion of the HCG program begins, most people will lose between ½ and 1 pound a day, with some going as high as 2 pounds a day. The greater the amount of overall weight to lose, the faster it comes off. The average weight loss is 30 pounds in 30 days.

Do HCG injections really work for weight loss permanently or will the pounds just come back on when the program is stopped?

If a person follows all four phases of the HCG diet as prescribed, then the weight should not come back. This is about retraining the brain and the body to enjoy and crave healthy food options. The stabilization and maintenance periods are built into the program for continued success.

How to Get the Most from HCG Injections

When you want to learn how to get the most from your HCG injections, you have built-in support right here at Weight Loss Medical Center. Our experienced clinical advisors can help you with additional recipes, guidelines for eating out at restaurants, and even substitutions in recipes to make them work for your personal needs. The better prepared you are for success, the greater the results you will ultimately achieve.

We are often asked do HCG injections work without diet restrictions that limit a person to 800 calories each day, and the answer is no. The HCG injections themselves do not bring about weight loss. That is accomplished by decreasing the caloric intake. The purpose of the HCG is to force the body to burn stored fat rather than lean muscle without the weakness, headaches, and hunger that accompany a low-calorie diet.

The only way to find out do HCG injections really work is to give them a try for yourself. Weight Loss Medical Center has already helped men and women across the country realize their goal of slimming down to the body that they have always wanted. Now we want to help you, too. Call today for a complimentary consultation with a clinical advisor for answers to all your questions about HCG weight loss.