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HCG Injections Pros and Cons for Weight Loss

HCG Injections Pros and Cons

With all of the “diets” available for people to try for weight loss these days, it is crucial to understand the benefits and risks before trying one out. In this case, we are going to discuss the HCG injections pros and cons so that you know if this is going to be the right plan for you.

The HCG diet has been around since the 1950’s, although the way it looked back then might appear a bit different from the one that is being offered here at Weight Loss Medical Center today. First of all, there were dietary restrictions that kept people to a maximum of 500 calories a day back then, with only coffee or tea for breakfast. Research has shown that was not the best way to accomplish rapid weight loss, so today, our doctors provide a program that consists of 800 calories a day, including breakfast.

Along the lines of making positive changes that affect the HCG injection diet pros and cons, we have also included vitamin B 12 shots that will help to increase energy, improve immune system functions, and help prevent the headaches that sometimes accompany a very low-calorie diet.

Regarding the various pros and cons of HCG injections, these changes have enhanced the positives and reduced the negatives so that adults who want to shed their extra pounds can do so quickly and safely, without the higher risk of side effects that were common in the past.

Benefits of HCG Injections for Weight Loss

Losing weight is not easy, but keeping it off is even harder. We know this to be a fact based on the simple truth that Americans are heavier today, on a whole than ever before in our country’s history. Obesity rates are climbing, bringing a host of medical conditions and higher health expenses. We need answers, and we need them fast!

This is why many people are examining the HCG injections pros and cons to determine if this diet holds the answers they are looking for in their own lives. For many of them, the decision was clear – the doctor supervised HCG diet provides the best opportunity to lose weight fast, seeing results right away, and maintaining them indefinitely.

Here are the benefits to keep in mind when considering the pros and cons of HCG injections:

  • HCG helps to increase the body’s own metabolic rate, improving fat burning potential
  • HCG injections send signals to the brain that control hunger so that the body does not think it is starving – these signals also keep the brain from telling the body to pull stored energy from the muscles
  • HCG signals allow the body to pull energy from stored fat cells in places like the abdomen
  • Most people experience an average weight loss of a pound a day
  • The 4 phase protocol of the HCG diet allows for stabilization of the lower weight, and maintenance rather than weight gain at the end of the diet
  • Results begin to show immediately, providing positive stimulus to keep you going
  • A variety of foods and easy to prepare delicious recipes are provided to help you enjoy eating while losing weight

Taking these positive HCG shots pros and cons into consideration, it is hard to believe that everyone is not losing weight right now. There are still some risk factors to consider, and those will be addressed in the next section.

Risks Associated with HCG Injections

As previously mentioned, some possible risk factors are associated with the HCG diet, and those need to be discussed so that each individual can make an informed decision about losing weight in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

Here are the possible negative aspects of the HCG injection diet pros and cons:

  • Side effects are possible when on a very low-calorie diet, and these include:
    • Headaches
    • Nausea
    • Joint pains
    • Mood swings
    • Fatigue
    • Blood clots
  • Food restrictions that are required may be difficult for some people. This includes giving up carbohydrates, dairy, fats, and sugar while using HCG injections. Thankfully, an abundance of delicious recipes helps get past this hurdle.
  • Pain and tenderness at the injection site are possible, especially in the beginning as the person gets used to administering the shots.

Although the risk of potential blood clots is rare, it does need to be stated in a comprehensive review of the HCG shots pros and cons that each person must consider before starting the HCG diet for rapid weight loss.

Weight Loss Medical Center doctors and clinical advisors are here to provide guidance and support throughout your weight loss journey. Please contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how HCG injections can help you slim down to the body you desire.