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HCG Injections Not Working – What to Do

HCG Injections Not Working

There are times when we hear the lament about HCG injections not working, although that is exceedingly rare. At Weight Loss Medical Center, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they are sticking to the program and getting the results they want and expect. Unfortunately, that is not always the case everywhere else.

Some common mistakes that inhibit rapid weight loss include:

  • Overeating – more than 800 calories will result in decreased loss of weight
  • Undereating – consuming less than 700 calories can also prevent weight loss
  • Cheating – need we say more?
  • Using skin care and other topical products that contain ingredients that can interfere with HCG dieting – no sugar scrubs allowed

The first thing to do when you are not losing an average of at least half a pound each day is to contact your medical clinic to discuss the problem with an advisor. This can send up red flags for some people who ordered their HCG injections online from overseas companies to avoid the need for a doctor’s prescription. You will not have the support necessary to succeed with your weight loss.

If you are wondering why are HCG injections not working for me, and you purchased your injections in this way, please understand that these companies’ locations are most likely in other countries. There is no way of knowing if what you received is even real HCG. What you have may be as plain as water or something else other than HCG entirely. That is one more reason to work with an HCG diet doctor here in the US.

How to Increase HCG Results in Weight Loss

If you are looking to increase your results on the HCG diet, you may want to pay heed to the questions below. These bring up valid points why the HCG diet does not always work, and how to make simple changes to turn that around and get the results that you want. You may fall into one of these categories:

  • I am taking HCG injections, working out, tired, not losing weight, and hungry all of the time. My weight lifting is also not providing the desired results. What am I doing wrong?

First of all, exercise such as gym workouts is not allowed on the HCG Diet. You are not consuming enough calories to support this type of exercise. Only walking, swimming, and yoga are recommended. Besides – lifting weights increases muscle which weighs more than fat.

Exercise also stimulates metabolism which can increase your feelings of hunger, causing you to overeat. By following the HCG Diet protocol as prescribed, you should have no problem losing those excess pounds.

  • Although I am using my daily HCG injections, not losing weight fast enough has become an issue. I expected to lose my entire 30 pounds in 30 days, but here I am on day 30 and still have 10 pounds left to lose. What is wrong?

Most people will lose an average of 30 pounds in 30 days if they have more than that amount of weight to lose in the first place. Individuals who are less than 40 pounds overweight may lose this at a slower rate. Each person’s body is unique. Sometimes the body gets into a rut, and weight loss slows down. Dietary changes can be made to speed the process along. We recommend speaking with a clinical advisor here at Weight Loss Medical Center to discuss your mealtime choices. A little tweaking of your program may help.

One day of cheating can also set your progress back quite a bit. A restricted food can rapidly put weight back on at this time. The HCG Diet has a unique 4 phase protocol that helps you succeed. Please contact Weight Loss Medical Center to improve your HCG Diet results.