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HCG Protocol – The Path to Weight Loss

HCG Protocol

Men and women all across the US, who have tried to lose weight, but have not succeeded, are turning to the HCG protocol that has been proven to work time and time again. Since way back in the 1950’s, the HCG diet has helped countless adults shed those unwanted pounds, and even more important, has kept them from coming back.

If only it was as quick and easy to lose the weight as it was to gain it in the first place. A person can easily put on 5 pounds in the course of a weekend by overindulging in unhealthy food choices. It is now just as easy to lose up to a pound a day, or more, by following the HCG protocol diet.

The path to weight loss is clear:

  1. Limit caloric intake
  2. Cease the consumption of unhealthy foods
  3. Trick the brain into believing that the body is not hungry
  4. Stimulate the burning of stored fat and not lean muscle tissue

This can all be accomplished by utilizing the HCG injection protocol that Weight Loss Medical Center will provide. All necessary supplies, instructions, and dietary meal plans are provided to facilitate rapid weight loss.

The HCG protocol is a 4 phase program:

  • Phase 1 – the loading phase
  • Phase 2 – the rapid weight loss phase
  • Phase 3 – the stabilization phase
  • Phase 4 – the maintenance phase

Each one of these phases can be explored in detail on this website, and all are equally important to succeeding at losing and keeping those undesired pounds off your body.

Follow the HCG Diet Protocol to Lose Weight

The unique HCG diet protocol features an approach that allows the body to consume enough calories to prevent starvation and satisfy the need for proper nutrition while burning through stored fat reserves. This is accomplished in the following ways:

  • HCG injections tell the brain that the body has received enough nutrition to prevent hunger – stimulating the need to look inside for additional fuel. Since the body is not in starvation mode, thanks to the HCG signal, it does not feel the need to hold on to stored fat and metabolizes it for fuel.
  • Vitamin B 12 injections provide increased energy and further aid in the burning of stored fat. B 12 is also beneficial for strengthening the immune system.
  • Delicious HCG protocol recipes that we provide will help to ensure that you are enjoying mealtime while losing up to a pound a day on the HCG diet.

Get Quick Weight Loss by Following the HCG Protocol

It is natural to want to look your best at all times. It is even more important to feel your best. Carrying around more than 20 extra pounds can be detrimental to your health. By following the HCG weight loss protocol, you will be able to rid yourself of those unwanted excess pounds.

Here are the ways you can improve your health by losing weight with the HCG diet:

  • Reducing the risks of developing the following:
    • Diabetes
    • Obesity
    • Heart disease
    • Stroke
    • High cholesterol
    • Heart attack
    • Sleep apnea
  • Reducing the load placed on the joints, bones, and muscles when carrying around excess weight

At Weight Loss Medical Center, we want you to succeed. Your success will make you feel and look better. By following the HCG protocol that we provide, you will finally get rid of those unwanted pounds. Call today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you get the body you desire.