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Get Fast HCG Diet Results

If you are like most people who have tried to lose weight quickly, you’ve probably ended up investing a lot of time, money and effort into all sorts of diet plans that simply didn’t work. That’s because so many calorie-conscious diet programs focus exclusively on what and how much you eat instead of addressing the true cause of most weight gain. Fortunately, you have finally found a source for real HCG Diet Results with a program that can provide rapid weight loss and help you reach your goal of becoming slimmer, trimmer and healthier. Based on the latest medical science, it is a truly amazing, proven method for losing weight rapidly that shatters the myths about why you are overweight to begin with and what it really takes to slim down and control your appetite. Forget about all those trendy diets and grueling fitness programs you see advertised on television and in newspapers that promise big results but fail to deliver. You don’t have to starve yourself or work out to the point of exhaustion, and you don’t have to risk your health with dangerous surgery or unsafe pills just to lose a couple of pounds you could easily regain later. The real secret to losing weight fast – and keeping it off – has little to do with counting calories and much more to do with hormones. People gain weight when their bodies store abnormal excess fat instead of burning it off. Your metabolism is the furnace that generates that process, and your metabolism is driven by hormones. When the power of natural weight loss hormones is used to trigger your metabolism, excess fat gets burned up quickly and the pounds just melt away. That is the beauty of the HCG Diet Plan. It uses HCG and Vitamin B-12 injections combined with a very low 700-calorie diet to provide fast, safe, effective and lasting weight loss. The results are truly astonishing – which is why it has become the most popular doctor-prescribed rapid weight loss program available today. It is used by people from all walks of life, including many Hollywood celebrities and medical professionals in the know. In fact, you may have read numerous HCG success stories in the media and online – and want to know more. Then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading and you will discover how HCG Diet Results can help you take charge of your life and finally realize your weight loss goals.

How to Get Best Results from HCG Diet

A lot of other diet plans make all sorts of claims and promises, but it’s significant and long-lasting results – not hype and false hope – that really matter. We know the frustration of being overweight. We are dieters, too. The most important thing to know is that you have finally found the source for information about How to Get the Best HCG Diet Results which are long-lasting and actually much easier than you ever dreamed possible. With Weight Loss Medical Center’s doctor-prescribed HCG Diet Plan – you not only lose weight, but you lose it fast and keep it off. In as little as six weeks, you can shed not just a few pounds, but dozens, and you can do so without starving yourself, without undergoing painful surgery, and without subjecting yourself to grueling exercise. You’ll be amazed at the 40 Day HCG Diet Results, especially when you look in the mirror and behold your startling transformation from large to lean, or when you have to trade in your baggy clothes for a whole new wardrobe. Your only regret will be that you didn’t discover this simple yet ingenious solution to rapid weight loss sooner. You see, weight gain isn’t just the consequence of eating too many donuts. It is often a metabolic issue. When your metabolism slows down, your body’s ability to burn stored fat decreases. As a result, abnormal excess fat begins to accumulate in your body – especially in your belly and around your waist – and you gain weight because your metabolism isn’t doing its job like it used to. The good news is that once you address this problem you have the power to restore your body to its natural size and shape. The key to resetting your metabolism and changing the way your body uses its fat reserves is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – or simply HCG – a natural human hormone that can be easily self-injected into your body. As soon as you start taking self-administered HCG and Vitamin B-12 injections for a limited period of time, these medications go to work recharging your metabolism and allowing your body to burn off the excess fat and lose weight rapidly so that you start seeing the amazing HCG Diet Results. Then it’s just a matter of getting your appetite under control. That’s where the very low 700-calorie diet comes in, preventing you from storing more excess fat and training your appetite to crave less. It’s like giving your body a much needed tune-up and the renewed ability to nourish itself properly. With this new, healthy lease on life you will not only look and feel much better, but you will also be equipped to maintain good eating habits to keep excess weight off and enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the HCG Diet Plan, however, is how it will make you feel about yourself. Every time you look in the mirror and see the before and after results of the HCG Diet, your renewed confidence and self-esteem will assure you that you can accomplish just about anything you really want to do. All it takes to get started on the HCG Diet protocol is taking the time to fill out our brief, online Contact Form or calling the toll-free number at the top of this page. In no time, you’ll be talking with one of our trained clinical advisers who can answer any questions you may have about the program and help you get started on the path to knowing How to Get Best Results from HCG Diet. They will also have you complete a Medical History Form that will be reviewed by our local doctor who specializes in diet protocols. Once you are approved for the program, your prescription for HCG and B-12 injections along with our vitamin complex will be sent to one of our fully licensed pharmacies and then shipped directly to your door. Before you know it, you will be losing pound after pound of unwanted fat and molding your body into the sleek physique you always dreamed of having.

Long Term HCG Diet Results

Unlike other diet programs that offer a short-term weight loss “fix,” with this remarkable weight loss program you will see Long Term HCG Diet Results that can make a profound difference in the quality of your life. From the moment you begin the program, you can see and feel a difference as powerful natural human hormones go to work to get your metabolism in high gear and burn away abnormal excess fat stored in your body, restoring your physique to a more youthful and energetic condition. You lose weight rapidly, and then stabilize your appetite so the weight doesn’t come back. Just imagine what losing 10, 20, 30 or more pounds in just six weeks could mean to your health, your career, and your relationships. Instead of being tired all the time, prone to illness or unhappy with your situation, you could be leading a more active, healthy and rewarding life. You could tackle any challenge with greater ease and self-confidence, looking and feeling your best and possibly adding many more years to your life – not to mention enhancing your love life. These are the far-reaching, long term HCG Diet Results, and all it takes to get started is making a simple phone call or filling out our brief online Contact Form. Our extensive network of knowledgeable clinical advisers can tell you everything you need to know about the remarkable HCG Diet program and gather your medical history so that one of our local diet doctors can promptly prescribe the safest and most effective course of medication. We know how important meaningful weight reduction is to you, and our goal is to provide you with a long-term solution that will allow you to break free from the shackles of excess weight without resorting to ineffective diets, painful exercise, or dangerous surgery. Read on to learn more about our remarkable HCG Diet protocol and how it can be applied to your benefit.

Tell Me More about the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet is different from other diets you may have tried in the past. It doesn’t require that you eat certain foods or merely limit your calorie intake, and no exercise is necessary – or even recommended. This is a medically supervised program in which you take daily HCG and B-12 injections, along with our vitamin complex, for a six-week period while following a specific multi-phase eating plan. Our unique and effective diet plan is implemented in four distinct stages:

  • Phase 1 – During this “loading” phase, you will start taking your HCG and B-12 injections with the vitamin complex while intentionally consuming fatty foods. That’s right – for the first two days of the program, you get to eat scrumptious, fattening foods like fried foods, cheese or cream sauces and baked goods. The purpose of this is to get your body well stocked with the normal fat reserves you will need before you go on the very low calorie diet. HCG Diet Phase 1 results will have your body ready to undergo its rapid weight loss. We suggest you focus more on fatty foods than sugary foods to avoid a headache in the beginning of the next phase.
  • Phase 2 – During this critical six-week phase, you will be self-administering the HCG and Vitamin B-12 injections, along with the vitamin complex, as well as following a very low 700-calorie diet. While you are doing this, your body will be rapidly burning accumulated abnormal fat, melting away those unwanted pounds. Your HCG Diet Phase 2 Results will be the loss of significant body fat and the excess pounds you have always wanted to shed.
  • Phase 3 – During this stabilization period, more food will be added to your diet while making sure your lower weight level is properly maintained. Your HCG Diet Phase 3 Results will include your ability to start eating normally without experiencing any hunger pangs.
  • Phase 4 – In this final phase, you will adopt healthy eating habits that you will maintain for the rest of your life. You will be able to do this because your appetite will have been curbed and your metabolism will have been reset. Your HCG Diet Phase 4 Results will be a slimmer, trimmer, happier and healthier you, free from the burden of being overweight.

The plan is that simple, yet the positive HCG Diet results are truly amazing. Over the course of the program, you will see a significant difference every time you step onto a scale as months, possibly years, of excess fat is burned away and your body starts to assume the size and shape you have always desired. What’s more, you won’t feel unusually hungry – even while on the very low calorie diet. Instead, you will feel more positive and energetic as the pounds peel away and there’s a lighter spring in your step. That’s the emergence of the brand new you! Experience for yourself the liberating power of HCG 40-Day Diet Results by contacting us today. Simply complete our online Contact Form or call us at the toll-free number so we can get in touch with you as soon as possible and get you started on the amazingly effective HCG Diet Plan.

What You Need to Know about Injectable HCG

If you have never done it before, you may be a bit leery at first about giving yourself a daily injection. Not to worry – our HCG and B-12 injections are really quite simple to apply and virtually painless. The needle you will be using is small, like the ones used by diabetics to take insulin. Once you’ve done it, you’ll see that giving yourself your daily dosage of HCG and B-12 is a piece of cake. Even the most squeamish of clients have told us they were surprised how easy it was to give themselves the injections. To make it even simpler, you will be instructed on how to administer your shots safely and effortlessly, and we will even direct you to our online videos that demonstrate how it’s done. If you still have any questions about it, our helpful clinical advisers are just a phone call away to help assure your outstanding HCG Diet Results. It only takes a few seconds to self-administer your injections, and you’re done for the day. Once that’s out of the way, it’s just a matter of sticking to the very low calorie diet which shouldn’t be hard because your HCG and B-12 injections are also helping to suppress your appetite, telling your brain you really aren’t hungry. What are even more remarkable are the typical results of HCG Diet injections. Some clients have lost as many as 30 pounds in 30 days or more by following the HCG Diet Plan as prescribed. That’s because HCG is a natural human hormone that stimulates your metabolism and allows your body to burn abnormal excess fat rapidly while Vitamin B-12 provides your body and brain with the nutrients they need while you’re on a very low calorie diet. Now it’s your turn to put the power of HCG to work and lose substantial weight rapidly with this revolutionary diet program. We hear you asking How Long Does it Take to See Results From The HCG Diet, and the sooner you get started, the sooner you will have that answer. All you need to do to get started is complete our online Contact Form or, if you prefer, call the toll-free number at the top of this page. Once you make the first move toward resolving your weight problems once and for all, you will have a dedicated network of medical professionals in your corner available to assist you every step of the way.

When Will I See Results on HCG Diet?

Although HCG injections play an important role in the HCG Diet, B-12 injections are also an essential part of the program. B-12 is one of several B vitamins necessary for overall good health. It is particularly important in the development of blood cells and vital to a well-functioning brain and nervous system. In fact, clinical studies have shown that higher levels of B-12 actually help ward off brain atrophy associated with Alzheimer’s in older adults. This plays a very important part in our answer to your very important question: When Will I See Results on HCG Diet? Unfortunately, many dieters tend to be deficient in B-12 because it is found naturally in foods derived from animals – such as eggs, beef and whole milk – and are not a part of most diet programs. However, with the HCG Diet Plan, B-12 injections are included to help prevent your body from becoming deficient in this critical compound during the six-week injection phase when you will be limited to an ultra-low, 700-calorie per day diet. Without B-12 you would experience certain adverse effects such as headaches, nausea and fatigue. There are other good reasons to include B-12 injections in our weight loss plan. They also help to boost your metabolism. So when you combine HCG and B-12, the result is a powerful 1-2 punch against accumulated fat that is stored in your body. Also, B-12 is a natural substance that produces chemicals in the brain that can affect mood. Lower levels of B-12 have been linked to depression, which is a common disorder among people struggling with their weight. By including B-12 injections as part of the HCG Diet protocol, we not only maximize the weight loss results, but also help keep you in a positive and motivated frame of mind and experience real HCG Diet Results. When HCG and B-12 injections are taken with a very low calorie diet, the weight loss is rapid and substantial. Plus, your appetite undergoes a reconditioning as your brain accepts better eating habits as the norm rather than triggering the impulse to binge. After six short weeks, you will begin to realize for yourself the answer to that question When Will I See Results on HCG Diet, and you will see results you didn’t know were possible. You will be thinner, healthier and less likely to regain the weight you worked so diligently to lose. Get started today on the road to rapid weight loss by completing our brief online contact form. Or if you would rather speak with one of our knowledgeable clinical advisers right away, call the toll-free number at the top of this page.

HCG Diet Results Before and After

What many people hate about dieting is that it usually means denying yourself certain foods you crave – even in small portions – or skipping some meals all together. That’s why so many diets fail – because your brain can’t handle the deprivation. You’re often tempted to eat what is “forbidden,” and you find it hard to resist these hunger sensations. With the HCG Diet you won’t have to fight those overpowering urges, and you will see true HCG Diet Results Before and After. Yes, there is a special eating protocol you need to follow, but you will be pleased to discover that our diet recipes offer some flexibility. For example, during Phase 2 of the HCG Diet Plan, you can treat yourself to breakfast, lunch and dinner in a typical 24-hour period. Breakfast will consist of tea or coffee and as much as you want provided you do not add sugar. As a substitute, you can sweeten your beverage with Stevia, and you are allowed a tablespoon of milk per day. For lunch and dinner, you can treat yourself to 150 grams of either beef, chicken breast, fresh white fish, crab or shrimp so long as you remove all visible fat before you boil or grill your meal. You are also allowed one vegetable from a list of choices, plus a breadstick or piece of Melba toast, and one slice of fruit. In terms of condiments and dressings only salt, pepper, vinegar and basil are allowed. However, you can drink as much water, tea and coffee as you like. During the Phase 3 “stabilization” period of the HCG Diet program, you will be adding more food back into your diet. Then you can eat anything you want except sugars and starches. It is during this phase that you’ll notice something surprising – your previously insatiable appetite will be under control, and you’ll understand how you can have such wonderful HCG Diet Results Before and After. Those powerful cravings you used to have for fattening foods will be gone, replaced by a normal hankering for healthy, delicious foods in sensible portions. The long term results of the HCG Diet will be a thinner, shapelier version of yourself with a positive mental attitude and energy to spare. Forget about those fly-by-night fad diets that have mislead you for years. Now you have found the true path to rapid, fat-burning weight loss.

HCG Diet Clinics and Doctors with At-Home Convenience

Whether you live in Beverly Hills CA or Memphis TN, Seattle WA or Miami FL or anywhere else in the United States you will never have to ask, How Do You Get Best HCG Diet Results? That’s because you don’t have to travel near or far to go to a special clinic, a health food store or a gym to take part in the HCG Diet Plan – the clinic comes to you! Once you take the first step of calling us at the toll-free number at the top of this page or filling out our online Contact Form, you will have the personal attention of our trained clinical advisers who will answer any questions you may have about our HCG Diet Clinics and Doctors and can help get you started. You will be asked to complete a Medical History form so that a qualified local diet doctor can determine if the program is right for you and prescribe the medication that will provide you with the best HCG Diet Results. Your prescription will be filled by one of our fully licensed pharmacies and your medication and supplies will be shipped directly to your home or office. However, our involvement does not end there. We remain available before, during and after the HCG Diet protocol to provide any support you require. Unlike other diet programs, our aim is not just to sell you a product, and then wish you the best. We know how important it is to you that you realize your weight loss goals, and we want to do whatever we can to help you achieve them. That’s why there are HCG Diet Clinics and Doctors in every major American city – including New York City NY, Los Angeles CA, Chicago, IL, Houston TX, Philadelphia PA, Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, San Francisco CA, Baltimore MD, Denver CO, Las Vegas NV, and Cleveland OH – and hundreds of other locations throughout the U.S. So whether you are located in Orange County CA or Oklahoma City OK, you can count on our dedicated team of medical professionals to be nearby to provide you with the most convenient and helpful service available.

Benefits of the Real HCG Diet

If you go online and enter the term “HCG Diet” in a search engine, you are likely to come across dozens of websites purporting to offer these products without a prescription. These include an assortment of over-the-counter pills, HCG sprays and diet drops that claim to help you lose weight fast– but buyer beware. The Food and Drug Administration – or FDA – has weighed in on this by declaring it illegal to sell these products labeled as “homeopathic” because they may contain harmful or ineffective ingredients. In sharp contrast, you’ll be relieved to know that Weight Loss Medical Center’s Real HCG Diet protocol is the same one pioneered by the renowned British endocrinologist A.T.W. Simeons more than 50 years ago. It was Dr. Simeons who discovered that a natural hormone found in pregnant women’s bodies had the power to release stored fat. That hormone was Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), and when given to women and men on an ultra low calorie diet it made them lose weight rapidly without feeling hungry. This significant diet discovery has since been repeatedly verified by medical science as the safest and most effective means of burning abnormal excess fat. Today, we have perfected Dr. Simeons’ weight loss protocol by combining doctor-prescribed HCG and B-12 injections along with our vitamin complex with a very low 700-calorie diet and the results have been phenomenal. In addition to enabling you to lose a substantial amount of weight – up to 30 pounds in 30 days – the HCG Diet can affect a much-needed change in your eating habits. The HCG injections stimulate your metabolism and effectively teach your body how to burn stored fat the right way. At the same time, the diet also positively influences your appetite. The wonderful HCG Diet Results are that you won’t experience rebound weight gain and you can finally break the cycle of eating fattening foods impulsively. Instead, you’ll actually prefer healthier options such as lean proteins, vegetables and fruits. Best of all, the HCG Diet Plan can help you achieve optimal health, and you can’t put a price on that. Being overweight isn’t just harmful to your social life. People who are slightly or severely overweight run the risk of a variety of diseases and debilitating medical conditions. Heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes are all related to excessive weight gain. When you take control of your weight and rid yourself of abnormal excess fat, you not only shed unwanted pounds but also reverse years of wear and tear on your body. You stop feeling tired and sluggish. You have renewed strength and energy. Your confidence and self-esteem are restored as you see a whole new you in the mirror – someone who looks and feels great. When you take all of these benefits into consideration, it’s plain to see that there may be many imitators on the market, but there is no substitute for the doctor-prescribed Real HCG Diet.

The Advantage of Rapid Weight Loss

When you make it your goal to lose weight, you want to lose as much as you can as fast as you can. That’s where the HCG Diet Plan stands apart from other diet programs you may have tried in the past with minimal – if any – success. Other diet programs and weight reduction exercise routines can take months to show marginal results and cost you a lot of money over an extended period of time. The costs for prepackaged meals and gym memberships can really add up, and the out-of-pocket expenses for risky surgical procedures can be astronomical. All too often all you have to show for it is an encouraging but unfulfilling pat on the back from your diet support group if you manage to lose a pound or two per week or month. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of experiencing real HCG Diet Results. With our affordable, medically proven weight loss method, you’ll be giving yourself a deeply gratifying pat on the back when you start to lose several pounds per week – and a whole lot more by the time you complete the program. How is such rapid weight loss possible? Because the HCG Diet is not just about eating a very low calorie diet; it’s also about jump starting your metabolism and fine-tuning your appetite so that your body burns abnormal excess fat fast and your brain stops telling you you’re hungry all the time. It shouldn’t take months or years for you to slim down and get your body into the kind of physical shape you have always dreamed of – not when you can get Good Results with the HCG Diet Plan in just a matter of weeks. All it takes to begin the process is for you to complete our online Contact Form or give us a call at the toll-free number at the top of this page. Once your medical history is compiled by one of our clinical advisors, a doctor specializing in diet programs will determine if the HCG Diet Plan is right for you. Within days, your prescription will be filled by one of our fully licensed pharmacies and shipped directly to your doorstep. At Weight Loss Medical Center, we pride ourselves on fast, thorough and efficient service, and we’re just waiting for the opportunity to help you realize your rapid weight loss goals.

What about HCG Side Effects?

Whenever taking any medication, it is important to understand how your body might respond to it. With doctor-prescribed HCG injections, however, you need not worry about adverse HCG side effects. Unlike prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications, this is not a synthetic chemical manufactured in a laboratory. It is a natural human hormone found in both men and women that has been used for decades to safely induce rapid weight loss. Nevertheless, you cannot take HCG injections until one of our diet doctors has carefully reviewed your medical history and approved you for the program. We take this precaution not only to protect you from any possible adverse effects, but also to ensure that you get the best results from the HCG Diet. As long as there are no medical conditions preventing you from participating in the program, you should be able to take your daily HCG and B-12 injections along with our vitamin complex without any discomfort or harmful reaction. In the highly unlikely event that you do experience a negative effect while taking your medication, you can always call one of our local clinical advisers who are trained to help you resolve any issue that might arise. Otherwise, the only HCG side effects reported by our clients include rapid weight loss accompanied by newfound energy, vitality and a more positive disposition. The long term HCG Diet Results include overall improved health as the risk of diseases associated with being overweight diminishes along with your weight. Knowing these beneficial effects, isn’t it time you took advantage of this remarkable rapid weight loss alternative? Contact us today and within six short weeks you can be slimmer and healthier than you’ve been in years.

Doctor Prescribed HCG Diet – the Smart Choice for Rapid Weight Loss

If this is the first you’ve heard about the HCG Diet, you might be under the impression that it’s a new medical breakthrough. Actually, the proven benefits of HCG injections have been known by the scientific community for several decades. For a while it was one of the best kept “secrets” in a market saturated with frivolous fad diets and fitness programs, but now millions of people around the world have discovered this amazing rapid weight loss method – and not just in the media but also through powerful word-of-mouth. There may be plenty of so-called HCG products online and on store shelves, but none of them compares with the safety and effectiveness of the HCG Diet Plan. That’s because ours is the only doctor-prescribed diet program that uses medical grade HCG combined with Vitamin B-12 and a very low calorie diet to fire up your metabolism, burn off abnormal excess fat stored in your body, and help you lose weight fast. In addition, the HCG Diet Plan helps you curb your appetite so you don’t regain lost weight as long as you maintain healthy eating habits. It’s not only the most effective method for rapid weight loss, but also more convenient and affordable than other diet programs clamoring for your business. To them you’re just a number on a sales chart, but at Weight Loss Medical Center you are treated as a valued client. We stake our reputation on our services and take the time to provide you with a personalized, effective solution to your weight loss needs. Now that you know the positive HCG Diet Results, isn’t it time you got with the program? Just fill out our online Contact Form or call the toll-free number at the top of the page and get started on your amazing journey to a happier and healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions about HCG Diet Results

Michael E. in Virginia Beach VA asks: I’ve tried a lot of diets whose results haven’t matched their claims. So excuse me for asking, but does the HCG Diet Plan really work?

It’s only natural to be skeptical about a diet program that offers rapid weight loss. After all, there are so many diet plans out there that promise the same thing yet fail to work for most people. That’s because most of them are exclusively focused on calorie intake instead of the real catalyst for weight loss – your metabolism. That’s what makes the HCG Diet Plan unique for those who are overweight in Virginia Beach VA and throughout the US. Unlike other weight loss programs, it’s not about starving yourself so that you lose some weight for a short period of time only to gain it all back once you revert to your old eating habits. HCG and B-12 injections with our vitamin complex stimulate your metabolism so you burn abnormal excess fat and, combined with a very low calorie diet, it helps you lose weight quickly and permanently. We have received thousands of messages from satisfied clients who have experienced outstanding HCG Diet Results, and they unanimously agree that it beats any other rapid weight loss program on the market. Find out for yourself by completing our online Contact Form or calling the toll-free number at the top of this page to get started on the HCG Diet Plan today.

Anna F. in Sacramento CA asks: Exactly how does HCG control hunger?

Medical researchers have concluded that Human Chorionic Gonadotropin influences the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that triggers feelings of hunger. HCG actually convinces your brain that you have had enough to eat and your appetite is satisfied. That’s important because if it weren’t for your HCG injections, you would experience extreme hunger during Phase 2 of our weight loss program while on the ultra-low 700-calorie per day diet. Of course, you will only be taking HCG injections for six weeks. After that, you will be adding foods back into your diet and ultimately it will be up to you to control your appetite and keep the weight off. However, once you complete the program you should have both the incentive and the self-discipline to maintain a healthy diet. To learn more about how you can get the best results from the HCG Diet Plan there in Sacramento CA, fill out the online Contact Form or give us a call at our toll-free number and one of our clinical advisers will get in touch with you right away.

Joshua W. in Columbus OH asks: I have a pre-existing medical condition. How do I know the HCG Diet Plan is safe for me to use?

Here at Weight Loss Medical Center, your health and safety is one of our utmost priorities. That’s why the HCG Diet Plan is specifically designed to be doctor supervised and prescribed. To participate in the program, you must first complete a medical history form that is carefully reviewed by a local diet doctor specializing in weight loss protocols to determine if the plan is right for you. A number of factors are taken into consideration including your age, your weight, your size and any medical issues or pre-existing conditions you might have. If it is determined that your medical status precludes you from taking HCG injections or being on a very low calorie diet, we will explain why and discuss other options available to you. However, if you are approved for our weight loss program, the doctor will send your prescription with the appropriate weight loss dosage to one of our fully licensed pharmacies which will ship your medication and supplies directly to your home or office. By taking every necessary precaution prior to filling your prescription, we can all but ensure positive HCG Diet Results for your committed efforts there in Columbus OH.

Carolyn H. in Honolulu, HI asks: How do I find the HCG diet doctor closest to Honolulu HI?

When we say there are local HCG diet doctors everywhere in the United States, we mean everywhere. That includes the Aloha State of Hawaii. Finding a physician who specializes in diet programs and can prescribe real HCG injections for weight loss in Honolulu HI doesn’t require any legwork or time-consuming research. You don’t have to travel to a clinic, pay for an appointment, or deal with a lot of medical red tape to get all the information you need. All you need to do is complete our convenient online Contact Form or call the toll-free number at the top of this page to get in touch with one of our trained medical professionals who will gladly answer any questions you have and promptly get you started on the HCG Diet program. It’s really that simple, and the results are incredible. Within weeks you can shed dozens of pounds and start a whole new chapter of your life looking great and feeling your best.

Joan S. in Omaha NE asks: I was under the impression that crash diets are bad for you. Isn’t the HCG Injections for Weight Loss program a crash diet?

Crash diets of 500 calories or less are potentially harmful to your health because they deprive you of the daily nutrients your body needs to function properly. With the flexible HCG Diet Plan, however, you are not only eating vitamin and protein rich foods such as meat, fish, fresh vegetables and fruit, but also supplementing your 700-calorie diet with VitaminB-12 shots and our vitamin complex that nourish your brain and body. Clearly, starving yourself on a crash diet is neither a safe nor practical method for losing weight. It defeats the whole purpose of dieting because it reduces your metabolism instead of stimulating it, and once the diet is over, you will be so hungry that you are likely to overeat to the point of regaining all the weight you have just lost. What’s great about the HCG Diet is that you can lose a significant amount of weight without feeling hungry. That’s because the same HCG injections that are stimulating your metabolism to burn abnormal excess fat stored in your body are also suppressing your appetite so you feel full even though you’re eating less than you usually do. Also, unlike the crash diets you are referring to, the HCG Diet Plan is medically supervised and doctor prescribed which means it adheres to the highest safety standards of any weight loss program currently available. To find out how to get good HCG Diet Results right there in Omaha NE, complete our online contact form or call our toll-free number and speak with one of our knowledgeable support staff members.

Margaret R. in Minneapolis MN asks: Won’t I regain lost weight after the injection phase of the HCG Diet when I start adding foods to my diet?

Not if you follow the HCG Diet protocol through to its completion. By the time you finish the injection phase of the program, your metabolism will have been reset and the abnormal excess fat that was stored in your body will have been burnt off, resulting in substantial weight loss. During phase 3 of the HCG Diet you will be gradually weaned onto other foods, but by then your appetite will be under control and you will be less likely to fall back into a pattern of overeating once you enter the final phase of the program. While there is always the possibility that you might regain weight after the HCG Diet is over, you can prevent that from happening by adopting healthy eating habits and following the instructions outlined in the diet protocol. One thing is for sure – it is a lot easier to keep your weight in check once you have reset your metabolism, purged your body of stored excess fat, and gained control of your appetite. The best way to realize these positive HCG Diet Results is to get started as soon as possible. So call us now at our toll-free number or complete our convenient online Contact Form.

Yolanda K. in Tucson AZ asks: I don’t have a lot of willpower when it comes to food. Will I be hungry eating just 700 calories a day?

Unlike other weight loss programs that require a great deal of self-discipline, you won’t need to rely on willpower to lose weight rapidly with the HCG Diet Plan. Despite the fact that you will be on an ultra low 700-calorie diet for six weeks, you most likely will not feel hungry. Here’s why: The HCG injections you will be taking will not only kindle your metabolism to burn off abnormal excess fat, but they will also persuade your brain that your appetite has been satisfied – even on a very low 700-calorie diet. Once your hunger has been subdued and foods are added to your diet, you will find it easier to avoid poor eating habits – especially when you see and feel the positive results of the HCG Diet. If you truly want to lose weight rapidly and get your appetite under control so you can stay slim and trim and do all the activities you love to do in Tucson AZ, take a few minutes to fill out our online Contact Form or call the toll-free number at the top of this page to get started on the HCG Diet Plan.

Marty D. in Fresno CA asks: How soon will I see results on the HCG Diet Plan?

Most people who have participated in the HCG Diet have reported losing weight in the very first week of the program. By the end of six weeks, you will definitely see a substantial weight loss if you follow the plan as prescribed by our local diet doctor in Fresno CA. Results will vary, but many of our clients have reported losing an average of 25-40 pounds on the program and it is conceivable that you could lose a whole lot more depending on your current weight and other factors leading to some very positive HCG Diet Results. What makes these amazing diet results possible is the power of natural human hormones that turbo-charge your metabolism to burn abnormal excess fat stored in your body. While other diet plans and fitness programs can take months to produce any negligible results, the HCG Diet Plan can put you on the fast track to rapid weight loss almost immediately. So if it’s fast and effective weight loss results you’re looking for, you should give the HCG Diet Plan a try.

Shelby N. in Tulsa, OK asks: Should I work out while on the HCG Diet program to get the best results?

Exercise is not necessary to get good results with the HCG Diet in Tulsa OK. In fact, it isn’t even recommended during the program since you’ll be on an ultra low calorie diet for six weeks. All you need to do is take your daily HCG injections and follow the prescribed very low calorie diet to boost your metabolism, burn excess fat, and have all the energy you need to perform your normal activities. Once you complete the diet and have returned to a full menu, you can go back to exercise as a part of a healthy lifestyle. If mild exercise has been previously prescribed as a necessary part of your daily routine, consult with one of our clinical advisers first before continuing your regimen while on the HCG Diet. Our trained staff of medical professionals can answer any questions you have about the program and how to achieve the best results.

Ken J. in Washington, DC asks: Does the HCG Diet work for both men and women?

Although studies suggest that men tend to lose more weight than women regardless of the diet program, the combination of HCG and Vitamin B-12 injections along with a very low calorie diet has been effectively in enabling both men and women to realize substantial weight loss – and keep the weight off. Unlike the chemical compounds found in prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications, HCG is a natural human hormone that stimulates the metabolism of both sexes to burn stored excess fat and reduce weight at a rapid pace. These impressive HCG Diet Results for Women and Men in Washington DC have been verified in independent clinical studies, which is why so many people are abandoning fad diets and commercial exercise programs to take advantage of this remarkable weight loss protocol. Call us today at the toll-free number at the top of this page or simply complete our online Contact Form and we will furnish you with all the information you need to realize your own good results from the HCG Diet Plan.

Harriet M. in Mesa AZ asks: Can I just do the very low calorie diet and skip the HCG injections?

A very low calorie diet without HCG injections is not a viable solution for rapid weight loss. For one thing, an unsupervised , ultra-low calorie diet could be dangerous to your health and would only bring your metabolism to a grinding halt. Consuming fewer calories won’t necessarily resolve the problem of stored excess fat in your body. That fat needs to be burned off, and the way to do it is by reigniting your metabolism with the power of injectable Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. What makes the HCG Diet so successful in triggering rapid weight loss and curbing appetite is the triple combination of HCG, B-12 with our vitamin complex and a very low 700-calorie diet. It’s a proven, winning formula that has helped people all over the United States and around the world slim down quickly and keep their weight in check indefinitely. Now if you’re uneasy about giving yourself an injection, let us put your concerns to rest. HCG injections are administered with a small needle similar to the ones used by diabetics who take insulin. Once you get the hang of it, it is a simple and painless process that provides significant fat-burning results. Our knowledgeable staff of clinical advisers can explain how it’s done so you can get the best HCG Diet results in Mesa AZ in just six short weeks.

Ralph K. in Kansas City MO asks: I’m afraid I’ll lose weight, but then regain it in a few months after the program is over. Do HCG injections help control my appetite?

Unlike other diet programs that enable you to lose some weight for a short period of time, only to regain it later because you still have a powerful appetite, the HCG Diet Plan allows you to get your appetite under control and keep it in check. In Phase 2 of the program, you will be self-administering HCG injections while on a very low calorie – but flexible – diet. The combination will not only allow you to lose weight fast, but it will also reduce your typical craving for hearty meals. In Phase 3, your appetite will be stabilized as more food is introduced into your diet, but you will still maintain control of how much you eat. In the fourth and final phase, you will take complete charge of your eating habits, secure in the knowledge that you control your appetite – and not the other way around. This process has worked for millions of people who have discovered the positive HCG Diet Results, and it can work for you. Call us today at our toll-free number or complete the online Contact Form and we’ll put you in touch with an HCG diet specialist in Kansas City MO.

Claudia Z. in Fort Worth TX asks: Your program sounds great, but I don’t have a lot of money. Is there an affordable HCG diet?

Compared to many other diet plans on the market there in Fort Worth TX and throughout the US, the doctor-prescribed HCG Diet protocol is surprisingly affordable. Considering that we offer only the finest medical grade, injectable HCG that is shipped directly from our fully-licensed pharmacies to your home or office, our diet program is unmatched in value for your dollar. When you buy HCG injections from Weight Loss Medical Center, you are purchasing a medication that is produced under the highest standards for purity, quality and safety. Best of all, it actually works and can help you lose the greatest amount of weight in the shortest length of time. To find out just how affordable our successful weight loss program is, fill out our online Contact Form or call us toll-free at the number at the top of this page. One of our diet professionals will answer any questions you have about our rapid weight loss program including its cost. Then you will see that the positive results of the HCG Diet are well worth the price.

Bill P. in Milwaukee WI asks: What can I eat on the HCG Diet? Is there a specific menu?

One of the great things about the HCG Diet Plan is that it doesn’t involve a specific menu that necessarily prevents you from eating foods you like. Instead, you select what you prefer to eat from a list consisting of a delectable variety of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits and prepare foods in your own home to your taste, thus assuring the best HCG Diet results. There are actually 4 phases to this remarkably successful weight loss program. During the first “loading phase” of the HCG Diet, you can deliberately eat fried foods, ice cream, dairy products and other guilty pleasures to your heart’s delight to build up your fat reserves. Then during the fat-burning Phase 2, you can savor some chicken, fish, shrimp or steak, along with a vegetable or fruit and a slice of Melba toast or a breadstick. You can also drink coffee or tea, and even a small amount of milk and all the water you like. With the HCG Diet Plan, you don’t have to sacrifice the pleasure of eating good foods and feeling nourished while you lose weight rapidly. Thanks to the metabolism boosting power of HCG injections, you can burn fat while enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner in Milwaukee WI.

Polly T. in Oakland CA asks: Is it legal to buy HCG Diet injections online?

It is perfectly legal to buy HCG injections online, but only if you have a prescription from a licensed physician. At Weight Loss Medical Center, we make it easy for you to obtain injectable HCG with a prescription from a certified diet doctor and through fully-licensed pharmacies. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies on the Web that want to sell you inferior HCG products without a prescription. For your own health and safety, we would advise you to save your money and avoid these imposters. The best way to be sure that you are getting the real, doctor-prescribed HCG injections for rapid weight loss in Oakland CA is by completing our online Contact Form or calling us at our toll-free number. We look forward to hearing from you so we can guide you to the best results with the HCG Diet Plan for rapid weight loss.

Clark V. in Nashville TN asks: I’m looking for a bargain. How much do HCG Diet shots cost?

If it’s a bargain you’re looking for on injectable HCG in Nashville TN, you’ve come to the right place. Our diet plan is not only inexpensive, but also offers the best value for your money, the most comprehensive follow up care from our professional staff, and the best HCG Diet results. While other diet plans require you to buy prepackaged meals or charge you for ongoing membership fees, we only charge a one-time fee for the cost of our HCG injections and supplies. We don’t disclose prices online for the simple reason that handling charges and other factors may affect the actual cost, and we wouldn’t want to give you an inaccurate quote. However, if you get in touch with us by filling out our online Contact Form or calling the toll-free number at the top of this page, one of our clinical advisers will gladly tell you how much the HCG Diet program costs. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it is to lose weight rapidly and regain control of your health and life.

Maddy L. in San Antonio TX asks: I understand there are HCG diet drops that can be taken orally. Do you sell them and are they as safe and effective to use as HCG injections?

We do not sell HCG diet drops – and never have – because of our concerns about their safety and effectiveness. Frankly, they can’t compare with the proven positive results of the HCG Diet Plan, and we consider them a waste of money. Although advertised as such, many of these items contain little if any HCG and usually do not disclose the amount. That would explain why the Food and Drug Administration has made it illegal to sell these inferior products – when misleadingly labeled “homeopathic” – online and in stores. Confirming our suspicions, many dieters who tried diet drops and were less than satisfied with the results have turned to our weight loss program instead because the HCG injections we provide are doctor prescribed and actually work. So if you’re ready to begin the real HCG Diet program in San Antonio TX and start losing weight fast, then fill out our online Contact Form or call us at the toll-free number above.

Selena G. in San Diego CA asks: Can I cheat on the HCG Diet and still get good results?

Cheating on a diet is never a good idea, but with the HCG Diet Plan chances are you won’t want to cheat. For one thing, the very low 700 calorie diet consists of foods most people normally enjoy eating including chicken, beef, fish, vegetables and fruit. Also, one of the positive effects of our injectable HCG weight loss program is that it helps you curb your appetite. Instead of craving unhealthy, fattening food once you finish the diet, you will find yourself preferring healthier, sensible meals that will enable you to keep off the excess weight you have finally managed to lose. If you follow the diet as prescribed by your local doctor in San Diego CA, you will get the best results in your effort to lose weight rapidly and keep it off for good thus seeing the best HCG Diet Results. Then when you look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see, you will realize that sticking to the diet was well worth the effort.

Vince A. in Atlanta GA asks: Why is the very low calorie diet necessary?

Positive results of the HCG Diet hinge on three vital components working in tandem: HCG and Vitamin B-12 shots with our vitamin complex supplement and a very low 700-calorie diet. The purpose of the HCG injections is to jump start your metabolism and get your body to burn stored excess fat. HCG also influences the part of your brain that senses hunger and works to restrain your appetite. The inclusion of Vitamin B-12 injections also helps burn fat and ensures that your body is receiving enough of the critical nutrients it needs. The very low calorie diet completes the process of burning excess fat and losing weight rapidly. It also allows your body to adapt more easily to a sensible and healthier diet. Without this important component of the HCG Diet – or the other two – you would not be able to achieve your weight loss goals. The idea of reducing your daily calorie intake from the average 1500-2000 range to just 700 calories may seem like a challenge, but once you commit to the HCG Diet in Atlanta GA you will hardly notice the difference. Our very low calorie diet is surprisingly filling, limited to just six weeks, and will help you lose weight rapidly.

Jennifer O. in Indianapolis IN asks: What if I have a question after my HCG Diet kit arrives?

Before, during and after your participation in the HCG Diet Plan, you can rely on our trained clinical advisers to always be there to answer any and all questions you have about the program including how to take your HCG and B-12 and vitamin complex injections. Your initial contact with our medical professionals at our local weight loss clinic in Indianapolis IN will provide you with all the basic information you need to know about the program, but if you have any follow-up questions after your HCG Diet kit arrives you can always call us at our toll-free number to get the answers that you need. The best time to reach a member of our support staff is during regular hours in the work week, but if your query cannot wait you can also use our online Contact Form at any time and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible. At Weight Loss Medical Center, we know that the better informed you are about our weight loss program, the more likely you will achieve the best HCG Diet results.

Gordon S. in San Jose CA asks: How quickly does it take to get approved for the HCG Diet program?

When you want to lose weight rapidly and know how to get it done, you want to get started right away. Knowing that, we have created a system that ensures prompt service as part of the HCG Diet protocol for you in San Jose CA. Provided you have completed an online Medical History Form and submitted it to our attention, it only takes a day or two for one of our local diet doctors to approve you for the program. Next, your prescription will be promptly processed by one of our fully licensed, pharmacies and sent directly to your home or office so you can get started on the program right away. At Weight Loss Medical Center, we know that the sooner we address your needs, the faster you can lose weight and enjoy the long term results of the HCG Diet. Let us put our medical expertise to work for you today by completing our convenient online Contact Form or calling the toll-free number at the top of this page.

Peter F. in Colorado Springs CO asks: How can I get the best results from the HCG Diet?

The HCG Diet is designed to help you lose a substantial amount of weight in the shortest amount of time. However, to achieve the best results from the HCG Diet, you must follow your individual prescription as specifically directed. That includes taking your daily injections and eating what your diet doctor and clinical advisor recommend in the prescribed amounts. This could make all the difference between losing a little bit of weight and losing a lot. Your 40 Day HCG Diet Results will vary from that of other clients – you may lose more or you may lose less – but this much is certain … you will lose a substantial amount of weight quickly and you will keep it off if you follow the steps in Phase 3 and Phase 4 of the program. By following the instructions of your local HCG doctor in Colorado Springs CO, you will also take an important first step toward reducing and stabilizing your weight, and enjoying the improved health that goes with it for years to come.

Carly E. in Raleigh NC asks: I am lactose intolerant. Would that necessarily prevent me from doing the HCG Diet?

Not at all. Yours is a fairly common digestive disorder that does not conflict with the HCG Diet protocol. Being lactose intolerant, you are unable to properly digest a sugar found in milk and milk products, but that’s okay. The HCG Diet does not require eating dairy. True, during the very low calorie diet you are allowed to have a tablespoon of milk within a 24-hour period to lighten your coffee or tea, but it is not required as part of the program. The HCG Diet is so flexible that it can accommodate all sorts of dieters and their special dietary needs including those who are kosher, vegetarian, vegan or gluten free. Your local HCG doctor in Raleigh NC can help you design a very low 700 calorie diet menu that takes any eating restrictions you may have into consideration. That way you can get the best HCG Diet results and not have to worry about any adverse effects.

Samantha C. in Albuquerque NM asks: Can I get the HCG Diet Plan without a prescription?

If you browse the Internet and other sources, you will see that there are plenty of weight loss products and programs that claim to be HCG diets, available without a prescription. The question is, would you entrust your health to any of them? Our diet doctors in Albuquerque NM and elsewhere offer the original HCG Diet Plan. This is the same weight loss protocol that was developed by famed British endocrinologist A.T. W. Simeons that specifically calls for HCG injections prescribed by a doctor, and is proven to work in multiple clinical studies. Our products are doctor supervised and prescribed using only medical grade HCG from fully licensed US pharmacies. This is the only way for you to be sure that you are getting the safest , most effective best brand of medication for rapid fat burning and weight loss and the best results from the HCG Diet.

Reggie W. in Detroit MI asks:Bottom line: How much weight can I actually lose on the HCG Diet?

Obviously, the weight loss needs of someone who is slightly overweight are different from those of someone who is extremely overweight, so HCG Diet results will vary. We have had numerous clients who lost 10-20 pounds on the plan and were overjoyed because they achieved their particular weight loss goals. Then again, we have had other clients who lost more than 100 pounds on the program, greatly exceeding their most optimistic expectations. Your amount of weight loss will depend on two factors – how much excess fat you have stored in your body and how devoted you are to the program. However, during the injections phase of the HCG Diet it is common for participants to lose anywhere from 25-40 pounds. One of our diet doctors in Detroit MI can help you determine the appropriate weight loss goal for you, so why not pick up the phone and call the toll-free number at the top of his page? Or, if you prefer, simply fill out our convenient online Contact Form. The sooner you get started on the HCG Diet Plan, the sooner you will enjoy the lasting benefits of rapid weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

These are just some of the questions our diet doctors and clinical advisors receive about the HCG Diet plan every day. If you have any questions of your own, please don’t hesitate to call us at our toll-free number at the top of this page. Better yet, just fill out our convenient Contact Form and we’ll get in touch with you promptly and tell you everything you need to know about this remarkable rapid weight loss program.