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What is the Average Monthly Cost of HCG Diet Injections?

What is the Cost of HCG Diet Injections

Losing weight is big business in the United States, where more people seem to be battling obesity with each passing year. The average overweight person gains and loses, and then gains back unwanted pounds multiple times in his or her life. In fact, most people can probably pull an armload of different diet books off of their shelves at this moment.

There are many factors in figuring out how much a program to rid the body of unwanted fat will run each person in regards to what is the average monthly cost of HCG diet injections.

These factors include:

  • How many pounds a person wants to lose
  • How many weeks of shots he or she will need
  • How many cycles of injections will be required to reach the ultimate goal

We are often asked, what is the cost of HCG diet injections compared to many of the other weight loss options that are typically offered for people to try?

Try is probably the magic word there, as most people have “tried” many different programs with little to show for their efforts. The amount of money spent on the goal is roughly $20 billion each year in the US alone. In 2012, ABC News reported that 108 million people in this country alone were on some type of fat reduction program. The majority of these individuals would make four to five attempts at it each year.

What is the cost of HCG diet injections compared to going in for some type of surgical procedure to control appetite and get rid of unwanted fat? In extreme cases, the people who turn to bariatric surgery, can expect to shell out between $11,500 and $26,000 for these operations/procedures. Remember, there is a serious risk involved with any type of operation, and all other avenues should be examined first. Obviously, there will be quite an enormous monetary savings by avoiding this option, and that will be determined by how many cycles we expect it to take for the individual to reach his or her goal.

This is where the HCG program also excels. So one asks: What is the cost of HCG diet injections? It is not just about the woman trying to lose weight before her wedding, or the man who wants to shed twenty pounds to find his “rock-hard abs” again. It is also about average people who find themselves 50, 100, or even 200 pounds above where they want to be.

How Grocery Bills Affect HCG Diet Costs

When looking at what is the cost of HCG diet injections, we also have to examine what the expenditure for food will ultimately be. There are many different foods that can be enjoyed on this program. How much a person will spend each month will be based on his or her desired tastes.

For example:

  • Someone who opts to enjoy lobster, crab, and shrimp on a regular basis instead of chicken will have a higher food bill.
  • Choosing organic fruits and vegetables will be healthier in the long run, but will also increase the overall price paid for food at the grocery store. Most people would say this is worth it to keep dangerous toxins out of the body.

When trying to determine what is the cost of HCG diet injections, here’s the caveat – even while enjoying lobster you will probably save a lot of money because you will no longer be making foolish purchases or yielding to the wrong types of temptations.

Think about all of those drive-thru and takeout meals you have been consuming. Now add in all of those grande designer coffee and tea beverages you purchase each month. Yes, you will be saying good bye to all of these items while losing about a pound a day, every day.

Did we just say a pound a day?

How does that sound for motivation? The reason why so many other weight loss programs fail is that people get frustrated with their slow process and give up. That does not happen here because in addition to losing a lot of weight, a person will also enjoy saving money by comparing what is the cost of HCG diet injections, and then those extra funds can be used to buy beautiful new clothes or plan an exotic or exciting vacation.

Since many other weight loss plans insist that their clients purchase their special pre-made meals and snacks, those fees can add up to a hefty amount very fast. Perhaps the biggest problem with these programs is that people are not learning how to eat for themselves.

Not only do we provide you with meal plans, shopping lists, and easy to make (yet extremely delicious) recipes, we show you a way to end past food cravings and change how your body and brain desire certain foods. By shopping for, preparing, and eating healthy alternatives for some of your favorite foods, you will retrain your brain and your stomach into a new way of life.

The ultimate answer to what is the cost of HCG diet injections will be discussed between you and an advisor here at Weight Loss Medical Center. This will be based on how long you will need to be on this weight loss program.

In the end, you will probably wind up saving money and losing unwanted fat all at the same time. Isn’t life great?