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How to Not Cheat on the HCG Diet

How to Not Cheat on HCG Diet

No matter how much you commit to sticking to a diet – any diet – even the HCG Diet – there is  always a possibility of cheating.

For some people, a special occasion or event comes along and just makes it impossible to stick to your HCG Diet protocol.

For others, discovering how to not cheat on the HCG diet is all about time management, planning, and establishing a routine:

  • Preplan your weekly meals in advance
  • Shop for all of the food you need at one time
  • Set aside a couple of hours one night or on the weekend to prepare all of the week’s meals
  • Package meals and snacks ahead of time in single serving portions

Some people find that their own preconceived limitations on what they like to eat make the HCG Diet protocol boring or bland.

That does not have to be the case. There are so many tasty recipes that can satisfy anyone’s cravings. Be open-minded to trying new foods.

At Weight Loss Medical Center, we know that cheats happen. We may not want them to – but they do, anyway.

We will not lie to you and tell you that you will never cheat, but we will give you useful pointers to help you avoid cheating, as well as getting you back on the right track.

Learning how to not cheat on HCG diet is all about setting yourself up to succeed at all times.

Are There Cheating Tips for the HCG Diet to Prevent Weight Gain?

Face it, most people cheat at something in their lives, even if it is as harmless as looking up a word for a crossword puzzle.

Is there a method for how to cheat on the HCG diet and not gain weight?

Believe it or not, there is.

Ask yourself what you are most likely to cheat with. Do you prefer sweets, alcohol, salt, or fat?

If you are a sweet or alcohol lover – here is the best way for you to “cheat” on the HCG Diet:

  • Prepare 1 Frozen Cappuccino, Lemon Drop Slushy, Refreshing Grapefruit Virgin Martini, or Mint Chocolate Coffee Smoothie – these drinks help satisfy cravings

If you are craving salt, try one of these options:

  • A snack of crunchy cucumber or celery sticks dipped in our Home Made Mustard or one of our salad dressing recipes
  • Prepare our Smoky BBQ Sauce to top your lean burger or chicken breast

If fat is your downfall, try these HCG diet cheat foods:

  • A serving of HCG Beef Chili
  • Chicken or Veal Picatta
  • Sloppy Joes

The reason these tricks work is because they help to fool the brain. You expect BBQ sauce to be salty, so our recipe makes an excellent replacement. The same goes for the sweet beverages that stop sugar craving and foods such as chili and sloppy joes that are typically higher in fat than what you will be eating here.

Tips for Not Cheating on the HCG Diet

Our final tips for not cheating on HCG diet include:

  • You can save a serving of fruit to have between meals
  • Make a baked apple or baked grapefruit slices to use as an evening dessert
  • Sip soup broth or bone broth in between meals for added satiety
  • Drink water whenever you think about cheating
  • “Reward” yourself for not cheating with a non-edible item

If and when you do have that misstep, here are your options for HCG Diet cheat recovery:

  • Give up your melba toast and fruit servings for one day – consuming only lean protein and vegetables for one day often does the trick
  • Return to a 500 calorie HCG Diet day if you typically consume 700 calories
  • Drink plenty of water – flush those extra calories out of your body

This is what you do not want to do when looking for how to fix a cheat on HCG Diet:

  • Do not try to work off the calories – exercise is not allowed on the HCG Diet
  • Do not give up and throw in the towel – you can get your weight loss jump started again

Finally, a cheat day can often be rectified the same way as when you hit a plateau by following these guidelines:

  1. Drink one ounce of water per pound of body fat the next day
  2. Consume apples slices throughout the day – up to six whole apples
  3. Do not eat anything other than apples until dinner
  4. For dinner, you can have either a steak (preferable) or chicken breast and a tomato

Most of all, remember to contact Weight Loss Medical Center if you have any questions or need additional support while ridding your body of excess weight on the HCG Diet.