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HCG Diet Apple Day

HCG Diet Plan Apple Day

Anyone who has ever been on a restricted calorie diet for the purpose of weight loss understands the concept of a plateau; those unexplained moments when weight loss simply stops. Well, with the doctor prescribed HCG diet plan from Weight Loss Medical Center, you’ll effectively combat those weight loss stalls with the plateau busting power of the HCG diet apple day. Through research and experience, we have designed an all-natural way to break through those barriers that affect the consistent weight loss results that our clients have come to expect on the HCG diet. So what is the HCG diet anyway? You perhaps already know that human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone that is found in abundance in the bodies of pregnant women. Men also carry a natural presence of this hormone, which led doctors and researchers some years ago to discover a critical connection between these hormones and the loss of excess body fat. The doctor prescribed HCG injections take advantage of this powerful hormone, combined with diet and exercise, to bring your weight down steadily, effectively and with little discomfort from hunger or temptation to cheat. In this way, the benefit of doctor assistance, a team of medical advisers and the support you need to reach your goals will always be there for you on the HCG diet whether you are doing it in Buffalo NY, Cincinnati OH, Nashville TN or Seattle WA.  Steady and dramatic weight loss is always the goal.

HCG Diet Apple Day Results

So why then do you need an HCG diet apple day protocol? As we stated at the beginning, there are always plateaus on a calorie restricted diet, and they can be as unpredictable as rainfall on a drought stricken field. Maybe you were following your HCG diet to the letter of the law in Los Angeles CA.  Things are going along perfectly and after a long beach cruiser ride on the bike path in Santa Monica CA, you’re feeling optimistic and energized. Then you shower and hop on the bathroom scales to discover … nothing! You haven’t lost a pound. This is a devastating experience for a client on the HCG Diet Phase 2 who is really working hard and expecting daily results. Luckily there is no reason to get too worked up, because with the option of HCG diet apple day results, you can invoke your “Apple Day” privileges and get your weight loss show back on the road in no time at all. The principle of the “Apple Day” is solid and the results you can expect from tweaking your plan of attack in this way for just 24 hours are astounding. A client who is ready to try this unique diet alteration midway through their weight loss journey in the HCG Diet Phase 2 could choose it for any number of reasons. Maybe you’re in St. Louis MO and after a gate crashing start things have come to an unexpected stop. Perhaps joining a rowing club in Minneapolis MN was all that was needed to spark early weight loss but now the last few days have seen the scale at a standstill. Even on doctor assisted weight loss programs like the HCG diet offered by Weight Loss Medical Center, these things happen. We just ask you to regroup and consider your options. Let’s use the example of our client from Atlanta GA who lost a steady pound a day for her first few weeks on the HCG Diet, encompassing Phase 1 and a good bit of Phase 2. It was all smooth sailing until the day came when she didn’t lose and felt a dread sinking in. This called for an immediate change in direction, and it came in the form of the Phase 2 HCG diet apple day. Traditionally, a plateau on the HCG diet would be called when a client has had 4 consecutive days of no loss of weight or inches. In this case, our Atlanta GA client decided she didn’t want to wait for the extra three days to get back to her losing ways. So she started an Apple Day.

What is the HCG Diet Plan Apple Day?

On Apple Day, a client already taking doctor prescribed HCG injections and the bonus B-12 injections that supercharge your metabolism makes a plan to eat 6 apples for one 24 hour period. The period of this HCG diet plan apple day generally starts at lunch on the chosen day and continues through to the following day’s lunchtime meal.  You can eat the apples whenever you want to through the 24 hour period, but just be sure that you don’t exceed the total of six large apples by the time the day is through. In addition to this, you most certainly want to watch your intake of fluids. Your fluids on Apple Day are limited to simply water … remember this is not a long term thing, but rather a quick explosive blast to your log jammed weight loss. You can drink more than just water later.  While on the Apple Day, you’ll continue to take your HCG injections and B-12 injections as you normally would on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet.  The result of a normal Apple Day protocol is generally success. Clients have reported dropping as many as 3 pounds in 24 hours when using this approach. The weight lost is not regained when the normal routine of the HCG Diet Phase 2 is resumed. Can you use the HCG diet apple day after cheating? Naturally you can use the Apple Day to break any kind of a plateau that you encounter while honestly following your diet protocol of food, HCG injections and exercise while on the HCG diet. That said, we all know that in dieting, cheating is a relative term. The woman in Knoxville TN who ate 7 apples on her own Apple Day doesn’t have the same idea of cheating as the man in Lexington KY who went off the diet completely and ate three cheeseburgers. How far off the diet you go could have a profound impact on how successful you’ll be using an Apple Day to get back on the horse. But the simple answer is nevertheless, yes. You can address any plateau on HCG diet apple day so long as you understand that the cornerstones of doctor prescribed HCG injections, B-12 booster injections and adherence to diet and exercise protocols of the HCG Diet need to be followed just as your doctor and support team have laid them out for you. You want to be assured permanent weight loss success, and with this multi-pronged approach, you will have that assurance.

Feel free to call us here at Weight Loss Medical Center to learn more. The call is completely toll free, at 954-587-4441. We’re always very happy to hear from you and answer your questions about our unique HCG Diet or any other hormone replacement therapy questions you may have been thinking about but didn’t know who to ask. We hope to hear from you soon.