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HCG Apple Day

When Should You Do an HCG Apple Day?

The HCG diet produces results of up to a pound a day or more for most people, and even a small decrease in weight is likely each day. There is a chance that a plateau can occur, and for that reason, Dr. Simeons included the HCG apple day in his original protocol – one that still works to this day.When should you consider the HCG apple day alternative to help you past a slump in weight loss?If you have gone three days without the numbers on the scale budging at all, you have likely hit a plateau. Most people will find that this situation corrects itself within a few days, but not everyone is patient enough to wait it out. You may feel as though the diet is no longer working for you, and the last thing we want is for you to sabotage your results by cheating or quitting altogether.We also do not want you to think that skipping food entirely is the answer – it is not! Sending your body into an extreme starvation mode will not work.When dieters ask about the HCG apple day, does it work to reboot my weight loss is often the first question, and how do I do it is typically the second.Yes, the apply day will not only get you back to losing weight at a rapid pace, but it will also likely take off much of what you would have lost during the plateau – up to 3 pounds for many adults.

Why an HCG Apple Day Helps Weight Loss

It is natural for the body to reach plateaus at different stages of a diet. This is actually good because it is providing a stabilizing effect for the new, lower weight.Try telling that to the brain – it is not always an acceptable fact. While some dieters understand that plateaus are normal and beneficial, and they have no problem waiting it out while knowing that weight loss will resume again in a few days as long as they follow the HCG diet protocol, others are not that patient.Some people need the HCG apple day results to avoid falling off the diet and deciding to cheat. Knowing that they needed those 2,000 calories at the start of their HCG diets may have them thinking that doing it again will help. It will not! Here are the reasons why the HCG apple day helps weight loss:
  1. Psychologically it gives the dieter an emotional boost – letting them know they are taking a committed action to stimulate weight loss (it also helps them avoid the pitfall of cheating out of frustration)
  2. It stimulates a significant amount of water loss that the body accumulates during this time
  3. The apples help to cleanse the digestive tract
What happens when the HCG apple day didn’t work, and weight loss did not restart?It is extremely rare for the apple day not to accomplish stimulating the return of weight loss. At that time, the individual should consult with his or her weight loss advisor to examine what is wrong. At Kingsberg Medical, we take a hands-on approach with our clients to ensure that each person is maintaining the weight loss desired.

How to Do an HCG Apple Day

The HCG apple day instructions are perhaps the easiest to follow of any diet since you will only be consuming apples and water for 24 hours. That is it – nothing more, nothing less. If you are thirsty, drink water. If you are hungry, have an apple. Do not do the apple day unless you have gone a minimum of three days without any weight loss.Of course, there is an HCG apple day schedule that we suggest you follow. You will only be allowed six large apples during the 24 hour period. Upon awakening in the morning, you will drink only water until lunch. Here is the routine to follow at that time:
  • Lunch – one apple
  • Mid-afternoon snack – one apple
  • Dinner – one apple
  • Evening snack – one apple
  • Breakfast the next day – one apple
  • Mid-morning snack – one apple
  • Lunch – Choice of any HCG diet recipe (do not have fruit with this meal)
You are now back on track with your regular HCG diet protocol.There are no special HCG apple day recipes other than the fact that you can bake your apple with a little bit of water. Some people like the change of having baked apples once or twice during the 24 hours of the apple day protocol.Make certain to drink only water during these 24 hours, as well.The HCG apple day can also be used after a day of cheating – although most people do fine by just going back on the regular HCG phase 2 protocol.If you have any questions about the HCG apple day, please contact Kingsberg Medical to speak with a clinical weight loss advisor.