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HCG Apple Days Instructions

Everything You Need to Know about HCG Apple Days Instructions

As unfair as it might sound when you are only consuming 500 calories a day on the HCG Diet, you may still hit a weight loss plateau. After all, when you have been losing nearly a pound a day for weeks, it is understandable that the weight loss might bottom out for a few days. Some people wait it out, but others prefer to follow the HCG apple days instructions to jumpstart their fat burning once again.The HCG Diet apple day instructions are simple:
  1. Drink nothing but water for 24 hours
  2. Consume a total of 6 apples as instructed during the same 24-hour period
That is it – eat nothing else and drink nothing other than water.Are there any other HCG apple day rules to follow?No, the instructions for the HCG apple day are very straightforward. You can only do this for one 24-hour period. Do not do two HCG apple days in a row. You also should not have to do it more than one time during the six weeks of Phase 2 of the HCG Diet (if at all).What are the expected HCG apple day results?HCG apple day weight loss of up to three pounds may occur. Essentially, you are losing what you would have lost during the three or more days that you were experiencing the plateau. Of course, each person will see different results based on his or her metabolism.

Why You Should Consider Doing HCG Apple Days

If you have reached an HCG Diet weight loss plateau, you may become frustrated or concerned that the diet is no longer working for you. This can cause some people to decide to cheat to see if that will then stimulate fat burning abilities again. Cheating is never the answer. The better choice is the HCG apple correction day that will rid your body of accumulated water and cleanse your digestive tract.The other reason to consider the HCG apple day alternative is to give you the psychological boost that you need. Emotions can get in the way of the best diet efforts. People have a greater risk of cheating on or quitting their diet if they do not see the results they expect.Following the HCG apple days instructions gives you the emotional boost to stick with the program. You will feel as though you are taking a proactive role in your weight loss, and the scale will reward you the next day.What about using the HCG apple day after a cheat? Is that a good idea?We get numerous questions about the HCG apple day. Does it work after a day of cheating or binge-eating is often at the top of the list. The HCG Diet apple day is a good option for someone who either unexpectedly or knowingly took a day off from the Phase 2 protocol. It is also important to note that most people who cheat can just go back to their 500 calories a day HCG Diet meal plan the next day and resume weight loss. If this does not occur, or if you feel as though an apple day will benefit you, then, by all means, go ahead and give it a try.

How and When to Do HCG Apple Days

The how and when of the HCG apple day instructions are easy to follow.Your HCG Diet apple day will begin as soon as you awaken in the morning of your chosen day. You will want to drink a full glass of water within 15 to 30 minutes of rising from bed. Continue drinking water (and nothing else) all morning. You will not consume anything other than water until noon.At that time, please follow these HCG apple days instructions:
  • Lunch (noon) – one apple
  • Mid-afternoon snack – one apple
  • Dinner – one apple
  • Mid-evening snack – one apple
  • Next day breakfast – one apple
  • Next day mid-morning snack – one apple
  • Next day lunch – any HCG Diet recipe but do not consume any fruit at this meal
Some people find it difficult or boring to eat six apples in a day. That is a requirement, and while there are no HCG apple day recipes, you can bake some of your apples in a little water if you would like. You can even sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top for an added treat.Can I do the HCG apple day once a week?No, the apple day is reserved for extreme situations, and if you find that you are cheating on a regular basis, or hitting consistent plateaus, you need to discuss this with your HCG weight loss advisor.Please contact Kingsberg Medical with any other questions about the HCG apple day, or the HCG Diet in general.