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HCG vs. HGH: What Is the Difference? ‎

They may seem similar in some ways, yet any comparison of HCG vs. HGH will turn up stark differences. Do not think you can use one in place of the other – their functions and benefits are not the same.HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, and HGH is human growth hormone. The first (HCG) is often called the pregnancy hormone as it increases in production in the early days following conception. The second (HGH) is the “master hormone” in the body, regulating functions such as cell regeneration, immunity, metabolism, and more.What about weight loss?The primary reason why people confuse HGH vs. HCG diet is that both hormones enable the burning of stored fat. However, one hormone does it better and faster while the other increases lean muscle mass while reducing fat mass. Read on to find out which hormone accomplishes the goals you desire.
While both HCG and HGH enable the burning of stored fat, they do so in different ways.

HCG vs. HGH: The Benefits of HCG for Weight Loss ‎

A pregnant woman’s body increases HCG production shortly after conception to aid in nourishing the growing fetus. Many women suffer from nausea during their first trimester. HCG signals the brain to allow for the metabolizing of stored visceral fat for use as energy and to provide nourishment to the unborn baby.When comparing HCG vs. HGH weight loss, we find that HCG continues to signal the brain to allow for the release of visceral fat. The HCG Diet utilizes daily HCG injections in conjunction with a 500 calorie a day diet protocol. Normally, the brain would sense the lack of food and fear that the body was going into starvation. As a result, the hypothalamus would signal the body to hold onto any stored fat for an emergency. Instead, the body would pull glycogen from the muscles to use for energy. That is why many people on low-calorie diets lose muscle mass rather than stored fat. With the HCG Diet, you get the following benefits:
  • Reduced feelings of hunger
  • Decreased risk of hunger headaches
  • Rapid metabolism and burning of stored fat
  • Maintenance of lean muscle mass
  • Reduction or cessation of food cravings
  • Knowledge of healthy food preparation
When deciding between HCG vs. HGH, if rapid weight loss is the goal, especially if you have a special event looming on the horizon, then the HCG Diet is likely the right choice.
The HCG Diet provides for rapid weight loss of up to a pound or more per day for most people.

HCG vs. HGH The Benefits of HGH for Body Composition Changes ‎

In our next look at the differences between HCG vs. HGH, we focus on human growth hormone. HGH is a vital part of every person’s daily existence. A decrease in this hormone’s production can slow the metabolism, weaken the immune system, and inhibit cellular regeneration. Internal organs and muscle can shrink in size, bones can become weak and brittle, and skin and hair can develop the physical signs of aging. Heart and brain functions often suffer.The benefits of HGH for body composition are astonishing, and include:
  • Loss of belly fat
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • More physically toned body
Unlike the HCG Diet that requires a decrease in food intake to no more than 500 to 700 calories per day, you can eat whatever you want when using daily HGH injections. Remember – HGH is not a diet, but a way to improve growth hormone levels and hormonal balance.One other fact to point out when looking at the difference between HGH vs. HCG is that while the numbers on the scale will get considerably lower with HCG, that will not happen with HGH. Although you do lose a considerable amount of visceral fat with HGH, you are also gaining lean muscle mass. The image in the mirror does a better job and highlighting the differences than the numbers on the scale.
HGH provides for overall improvements in body composition – focusing on reducing fat and increasing lean muscle mass.

HCG vs. HGH: Which One to Choose

The decision between HCG vs. HGH is an easy one after you answer this question:Do you want to lose weight fast, or do you want to improve your overall health, appearance, brain functions, and well-being?If you answered lose weight fast, you want the HCG Diet. Women can expect to lose between one half and one pound per day – depending on how much overall weight they have to lose. Men typically lose weight faster, as much as one to one and a half pounds per day.If you answered that you want to improve your overall well-being, and you think you might have a growth hormone deficiency, then HGH therapy may be right for you. To determine that, you will need to contact a hormone specialist for a complete blood workup and physical examination. If you are HGH deficient, then treatment will help restore hormonal balance while facilitating the loss of excess belly fat.Do not use either HCG or HGH without doctor authorization. While both hormones are safe to use under medical supervision, they are not safe when used on your own. Also, do not combine HCG and HGH. That can lead to potentially dangerous side effects.For further information about HGH vs. HCG diet, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center for a free consultation.