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HCG for Men

HCG for Men

If there was a time when your abs were rock hard, your muscles well defined, and your physique one that you could be proud of, but that time is now gone, it’s time to get it back again with HCG for men. Going from fit to flabby can be depressing enough on its own, but if health issues are also present at a result of this physical change, then an even bigger problem is lying beneath the surface of all that excess fat.

The HCG diet for men can make quite a difference in your appearance and your health. Men all over the country are dropping those unwanted pounds quicker than they ever thought possible. Much to the chagrin of their female counterparts, many males are surpassing the pound a day weight loss and losing as much as 10 to 14 pounds in a single week. Of course, the amount of fat that melts away on a daily basis does have something to do with the total amount a person is overweight at the beginning of the HCG diet.

The HCG hormone for men stimulates the brain to tell the body to burn its stored fat, rather than its lean muscle tissue. As this occurs, the toned and strong physique that was lying beneath all those layers of fat will start to resurface.

Can Men Lose Weight on the HCG Diet?

Although HCG is often thought of as a female pregnancy hormone, it is still present in the bodies of men, although in a very small amount. When dieting with HCG for men, the self-administered HCG goes to work preventing the feeling of starvation, even though only 700 calories are being consumed each day. It is this decrease in calories that contributes to the rapid weight loss. A man who is used to consuming 2500 calories a day will be pulling the additional fuel from his stored fat cells.

Is HCG safe for men to use on an extended basis? HCG is safe when prescribed by a doctor. Under no circumstances should HCG injections be administered for a period greater than 40 days, unless specifically ordered by an experienced physician.

The protocol for the HCG dosage for men who need to lose more than their initial 30 to 50 pounds that can be expected to disappear during the first cycle of HCG injections requires a few weeks at a maintenance holding pattern before beginning the HCG shots again. During this time, the dietary intake will be increased to 1200 calories each day, and additional foods will be added to the meal plan before the weight loss part of the HCG protocol begins again.

HCG Diet Results for Men

The HCG results for men are truly remarkable. Males can, in general, lose weight at a quicker rate than females due to their higher muscle mass in the body. Even when extremely overweight, a man still has a greater ratio of muscle to fat than a woman. That is why they can lose weight quicker – muscle burns calories at a higher rate than fat.

Just think what changes your body could undergo by losing between 30 and 50 pounds in less than 2 months. Not only would your clothing fit better, as a matter of fact you will probably have to go searching in the back of the closet for things you have not worn in years, but you will feel better than you have in a long time.

Here are some of the changes you can expect when on the HCG diet for men:

  • Easier breathing
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Reduction in joint pains and bodily stiffness
  • Reversal or lessening of sleep apnea symptoms
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood

If you are ready to embrace these changes through rapid weight loss on the HCG diet, please contact the experts at Weight Loss Medical Center to learn more. Consultations are always free, and we welcome your questions. Get started losing weight and change your life by calling our HCG clinic.