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I was blessed with having a fantastic girlfriend, Sarah who supports me in just about everything that I do. I have always had an issue with my self confidence because my whole life I have been an overweight person. Sarah was the first girlfriend I had ever had, but my being overweight did cause some relationship issues between her and I because I often wondered why she was with someone that looked like me when she could definitely, in my opinion, “do much better.” She always hated when I said that to her and told me that she loved me just the way I was because it was my heart that she fell in love with and everything else came second to her. Was I the luckiest man in the world? I would have to say a definite yes! One day when we were shopping for clothes for me, I noticed that most of the clothing she chose was the color black. When I asked her why she never chose any other colors for my clothes, she told me that black was “slimming” and would make me look thinner than I was. I never said anything to her that day, but that comment truly hurt me. I was trying to believe that she never had an issue with my weight because that’s what she always told me, but that comment made me believe for sure that she did have a problem with my weight. Of course, she did not mean any harm by what she said (as a matter of fact, I don’t believe she thought twice about it), but I sure did. That was the incentive that I needed on that very day to try and seek out where to Buy HCG Injections in Michigan so that I could go on a very serious medically supervised diet plan protocol to lose a lot of weight once and for all and to become the thin man that I have always wanted to be — not only for my girlfriend but for myself as well.

When I found Weight Loss Medical Center’s website, I read just about every word on every page. I wanted to know every single thing about this diet program and about the HCG Injections because this innovative way of losing weight was never anything that I had tried before in the past. Also, I may have been a little bit apprehensive about giving myself injections. Being a man, it was difficult for me to admit that I was afraid of very small needles, but I am admitting it here in this blog entry, so that other men can read this and understand that it is normal to have fears as a man.

One of my favorite parts of my reading from the website were all the incredible testimonials from other people who were overweight and lost a lot of pounds on this HCG Diet. That certainly helped me with my decision making process of whether or not to take the first step and fill out the Contact Form on the page. I filled it out and shortly after, I was contacted by a very kind and professional clinical advisor. I thought that I knew everything about the diet program from reading everything on the website and the clinical advisor was just there to confirm that everything that I read was true. She confirmed with me that I could very well be an amazing candidate for this HCG Weight Loss program and that I could also very well be one of the great testimonials published on the website! Just the thought of that alone was very exciting to me.

My next step before I could actually start the weight loss diet was to fill out my medical history online. The clinical advisor showed me exactly where to find the medical history form on the website and after I filled it out, I was happy to have been cleared by one of the company’s HCG Weight Loss Doctors. My waiting time was very short before I got the great news. I was so happy to be able to have a fully licensed physician looking over my medical history to make sure that I would not be compromising my health by going on this kind of diet plan. It felt great to be going onto a medically supervised diet plan protocol rather than a fly by night weight loss plan with no guidance or doctor’s approval. Between having licensed physicians and my clinical advisor in my corner rooting me on as I lost weight, I knew I would not fail.

I knew that I did not need to ask Where Can I Buy HCG Injections Michigan because my clinical advisor was going to ship my products and supplies right to my door via Federal Express. This was such a great convenience to me since I was so busy with work and truly did not want to go to any weight loss clinics, doctor’s offices or pharmacies. Leaving my home for products would not be necessary when working with this company because one of the great features was the weight loss program’s convenience factor. I actually did try going to another company’s HCG Diet Clinic at one point, but I never started the weight loss program with them because I just did not feel comfortable with what they were offering (or lack of what they had to offer). I felt like they were just trying to sell their products and then leave me on my own to lose weight, so I walked out and continued with my search for the absolute right program for me. That all ended when I found Weight Loss Medical Center. My rapport with the clinical advisor was immediate over the phone and it did not take long for me to know that this diet program was exactly the right fit for me!

I was super excited to get started on the diet plan because it was perfect timing to be able to surprise my girlfriend with my weight loss. She was going away for the next several weeks to visit her family and I wanted to lose the weight before she got back and show her an entirely new me. When my HCG weight loss kit arrived at my home, I immediately called the clinical advisor to help me with my first injection. I had no time to waste as I was very excited to see a change in my body is as soon as possible. The injection was a cinch and I had no difficulty following the specific instructions of this diet plan for the next 6 weeks. The time flew by and I found the diet program to be extremely convenient from self administering the HCG Shots to following the strict 700 calorie per day diet plan. I did not feel hungry due to the medical mixture that I was injecting and my weight loss was extremely apparent every single day. The scale did not lie and the number it showed me was going down quickly every single day! This was so exciting to me!

After the 6 weeks were complete of the diet plan protocol, I set up a date for my girlfriend and myself at a very fancy restaurant. She hadn’t seen me since she had been back from visiting her family and I was very excited to reveal the new body that I now lived in! I also had another surprise for her, as I was shopping the day before and I bet you can guess what I bought. Well, I showed up on the date in a bright red shirt that was much smaller than any shirt she had ever bought with me. When she saw me she was amazed, surprised and elated. Our hug lingered and she whispered in my ear, “I am so proud of you!” Thank you to Weight Loss Medical Center and your incredible HCG Diet Program! I will never go back to being overweight again!

Adam L.
Farmington Hills MI

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]