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I am sure you have heard of the “freak shows” they have in many traveling circuses. Most times people do not know whether or not the “attractions” behind the curtains are real or not, but the curiosity is so overwhelming, that they spend their good, hard earned money to find out. People just want and enjoy seeing anything abnormal. Maybe that makes them feel better about themselves. I don’t know. However, for so long, I had thought of myself as being “abnormal” and it was just an everyday occurrence that I lived with a daily basis. Why? It was because I was the man that the people paid their money to see as the “Fattest Man on Earth.” That’s right. It was exactly what you would see in movies. I was the “Fattest Man on Earth” that people would pay money for, to get to go behind the mysterious black curtain to see me in the flesh, sitting in a very large, oversized (for emphasis) chair being gawked at, stared at and made fun of by people who couldn’t believe how large I was. I must admit that they did pad up my clothing a little bit to exacerbate how large I really was, but the fact still remained that I was very overweight. This was my job, but it was about to end as I was currently looking into HCG in Michigan to make a major change in my life.

I know it may sound extremely odd, but part of my job description was to continue eating in very unhealthy ways to maintain my very large body. I did it all for the sake of the traveling circus show, to make my own small income and mostly to make a lot of money for the show. It was all I knew for so many years. I would hear the comments and snide remarks that people would make about me as they would say the most horrible things, while staring at the freak they came to see. They would say these comments out loud as if I did not have ears to hear their harsh words or feelings to be hurt either. I was more like a monster than a person. I guess when you think you have read every story, another one comes along that surprises you, huh? Well, if you are sitting there feeling sorry for me, or badly for me – you don’t have to do so any longer. I have been out of the circus for over a year now and a real “normal” person that people respect now. My life drastically changed when I finally had enough and finally found Where to buy HCG in Michigan. I did not want to go the surgery route at that point, and found that many people were suggesting this kind of diet plan to try before undergoing the knife to change my body. I was most likely extremely unhealthy, but had not been to the doctor in I don’t even know how long. I wasn’t scared about making the change, but in fact, the opposite was true. I was very excited to begin a new life after making the greatest life transformation I had ever made before. I was ready to leave the circus, build a new life for myself – one that included self respect and self confidence. No longer did I want to be seen as a “freak” because it caused so much damage for me mentally, not to mention physically to my body. Also, I wanted to leave the old overweight Richard behind forever and begin a brand new life as a completely different, healthy and happy Richard. Whether this was possible or not, I did not know, but I was willing to try and I heard that HCG Clinics in Michigan were a great way to start.

I was still working, but during my time off, I spent many hours online reading through all the pages of this incredibly informative website. The testimonials really got to me good. It made me feel so empowered to read about all the success stories of people who were not only looking to lose a little bit of weight, but also people who are looking to lose a much greater amount of weight, like myself. Again, I did not know if it was possible to lose as much weight as I needed to on this kind of HCG Weight Loss program, but I filled out the Contact Form on the page I was reading currently, and by the time I was done reading for the day, a few hours later, I got a contact phone call from a clinical advisor from the company. I must admit to being a little nervous to speak with her, and a little embarrassed to tell her my story, but she was extremely understanding and made me feel very comfortable within the first minute of the conversation. I could tell she had heard just about every story from all different kinds of overweight people, how they got that way, and why they wanted to currently lose weight. She explained to me that I was not the “freak” that I, at this point believed that I was, but that I was just a man trying to make a living, who finally realized that he deserved more from life. She then explained that I would need to have my medical history cleared by one of the company’s HCG Weight Loss Doctors because my overall health was most important. They had to make sure that I was in good enough physical condition to be able to go on this kind of diet plan. I understood this completely and did not want to be a liability at all for the company.

After I filled out my medical history from a form right there online, I was so happy to receive the news from my clinical advisor that I had been cleared to begin this amazing weight loss journey that I was about to embark upon to change my entire life drastically. I was ready for my major life change was willing to do anything to make it happen. When I began the diet program, I was happy that I never had to leave my house to go to any weight loss clinics, but that I could do everything from home. I was able to quickly lose 30 pounds in 30 days. That was just start, but a great start that I was very proud of accomplishing. The HCG Benefits took full effect on me to help decrease my appetite and my cravings, and I stuck to the diet plan eating so much less than I ever dreamed I would ever be doing. The most important thing I learned while on this diet program was how to live a completely different lifestyle than I had ever been used to living. My clinical advisor took the time needed to teach me how to relate completely differently to food, what foods would now be off limits and what foods were acceptable to eat while on the HCG diet plan and also when the full 6 weeks of the diet program where completed.

My clinical advisor even verbalized being extremely proud of my very quick transformation of my mindset and of my body and told me that I was one of her greatest success stories ever! That was so great to hear. Even though my weight loss journey with Weight Loss Medical Center has been over for a while now, I have been keeping in touch with the company and even wrote this blog entry to share my story and how I feel about the amazing way that I was treated by the entire clinical staff including my clinical advisor and my HCG Weight Loss Doctor who was the one who initially wrote me the prescription I needed to lose weight. I can’t thank the company enough for how they helped me to change my life, and I made a promise to them and to myself that I would continue with my healthy new lifestyle full of positive affirmations about myself and a very healthy eating regimen and exercise regimen as well. I am still losing weight slowly and I will never be going back to my past life and even the memories of those days ever again. I have put that old life completely behind me. I have only great things to look forward to and I am very excited!

Richard G.
Ann Arbor MI

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]