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HCG Diet in Michigan

My daily routine was not very different from day to day after losing my job. My days basically consisted of sitting in the house on the couch watching television and eating many bags of chips and drinking sodas, if I was not eating a full meal instead. As you can imagine, I gained a lot of unwanted weight, but because of how low I felt about my life situation of being unemployed, I did not realize what I was doing to my body until it was too late. Food was my comfort and all I looked for was a way to feel better about myself. This was certainly a backwards way of doing that thought, but it was all I knew how to do. I had gained so much weight in only about 2 months time, that at that point, I just continued eating. I felt completely hopeless about just about everything in my life including my health. Everything changed; however, when I experienced a traumatic incident that I will never forget! It was that experience that made me make the decision to try to find an HCG Weight Loss Doctor to lose weight!

My wife and I own a 6 pound small Chihuahua dog and he always liked to sit right by my side on the couch. Can you guess where I am going with this? One day I wasn’t paying attention and I sat down on the couch almost right on top of my little dog. I say almost because I did not sit directly right on him, but I did sit on his leg, which I broke. I was devastated. I had to bring my baby to the veterinarian, his leg was put into a cast and I got a prescription for pain medication for him. Not to mention how this incident made me feel emotionally, it also cost me a pretty penny. That is when I made the biggest decision I have ever made in my life. I was going to stop feeling sorry for myself and commit to losing weight to change my body and get healthy physically. I knew all that in return would make me feel emotionally and mentally better as well, especially after what I had done to my very innocent dog. I began to look for an HCG Diet in Michigan to lose weight. I had heard people talking about this program before and I wanted to look into it myself. I heard that it was not like any other weight loss program out there today where you had to physically go to weight loss clinics and weigh in on a scale in front of everybody watching. It was not like taking diet pills either, that made you feel jittery and edgy. And once you stopped taking the diet pills you would immediately gain back your appetite and weight, if any, that you had lost. People were saying that for weeks or even months after being on the HCG Diet Program, they still had a decrease in appetite from the medical mixture that they would self inject into their bodies and they were able to keep off the weight they had lost within the 6 week diet plan period of time. Now, that was all the information that other people had told me about the program and I was ready to call and speak to a clinical advisor at the company to get more accurate and detailed information about my the program and to share my own personal weight loss goals and how I could accomplish them on this diet plan.

From the moment I was on the phone with a clinical advisor from the company, I felt comfortable and very motivated to lose weight on the HCG Diet. According to the clinical advisor, everything that I had heard about the program was true and she gave me the extra details I needed and wanted in order to feel as though this was the perfect diet plan program for me. I learned a little bit more about how this kind of revolutionary diet was discovered by the British endocrinologists named Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. My clinical advisor told me how Dr. Simeons discovered that people, by injecting HCG Shots, could lose weight very quickly and effectively. The doctor had made this incredible discovery through his work with pregnant women. Knowing that I was a man hearing this, my clinical advisor made it very clear that the hormone that was used in the injection was a naturally occurring hormone in both female and male bodies. It was not just a hormone that was in females. That made me feel even more comfortable.

The next step, according to my clinical advisor was that I had to work with an HCG Diet Doctor from the company, through the clinical advisor, to get my medical history reviewed and analyzed before I could begin this weight loss program protocol. All I needed to do, according to the clinical advisor, was to fill out the online medical history form which she directed me to on the website. I would not have to leave my home to go to any doctor’s appointments or weight loss clinics. I could share my information right from my own home computer and in no time I would be able to receive an HCG Prescription for the weight loss plan from a weight loss doctor right from the company. The diet plan doctors worked very closely in conjunction with the clinical advisors and the client together as a team to make sure that each and every individual and unique client got the best customer service possible. The company looked out for each person’s health and well being before, during and after the full 6 week diet plan program. Weight Loss Medical Center only worked with fully licensed and professional HCG Weight Loss Doctors and this made me feel comfortable even more once again. I truly felt like I was in very good hands.

To add more pros to this weight loss program, I also was able to get all my weight loss products and supplies shipped via Federal Express directly to my front door of my home. The products came directly from the company’s own pharmacies and I never had to wait on long lines at my own local pharmacy to get what I needed for this diet plan. Plus, this was a nice way to be able to keep my weight loss journey private. I wasn’t interested in having everyone know my personal business at this point. Eventually, after I finished the diet plan protocol, I wanted to write this blog entry to be able to share how amazing this weight loss plan was and how very professional, kind and caring the clinical advisors were. I also wanted to share how truly easy and convenient it was to get Doctors Prescribe HCG Diet in Michigan, as long as you could be cleared medically by the doctors. Writing this also helped with my guilty feelings about what I had done to my dog because of my being overweight. I would never ever hurt any animal or person for that matter.

The weight loss program helped me to lose a lot of weight. I am still working on losing more weight in order to reach my ultimate weight loss goal and I am doing very well sticking to everything I learned on the weight loss plan. I have a new found self confidence and I am looking for work too. My dog is perfectly fine now, as he has healed very well. This HCG medically supervised diet plan protocol was the best thing that I could have ever done for myself! Thank you Weight Loss Medical Center!

Allen J.
Lansing MI

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]