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HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Michigan

After many years of simply feeling horribly about myself for being so overweight, I finally made the decision that I wanted to lose all the extra fat that made me look and feel terribly. My social life was in the dumps, I never could get a date and I just never even wanted to leave the house. My energy level was at a minimum and the aches and pains in my body because of my weight, were becoming unbearable. I was not a happy person at all and my mother could tell this about me. We lived together and she would constantly see me moping around the house, watching television and eating all the time. Finally one day, she sat me down and we had a nice long heart to heart talk about the fact that she wanted to help me lose weight any way she could. She hated seeing me so unhappy and said she would support me with any weight loss program that I wanted to do. She got online with me and showed me this website that she said she heard so much about. Then she left me alone to read all about HCG Weight Loss Doctors in Michigan.

I felt so lucky to have such an understanding and supportive mother. I knew she felt guilty and blamed herself for not teaching her children good eating habits while we were growing up, as she ate poorly and was overweight herself. I never blamed my mother for anything though and tried to ease her guilt, letting her know that we were adults and responsible for our own health and well being. She was appreciative and became very excited when I told her that I loved all that I read about this HCG Weight Loss program and that I wanted to give it a go.

The very next day, I filled out the contact form on the page right here on the website and not long after, I received a phone call from an expert clinical advisor from the company. I told her my issues with overeating and shared my weight loss goals with her as well. She first began by telling me that I was not alone and that rapid weight loss was certainly possible with the HCG Injections. She explained to me that the naturally occurring hormone in both male and female bodies was called human chorionic gonadotropin and its purpose was two fold. One, the hormone worked to decrease the appetite so that the person taking the medication would not feel hungry. When injecting the HCG into the skin to the fatty tissue below, it immediately moved to the bloodstream. From the bloodstream it made its way to the hypothalamus, which is the hunger control center in the brain. The hypothalamus then sent out signals to the body to tell it not to be hungry. Two, the injectable hormone I would be taking, reset the body’s metabolism, helping it to metabolize excess stored fat within the body very rapidly. In addition, the HCG Shot consisted of Vitamin B-12 and a Vitamin Complex to help give the body boosts of energy and “brain food” so that it could function well on only a 700 calorie per day diet. I was very concerned about how I would not starve eating such a small amount of calories per day when I was normally an overeater and ate more than any average person did within 2 days – and that’s no exaggeration! My clinical advisor made me feel very confident that the medical mixture I would be self injecting would be the magic that would help my body to be able to withstand a small number of calories a day without feeling hungry, irritable, moody or edgy. I hated feeling hungry and anyone who is overweight would probably agree with me.

After speaking for a while with the clinical advisor, it seemed to me as if this HCG Diet was the best choice for me to lose weight. My mother and I talked it over and we decided that the price was just right for everything that I would be getting from the weight loss products and supplies, to the constant contact with the clinical advisor for any questions or concerns I had about the diet program, to having the weight loss package shipped directly to my home and finally having the ability to have my medical history examined and reviewed by an expert, fully licensed HCG Weight Loss Doctor. I was getting all this for one very low and affordable price and both my mother and I were extremely excited for me to get started losing weight and changing my body.

After all the positive things that I was saying about the diet plan and what my clinical advisor told me about it, my mother said that she wanted to go onto this diet plan too! She said it would be exciting to do together and the next day, she got to speak with the same clinical advisor that was helping me. The clinical advisor was so kind and patient and explained everything about the HCG Diet Program all over again to my mother so that she could understand the diet plan completely herself, right from the mouth of the expert. My mother had her own weight loss goals, but we were very excited to be doing the diet program together.

It turned out to be such a wonderful bonding experience for my mother and me. We started out trying to figure out Where to Find HCG Weight Loss Doctors in MI for me and we found the answer for both of us! The answer was right here online! This was the most convenient diet plan that I had ever done. I had tried other methods of losing weight, but none of them were successful for me. They only caused me much frustration and were very discouraging. However, those days were finally over because I had found the perfect weight loss program for me, as did my mother. We both followed the instructions of all 4 phases of the diet protocol and lost an amazing 30 pounds in 30 days each!

There were no local HCG Weight Loss Clinics to physically go to and this made us feel extremely comfortable and happy that we could lose weight within the comfort and privacy of our own home. At this point, we did not care for all our neighbors and friends to know about what we were doing. By the end of the 6 week diet plan protocol we were both very happy to have lost a lot of weight. Between the two of us, we lost over 100 pounds!

In addition to losing weight, we both gained something extremely important – a huge life lesson. We gained the knowledge that losing weight was a by product of something much larger. The Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss program taught us healthy eating habits that would last us for the rest of our lives. We were excited to also teach our other family members how to eat healthy and live healthy. Lastly, my mother was very happy that when I had children one day, I would be able to pass all this great knowledge on to my children and have them grow up eating healthy, being active and hence, being happy.

Lisa M.
Canton MI

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]