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HCG Diet Doctors in Michigan

After a friend told me about the special diet that Weight Loss Medical Center offers, I immediately got excited about attempting to lose weight in a whole other way than I had ever tried before. Being about 50 pounds overweight my whole life, but especially now, was very difficult on me and my family for many reasons. I am a single mom of two and my children were embarrassed by me and never wanted their friends to come over and see me at the house. That was probably the worst part emotionally for me. I can give a whole “laundry list” of reasons as to why being overweight was ruining my life, but having my children disappointed in me and humiliated by me was probably the worst of all the reasons. Once I looked into HCG Diet Doctors in Michigan, my life began to change. I never again would have to yo-yo diet, which was the worst thing in the world. I would starve my body for a week or so, lose some weight, only to damage my body and then just put the weight back on the next week. Or I would go onto diet pills for a week, lose some weight and then once I stopped taking the diet pills, I would gain the weight right back. Does any of this ring a bell for anyone else out there who might be reading this blog entry and wanting to lose weight? Nothing I had ever tried before in the past was successful and now I was ready to try something different and revolutionary. Something that others were saying is the “wave of the future” for weight loss and would help me not only to take off the weight – but to take it off permanently.

When I asked my friend How Can I Find HCG Diet Doctors in Michigan, she pointed me to this website and told me that the diet outlined in detail on the site would be the weight loss plan that would change my life forever! She had done the diet program herself a couple of years prior and was very successful herself. She is my best friend and did the weight loss program in San Francisco CA. She also pointed out that I didn’t actually have actually find a doctor that was physically in Sterling Heights MI, but that I could also live across the country in Orlando FL and still get onto this amazing HCG Diet Program and lose weight safely and quickly with a great weight loss doctor. She told me about her experience on the diet plan and with the clinical advisors at the company. She promised me that I was in good hands with the most competent staff who were extremely kind, knowledgeable and understanding and who would help me lose the weight I needed to lose in order to change my life forever. I really couldn’t wait to find this all out for myself and after reading through the website for a bit, I filled out the Contact Form on one of the pages I was reading. I found the forms conveniently located on all the pages! It was so easy and I only needed to give them my basic information to start off, such as my name, email address, phone number, city and state, age, weight, height, gender and I could also leave them a small message or comment in a box that is provided. That way they would have a little extra information about me or my weight loss goals or anything else that I wanted them to know before they called me. After filling out the Contact Form, I already felt very motivated to begin the HCG Weight Loss program protocol and waited patiently for a phone call from a clinical advisor, which came rather quickly!

My biggest question to the clinical advisor involved the amount of calories I would be able to take in on the diet plan. I questioned how I could function with only eating 700 calories per day after I was used to eating thousands of calories per day. I asked if I could only take the HCG Injections and not worry about the diet portion of the program. My clinical advisor told me that biologically, the medical mixture in the injection had a major and remarkable effect on a person’s brain chemistry and body. The human chorionic gonadotropin, along with the Vitamin B-12 and the Vitamin Complex mixture in the shot was very powerful in the way that it helps to metabolize stored fat in the body while controlling one’s hunger. Together, the injection along with a low calorie diet of the 700 calories per day is the safest way to lose weight. If one was to skip taking the HCG Shot and only ate the small number of calories, this would what they call a “crash diet” and could be very unhealthy for the body. In addition, all that would do is temporarily help a person to lose weight, often by metabolizing the muscle, instead of the excess fat stores in the body, which is not something that one wants. You would still lose weight, but the chances of the weight staying off your body would be very low. My clinical advisor wanted to make sure that I understood that the HCG Diet from Weight Loss Medical Center was very well researched and put together in such a way that it makes sure that everyone who goes onto the diet remains safe, treats their body well and in the end, each client sees great results that last – and that can last a lifetime if they stick to what they learned about healthy living and eating as they also learn how to life a whole new lifestyle.

I was immediately drawn to this diet program from my very first conversation with my great clinical advisor (my friend was completely correct about the staff at the company) and began the diet plan immediately. My medical history was reviewed and cleared by an HCG Weight Loss Doctor from the program and I just found the entire staff to be extremely available to me whenever I needed them. I also felt like they truly cared for me. I did not feel as though I was being treated like a number or just another client, but instead, I was treated as the unique individual I am! They were so great!

I lost a lot of weight and my kids were a great support to me too while I was on the HCG diet plan protocol. They helped me shop in my local grocery store for the foods that I liked and could eat while on the program and we made it a nice family project, if you will. They seem to be very proud of me now and that was my goal. Not only am I healthier and feel so much better physically and mentally, but making my kids being proud of me took the prize! Thank you so much to Weight Loss Medical Center!

Alaina W.
Sterling Heights MI

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]