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HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Detroit MI

I had been overweight for so many years and tried just about every single weight loss program out there on the market today. I tried cookie cutter weight loss programs where you ate frozen foods and boxed foods and weight in each week on the scale in front of a group of people. That was not for me and I was not successful in losing weight that way. I tried over the counter diet pills, but those made me feel very jittery, anxious and edgy and they did not work for me either. I then discovered HCG products through a personal trainer and started to take this sprays and drops orally to lose weight. This did not work for me either and when I was almost about to just completely give up on ever being able to lose weight, a friend of mine directed me here to this website to learn about how to lose weight in a very safe, convenient and effective way. I did not believe there was such a diet program out there, that would actually work for me, but was willing to still try this particular diet program since I trusted my friend very much. I started to read all the information right here on the website about HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Detroit MI, when I learned that I would never have to enter a local diet clinic ever again. This program seemed to be extremely successful for so many people, according to the information on the website and also according to the pretty amazing testimonials that came directly from those who had lost anywhere from 20 to 100 pounds on this special and revolutionary weight loss diet program protocol. “Really?” I asked myself. “Could this really be true? Could this kind of diet program really be the answer to all my prayers?” I was willing to give it a go and I called the number on the page that I was reading immediately. I did not want to waste any time, but I wanted to get started attempting to lose weight once and for all right away. Maybe this time I would be successful and be able to keep the weight off. Here was to hoping!

When I spoke with a clinical advisor from the company, she was so knowledgeable and kind to me. She understood where I was coming from and was extremely encouraging and motivational for me. She taught me all about the real authentic HCG Weight Loss program that Weight Loss Medical Center offered. She shared how the injectable hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin was real and authentic, as opposed to the other drops and sprays that were offered to me by personal trainers. She said she had nothing against personal trainers; however, very often they attempted to sell fraudulent products to their clients instead of the real product that was actually effective. Sprays and drops, she explained, were taken orally and sent directly to the stomach once swallowed. Once the medication reached the stomach, it was quickly metabolized by the stomach acids and never reached the bloodstream, where it needed to go in order to be effective in helping the client to lose weight. Plus, these sprays and drops did not even contain the correct amount of the necessary hormone to get the full HCG Benefits of decreased appetite and metabolizing of excess stored fat within the body.

My clinical advisor explained how this diet plan worked very clearly to me and I felt very comfortable that I had enough knowledge to make an educated and informed decision that this was the best medically supervised diet plan protocol I could have ever found. I proved it to myself to be true, as I lost over 30 pounds in 30 days while on this HCG Diet! That’s not all though! By the time the entire 6 week diet plan was completed, I lost even more weight than I ever imagined I ever would or could lose. The best part of the diet program, I believed, was the education I received on how to keep the weight that I lost off of my body forever. Most weight loss programs help you lose weight temporarily, but then you gain it back as soon as you stop taking the diet pills or eating less or exercising more. With this HCG Diet Program, if one followed the directives of the diet plan exactly as prescribed, he or she would not regain their enormous appetite once they stopped taking the medical injections. In other words, just because the injection phase of the diet plan was over, they would not crave food once again like they did before going on the diet plan. With other diet plans they would have craved food once stopping the plan, but not with this diet program!

I am so excited to be sharing my story in this blog entry because I know how many people out there are extremely frustrated and discouraged by all the different weight loss programs out there. I would highly recommend Weight Loss Medical Center and their extremely professional clinical advisers and HCG Weight Loss Doctors to help people who are willing to really commit to a diet plan protocol to lose weight and to lose it safely and quickly. The diet program is extremely convenient for those on the go, those who work long hours, those who have families to care for or even those who travel a lot. You can do this program anywhere in the United States.

It is true that I set out looking for a Local HCG Weight Loss Clinic in Detroit MI in order to lose weight, but I quickly found out that I never even had to leave the privacy and comfort of my own home in order to do the diet plan. All the products and supplies that I needed to lose all the weight that I did were shipped conveniently into my front door step of my home in a very discreet package. I was afforded so much in individualized attention on a daily basis, to weight loss products and supplies, to more individualized attention from an HCG Weight Loss Doctor who took a close look at my medical history and analyzed it very concisely to make sure that this weight loss program was a great fit for me and for my body. I feel extremely blessed to have found Weight Loss Medical Center and thank everyone at the company for helping make my weight loss journey a very easy and stress free way to lose a lot of weight quickly and safely!

Anna T.
Detroit MI

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]