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I was very excited about my upcoming wedding and I had 6 months to prepare everything for the big day! I was committed to losing at least 40 pounds before my wedding and being able to fit into a very particular dress that I bought many sizes too small for my body. This was my way of motivating myself and giving myself the incentive I needed to lose the weight that I didn’t need to be carrying around on my body any longer. It was unhealthy and didn’t make me look good or feel good either. I hung that beautiful white gown on my closet door to look at every single day to push me to lose weight in order to fit into it by my wedding day. I decided to write this blog entry so that other people could read about my journey with HCG Doctors Michigan and how I lost 30 pounds in 30 days on this amazing weight loss program and by using my own special little technique of buying a pretty expensive dress that did not fit me. Most people would think that was a very odd thing to do, but to me, it was the only way that I would ensure my reaching my weight loss goal.

I had a most amazing experience together with my clinical advisor, who was also my mentor, confidant and motivator during my weight loss journey. From the first day that I called the number on this page to find out about HCG Diet Doctors Michigan, I immediately gained in instantaneously terrific rapport with my clinical advisor. She was extremely understanding and thought that my idea of buying a wedding gown that was too small for me was a great motivator to help me lose weight. She believed in my ability of losing 30 pounds in 30 days completely. We discussed all the different aspects of this HCG Diet Program and by the time we were done with our conversation, I knew exactly what I had to do to be triumphant in losing weight and becoming one of the many Weight Loss Medical Center weight loss success stories. My clinical advisor was extremely professional and knowledgeable about every aspect of the weight loss program. She was able to answer all my questions and address all my concerns about the diet plan, so that I did not have any apprehension about losing weight using the HCG diet plan protocol of injections and diet.

My weight loss journey began when I called and spoke with my clinical advisor on that very first day and then I continued on when I filled out my medical history online. That made it more official and real. I was thrilled to know that I would not have to go to any weight loss clinics locally here in West Bloomfield Township MI to get my medical history cleared or to pick up diet products and supplies. I wanted to keep my personal life private and not have to be a spectacle weighing in with other people watching me in any local HCG Weight Loss Clinics where there could be neighbors or other people who knew me knowing what I was doing. I was not ashamed to be losing weight, but to the contrary I was very proud of my commitment, but I also wanted to do it on my own without others asking me how things were going. I did not need that kind of pressure put upon me, and so that was one of the many reasons that I found this particular weight loss program protocol to be perfect for me.

I would be afforded to have everything I needed to use weight shipped directly and discreetly to my front door of my house. I never had to go to any pharmacies and wait in long lines to get what I needed. Plus, in my experience, pharmacists were never very helpful to me. They were always extremely busy and never gave me any kind of personalized attention, even when I had the smallest of questions about a simple common cold, for example. That was just my experience with pharmacists and I was glad, as I said earlier, that I would not have to go to any pharmacies to do this weight loss program.

I was very happy to doing the HCG Diet here and to be working with a clinical advisor who gave me one on one individualized attention whenever I needed her. All I needed to do was pick up the phone and call her and she was there for me and any weight loss needs I had. The customer service with Weight Loss Medical Center was unparalleled. I cannot say enough about how well the staff treated me and how much attention they gave me when I needed it the most. The most important day of my life was coming up and I had a very important weight loss goal to reach. My clinical advisor understood that completely and was like a cheerleader for my weight loss. She was there to teach me exactly how to self administer my HCG Injections and she helped me with my very first injection too! Between her help on the phone and the online videos that I viewed showing exactly how to self administer the shots, I was able to do it on my own after only the very first shot. The shots were not painful at all to me and were super simple and easy to administer. All I was doing was injecting the very small and thin needlee into my skin into the fatty tissue below. Here, there were few nerve endings and that is why the shot was not very painful at all. Plus, having the moral support from my clinical advisor to help me with the HCG Shots was also very comforting and supportive.

After only 4 weeks of being on the weight loss program, I had lost a grand total of 30 pounds already! I was absolutely thrilled with my results so far! I could not believe how much weight I lost in such a short period of time – and it was so easy and convenient to do. I still had another 2 weeks to go on the diet plan program protocol and I had every intention of continuing the diet plan exactly as directed. My amazing wedding dress was still hanging on my closet door as a constant reminder of my body transformation goals and it was still a little bit tight on me. I couldn’t help but try it on just to see how far I had come on the HCG Weight Loss program. I still wanted the dress to be perfect for my perfect day and by trying it on often and seeing a very large difference in my body, it helped to continue to motivate me.

My wedding day was perfect! Not only was I marrying the perfect man, but I was doing it in the perfect, beautiful wedding gown that I had chosen over two months prior and 40 pounds heavier. I was thrilled overall with my weight loss results and owe it all to Weight Loss Medical Center. Thank you for changing my life and helping me to begin a brand new healthier and happier one with the man and body of my dreams. The HCG Benefitsare incredible and I would recommend this weight loss program to anyone trying to lose weight quickly and safely.

Gloria A.
West Bloomfield Township MI

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]