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After getting diagnosed at my doctor’s office with diabetes, I got scared straight very quickly about taking care of my weight and of my body as a whole. My doctor told me that the only reason I developed diabetes was because I was overweight. He said that if I lost a lot of weight, the diabetes could go away. Until that time; however, I would have to be on a very strict special diet so that I did not get sick and I would have to take care of my diabetes. I did not want to have to live a different kind of life taking care of this new illness, and that is when I decided to look for HCG Diet Centers in Michigan in Grand Rapids to lose weight quickly and safely. I had no idea how I let my body get to the weight it was and I was super embarrassed about my lack of care for myself. I would have to make a change – and right away! In looking for the best way to lose weight, I came across this website. I was very impressed right off the bat with all the amazing information that was provided right here for me to read about this innovative weight loss diet plan. I read about the diet’s origin and discovery by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons when he did his research with pregnant women. I found it all very fascinating.

I wanted to know How to Find HCG Diet Centers in Michigan so that I could get started losing weight immediately. I wanted to turn my weight around and my health around as soon as possible. I found the Contact Form right on the page I was reading and I quickly filled it out with my basic information. That same day, I received a phone call from a clinical advisor from the company. We began to discuss the weight loss diet plan and I felt comfortable with her right away. She was extremely knowledgeable and really seemed to care about my well being. She answered all the questions I had about diet plan and I was ready to start the second step in beginning the HCG Diet.

I needed to fill out a medical history form right there online. That was super easy and convenient too. Even after reading all the information online, I still found it interesting and wonderful that I would not need to go into a local clinic to see anyone in person. The clinical advisor confirmed this for me and said that my medical history would be reviewed and analyzed by one of the company’s HCG Weight Loss Doctors. This weight loss program was 100 percent medically supervised by the best weight loss doctors available. I felt like my health was in very great hands.

Now that I had filled out my medical history form online, I was just waiting for clearance from one of the doctors saying that this weight loss program was a good fit for me. I was very impressed by the very professional way that this company did business. Weight Loss Medical Center was not just out to take people’s money and give them weight loss products in return, leaving them to lose weight on their own. Instead, the doctors truly wanted to make sure that each and every individual client was healthy enough to be on this kind of diet plan protocol and then they and the clinical advisors would stay with each client step by step for the entire duration of the weight loss program protocol. With that said, I was ready for step 3. I was soon cleared to start the weight loss program and was very excited about that. I received my HCG Prescription and shortly after that, I received my medical products and supplies directly to my front door. The clinical advisor had shipped them via Federal Express very discreetly and quickly to my home. All this was for one very low and affordable cost. I thought a program like would be astronomically priced, but it was quite the opposite and I don’t think there is anyone who could not afford this program. After all, you really can’t put a price on your health!

Along with the package that I received to my door, I also got full explicit instructions on how to self administer the amazing medical mixture of HCG, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin Complex. Also included in the package was a list of foods that I could use as a guideline to know what I was allowed to purchase when I visited my local grocery store. There would be no guessing involved on what I could eat and what I could not eat while on the diet program. It was imperative that I stay on the 700 calories per day plan while I was self administering the HCG Shots. My clinical advisor shared tips and tricks with me on how to very easily prepare the exact correct portions of food for my meals. I put each portion in a Tupperware and was able to bring them to work with me every day and know that I was eating the exact right amount of food for each meal, whether at work or at home. It really worked out wonderfully, took very little time and actually made my life easier believe it or not. I guess it was kind of like wearing a uniform to school or to work. You never really had to spend time figuring out what you were going to wear because it was already picked out for you. Well, I got to choose what foods I liked to eat, but the portions were already picked out for me. I would prepare my meals at night and be ready in the morning much more quickly than I used to be. The HCG Benefits of the medical mixture were amazing too. Besides completely resetting my metabolism to burn excess fat stores in my body, the benefits were also that I had a huge decrease in my appetite so that I could eat only 700 calories per day without being hungry or craving more food. I did not even feel the need to eat snacks during the day.

In only 6 weeks of time, I lost a lot of weight! For the first time in my life I was excited to go see my doctor and to get retested to see if my diabetes was still a part of me or not. Well, the good news is that I no longer had diabetes, but I still knew that I needed to lose more weight. From being on this incredible diet program with HCG Injections, I learned how to live a healthy, clean lifestyle. No longer would I be munching on junk food all throughout the day, but now I knew how to eat responsibly and to pick responsible foods from the grocery store. I would be watching my health much more closely these days as I never wanted to gain back any of the weight I lost or ever have to deal with diabetes again. I am still losing weight and wish to thank Weight Loss Medical Center for changing my life in amazing ways – for the better!

Wanda S.
Grand Rapids MI

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]