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So, as documentary filmmakers, my friends and I decided to do a short film based on eating food only from fast food restaurants for a total of 30 days. We wanted to see how much weight a person would either lose or gain in a 30 day period and document it all on film. We had a terrific feeling that this would make for great subject matter and that our final product would be able to get into film festivals across the country. The group had decided that I would be the guinea pig and “subject” of this film. That meant that I would be the one to eat food solely from fast food joints. To make a long story short, our findings were that eating from fast food restaurants for an entire month could make one gain over 30 pounds. I took one for the team and gained all this weight for the good of making our documentary film. However, then came the time that I had to lose the weight and get back to my normal self. I wanted to lose this weight quickly, but of course safely as well, in order to be back to myself before our first screening for our film. The way I was going to take the weight off was by using HCG Weight Loss Clinics Michigan.

During our travels and our filmmaking process, we met a lot of overweight people and also many people who were once overweight who had lost weight using this diet program right here on this website. It looked and sounded very easy and convenient to me, so I decided that I would try it. I was a bit worried that being on a strict diet plan would interfere with post production for our film, but that could not be further from the truth. The diet program did not change my daily routine at all. I filled out the Contact Form on this page and very shortly after, I was contacted by a clinical advisor to help me begin the process of losing all the weight that I had gained. We discussed everything about the HCG Diet Program and my clinical advisor answered all my questions and concerns about the diet plan and the injections. She was also interested in my weight loss goals and also in the film we had made. She certainly thought that I did take one for the team by gaining all the weight that I did for the project, but she also mentioned that with dedication like that, she believed that I would be able to dedicate just the same to this diet plan program and lose the weight just as quickly as I put it on. She said that losing 30 pounds in 30 days would be no problem at all for someone like me.

I needed to have my medical history reviewed and analyzed by one of the HCG Weight Loss Doctors from the company. I did not have to go to any weight loss clinics, doctor’s offices or pharmacies though for any of my weight loss needs because I was going to fill out my medical history on a form that the clinical advisor directed me to right there online on the website. This made it very convenient for me to work on post production for the film while losing weight at the same time. My medical history was cleared by one of the fully licensed physicians very quickly. The doctor said that I was a perfect candidate for this weight loss program and I got my HCG Prescription shortly after right there online. My clinical advisor quickly sent me my weight loss products and supplies via Federal Express right to my front door. It did not cost me any more to have the package sent to me directly 2 day ground shipping. I wanted to receive it as soon as possible and get going on losing all the extra weight I gained. I did not even have to leave my house at all to go to any local HCG Clinics Michigan. That was a relief for me because I did not have the time to do something like that.

There were 4 very specific phases to follow for this weight loss program. However again, it did not interfere with my everyday life routine as one might think it would. After I learned how to self administer the HCG Injections on my own, I was home free. The program was super easy. To be honest, my friends were little concerned that I would be a very moody and irritable person only eating 700 calories per day, but I shared with them what the clinical advisor told me that I would not be hungry on this weight loss program due to the amazing side effects from the medical mixture I would be self injecting. The human chorionic gonadotropin, along with Vitamin B-12 and the Vitamin Complex in the shot had great HCG Benefits of decreasing appetite while metabolizing excess stored fat in the body. Perfect, I thought!

I packed very healthy low calorie meals to go with me to the editing studio each day and although it would have been nice to be able to eat with my friends, pizza and subs, etc., I did not have any difficulty staying on the weight loss program protocol as directed because I knew that soon enough I would be able to eat the way I used to eat before the film’s production. As long as I ate these kinds of foods in moderation, I would be able to stay at my normal and healthy body weight. This HCG Diet was only temporary for 6 weeks in order for me to lose the weight that I purposely gained. I am glad I was able to write this blog entry to share my experience with others who want to lose weight. I am also glad to be able to share how dedicated a filmmaker can be and needs to be in order to be successful in the business. Our film has not come out yet, but I will write an updated blog entry to share where our film will premiere. It definitely is an extremely interesting look inside of the fast food restaurant world and inside of the lives of the people who frequent these establishments.

Andrew W.
Warren MI

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]