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HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Michigan

An overweight man partaking in a hot dog eating contest every year at a county fair is not anything that is peculiar to anyone, I would think. All my friends and even acquaintances who know me always expected that person to be me each year because I had been overweight ever since I can remember and certainly ever since all my current friends have known me. My appetite is huge and in just one sitting, I can put away the amount of food that could feed about 5 grown adults! I would enter the eating contests every year (hot dogs and pies) and I would usually win too! This past year was a whole different story, however. Instead of partaking in this very unhealthy contest, I spent my time in a hospital bed recovering from a weight related health problem. It scared me straight into losing a lot of weight at HCG Weight Loss Clinics in Michigan. Literally, the diet program saved my life because it helped me to lose the weight that could have very well ended my time here on Earth! All joking aside!

A very close friend of mine tried to talk me into losing weight for so long. I just never really wanted to listen and was never really ready to commit to doing anything about my poor health condition. He would tell me that I was a “walking time bomb,” but who ever really believes things like that? Many people just think that they are invincible and I guess I was just one of those people. My friend kept talking to me about finding a Local HCG Weight Loss Clinics in MI because he had heard nothing but amazing things about this diet program. He definitely cared about me, but the nagging and trying to get me to do something I did not want to do or was not ready to do was not helping me. Finally, when it became apparent (I was lying in a hospital bed) that I needed to make the choice of either losing the great amount of extra weight I carried or losing my life, I took his advice and found Weight Loss Medical Center – and this was the weight loss company that ended up saving and changing my way of living for good! I hope that I can reach others who need to lose weight for health related reasons through this blog entry. I also hope that I can reach others in time before they have to learn the importance of taking care of their bodies the hard way – or before it becomes too late altogether!

Trust me when I tell you that I never wanted to have health problems or to run the risk of having coronary heart issues due to my weight, but nothing seemed to get through to me until I did have issues. I thank my lucky stars every day that my friend introduced me to this HCG Diet Program. It turned a once overweight man who had absolutely zero self confidence, into a man who could actually stand in front of the mirror and smile at the reflection looking back at him. Losing a lot of weight also made me able to do things that I could never do before. I never had any energy to do anything physical and I was left out of a lot of sporting activities and things that required any amount of endurance or stamina. I even had trouble climbing large flights of stairs. All I really had the energy to do was to flip through the television stations with one hand while eating with the other. When I was at work, I was sitting behind a desk all day on my computer and surrounded with junk food snacks, empty candy bar wrappers and crumbs. It was so horrible, but again, I just didn’t care about the problem until it landed me in the hospital.

I went through the 6 week HCG Diet plan protocol with great help from a very lovely and professional clinical advisor who helped me through the diet program every step of the way. She taught me about the diet protocol, where it originated and why it worked so well. I learned about the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin and how the HCG Benefits helped a person to lose weight quickly. My clinical advisor helped me with my injections and lended a great amount of emotional and practical support to me while I was losing weight on a daily basis with the diet program. I could not believe the amazing customer service she provided to me from the very first introductory phone call. I already felt like part of the Weight Loss Medical Center family and very at ease with her helping me. I had to share my medical history and was nervous that because of my recent hospitalization (which I was fully recovered from), that I might have an issue getting cleared medically to start this diet program. I was wrong though, thankfully. An HCG Weight Loss Doctor reviewed my medical information and said that this diet plan would be a great fit for me and that he thought that I could be very successful in losing a lot of weight on the diet plan if I stuck to the instructions for each of the 4 phases of the diet protocol. I was so thrilled to be working with professionally licensed doctors who specialized in weight loss!

I listened to every directive that my clinical advisor gave to me about how to eat properly and only from the list of foods that she sent to me as a guideline. I was very nervous about being able to survive on the minimal 700 calorie diet after what I was used to eating, but it was not a problem at all because of the medical mixture of human chorionic gonadotropin, Vitamin B-12 and a Vitamin Complex that I would take via the HCG Injections. This helped to decrease my appetite greatly and I could not believe that I just wasn’t hungry all time as I was used to being. I had never really experienced that feeling before in my life! In being able to actually see the number on the scale dropping each and every day I was on this weight loss diet, that gave me great motivation and incentive to keep up with it and I wanted to learn about how to eat healthy and to learn how to relate to food differently than before. My whole mood and demeanor changed slowly too, as the weight came off my body. My friends and co-workers noticed a very big difference in me since I started taking the HCG Shots as far as my mood and my energy level was concerned. My whole spirit seemed lighter as my body became lighter.

By the end of the 6 week diet plan protocol, I was a new person! I lost so much weight and I did it without even having to leave my home to go to any doctor’s offices for checkups or to any pharmacies to pick up any weight loss products or supplies. Everything I needed was shipped right to my door in a very discreet nature! No local HCG Weight Loss Clinics for me! My clinical advisor and all the staff at Weight Loss Medical Center helped to save my life right online and over the phone! I thank my friend and this company for helping me to transform my entire lifestyle!

Rich R.
Rochester Hills MI

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]