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HCG Diet Clinics in Warren MI

It was an easy decision for me to lose weight after I experienced one of the most embarrassing occurrences of my life one warm spring evening. After that night, I immediately went searching for HCG Diet Clinics in Warren MI to shed all the extra pounds that I had gained during the winter months. I was out one night at a local carnival with a few friends and we were having a great time. That all ended; however, when we approached the booth where the gentleman guesses your weight. This man did not just guess people’s weight, but he also made the most inappropriate jokes (in my opinion) about those people. They were hurtful and unnecessary comments, but others seemed to enjoy the mockery as they belly laughed at the way he would heckle people. When my turn approached, I would have never gotten on the scale without the complete coaxing from this man, as well as cheers from the onlookers. I just figured I would have a few jokes told about me and then make my way elsewhere, but it was much more than that. He actually affected me to my core when he told jokes about how overweight and “fat” I was, that I would “break his scale” and how his guess as to my weight was “off the charts”. It was supposed to be all in fun, but it hurt like you could not imagine and that is when I realized that I never wanted to be made fun of again – ever in my life. I committed in my head to losing the weight and when I got home that night, I found this website and started to read all about the HCG Diet Program. I had every intention of calling the number on the top of the page in the morning and getting started with losing weight right away!

Morning came after a sleepless night and I was finally able to speak to a clinical supervisor at the company. The beautiful sunrise was a very welcomed sight after staring at darkness wide awake all night long, reliving the horrible experience of being made fun of at the carnival. I had to wait for business hours to begin, but believe me, as soon as the clock struck 9:00 a.m., I was on the phone telling my story to a very understanding clinical advisor from Weight Loss Medical Center; the company that would end up changing my entire life for the better with their extremely revolutionary, unique, simple, safe and effective HCG Weight Loss program. I most certainly have this program to thank for my new body and for my new outlook on life.

The clinical advisor and I talked for a while about what the diet program would have to offer me and why it was the best weight loss program out there today! I learned about how the diet plan as a whole was a super easy and convenient way to lose 30 pounds in 30 days! How did it do this? I was told that the HCG hormone that I would be self injecting along with Vitamin B-12 and a Vitamin Complex – in combination with eating a very healthy, low calorie diet plan of only 700 calories per day (without being hungry or craving food) could actually help to reset my body’s metabolism, rid of the unwanted excess fat stores in my body, decrease my appetite and cause me to lose the weight I wanted to lose safely and very quickly. I didn’t really see any reason to procrastinate getting onto this diet plan after my terrific conversation with the very kind and informative weight loss expert who really seemed to understand me and my weight loss goals. My clinical advisor was extremely helpful in answering all my questions and in addressing all my specific concerns about the diet plan protocol and about the HCG Injections. She talked with me until I was completely comfortable with the knowledge I had about the diet program and what I would need to do in order to lose weight quickly on this physician supervised diet plan.

My next question was about where I could find Local HCG Diet Clinics in Warren MI to get the doctor prescribed injections to lose weight fast. My clinical advisor shared that she would be able to help me with everything I needed right there with her over the phone and over the Internet. I would not have to go to any local weight loss clinics and that really made me happy. This was the most convenient weight loss program ever, I thought. What more could I ever ask for? I was going to be able to get all the help I needed, any time I needed it from my clinical advisor over the phone. In addition, she was going to be there every step of the way during the entire 6 week diet plan period and teach me how to self inject the HCG Shots and even point me towards videos online to watch and learn how to be able to self inject the needles and store them properly as well. No doctor’s appointments to go to or visits to pharmacies either to get my products and supplies. She was going to have everything shipped right to my front door via Federal Express! The only thing I had to do was get myself to my local grocery store (no special health food stores or specialty food stores) to purchase the foods that I would eat while on the diet plan. She even said she would be sending me a list to use as a guideline while I chose healthy low calorie foods such as fresh vegetable and fruits and lean meats to eat. One of the greatest HCG Benefits I would get from the injections was that I would not feel hungry! That meant everything to me as I realized how much I would be decreasing my food intake and I was very nervous about how I was going to pull that off.

All the worry about being hungry with eating only 700 calories per day went right out the window with the pounds that I kept losing as I was on the diet program. I did not feel hungry and there were no cravings to make me moody or feeling edgy! It was incredible. In 6 weeks, I lost all the weight I wanted to lose and I learned how to eat healthy for life too! I have been able to keep the weight off of my body and am happy to say that I never plan to put it back on again. It may have taken a very embarrassing situation to get me to the point of deciding to lose weight, but it was entirely worth it! The Doctor Prescribe HCG Diet for Weight Loss I got with Weight Loss Medical Center was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and for my life! Carnivals still freak me out, but one day I’ll be back and I will be proud to have the man in the booth guess my weight and say whatever he wanted about me at the same time! I feel invincible at my new weight! I feel great!

Paula Z.
Warren MI

[To protect the confidentiality of our clients, the above names have been changed. The stories represent composites of our client’s commentary.]