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Is The HCG Diet Safe And Effective

Is HCG safe

People want to know if the HCG diet is safe and effective and here are the answers:

  • Is HCG safe for weight loss?

The HCG diet is considered to be very safe and effective if it is done with a reputable clinic with expert licensed doctors who provide medical supervision. Weight Loss Medical Center is considered to be one of the best clinics in the country for this kind of weight loss diet.  

  • Is weight loss with HCG effective?

HCG is extremely effective for weight loss. With the help of the best doctors and advisors who use their expertise to help patients lose weight, these clients are successful in reaching their goals. Advisors follow each client’s progress closely as they self administer only top quality injections. They are very involved with each client’s diet plan to ensure their safety and to make sure that they are getting results.

  • Are HCG injections safe?

The HCG injections are safe when they are prescribed correctly by expert doctors. This diet takes commitment to an individualized treatment plan that will be made by the attending doctor. There are no artificial diet pills to take and the diet does not make a person starve themselves either. Neither of those ways is healthy and Weight Loss Medical Center makes sure that patients drop pounds safely and effectively using only high quality prescribed HCG safe shots.

Does The HCG Diet Have Possible Side Effects Or Dangers

Any medical treatment plan can have possible side effects or dangers; however, when using an honorable clinic for the HCG diet plan, the risks are highly minimized. We mentioned earlier that this kind of diet plan takes a commitment on the patient’s part to follow the instructions that will be outlined on their prescription. In addition, clinical advisors are always available to help or to get to a doctor to change a dosage of medication if something does not seem right. This is the way to avoid any negative side effects from occurring.

However, it is always smart for a consumer to educate him or herself. Learning about the possible negative side effects that are very rare (when HCG is done correctly) is a wise thing to do to be ready to call one’s clinical advisor if they are felt.

Here are some possible negative side effects that could occur when on the HCG diet:

  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Rash
  • Leg Cramps
  • Hair Thinning

Let us look at these issues a little more closely.

Constipation: Most healthy people eliminate their bowels every day. With the HCG diet, a patient is taking in fewer calories per day than they are used to eating. This would logically mean that there will be less food to get rid of and therefore, a person will use the bathroom less often. Some people only have a bowel movement once every three to four days. This could be a problem if the person feels the need to go, but is unable to do so.

Dizziness:This common symptom of the HCG diet is only temporary; lasting only about one week. Becoming dizzy can be expected when the body is getting used to being fed a limited number of calories and less carbs than it is used to getting.

Headaches: Again, the HCG diet involves taking in a lot less calories than one is used to. The body will need to take its time to adjust to this change. This could cause headaches to occur, but this side effect usually only lasts for the first week. It could be a larger problem if it lasts for more than 10 days.

Rash:Although rare, rashes sometimes occur when the body burns fat at a very quick pace. When on the HCG diet, fat burns rapidly and toxins get released into the body. Rashes can occur if these toxins build up too fast.

Leg Cramps:Leg cramps are not as common of a side effect of the HCG diet, but they can occur. The reason one may feel these are because the body is lacking enough potassium. When a person is taking a multi-vitamin with their injections, this most likely will not happen to them.

Hair Thinning:If one is not taking a multi-vitamin with their injections, hair thinning can occur due to lack of nutrients in the body.

Side effects are rare with the HCG diet if it is done safely with medical supervision. A patient must follow their doctor’s orders as directed on their individualized treatment plan.