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HCG Diet Effects – What to Expect

Effects of HCG Diet

Embarking on any new type of program always brings up questions about what to expect, and the HCG diet effects certainly fall into that category. When starting a weight loss program, most people naturally assume that they are going to lose a few pounds within the first week or two, depending on the program itself. The thought of losing up to a pound or day or more is hard to imagine, yet that is precisely what happens for the majority of people who start the HCG weight loss program.

The effects of HCG diet do start to happen rather suddenly. The first two days do not typically produce a loss of pounds as that is the loading phase where filling up on high-fat foods is essential to the weight loss process. This provides the body with a ready source of fat in the bloodstream and tissues to start to use on day three when the low 700 calorie diet begins.

As each day passes, the numbers on the scale will continue to become lower and lower until, finally, the goal has been reached. The period of time it will take for this milestone to arrive will be different for each person, and will depend on the total amount of weight to be lost. The long-term effects of HCG diet are the accomplishment of reaching that goal and keeping the unwanted weight off permanently.

Long Term Effects of the HCG Diet

Unlike other low-calorie diets where feelings of lightheadedness and hunger are prevalent, the administration of HCG and vitamin B 12 injections helps to minimize these feelings. Instead, the effects of HCG diet are primarily positive in most cases. The majority of people who do notice any sensations such as hunger, dizziness, or headaches usually report that these feelings vanish within a few days to a week as the body adjusts to this program.

The long-term effects of HCG diet in terms of weight loss is based on how many pounds the individual wants to lose going into this process. Most women can expect to see a difference of 20 to 40 pounds during the initial 6 week HCG diet program, and this is based on how much overweight they were to begin with. The more a person has to lose; the more is lost during the initial treatment period. Men often find that they drop anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds during this same time.

Yes, it is unfair that men can lose weight quicker than women, but that is also due to the fact that their bodies typically have a higher buildup of muscle, which helps them burn calories at a faster rate.

Individuals who have more weight to lose can engage in subsequent courses of HCG injections, following a few weeks in the third phase where other foods are added back into the diet, and caloric intake is increased. In order to get the proper HCG diet effects, each person must be supervised by a doctor for safe weight loss.

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