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Do HCG Shots Really Work?

HCG shots have been helping people lose weight since the 1950’s. This diet program has become immensely popular again because men and women are tired of the yo-yo effect that many other weight loss programs can bring.

Think about how many times you have started and stopped a particular diet, only to end up heavier in the long run. How do HCG shots really work to prevent the same problem?

We can sum it up as simply as this:

Do HCG Shots Really Work

The HCG shots provide a crucial signal to the brain that the body is not hungry. Although you will be consuming only 700 calories each day, there will be no feeling of hunger, and no signs of starvation that would cause the body to hold on tight to its stored fat. Instead, the brain will allow the utilization of this stored fat for the remaining fuel necessary to propel the body through its day.

That is the simplified answer for how does the HCG shot really work.

Experience Quick Weight Loss with HCG Shots

The concept is actually quite simple – reduce caloric intake and the excess weight will melt off the body. Putting this concept into action is often where the difficulty comes into effect because a severe drop in caloric intake will usually trigger headaches, lightheadedness, and even nausea. The HCG shots really work wonders because they stop these triggers by convincing the brain and the body that enough food was consumed. How this works researchers are not yet sure of, but what we do know is that it does work.

Reducing daily consumption to 700 calories allows a quick weight loss of up to a pound a day, or more, depending on the individual, how much total weight there is to lose, and the level of activity a person engages in during the day. Because of the low-calorie intake, strenuous exercise is not recommended. Instead, swimming, walking, and yoga are suggested while administering HCG shots.

Get HCG Shots that Really Work

Only doctors can prescribe HCG shots that really work. Do not attempt to purchase this medication from unregulated, non-medical websites. That is illegal in the first place and dangerous in the second. HCG is among the class of pharmaceutical products that are frequently counterfeited in other countries.

Weight Loss Medical Center is one of the leading HCG weight loss clinics in the nation. Our doctors have helped countless women and men rid their bodies of unwanted fat that has:

  • Crowded their internal organs
  • Raised their blood pressure or cholesterol levels
  • Interfered with heart health
  • Worsened sleep apnea

These are just some of the reasons to get rid of that excess fat. HCG shots really work to help a person lose that unwanted weight at a rapid pace. Call the weight loss experts at Weight Loss Medical Center to find out if this is the right program for you to finally have the body you desire.