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HCG Injections Sites

HCG Injections Sites

When you are about to begin the HCG Diet finding out where to inject your daily HCG shot is an important part of the protocol.

Most people will use one of two HCG injection sites for self-administration of HCG shots at home. These sites are:

  • 1. The abdomen
  • 2. The thighs

Although HCG can be injected into the upper arm, buttocks, or hip, this should only be done by medical personnel as it is difficult to give a proper injection into either of these areas on one’s own.

HCG administration is via subcutaneous injection, meaning just below the skin and not into a muscle.

Proper HCG injection sites are away from blood vessels and muscle, and below the skin’s surface into fatty tissue.

HCG is not a fat dissolving medication, so the injection site choice will not make a difference in how much weight is lost from that part of the body.

HCG helps you lose weight by pulling fat from stored reserves throughout the body for overall results.

Subcutaneous vs. Intramuscular for HCG Injections

Subcutaneous injections are right beneath the surface of the skin – delivered into the fatty layer of tissue that sits above the muscles. This layer of fat is easy to pinch for the injection.

The use of tiny insulin needles/syringes makes this a relatively painless process, and the subcutaneous injection provides a slow and gradual release of HCG into the body for longer lasting effects. HCG release occurs over 24 hours.

It is important to keep the needle pointed straight down to minimize discomfort when administering the shot to the chosen HCG injection sites.

If selecting a local clinic to visit for daily shots, you may find that the HCG is delivered via intramuscular shot. This can be painful and is not necessary for the HCG Diet. Subcutaneous injections work the best, are easier to do, require a smaller needle, and provide superior results. One additional note – having a clinic administer your HCG injections when you could easily do that at home will become quite an expensive proposition.

When choosing HCG injection sites, body preference may also have a lot to do with lifestyle and clothing choices. For example, a woman who is afraid of slight bruising showing on her legs may want to only use her abdomen. Thankfully, most people do not have much in the way of bruising, especially when they become adept at administering their injections.

Choosing the Best HCG Injections Site

An understanding of how to give the HCG shot may help you choose the best HCG injection site to use. You will have to pinch a small portion of skin/fat between your fingers before inserting the tip of the needle straight down into the site. Many people find that the abdomen is the easiest place to accomplish this step.

The outer thigh is another viable option.

When using the abdomen, remember to avoid an area of two finger’s width around the belly button. It is also best to stay just below the waistline.

You will also be rotating from one side to the other each day.

Since Weight Loss Medical Center provides Vitamin B 12 with MIC/LIPO injections as well, you will be administering two shots each day, as follows:

  • If you inject the HCG on the right side of your body on day one, you will inject the B 12 vitamin complex on the left side
  • On day two, you will inject the HCG on the left side and the B 12 complex on the right side
  • Choose a different spot each day from the one before – the abdomen has many areas you can use so that you should not have to repeat in the same place for quite some time

If you have any questions about where or how to inject your HCG shots, please contact Weight Loss Medical Center directly for help.